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After You Read This You’ll Never Look At Milk The Same Way Again!

I find it disturbing that there are people who are working really hard to prevent the truth about the dairy industry from getting out. There are people who say there is no difference between conventional dairy and organic dairy. There are people who say that drinking milk does a body good, no matter what kind you buy. And there are people who say there’s no difference if the cow ate GMOs, grass or grain. I personally like to know the truth about what I am eating. That is why I spend so much time researching the facts about our food system and why I have dedicated my life sharing the information I uncover. I know many of you are buying dairy products (billions of gallons are sold every year), and feel it is crucial you know the main reasons why to only choose organic milk if you do choose to consume dairy. These guidelines apply to all dairy products, like butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and whey protein. It is shoved into our minds since infancy that “Milk Does A Body Good” and that we need 3 big glasses a day for calcium and strong bones. But, is that really the case?  

Organic Milk

7 Reasons To Choose Only Organic Dairy Products:

1.  To avoid ingesting growth hormones that are banned in over 30 countries.

Some big conventional dairies in the U.S. are still injecting their cows with synthetic growth hormones (invented by Monsanto) to increase milk production, despite evidence that it may lead to higher levels of the cancer-causing hormone IGF-1 in our bodies. Growth hormones have also been shown to cause mastitis in cows (udder infection), requiring the use of antibiotics.  The Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare in the European Union reported that growth hormones cause foot problems, mastitis, and reproductive disorders in cows, and concluded that hormones should not be used. These hormones are banned in Europe, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, and Canada, and the Cancer Prevention Coalition filed a petition with the FDA requesting a ban of them in the U.S., but the FDA has done absolutely nothing.  

Why Organic Is Better:  Growth hormones aren’t permitted to be given to cows that produce organic milk. (source: USDA)

2.  To curb the overuse of antibiotics, which is causing a health crisis.

Can you believe that almost all of the antibiotics in the U.S. (about 80%) are fed to farm animals? And, this isn’t because the animals are sick. Many conventional farmers feed their animals constant low levels of antibiotics just to fatten them up. Dairy cows are commonly given antibiotics to treat mastitis (udder infections), and conventionally raised cows are more likely to get these infections than organically grown cows, especially when they are given growth hormones. This mass overuse of antibiotics in farm animals is contributing to increased antibiotic resistance, and creating a major human health crisis. The World Health Organization warns that the “overuse and misuse of antibiotics in food animals” is a major source of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that’s affecting humans, leading to infections that are difficult to treat and sometimes impossible to cure. According to Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, Director of the CDC, “If we don’t act now, our medicine cabinet will be empty and we won’t have the antibiotics we need to save lives.” 

Why Organic Is Better: Organically grown cows are less likely to get mastitis. Antibiotics are not given to healthy cows that produce organic milk. If an organic cow gets sick and needs antibiotics, it receives this treatment and is removed from organic production, so it’s milk will not be sold as organic. The regulations require that sick cows are not denied treatment. (source: USDA)

3.  To stop funding pro-GMO anti-labeling campaigns.

Every time you buy a carton of conventional milk you are helping to line the pockets of biotech companies – which is why I call conventional milk “Monsanto Milk”. A whopping 90% of all genetically modified (GMO) soybeans are fed to farm animals. The major biotech companies (Monsanto, DuPont, Dow) are spending record-breaking amounts of money to deny our right to know if GMOs are in our food, and any time that you buy a product that was produced with GMOs you are helping to fund their campaigns. I believe that buying Monsanto Milk is no different than buying a box of GMO General Mills Corn Chex (another company funding anti-labeling campaigns).  

Why Organic Is Better:  Cows that produce organic milk only eat 100% organic food, which prohibits GMOs. (source: USDA)

4.  To protect the health of cows.

Most dairy cows live their lives on a GMO diet, which isn’t healthy for them. Animal studies (not funded by the biotech companies) have shown that GMO feed damages intestines and peripheral immune systems, and can cause reproductive problems and tumors. Farmers that have switched to non-GMO animal feed are reporting that their animals are healthier and that grass-fed cows are the healthiest overall, requiring less drugs to treat disease.  A cow’s gut is best suited for a grass diet, and starchy grain diets upset their stomachs by making it acidic. This acidic environment fosters the growth of disease and animals are given more drugs to compensate. As put by Michael Pollan, “A corn diet can also give a cow acidosis… causing a kind of bovine heartburn, which in some cases can kill the animal but usually just makes it sick. Acidotic animals go off their feed, pant and salivate excessively, paw at their bellies and eat dirt. The condition can lead to diarrhea, ulcers, bloat, liver disease and a general weakening of the immune system that leaves the animal vulnerable to everything from pneumonia to feedlot polio”.

Why Organic Is Better: Cows that produce organic milk only eat 100% organic food, which prohibits GMOs, synthetic pesticides, plastic pellets for roughage, and by-products from slaughter houses. Organic cows are also required to graze on organic pastures for the entire grazing season (at least 120 days a year) and to receive at least 30% of its feed from the pasture. (sources: USDA and Organic Trade Association). Some organic dairies feed their cows 100% grass, and all you need to do is ask them to find out! 

5.  To contribute to a healthier environment.

Grassy pastures are better for the topsoil than GMO crops like soy and corn. These GMO crops have shallow roots that are depleting topsoil faster than the earth can replenish it. Grass often has deep roots (10 feet deep), which help to draw nutrients up into the topsoil. Cows raised in factory farms on a diet of mostly grains produce unmanageable amounts of manure that pollute water and air. 

Why Organic Is Better:  Grass-fed cows produce manure in amounts suitable for fertilizing the land. This improves the quality of our air and water, and when cows are fed grass you greatly reduce the transportation costs for feed. (source: Union of Concerned Scientists)

6.  To avoid drinking herbicide and pesticide residues.

Conventional dairy cows are often fed crops that have been genetically engineered to resist the spraying of herbicides, and the use of these chemicals has gone way up in recent years. According to a report by Food & Water Watch, the total amount of Roundup applied to GMO crops increased 10 times from 1996 to 2012. Residues from these herbicides are ending up in our food, including the food of dairy cows. The primary ingredient in Roundup – glyphosate – has been found in the breast milk of lactating women. This suggests that the glyphosate eaten by cows also ends up in their milk.  Recent research found glyphosate residues in the urine of GMO-fed cows and it’s been shown that drugs fed to dairy cows end up in their milk – yet I doubt that the industry is regularly testing milk for herbicide residues. If milk isn’t tested for glyphosate residues, it’s anyone’s guess how much of it ends up in the milk we drink from the store. Ingestion of glyphosate residues have been linked with kidney disease and shown to contribute to gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Organic Is Better:   Synthetic pesticides and herbicides (such as Roundup) are prohibited on the 100% organic feed that cows graze on that produce organic milk. (source: USDA)

7.  To get more nutrition.

You are what you eat, and most conventional cows aren’t fed diets that produce the healthiest milk. A diet of excessive amounts of corn leads to an unhealthy amount of omega-6 fatty acids, which carries over into their milk. It’s important to have a the proper balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, and most processed diets contain mostly omega-6 fatty acids throwing this ratio way off. Per Dr. Artemis Simopoulus, “excessive amounts of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and a very high omega-6 to omega-3 ratio… promote the pathogenesis of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases”. Several studies have found healthier fat ratios in organic milk, as well as more antioxidants. Higher levels of beneficial fats like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) have been shown to reduce body fat, and lessens your risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Why Organic Is Better: Organically grown cows are required to graze on grasses at least 1/3 of the year, which improves the nutritional quality of their milk.  Dairy products from grass-fed cows have been shown to have an improved omega-3 to omega-6 fat ratio, higher levels of beneficial fats such as CLA, and more antioxidants. (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

How To Choose The Best Organic Milk

Some of the organic milk in the grocery store is ultra-high temperature pasteurized (aka “UHT”). You’ll find this labeled on the carton of milk, so it’s easy to spot. UHT milk has been so heavily heated that nearly all of the health benefits are lost – so why drink it? I believe that 100% grass-fed raw dairy is the best choice, if it’s available to you locally. Raw dairy products are “alive” and have all of their probiotics, vitamins and enzymes intact, including phosphatase, which is necessary to properly absorb the calcium in milk. You can find sources for raw milk on the Real Milk website. If you can’t get raw, look for the USDA organic symbol and grass-fed. If you don’t have grass-fed, go at least certified organic.

The best way to make sure that you are getting truly organic milk is to only buy directly from local dairies. It’s important to get to know local dairy farmers in your area and ask them questions until you find a dairy that you trust. You can find local grass-fed dairies on the Eat Wild database (not all listed are organic). 

I personally eat dairy like a condiment.  

I eat very limited dairy products because of health and environmental reasons, as well as, for the reasons mentioned above. When I do eat dairy, I always buy organic – no exceptions. When I go out to eat at restaurants that may not use organic or local dairy products I try my best to avoid them. It’s that simple.

A recent published paper written by Harvard pediatrician David Ludwig said that “humans have no nutritional requirement for animal milk”. You can get plenty of absorbable calcium from leafy greens, nuts, seeds and beans. The vitamin D in milk is only there because it’s fortified with it, so it’s no different than taking a vitamin supplement and vitamin D is naturally prevalent in salmon, egg yolks, hemp seeds, some mushrooms and of course sunlight – which is the best most efficient way to get it. 

Please share this post with your conventional dairy eating friends and family!

Do you have family or friends still eating and buying conventional dairy products? Help them make the switch and share this post with them! If we vote with our dollars and choose organic over conventional we will have an everlasting impact on our health, our environment and for our future children. 



P.S. I’m going to be sharing a major report on some popular dairy products soon. Please stay engaged and join us here to be the first to know!  



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257 responses to “After You Read This You’ll Never Look At Milk The Same Way Again!

  1. I would hope that people double check their areas for raw milk in the area.
    I live in Michigan and thought I would never find raw milk when I moved here.
    I found 3 farms that sell raw milk. I also have to buy a share in the cow. That is ok with me. It is very inexpensive to buy a share. This is legal and it helps the farm with expenses with raising the animal. My milk is delivered to me from 50 miles away every week. From this wonderful milk I make my own butter, kefir, yogurt, ice cream & cheese. You can’t beat it.

    1. You buy a share for legal reasons. That way if you get sick from the raw milk, you technically “own” the cow & cannot sue the “caretaker” of said cow.

  2. Yes, goat’s milk is far more nourishing and digestible than cow’s milk. Other alternatives include soy, rice, almond, hazelnut and coconut milks. If you can’t cut it out completely, reduce your consumption to a minimum for improved health, but also to boycott ruthless companies such as Monsanto!!

    1. I was allergic to cows milk as a baby so I was raised on Goat’s milk, and I was all the more healthy growing up on it. Yes, goat milk is more healthy than cow’s milk, it is a shame when you live in a city they will not let you a have couple goats if you ask me the Government butts into people’s live to much. You have to have a permit and pay money for anything you want to do. Goats are small and not big like other farm animals. I think if you own your own home you should be able to do what you want with it.

  3. Thank you so much for all of your information and research. I just started an elimination diet about 2 weeks ago. I was only 15lbs overweight, but I was not sleeping well, and had little energy to get through my days taking care of a household and 3 boys and my husband. I have cut out milk and milk products completely and have substituted with coconut and almond milk. I can not tell you how much better I feel and how much more energy I have. I do not miss milk one bit. Cheese and yogurt a little, but that will be added back into my diet in moderation shortly. It is people like you and my trainers at Meta Burn that can really change the way society thinks, eats, and plans to live a healthy lifestyle. Thanks again for a wonderful education.

    1. If u have a Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Warehouse or Whole Foods u can get really good goat cheese. Goat cheese is like Cow cheese in that it has so many diff. tastes. We only eat goat cheese, yogurt and milk. If u get plain goat yogurt all u have to do is add some organic jelly that u like or granola and honey and it taste so good. If u have a Trader Joe’s that is the best place to get the yogurt. I would not go bk to eating dairy in any form if u feel better off of it. Listen to your body. If your blood type is O that is why u do so bad on dairy. Cow dairy is poison for type O blood and so is wheat. Wheat is so bad for anybody because it is GMO so no matter what I would get off wheat. Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you for your information. This is all new to me so I appreciate all the help I can get. And yes I am blood type O!!!

      2. How do you say wheat is not GMO? FOOD BABE has been telling us that it is for ages now. The wheat fields are sprayed with insecticides and pesticides. Show me different please, if true. Thanks!

      3. There is organic wheat so it is not a GMO… I have O positive blood and I do just fine on dairy…

    2. Have you tried coconut milk yogurt? It’s a great substitute as it’s rich and creamy and very similar to cow’s milk yogurt.

      1. I have not tried it yet. I am looking forward to doing so. Thanks for the suggestion. Is there a specific brand that is better than another??

  4. Facct is that SOY is only healthy when it is fermented. I doubt that soy-milk is fermented ???

    1. So you’re saying that edamame (whole soy beans) is not healthy to eat? Asians have been eating them for years. Soy milk is just soy beans pulverized, nothing wrong with that, very healthy and high in protein.

      1. Soy is healthy only in fermented form, which Asians were eating for centuries. All research with the positive results we know, is based on this form of soy. Unfortunately in America it is not always fermented, being bad nutrition. Soybeans contain a substance that promotes red blood cell clotting, and another substance that inhibits enzymes needed for protein degestion
        (source: [email protected], but there are many others).

  5. Hi Vani,
    We must be doing something good. My husband just send me a text from San Jose, CA with a picture of a post found in one of the Safeway store. It states: ” We are currently experiencing a shortage on variety of organic milk products. There is national shortage caused by a significant increase in demand. Organic milk suppliers are in process of increasing herd size and production, but we anticipate this issue to continue through December 2014.

    We apologize for inconvenience this may cause.
    (signed by) Safeway( logo)”

    Maybe it is time to go to the next step, “grass fed” milk not just organic.

    1. I agree with food babe that organic, grass-fed dairy is best. As I wrote on my blog ( ” It turns out that in 2010 the USDA announced guidelines that mandated, among other things, for a dairy to be called “organic”, its dairy cows had to spend at least 120 days grazing on pasture.Thus, there is some correlation between organic and pasture raised/grass-fed but not a complete one.”
      Also, consuming full fat diary is associated with a lower risk of heart disease and less likelihood of obesity (

  6. Thank you Vani! Will share as best I can . . . Went dairy free (not even organic) after I experienced breast cancer at age 38. Thankfully that was over 13 years ago now.

    At the time, I had no idea about America’s highly processed, antibiotic feed, steroid injected, factory farmed, franken food supply, and I thought I was eating healthy.

    Our son had pretty bad acne as a teenager and was allergic to cow’s milk as a baby. So, I Suggested he cut out dairy for three weeks and see how his skin looked – worked like a charm.

    Vani, please keep doing what your doing because when I first discovered America’s “diet of diseases “I felt completely duped. Most of us have no idea about America’s Fake Factory Farmed Franken Food Supply until a loved one is sick from it. My favorite mantra: America (and her children) have never been fatter or sicker and it’s so strange we can’t seem to figure out why; meanwhile, we’re told everything is fine with our “diet of diseases.”

    Best health always,

    1. Great to hear. I agree, cutting out all animal-based milk is a tremendous step toward good health. There are quite a few academic studies touting a lack of animal products as reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. A very readable book on the subject is “The China Study”, which documents an academic study over a multiyear period of consumption of animal products in China and other countries and their effect on health. It showed previously unknown diseases appearing in populations that had previously consumed a mostly grain-based (and lighter in terms of quantity) diet.

      1. Dear Raj,

        Thanks so much for your response. Yes, The China Study is amazing. The book that really influenced me to take a look at what I was eating and change what’s on my plate is called “Your Life in Your Hands: Understanding, Preventing and Overcoming Breast Cancer (The author had it three times and the last time nearly killed her.) She references the China Study often.

        Her main point: the breast cancer rate in rural (mainland) China is 11:100,000 and in the U.S. it’s 1:8 will experience breast cancer during her lifetime. The biggest difference: zero dairy in a traditional Chinese diet. In fact, they call it the “rich women’s disease.”

        Best health always,

    2. Yes, good to hear you’re ok now. Your story reminds me of a book I read by Jane Plant, Ph D, a scientist who had aggressive breast cancer, came back 4 times. Her husband was in China and when he returned they were talking about how low the breast cancer rate there was. They don’t eat dairy like people in North America do so she quit all dairy and it’s been gone for years now.

  7. Great post Food Babe. Good to see you write absorbable calcium in the other foods, so many people think you have to have dairy for calcium still.

    1. GMO: Genetically Modified Organism is a term used interchangeably with GE or Genetically Engineered (food or plant or animal). This describes a process which has been devised to artifically “inject” genes from one unrelated life form into another in a totally unnatural way that could not happen in Nature, to produce some desired effect like a pesticide toxin against insect attack or pesticide resistance such as crops resistant to the use of “Round-up” (glyphosate) herbicide. The problems associated with eating such plant or animal products is poorly studied and has been hidden or legally (corrupt) protected against. Numerous studies have shown serious potential risks in both human and animal health along with many environmental problems. Human deaths have resulted from GE produced l-Tryptophan suppliment and the potential for increased and unknown disease and illnesses from the random effects of GE processes will prove difficult to determine and could be self-perpetuating. SEE:

  8. Not only does it scare me what we are being led to believe, it actually made me cry to know that those poor animals are being tortured and no one seems to care.

      1. Obviously you’ve never heard of some of the horrible things that go on inside some dairy farms, not to mention the fact that they take the calves away immediately from the mom so they can take the milk from her. If it’s a male, they are kept in small crates, fed them only enough to keep them anemic so they’re flesh isn’t too dark, then they’re slaughtered at 4 months for veal. Yup, eating dairy isn’t cruel at all.

      2. Janine, I’m not sure if you have ever been to a dairy yourself, but I would recommend it. See for yourself what they do rather than believe everything you hear.

    1. Where in the world do you come up with that garbage?
      Why would anyone feed animals to make them sick and make them eat dirt? Think about, use some sense.
      People raise animals to make a profit. You can’t profit from a sick animal . You can’t make them eat what they don’t like. Cows, pigs, whatever are well fed to maintain maximum production. It’s the only way to make a profit. Sick animals are costly in terms of vet bills and lost production. No one wants that.

      1. She’s referring to the post by the “Food Babe” ! How did you get on here? If you don’t know what’s being discussed keep your rude comments to yourself.

      2. Yes, cows can and do get very sick from too much grain. They can be in much distress and even die. A cow should live about 20 years but usually they are burned out in 8. They just get drug out-if they cannot walk or stand-by a tractor. I have seen such sickening sights. Our family cow lived 23 years and loved the be loved on. I would guess her milk was more healthy as she was adored by her “family” as well as given the best we could afford to give her. Her health added to our health!

  9. I always buy organic dairy, we don’t drink milk . I use to do soy gave that up, then almond now I do flax a non dairy it’s awesome .

  10. It’s amazing the difference making the switch does for ones health. I have been making the switch to organic for a few years now (slowly adding in the new products so I don’t get overwhelmed with impossibilities) I read labels on EVERYTHING I eat and am amazed at how much sugar can be found in pretty much everything or even that high fructose syrup not to mention how GMOs are effecting us and the chemicals on the plants. (By the way are poly atomic atoms so they are extremely stable molecules and can’t be broken down by the human body, but rather be absorbed in adepose tissue (fat). Causing tumors/cancer – you get the idea.

    Go Vani!! Keep it up and I’m going to bust open this coconut for a nice sip of real life wonders!! Under $2!!! That’s cheaper than a Starbucks! 😉

  11. What brand of organic milk is best to buy? Have limited all dairy in diet , however my husband does like his milk once in a while. Thank you for your posts!

    1. I buy Horizon brand organic milk. I usually buy it at Target but I’ve also seen it in other major grocery stores.

      1. One of Food Babe’s articles expressed concern about horizon organic milk and I can testify fromy own personal taste that it is inferior to Stonyfield which, therefore, is my choice. Tho this is a subjective test, I am highly sensitive to chemicals and perhaps relatedly, my sense of taste is extremely sensitive.

  12. A very interesting article about milk. I eat yogurt daily and just noticed that the brand I eat has GMO’s. I would like to make my own and wondering if you have a recipe or directions on how this is done.

  13. You forgot to mention how inhumane the dairy industry is. From forced breeding to ripping mother and calf away simply because humans believe they deserve milk more than that calf. With so many other alternatives, it is unbelievable that we are still consuming another species’ milk! Organic is just as worse.

      1. Ok, I just want to point out a few things about this video so you can see just how easy it is to fake this kind of video and how easy it is to believe. First off the cow in question(Karma) is a beef cow. She has obviously had a calf as she is producing milk. Now here is were it truly gets to be a lie. The calf that comes off the trailer is a jersey calf and by the looks of it it is a few months old. This is not that cows calf. Also, as you noticed the holstein was just as excited(just not as vocal). Next the calf came running out of the trailer. Trust me it wasn’t too tired and hungry to fall over. The second fall was because the guy holding the lead tried to shut the gate pulling his head one way at the same time the cow bumped him from behind. Look close. I watched this over and over and freeze framed it. Also, sick weak calves do not jump around or hop up like this calf did when he let it go(they just don’t). I am all for humane treatment of animals, but I believe in seeing and knowing the truth. This video is not the truth. What probably happened is this cow was taken to auction(without her calf). They “rescued” her and realized she was lactating, so they went and bought a calf at auction to put on her. That is it. I’m not saying cows aren’t ever maternal, just pointing out some facts. Videos like this are meant to pull at your heart strings and they work. I might not be able to change your mind about this video, but I hope I make you think. Go to a farm. See the “truth” for yourselves.

  14. Thank you ,Food Babe for your wonderful info. I agree with everything you talk about. The milk info was so very important to me. My grandchildren drink it on regular basis and so do I., not a person who has mad money but I would still like the most heathier choices for my family when it comes to food,etc.

    How can a person with limited income buy heathier foods if they can’t afford all organic products which are expensive.

  15. My biggest regret was to not know this information when I was raising my children. My son has cystic acne, and some undiadnosed headache and difficulty concentrating. I continue to suggest he go organic, but he says he can’t afford it. I think if he did go organic, these issues might vanish. I send him these great posts, but can’t enforce the change. I am having trouble shopping at times because I’m reading labels, and don’t want to buy the usual products. Organic is expensive, but making changes where I can.

  16. Thanks for the great research! I love how you wrote that you use dairy as a condiment. I try to eat a very minimal amount of organic dairy, as well, but it can be difficult and that’s a great way to think about it! P.S. I love reading all of the positive comments today- sometimes people share their opinion in such a negative way on here and it just doesn’t add to the conversation :-/

  17. I have not found an organic milk that has not been UHP. After reading labels, have found a non organic whole milk with no extras. It seems to be the balance.

  18. This is a good story but what about the MSG in the milk, cheese and all dairy products. the msg is under code like milk solids,and 40 other names which is msg?

    1. And for good reason- here’s some stats (also from CDC,

      “Among dairy product-associated outbreaks reported to CDC between 1998 and 2011 in which the investigators reported whether the product was pasteurized or raw, 79% were due to raw milk or cheese. From 1998 through 2011, 148 outbreaks due to consumption of raw milk or raw milk products were reported to CDC. These resulted in 2,384 illnesses, 284 hospitalizations, and 2 deaths. Most of these illnesses were caused by Escherichia coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella, or Listeria. It is important to note that a substantial proportion of the raw milk-associated disease burden falls on children; among the 104 outbreaks from 1998-2011 with information on the patients’ ages available, 82% involved at least one person younger than 20 years old.”

      If you folks want to drink raw milk and get diarrhea, that’s fine, whatever… but please don’t put your children at risk.

      Don’t be sheeple, people!

  19. What about feeding this type of milk to a toddler? I currently breastfeed my 9 month old but want to introduce cow milk to him at a year. Is it OK to give him unpasteurized raw milk?

    1. Check first if raw milk is legal in your state. Here is a site to help
      I have been giving my toddler raw milk since he was ten months old. He is sixteen months and never has had a problem. We know the farm and farmer where the milk comes from. It’s clean, the cows graze in the meadows and you can visit any time. Know the farm and farmer and you should be fine. Better than walking into a store and not knowing how the cows were handled. Paturizing milk kills all the good bacteria and enzymes your baby needs. I was worried too, do your research. The site I attached is a great reference. Also check your laws, if you can’t legally obtain milk in your state work to change the laws. Once again the site I attached is a good refence.

    2. Why don’t you ask your pediatrician, instead of trusting your child’s health to strangers on the Internet?? Is your child’s health really worth the risk?

  20. When I went to our local Kroger’s store to buy milk last night, I was heartened to see a sign that read “Due to the high demand for organic milk, we are in short supply.” This is in a plain old lower to middle class neighborhood where you might not expect people to pay more for organic.

  21. This is sad truth, at organic dairy is an option for people. Are you sure Organic Milk producing cows are not eating organic corn?? This is one thing always bothers me…

  22. I hate to say this, but it would be helpful to know which companies are or aren’t using milk from cows that are eating GMO crops. Too many times alternative information sources subscribe to the same tactics as those of the mainstream media and publish statistics that promote fear and do not inform. Don’t dismiss this as laziness on my part, but if there is 90% of milk going into milk products, that is a concern, but I don’t want to boycott the other 10% as well. Where is this info?

  23. The best type of diet is the one that requires minimal effort and produces maximum results or an effortless diet. Here is Hollywoods best kept secret. Keep your eating window between 6 to 8 hours only. Keep breakfast small and don’t eat 3 hours before going to bed. So if you eat breakfast at 8:AM, dinner should start no later than 2:PM to 4:PM. The rule of thumb is never eat after the sun goes down. This reduces the insulin resistance of the body which burns the glucose which results in effortless weight loss. This also reduces the risk of diabetes, while increasing immunity to disease. One more food for thought. How do consumers exert control? The way the system works is “The person paying is the boss.” If the boss doesn’t approve of your performance; you get fired! Since the consumer is paying they are the boss; remember the old saying the customer is King, or the customer is always right? Politician – Poly (many) + tics (blood sucking parasites) don’t make rules for the benefit of the public. My point is “If it isn’t labeled Certified Organic then it has GMO in it. So if being labeled Certified Organic is demanded by consumers as proof of GMO FREE that’s how GMO’s shall be labeled; “by not being labeled”. This kills GMO poison food supplies while bringing down the price of Organic GMO free food. This tactic is known as “More than one way to skin a cat” (fat CEO cats). Sorry for the long message, just thought you may find this information interesting and pass this along. Keep up the good work, the world is watching!!!

  24. Hi ,
    Totally agree ! I wanted to know what is your say on pytates which is in nuts , grains and legumes in high amount …

  25. i’ll never forget when I was in a college science class and our teacher told us he was an ex-government scientist doing publicly funded work on osteoporosis when he discovered how big of a racket the milk industry is. Biggest “ah ha” moment: telling us that our bodies stop absorbing calcium after puberty.

      1. Tom, not one single “dairy” cow ever got her calcium after nursing, from nursing. Not a single animal in nature, including horses exploited for racing, got their strong bones and teeth from milk consumption. Getting calcium from cow milk that includes so many ingredients that are a human health detriment, when so many other sources abound, considering every factor, is absurd. I cared for 1600# horses with leg bones I couldn’t get my hands around. They got their calcium from greens and grains, as we should.

  26. Hi everyone,
    Check out some of these websites,,,,
    It depends on what state you live in on how you can get raw milk. Raw milk is better than store milk that has been pastuerized and who knows what. I recently bought into a herdshare and really like the raw milk like my grandparents knew as common place. It is worth checking it out, you can’t change everything overnight , just change things one thing at a time. Now I am searching for a new bread source.

    Thanks Vani for all you do!

    1. Goats will eat anything. Weeds, brush, whatever. They are good for cleaning up a weedy pasture. So, rethink your comment ” they are fed clover”

      1. Okay well they aren’t fed GMO corn feed and their farmers feed them clover. Their milk doesn’t contain lactose; they aren’t injected with hormones and their protein in is closer to human protein than cow’s milk.

    2. How do you know what they are fed? Are you talking about some you know of personally? Or goats in general?

      1. Just the Meyenberg brand they sell in the store. The box says they’re clover fed.

  27. Hello foodbabe
    1st, thank you for all you do. You have changed my life drastically over the last few years. 2nd, irrelevant to this article, but i have trouble,finding an email adress to send you this. I would like to discuss my concerns with the flu shot. I’m in Nurse Practitiner school and cannot participate unless I get the flu shot. I am being forced to get it! I am upset with this, as this doesn’t go along with my natural living habits and I think it’s just a big money scandal. What are your thoughts on the flu shot? Just curious.

  28. What about nanotechnology? Ok so we have grass fed, non GMO milk but are they adding nanotechnology to it to prolong shelf life and to make it look more white?

  29. What about Oberweis milk?would like to know more facts about it .heard it is not certified usda but folloows all the usda rules.

  30. I’d bet all those biotech company CEO’s are all buying and eating organic for themselves and their families.

  31. Let’s look at a brief list of facts.
    There is no model in nature of any mature mammal drinking milk.
    There is no model in nature of any mammal drinking the milk of another species.
    Once humans lose their “milk” teeth, they also stop producing lactase, the enzyme that makes milk digestion possible.
    For those interested, I discuss this and much more health info in The 80/10/10 Diet.

  32. Raw, Organic, or conventional, we still must include the animals in the equation for continuing or not, to support this product.
    Animal “Husbandry” , first of all, is the ideology and practice humans assume, over the reproductive lives of so called farmed animals.
    We domesticated them from their wild homes and natural lives thousand of years back, and made them milk and meat producers with one thing in mind, how they benefit humans. Besides taking their freedom ( a a pasture is far from a natural habitat also being depleted by humans )we took their sexual lives, and then have the audacity to take their babies before taking their milk…. It’s a cycle of violence we should consider, not ignore as to every mother cow and calf, it’s trauma.
    Mercy For Animals has on their home page, a link to recent investigations on farms( E6 Cattle Ranch in Texas the most recent, please google and watch video)where female cos exploited for milk, and their infant calves are beaten, kicked, punched, dragged, moved with chains..Is this really what we need to be doing for calcium when it is so plentiful in the greens and other plant foods we can get it from?
    Shouldn’t our sense of motherhood and mercy for the suffering these mammals have endured for generations, encourage us to switch to other milks from plant sources? Milk from cows is for nursing calves, not weaned humans and raw or not, it’s full of bacteria, natural steroidal hormones, casein, the protein Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s research confirms increases cancer cell growth. PLEASE stop nursing from mother cows whose lives are hell and infants are violated because as humans, we can’t seem to evolve past our terrible two’s!

  33. Cows milk is LOADED with hormones without rBGH added. LOADED! IGF-1 hormone is implicated in breast and prostate cancers and increasing in nations where dairy is increasing such as India and China…. Read about the 50 or so steroidal hormones in cows milk. Should we be feeding this to children who are suffering from early puberty because of hormones ingested from animal based foods that exist in every female and male animal?

    1. Yes, cows milk is loaded with hormones, but those hormones are naturally produced by the cow. It has nothing to do with their feed! A 170 ounce meat from an organic cow has 3 nano grams of estrogen, one from a non-organic has 4 nano grams. Now compare with our bodies naturally make every day…an adult male produces 136,000 nano grams daily. Not sure what the debate is here. Let’s also consider, eggs, beer, soy!!, etc…all of these have tons more estrogenic compounds than the difference between organic and non-organic. Once again, stop worrying about organic and GMO. Eat a balanced diet with tons of veggies and lean meats and exercise!! And for the love of god please don’t give your kids, or anyone, raw milk!!! That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Kind of sets humanity back 100+ years…

      1. No meat necessary! Every nutrient we have been brainwashed and indoctrinated to think we need animal protein from, they got originally from PLANT FOODS.
        Every carnivorous animals ( 5% only of all mammals) eats other animals that got their protein from the ground, where it is synthesized from sunlight into plant food.

        We FEED 70 billion farmed animals and manage to ship livestock feed all across the planet in ships of corn, soy, wheat, but we can’t feed starving and food insecure humans? Of that absurd Heifer project gives poverty stricken, starving people ANIMALS to exploit, care for, feed, sell products from. I swear, this is the AGE OF ABSURDITY.
        Eat humanely, sanely, healthfully, like hundreds of athletes do today, from plant based foods for optimal fiber, nutrients, minus the grease, cholesterol, suffering.
        PLEASE see Earthlings, the film . It’s FREE online. ALL Food “choices” should be made from the perspective of those on the plates, not a species that has become narcissistic almost pathologically so.

  34. Yes, organic “everything” would be great… but the challenge is, to make it:

    1. Affordable.

    I’ve seen organic chicken in my local market for 400% the cost of non-organic. Truth is, most folks can’t afford it, including me.

    2. Accessible.

    Let’s face it, markets, super-or-not, are all corporations. They’re in business to make money. They’ll provide organic goods only if the demand is there, and its profitable. Few of us have the time, or the money, to shop multiple markets a week.

    Organic, while desirable, is like driving a Mercedes to many. Sure, the desire is there, but w/out the extra money, few of us can afford it. So, without the demand, we’re left shopping up scale markets, which simply isn’t an option.

    So, what are we doing to accomplish both?

  35. A few years ago, when my 7yr old was having stomach issues, I read many many food and nutrition books. One of the most eye opening was “Whitewash” about the dairy farmers industry. However, just as I was starting to feel soooo good for switching to unsweetened almond milk i found out my brand has carrageenan in it. My initial research tells me that carrageenan is really only bad for people who have an intolerance but otherwise fine. Now, I will continue to research that and likely start making my own almond milk at home.
    We all do our very best. Keep reading, learning, questioning and striving to feel good through our food consumption.

  36. Does anyone know of a good brand to purchase at our local grocery store? I’m currently using Horizon Organic.

  37. So you mention that people should drink organic milk to avoid the hormones, but don’t you know that dairy contains about 60 hormones designed for growing a baby cow, and hence are not designed for humans?

  38. Tom- you crack me up, you just want to argue with everybody!! I love it. As for my two cents, everybody is so paranoid about GMO’s and this and that, when the truth of the matter is we are all going die at some point. Do you really want to live to a ripe old age of 100 and suffer? I would rather go out on my own terms, drinking and eating whatever I want to!!

  39. Thank you for adding sources to this article, I just have one stipulation that you find articles that we can see more then just the abstract as it doesn’t say much about the actual study. Most studies have a more in-depth answer to help you more understand. example you put under number seven higher levels of the cancer-causing hormone IGF-1 and linked it to a study but no where in that abstract does it say what you wrote just implicated which does not necessary mean it causes higher levels of the cancer-causing hormone IGF-1. It would have been better if you would have just wrote implicated because that’s all anyone on here can see. Also with people who are against you it wouldn’t give them a reason to call you out and say “Hey she isnt telling you the truth”. The best part of the article to use when citing for the masses would be the results part but unfortunately that isn’t present here.

  40. I am lactose intolerant and since I was a child I’ve been drinking the Lactaid brand milk. Can anyone recommend a lactaid free organic milk? I haven’t seen any options and I don’t want to switch to soy or almond milk.

  41. I think I’ll stick to eating New Zealand dairy products, with cows fed on lots of green grass. This eliminated five of the listed problems, without the hassle of trying to find organic dairy products.

  42. As a dairy producer i can confidently say this story is patently a lie. There is no peticides nore msg or any added stuff to milk. 100% milk. People like the food babe are very put of touch with the farming world. She even bans every ag group from posting on her blogs. Will never debate b/c she know she is fear mongering for attention and $. Sad deal since us dairymen are just trying to provide a safe product and raise our families.

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