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Real Life Stories From Inspiring Women Who Eat The Food Babe Way!

Just to show you how much it can change your life to eat The Food Babe Way, I thought I’d share with you some of the incredible emails that I’ve received recently. Each of these women have inspiring stories to tell about the transformation they experienced in their bodies and health when they stopped eating processed foods full of additives and filled up their plates with real nutritious food instead! As you read through their stories, I’m sure that you will recognize yourself in some of them – I know I do! 

Kerry: “My goal is not to be perfect but to be wise in my food choices”


“I started my journey at 216, and as of this morning, I am down 9.6 pounds which is great. What I am most proud of is taking control of my health and eating habits. When I ate according to the food guide for two weeks I felt great and had energy and my headaches disappeared. When I slipped back into my drive through habit and ate processed foods I felt bloated and crappy and my headaches returned. There is no doubt in my mind that eating organically as much as possible is beneficial. Sure, it was expensive at first to stock the cabinets and very time consuming to go through my kitchen and throw out the junk. My goal is not to be perfect but to be wise in my food choices and take responsibility for my current condition (which is improving).

The best part about changing my health is cooking. I forgot how much I like to cook and using the meal prep guide is fun and keeps me on track while looking ahead. I space my times for eating to every four hours and when I am tempted to eat, I ask myself why? Is it out of habit, boredom, or am I eating to postpone an unpleasant task? If I am really hungry I eat and don’t worry about it.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is one of my very favorite foods, but I no longer eat it (per my agreement) I guess I should say, I no longer consider this my favorite food. I ate a so called healthy burger and was amazed how salty it tasted. My taste buds are changing. I love using new spices such as curry in my chicken and having cucumber in my green drink and putting fresh ginger in hot water for tea.

The Food Babe is just what we need. I will become more of a testimony to my family and friends once they see me gain health, vitality, and lose weight. They have heard my “diet plans” so much they are immune to what I say. They just kind of pat me on the head with a “There, there, God bless her, she keeps trying.” ~ Kerry

Ellen: “My taste buds have changed to crave all the wonderful nutrients I allow them”

Ellen M.

“Although my mother instilled healthy eating habits (she was beyond her time!) from a young age, I came to America from England 39 years ago and continued (for the most part) with the values instilled in me. Over the years I, like most other Americans, didn’t realize the food industry had added all the toxins and chemicals into our foods until a few years ago when I was shocked at my weight gain and decided to go back to the principals I had been taught. During this time I came across The Food Babe (amongst others) and started to follow her teachings becoming aware of all the dreadful processes in the American food industry today. Armed with this proven new method of approaching food, I was living, breathing testament to the way we eat and wanted to share this with everyone I came in contact with, especially those near and dear to me.

Other than being an example of good health and the foods I allow in my temple and gifting ‘The Food Babe Way’ to many of those I love, unfortunately this has not been received as I would like and have come to realize that if anyone is interested in doing something good for themselves, I am there to help and advise but not to force it on anyone, however much I love them.

I love how I feel, huge amounts of energy (walking average of 7-10 miles per day), dropped 40 lbs and of course the way my taste buds have changed to crave all the wonderful nutrients I allow them. Some days it’s a challenge to stay the course without seeming either rude or smug but I have been doing this long enough now that it is getting easier and easier especially eliminating most grains and unnecessary carbs. I am blessed in that I don’t have to deal with any health issues but I believe this would not be the case without the changes in my diet.

I have shared all of The Food Babe’s eating guides and books with many friends and family members and mostly show by example as I realize not everyone is going to be receptive to this. Everyone is on a different course in their lives and if I can help by sowing seeds, with The Food Babe’s help, that is the best I can do.” ~ Ellen

Charla: “My blood tests had improved unbelievably. My cholesterol went from 215 to 145 and I’m NOT on any cholesterol medication”

“I’ve been T2 Diabetic for almost 10 years now caused by large doses of Prednisone. When I was finally able to afford healthcare and stop going to Mexico to buy medicine I got back to my doctor to have regular blood tests. I was staying in Texas for the holidays and there was just TOO MUCH TEMPTATION all over the house. I couldn’t say no. In January, I got back to my doctor and he looked at my blood tests and couldn’t believe how bad they were. He said, “YOU HAVE TO CHANGE WHAT YOU EAT!” He even asked if I drink, which I don’t, because of the decline in my liver. I was raised with all vegetables having a white or cheese sauce, potato chips, cokes & canned fruit.

On the drive back to Texas I heard Vani on health radio. She just clicked in my head. I got to Tucson, found a book store and bought her book. That night I laid in bed all night reading. The next day I found a small “health food store” and bought organic fruit. I started eating organic lettuce, meats with no antibiotics or preservatives, organic cheeses, no prepared foods, nothing with food coloring (which I was already convinced causes ADHD). I only lost 5-6 pounds because my activity level was still really low due to arthritis and injuries from a car accident but still I was feeling better. In April, I went back to the doctor and my blood tests had improved unbelievably. My cholesterol went from 215 to 145 and I’m NOT on any cholesterol medication. I truly believe that following Vani to the best of my ability (and my ability to eat fruits and vegetables is not really good) but I am determined to beat this!!!

I am back living in San Diego where people DO eat healthier and cleaner so I have to be honest and say Vani and my community have helped me! But I do believe in Vani and what she stands for. I really haven’t gone to fast food in years but am so ashamed at all the fast food I gave my kids growing up because our schedule was insane.

I love shopping for healthy food and reading the labels. I HAVE to concentrate on my diabetes and get it completely under control. I HAVE to learn to LIKE fresh fruits and vegetables. I do have more energy. I do feel better. It’s up to me now to do this completely. Vani has given me the tools. I need to continue using them.

There are a lot of haters on the internet and most of them are scientific types. They slam Vani because she doesn’t have a degree in science or food technology but I will argue with each and every one of them because I am living proof, emphasis on LIVING, that Vani has her Masters in Common Sense. Thank you Vani. Your book makes great birthday presents!!!” ~ Charla

Shirley Anne: “I am an old lady of 81+ years and walk twice a day every day”

“This is a very short story as I am a fairly recent reader of all things Vani sends out through emails. I am an old lady of 81+ years and walk twice a day every day. I have long term osteoarthritis (40 years) and it covers from my neck to my feet & ankles. I must exercise every day for all parts of my body just to keep moving and not in a wheelchair. Move it or lose it.

I share any news from Vani with my family and friends. Not everyone is as excited about this info as I am, nevertheless, I share and they can use the info or not. Their decision.

My favorite part of changing my health and food habits is the excitement of learning new ways to make old favorites with organic and healthy vegetables. Not much red meat but lots of chicken. I need to “up” my fish intake – will work on that one. Thanks to Vani I am so much more connected to eating right and reading labels on everything.

This winter when the Pennsylvania winters are so long and icy; it is not feasible to walk safely on ice. I took to the internet for all new healthy soups – none of these did I make in the past for my young family – we ate old standbys like vegetable with lots of beef, bean soup with lots of ham – you get the picture. NOW this past winter I have made soups with organic beans, lentils, quinoa, farro and all other ancient grains. I live in an apartment with a neighbor across the hall in her last year of college, so I shared my soups with her and she was a happy young friend. I used a rebounder for winter moving about when the weather was bad. This year in a new locale has been a busy and rewarding one with my turnover in cooking healthy. I credit you with this. Thanks and God bless.” ~ S.A.

Amelia: “It’s never too late to improve ones health”


“I have read and was told by my doctor years ago, sugar, and salt are killers as well as processed foods. I am 84 yrs old and ate healthy (my moms cooking) over the years. I fell into sweets and fast foods…when I was working, now knowing all the info regarding chemicals, etc, I have cut back on sugar about 90%, no salt and no processed foods.

Some people asked why am I depriving myself of foods I love, at my age. With my heart and stroke issues I do not want to die hooked up to machines in hospital, it’s never too late to improve ones health so I am trying to eat more veggies, fruit, hardly any red meat, little poultry, no seafood (deathly allergic).

I omitted processed foods and I am now beginning to regain my energy. I have health issues that keep me from doing too much but all in all between giving up sweets, eating lots more veggies then before, and fruit, I know I am going to be fine, by the Grace of God. I am still driving, very little running around and miss dancing. I really feel keeping away from the chemicals in foods is the reason I am doing this well.” – Amelia

As you can see… It’s never too late to improve your health!

I hope these stories encourage you to know that you can make a change too. If you haven’t already joined my free email list – make sure to do that first over here. I’m sending exclusive info just to the special people on my list – I don’t want you to miss the breaking health information I share every week!

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Please share this post with those you want to inspire and if you have a success story of your own to share, let us know here! I’d love to hear from you! 



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10 responses to “Real Life Stories From Inspiring Women Who Eat The Food Babe Way!

  1. I bought the Food Babe Book and I’m incorporating good clean eating habits into my diet. I’m amazed at how great I feel and how I’m really not missing the “junk”.
    Today a bag of fun sized candy bars was placed in front of me at lunchtime at work and I was totally fine with pushing it away. I had no desire at all to consume that poison! You would think that consuming the daily poisons in the foods all around us that our bodies would just shut down. Thank you Food Babe for your efforts to save us all and SHAME on our government for allowing the poison to continue all for the sake of a dollar. Wake up America. Let’s take control now!

    1. Denise! I love this ahhhmazing love for your health and body! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I love these stories. I also love your recipes. I made apple pie chia pudding and love it! I feed my young granchildren healthy too. They love Kombucha(I make it) and other fermented foods, raw foods…. Thank you so much I am learning a lot from you. I want to encourage you not to vaccinate your baby anddont let them give her the hpv shot at the hospital or the vitamin K. Be on top of itcos theydont always tell you.???

  3. No matter the age we all share common experiences when it comes to past eating habits, Vani’s teachings, reception (or lack thereof) of friends and family and how we now feel following a clean eating regime. I’m still excited about her book and just gave one away a week ago to a friend who said he has been dieting and exercising and not seeing results. I recently traveled overseas and while I packed a entire carry on of clean food it was impossible for me to follow my normal plan…within 3 days of consuming refined carbs/sugars/caffeine I could tell a HUGE difference in how I felt. I was extremely tired, sluggish and even gained weight (I was only gone 2 weeks, but again 3 days was all it took for the changes to set in)! As soon as I got home I bee-lined for the store and stocked up on greens, organics and was able to give my body the foods it had missed. Congratulations ladies on your journey and your courage and strength in sharing them with us! Keep it up…we are all cheering you on to healthy success! You got this!

  4. Dear Vani!!!!! Thank you so much for everything you do!!!!! Have an amazing, healthy, glowing pregnancy !!!!!!! Enjoy ! My baby is 13 now, but I still remember how it felt when she was moving inside me!!!! Much love to you and your family!!!

  5. OK. ShirleyAnne is my new hero! I can tell what a spunky lady she is! Thanks Vani for all of the wonderful info and for sharing these inspiring stories!

  6. As I am now retired, but almost 65 years old then I reply on my monthly SSDI benefits as I am congenitally deaf since birth; I cannot afford your books as I am not rich in my concern. Only, I have my 1-PAD-2, and my Z5-MAX(Desktop) at my home. Still, I want to find the healthily, Non-GMO-verified and USDA Organic-certificated recipes in online via Food Babe as I am ” Hi-Tech Savvy”. I really need help at honestly. Christa

  7. Today as I was looking over the new recipes for this month I truly had a revelation. When you post the recipes and at the bottom it says ‘serves 2’ I was shocked. My serving sizes are much larger and now believe that is an issue. I love to cook and have always eaten healthy but apparently just too much.
    I know we all change as we get older plus I have an office job that is a lot of sitting. Now I am going to be aware of just how large my portion sizes are. Also in the evening I enjoy a glass of wine. Should I discontinue this until I reach my goal weight?

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