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Radiant Raw Red Pepper Bisque

I absolutely love raw red peppers. I eat one almost everyday. They are full of vitamin C and nutrients to help you live a long healthy life. I also love soup – so this new recipe for Radiant Raw Red Pepper Bisque is the best of both worlds! With Winter behind us now, it’s time to kick the raw eating into high gear and that’s why I love this soup – it’s raw! I like to serve it straight out of the blender at room temperature but you can also serve it cold after chilling it in the fridge. 

Something miraculous starts to happen when you eat raw foods – not only are you getting the purest form of nutrition from many fruits and vegetables but your taste buds start to change for the better. Once I started incorporating more raw foods like this recipe into my diet, my intense cravings for junk food suddenly vanished! This is why day eleven (of the 21 day plan) in my #1 best selling book The Food Babe Way is dedicated to raw foods and my new cookbook, Food Babe Kitchen, contains several raw food recipes.

Radiant Raw Red Pepper Bisque

Food Babe's Radiant Raw Red Pepper Bisque
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 2 medium red bell peppers, chopped
  • 1 carrot, chopped
  • ½ cup yellow onion, chopped
  • ¼ cup cashews (nut free: use sunflower seeds)
  • 1 clove garlic, peeled
  • ½ cup vegetable broth (without yeast extract) or water
  • 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • ¼ cup coconut milk
  • sea salt, to taste
  • pinch of red pepper flakes (optional)
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  1. Place all of the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Taste and season with salt - stir or blend again.
  3. To serve, place half of the soup in a bowl and top with red pepper flakes and sliced avocado.
***Please use all organic ingredients if possible.***


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If you know someone who loves red peppers – please share this recipe with them, who knows maybe they’ll whip some soup up for ya!



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57 responses to “Radiant Raw Red Pepper Bisque

      1. High speed blending (or for than matter, even cutting with a metal knife) will reduce the vitamin C content. Blending is obviously much worse than cutting.

      2. You can use a ceramic knife and the Nutribullet RF and the Vitamix have the vortex action that doesn’t take away but heating to much unless you get it hotter than 107 degrees of course. I watched a presentation on it and was thrilled to find that out because like you I was concerned about retaining the nutrients.

        Haven’t tried recipe yet but certainly intend to soon.

    1. the great news is that red bell pepper is loaded with ascorbic acid( vit c) in fact, the most vitamin c dense produce.

    2. The great news is that red bell pepper is loaded with ascorbic acid (vit c) in fact, the most vitamin c dense produce.

    3. While heat can easily denature vitamin C, I have never seen any suggestion of blending reducing vitamin C and don’t see how this would be possible. Where have you seen this? Thanks.

      1. It is possible the heat generated from the blending could, in theory, denature, but whether that is enough is under debate. It is possible that the resulting change in ph could as well.

  1. Oh my, I totally agree! Once I gave up eating CRAP I started to feel soo much better, happier, less anxious and stopped craving junk food. Just the thought of a donut or cake makes me sick to my stomach. Raw foods are the best change I ever made to my life! Love them. And I’m with you on Red Peppers, loaded in Vitamin C and so tasty. Even though orange and yellow are scrumptious too. This soup looks divine and will be making ASAP. Like the oregano in here and the red pepper flakes on top with avocado. Yum! Good healthy fats =)

  2. Looks delish. Even as a non-soup guy I might give it a gander.

    Anyway, Food Babe, I just wanted to keep encouraging you to fight for us. I always read the comments from non-fans and detractors….Ignore the haters, there will always be those around.

    Letting you know I am proud to gain real knowledge from your newsletter/website. I used to eat weekly at Subway, now only once in awhile, for instance.

    keep up the excellent work!

    1. So true, Vani – eating raw ROCKS! After a while, you begin to notice not only that you feel better, but that you look better, too. Others may notice before you do. Your skin becomes more clear and smooth. Aches and pains start to diminish and even disappear. You start looking and feeling younger and more alive. So thankful that something as simple as what I choose to eat can have such wonderful effects! And it doesn’t take that long for it all to start happening. So worth the initial discipline it takes to make the switch from fake food to real food. Keep up the good fight to get as many as possible on board and to make sure we all have a united voice! Your efforts are SO appreciated!

      1. My husband’s heart trouble made him unable to walk up a hill on his property. His gait was unsteady. I made our diet salads that contained red stuff: kidney beans, red bell pepper, red lettuce, red apple, red onion, red cabbage. The salad had various nuts, a little shredded meat (The dude was a meat lover.), some bleu cheese, some cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans … different days, a little different ingredients. Got him to cut out drinking for this period. In less than three months, he had to wait for me to go up that hill in our walks, and he was no longer out of breath. It took such a short time to make such a big difference.

  3. Your newsletters are interesting but I need nutritional info, particularly sugars and carbs or the recipes are of no utility to me. I suspect I’m not your only fan who would benefit by
    this. Thank you,

    1. I totally agree – I started the May eating guide and I noticed there is no nutritional info on the recipes. I am a type 1 diabetic and need to know the Carbs and fiber for my insulin intake. Thanks for any help you can give.

    2. CalorieKing is a fabulous (and free) website recommended by my doctor’s office when I became a Type 2 Diabetic.
      I find it easy to enter FoodBabe’s and other recipes into CalorieKing and find the full nutritional content of the recipe per serving.
      Using CalorieKing, I can set my individual goals (under the guidance of my doctor’s recommendations) and see how closely I come on a day or weekly basis to meeting my targets.
      I was startled to find that I was such an “over eater”, and had a lot of trouble managing my carbs until I discovered the wonders of FoodBabe.
      I found the CalorieKing website tremendously helpful while trying to restructure my eating habits to manage my carbs.
      FoodBabe’s juicing and other recipes have been key to my new dietary plan, so I can now easily manage my daily dietary targets.

  4. I have been trying to keep lots of raw vegetables on hand and love red peppers so I am going to try this. I have never tried a cold soup before, although I have heard of a few and it does sound intriguing.

    1. Stuff red bell peppers with red onion, pureed red kidney beans, lots of garlic and garlic greens, green onions chopped fine, and ground turkey (with sausage seasoning if you can find it), or other ingredients you like. I always mad it with some wild rice too.

  5. I would love to start eating raw food. Even though I try to eat organic and mostly vegtables I struggle with the temptation of fake food. Recipes like this inspire me to try a raw diet. Wish me luck! You’re awesome and I love your purpose & determination.

  6. This looks amazing. I’m a fan of heat so I’ll be sure and add those red pepper flakes, as you suggested. Although I won’t overdo it the way I did with my chipotle kale salad. My lips are still burning!
    Thanks, Food Babe!

  7. Thank you, Foodbabe, for your fabulous recipes and ALL of your hard work! I’m looking forward to making this one. I love that it’s with raw red peppers! With all that I’m learning about nutrients and how beneficial and wonderful they are for your body and health, I have taken up drinking the boiled water used to steam veggies. Lots of the fabulous nutrients are left in the colored water, so I drink it like a tea. The nutrients might not be as potent as they could be since being boiled, but it sure beats dumping it down the drain! This “veggie tea” even tastes like the vegetables that were steamed. Pretty interesting!

    1. I freeze all my steaming waters and pull them out of the freezer when it’s time to boil down a chicken carcass to make soup, or cook some flavorful rice, etc. Nothing goes to waste around here. If the dogs to eat it, then the chickens do, and if they don’t eat it, it goes in the garden composter right in the bed for the earthworms.

  8. This looks fantastic! I can’t believe I used to not like red peppers. Now, I love them, so I’ll have to make this. 🙂

  9. Yes, I believe that eating as close to nature is the way to go. Can you tell me, do you cut the the whole bell pepper up or do you remove the seeds? Thanking you and keep up your very good work.

    1. Good day to you. I am a health professional with a passion for/with nutrition. There are two books that if I may recommend for you to check out. Buy them used. The 1st book ::’ Eat Right 4 Your type,’ written by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. The next book is out of print but someone running a used bookstore may help! ‘How To Be Always Well,’ written by Dr. William Howard Hay. This book was written back in the 40s. These 2 books will fine tune what you eat, based upon your genetic predisposition to digest certain foods and the art of food combining to maximize the compatibility of certain food groups (( carbohydrates, proteins and fats )) to digest properly. Eating right is an art, a skill and will change your health for life. A simple example of proper food combining is not to eat starches (carbs) with proteins. These food groups interfere with your digestion leaving you with gas and stomach/intestine bloating and perhaps nauseous. Another biggie is not to eat and drink at the same time. I’m not telling you to be perfect, but try this out as well and see how you feel after an hour or two. Listen to what your body is telling You! God really did make it so simple! “Your Body Never Lies!!! What you said about eating peppers tells me you may have a problem eating peppers. That’s the beauty of the other book. Dr. Adamo and his son running a clinic discovered through observation, that certain folks of said nationality were healthy and others were not. They figured out, simply put, that these healthy folks ate like their grandparents. One can assume that their grandparents ate like their grandparents. . . Check them out. I have worked and talked with countless folks that got their health back, lost their weight issues, their chronic disease took a hike. got off of their #%$&^*@ drugs, haven’t seen their doctors in years because now they don’t get sick and their energy was/is off the charts! Good eating and God’s Blessings. Eat bulk foods. . Make your own meals Period!!
      warm regards,
      p.s. No one makes an apple like God!

      1. Good information there…I find, however, that information about eating carbs needs some clarification. Anyone on a raw food diet should not be eating ANY simple carbs(sugar, white flour, etc.) but complex carbs from raw fruit and vegetables don’t even fall in the same category, as far as I know. I’m 71 and drug free. I try to eat all organic, but have some digestive issues, including lactose intolerance. I will try some of your suggestions, if I understand them correctly. Thanks, R. Cole

      2. I’ve recently read two completely conflicting things about drinking water while eating a meal. The first, as you said, says not to, and another said it’s absolutely necessary to distribute digestive juices among the food. I suppose it depends how much moisture is in the food being eaten, but it’s pretty rough doing a lot of research and finding intelligent people who don’t agree on something simple like this.

  10. This sound delicious! I’m going to make it this weekend. Thank you FB, for all your great recipes!

    1. I made this soup as directed and it is delicious! Loved it. Going to make this again.

  11. Why no mention of sunflowers seeds, yet you top with them in the picture?
    Why mention top with avocado and yet no picture of it as topping?
    Veggie broth- how did you prepare? If traditionally from heated veggies in soup, it is therefore is not Raw as you label your soup to be

  12. Perfect timing! I’ve had a whole red pepper the last two days with guacamole, so will enjoy the red pepper bisque recipe, too, I’m sure. Thank you!

  13. I tried this recipe this afternoon, it’s hardcore, made me smell of garlic all evening….. I personally won’t make it again but some people may like it!

  14. Why don’t people wait to comment until after they have tried the recipe? Saying how good the recipe looks without having tried it is not helpful. Of all the posts here, only one person actually tried the recipe and she didn’t like it. I would like to hear feedback from people who actually made the dish.

  15. Hello Vani, can you let us know about benefits of chocolate milk? Maybe chocolate milk vs white milk for kids??
    Thank you!

  16. I happen to have all of the ingredients on hand last evening (I’ve learned from the BEST), and found the garlic and onion to be overpowering for my taste. I ended up doubling the recipe with all of the other ingredients and that definitely made it more palatable, but I think in making it again, I’d use a milder leek a very small garlic clove. Still a great recipe overall – and, a light sprinkling of white truffle salt was the perfect finish!

  17. love this! Would use a sweet onion and a bit less though. Made it in the Vitamix so easy to control temp. We liked it just cooler than room temp.

  18. Way too strong of an onion and garlic taste that I can’t eat it! I hope to save it by adding something or else it will be wasted.

  19. I agree with the others, the garlic and onion flavor is overpowering. The flavors are all so good, however as it is, I feel like it is inedible. I will make it again with a very small amount of garlic and maybe a scant 1/4 cup of a sweeter-type onion.

  20. How are the Swedish organ standard different from the U.S. standards?

    Unfortunately when n=5 over two week time period I can hardly say it news worth shouting from the rooftops.

  21. Can you double it and freeze it? I know you lose the benefit of it being raw upon reheating but it is so delicious and as a busy mom I love to pull some ready made soup from the freezer. Thanks!

  22. A few years ago I was on a raw food diet for about a month. We went on vacation and it ended quickly. It took a couple of weeks but I stopped craving the bad foods, my skin looked healthier and I lost about 7 pounds. Need to get back into it again, so thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Love this recipe! So quick, easy & healthy. I’ve been making it for lunch a few days this week with minor variations (blending in a red jalapeño, substituting lemon for vinegar, topping with hemp seeds…); all versions were fantastic. It has that creamy bisque taste & feel that is very satiating. I’ll share this with my health coaching clients. Thanks for the recipe, Vani! p.s. Saw you speak at the IIN conference in April – it was my favorite presentation!

  24. I just made this and used a little less onion as some people suggested. I like it! Nice for lunch.

  25. I absolutely love this soup. The first time I made it I was on the fence, but after it sat in the refrigerator for a few days, it was fabulous. The second time I made the soup I used less red wine vinegar and it was even better. I also roasted the red peppers—-which I know, takes away some of the Vitamin C. I think less skin made the consistency a little better. I might even speed the process up by buying roasted red peppers in the jar. I could have this soup all the time. It tastes like a pizza to me without the crust and cheese. Delicious. Thanks Food Babe.
    Any idea on how many calories in this soup?

  26. I made this with only half a clove of garlic and less vinegar (only 1 tablespoon) and it turned out great! I will certainly make this again, maybe with a little less onion as well as it was very spicy.

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