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Scientists Said Monsanto Chemical Was Safe, They Were Wrong. It Causes Cancer.

This is Shocking news. Monsanto was ordered to pay $289 million in damages after a jury found them liable for failing to warn that their weedkiller Roundup causes cancer.

This lawsuit was filed by a California man, Dewayne Johnson, who is suffering from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma at the young age of 46. He was a school groundskeeper who regularly used Roundup, and the jury decided that Roundup caused his cancer.

The jury also decided that Monsanto KNEW how dangerous Roundup was and failed to warn people about the risk. As Carey Gillam reported, the jurors found “there was “clear and convincing evidence” that Monsanto’s officials acted with “malice or oppression” in failing to adequately warn of the risks.”

The judge echoed that Monsanto “acted with malice, oppression or fraud and should be punished for its conduct”.

This is very, very alarming – and everyone MUST take notice.

Monsanto has tried to hide the dangers of Roundup from the public and regulators for years. In 2015, the World Health Organization’s cancer arm (International Agency for Research on Cancer – IARC) declared the active in ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, a probable human carcinogen.

When this happened, Monsanto’s PR machine went into full effect. They immediately tried to discredit IARC’s decision and spin the story in their favor.

The media played right into Monsanto’s hands, painting a picture that “experts” around the world believe Roundup is “safe” and that the scientists at IARC were wrong in linking Roundup to cancer.

Perhaps you read this in the news…

“Glyphosate has been widely considered among the safest pesticides” – NPR, March 2015

“You can drink a whole quart” of glyphosate “and it won’t hurt you” – Dr. Patrick Moore in the Huffington Post, March 2015

“Weedkiller suspected of causing cancer deemed ‘safe’” – The Guardian, July 2015

“I can tell you glyphosate is safe. The data that they look at, they cherry pick it and then they interpret the studies completely different than research who actually did it” – Monsanto scientist Donna Farmer to CBS News, June 2016

“U.S. EPA says glyphosate not likely to be carcinogenic to people” – Reuters, December 2017

“Agencies across the world say glyphosate is safe and the IARC report is a flawed analysis” – Gordon Stoner from the National Association of Wheat Growers to Reuters, December 2017

“The chemical is not carcinogenic” and it’s “less toxic than common chemicals like aspirin” – Slate, January 2018

Less toxic than aspirin? REALLY?

Monsanto Fined $289 Million – Roundup DOES Cause Cancer, August 2018

How did so many news publications miss the truth?

When the World Health Organization revealed how dangerous Glyphosate (and Roundup) could be to humans, the media quickly took ahold of Monsanto’s talking points.

They listened to the lies fed to them by “experts.” Experts that may have been “paid for” by Monsanto.

I’ve written about Monsanto’s Roundup and its link to cancer numerous times in the past – warning consumers that this chemical has been found in Cheerios and Ritz Crackers, and how Monsanto has been working behind the scenes to cover up its dangers… in cahoots with the EPA… ghostwriting news stories… setting up front groups… hiring trolls on social media… and enlisting “independent” scientists to further their agenda.

All of these moving pieces have been working together with one goal in mind – to fool the public and our regulators so that Monsanto can keep making BILLIONS off of Roundup sales.

It. Is. Disgusting.

Raising my voice has made me a target.

This is a personal issue for me, because I’ve been dragged through the mud by people calling me an ignorant fearmonger for writing about the dangers of Roundup and conventional agriculture (which uses Roundup extensively).

Critics of mine have been saying that scientists disagree with my work and that we should trust them because they are the real experts. They branded me “Pseudoscience” because I avoid GMOs grown with Glyphosate and trust information from The World Health Organization.

The truth is: Science is always evolving.

How many times has something been deemed “safe” only to later find that it is making people sick?

Scientists are not always right. Science is sometimes riddled with industry corruption. Scientists sometimes make big, horrible, mistakes.

Just look at what Big Tobacco has done during the last 80 years, as they tried to hide the grave dangers of cigarette smoking from the public. One unethical tactic was advertising with doctors, dentists and nurses recommending packs of Camels and Lucky Strikes. The tobacco industry did this because they knew the public trusted these medical experts and would fall for the tobacco-industry talking points in these ads (the “doctors” weren’t even real doctors!)

Monsanto’s playbook is the same, they use many of the same tactics – and the media has been falling for it… hook, line, and sinker.

Roundup is the new tobacco. Only this time we are all smoking and don’t have a choice. Roundup is the most widely used weed killer in the history of our world – and because of this, we are being exposed to Roundup daily.

If you don’t have a bottle of Roundup in your garage, your neighbor probably does.

It’s in our food. It’s in our water. It’s in the air. It is contaminating our environment on a grand scale. It has now been decided in court that it can indeed cause cancer and that Monsanto has known about this risk for DECADES.

Sure, this $289 million dollar judgment is a drop in the bucket for a multi-billion dollar company like Monsanto… but the tipping point is HERE and I truly believe the END of this company is on the horizon.

What does this jury verdict mean for the world?

The roughly 4,000 pending Roundup lawsuits now have this amazing precedent to back their claims. These cancer victims have a better shot at winning their cases – and could cost Monsanto millions more.

It starts a valid discussion around banning Roundup use in our schools, parks, communities, stores, and even nationally.

More people will now be aware that Roundup is indeed dangerous and will stop buying it. That is the biggest win of all.

Just because a product or package of food is on the shelf does not mean that it is safe. Unfortunately that is far from the case!

After years of being an activist, I realized that big companies will NEVER change. They will continue to line their pockets at the expense of human beings.

And that’s why I started my new company Truvani.

Over the last few years, the Food Babe Army has made tremendous progress against big corporations. But I was tired of sitting back and waiting for them to change.

The world needed a company that cared about the ingredients in their products, and whether or not these ingredients are safe.  And my company Truvani will join the ranks of companies leading the charge. Every Truvani product will be certified organic (where applicable), because Roundup is not permitted to be sprayed on organic crops.

As I know organic crops can still be contaminated with Roundup (it’s so prevalent in our environment), I’m taking it a step further in testing Truvani products for glyphosate to make sure they do not contain excessive levels.

I want to do everything in my power to ensure my products are as clean as possible. This is the standard I believe EVERY company should have… Don’t you? And that’s why it’s so important to find good companies… doing the right thing… and vote with our dollars. Companies that do the right thing need our support, and maybe, one day, these big conglomerates will finally start caring about humans.

I encourage you to SHARE this post with your friends, family, and neighbors – we need to spread the word that Roundup is not safe.

I also urge you to buy certified organic food as much as possible. This is currently the most viable way to protect yourself from glyphosate – and other harmful chemicals that are used in conventional food products. It may be more expensive, but I believe it may save you thousands in medical costs down the road. Health is wealth, right?



P.S. I just finished the manuscript for my new book, Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry’s Playbook and Reclaim Your Health. In this book, I expose the shameless lies we are being fed about our food by the very people we should be able to trust for health information… lies about its nutrient value, effects on our health, label information, and even the very science on which we make our food choices. It’s investigative, hard-hitting, and scandalous. The book will be published in February 2019! Pre-order your copy here.

P.P.S. If you have a bottle of Roundup at your house, I hope you stop using it immediately. And, don’t forget to share this post!

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36 responses to “Scientists Said Monsanto Chemical Was Safe, They Were Wrong. It Causes Cancer.

  1. Thank you for this, I truly appreciate you and everything you do. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that Monsanto is being held accountable, it’s about time, but it’s not enough! And, those people out there that slam you, they will come around one day when they are ill and have no idea why. People are full of fear and hate to think that those who say they are working for us, to protect us, are the ones that are poisoning us. Again, thank you. You have made a difference and I cannot tell you how much that means to me and my family!

    1. Debbie – Thanks for your appreciation – we are all in this together. Keep spreading the word and I’ll keep sharing the truth!

  2. That judgment is a good start. All corporate Monsanto employees should be held liable for criminal actions for knowingly and willingly causing injury and/or death to another and thrown in jail for 100 years with no chance of parole.

  3. A jury verdict is not a substitute for scientific truth. But as a purveyor of lies and falsehoods you would never understand that.

    1. I figured someone might say that… And again, I invite you to review the evidence presented in this case and if you come up with another verdict, please explain to us how Mr. Johnson got cancer.

    2. The jury did rule for the plaintiff based on the evidence presented, which included evidence presented by the defendant. You can see for yourself in the series of publicly available research papers on glyphosate by Anthony Samsel and Stephenie Seneff, especially “Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases IV: cancer and related pathologies”; in Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry 15(2015) 121-159. Section 17 discussed NHL, the plaintiff’s disease, and how researchers directly linked it to Roundup usage and the biological explanation behind it. This paper also showed the studies done by Monsanto in the early 1980’s in which they found these diseases, but with the complicity of the EPA, hid the information from the public. These early studies by Monsanto were two years long in lab rats, which showed the diseases developed after 4 to 7 months exposure. Since then Monsanto and other biotech companies performed studies lasting only 3 months because the chronic diseases won’t show up, good for spotting acute toxicity but not chronic toxicity. Don’t look, don’t find, don’t tell.

      1. Sci-reader has it Exaxctly right about the limited time frame of the studies and the reasons why.
        Shame on everyone involved for loving money above everything and everyone else.

    3. Purveyor of lies and falsehoods = Vicki Churchman. The PROOF is in the evidence. Even a general layman could figure that out. How much is Monsanto paying you to write this? Be honest now. That’s right lies is your style, NOT honesty. I Suggest you test it yourself. Drink a quart of Round up, then have a daily supplement of Roundup each day for 7 months( 4 to 7 months reviled issues). Put your money where your lies are and we will look for Obituary stating Vicki Churchman died of poisoning and cancer.

    4. Vicki,
      How can you really believe that consuming chemicals would be better for you ? When you accuse Vani of lying , that’s what your saying. Thank you Vani, you are a warrior ! Any body that lies WILL be held accountable one day , because lies cause harm , always . Any body that hurts people WILL be held accountable one day . May I remind you , eternity is a very very very long time .

  4. I think people who refuse to see the harm in using glyphosate should really continue to consume it, while waiting until the science is allowed to be made public. but Thats not a solution either because we are all interconnected. Vani, I would’ve shared the above article, and do trust your products, they both deserved their own space to do them justice.

    1. I agree. I love what Vani presented and I certainly believe that Monsanto is evil and their products have caused a blight of illness on our planet. However when Food Babe mention her products in the same article, it lowers her to their standards and does not do justice to either her arguments or her products

  5. Vani, I applaud your good works! I too try to preach and teach others of whom do not use or buy organic products. I also preach the Anti- Natural Flavor(MSG) lie! Only half the people I tell that ANYWHERE you see the words Natural or Flavor(s) in the ingredients list, it IS “MSG” and that former President oboma approved the FDA could change the name in 2009 to Natural Flavor and it is NOt secretions from any animals scrotum! At Wholefoods, I have even seen it called Organic Vanilla Flavor. Makes me so made with all the trickery our own government uses on us! Hopefully the cancer causing binders and fillers in EVERY vaccine will be next in the list of lawsuits! The Illuminati are always thinking what chemicals, medicines, vaccines and foods to poison us with next while other countries try so hard to prevent preservatives and cancer causing products in their products. Unless we all stop buying this trash processed “food” we don’t stand a chance.

  6. Each time I am exposed to Round Up I lose my sense of taste and my sense of smell for 3 to 4 weeks. We sold our home and moved out of an HOA because the company hired to maintain our neighborhood grounds used Round Up and I couldn’t take it any longer. It’s really hard to get away from, though, because it’s used throughout our cities and suburbs. We now live in a much smaller town and in a more rural area. There is no farming here, but there are a few HOA’s. I stay completely away from them.


    1. Unfortunately that stays in your liver and causes a whole slew of problems. If you can, look up Medical Medium, he has a recipe for tea that removes pesticides. Also consume wild blueberries if you can. I got my taste back after this combo.

  7. Over thousands of Farmers using on their crops in India died have you mentioned the fact they all used Monsanto “ROUND-UP????”


  9. I recall talking on the phone to a friend one day and I started feeling strange. Then really bad. Then this awful thing happened to the inside of my head that felt like it was moving inside my brain , like fingers working through it. I looked outside the window and the maint. Man where I was living at during that time was spraying my bush with round up . I’m highly allergic to the stuff and have mcs. Needless to say, I eat organic and swear by the difference in doing so. Round up and glyphosate have made most of my life a tormented existence .

  10. Vani… thank you for researching and educating the public… I agree it should be our right to have clean food, water and air…And have clear labeling. If people want to eat food that has round up on it great let them. However those people who care not to should have the right to know what is being put in food that they pay good money for what they are exposing their loved ones to. interestingly years ago I met a man that was an engineer at ortho before they were sold to Monsantos, he stated pretty much that round up was agent orange, was a neurotoxin, and very toxic. He described how the neurotoxins work by damaging nervous system – why would we want it In our environment, on our food and in our water?

  11. Thank you for sharing I am happy to hear this. Now if only I could my family and I eating better and buying more organic items.

  12. I do believe it’s toxic, and I always have. I will always believe that my father in law developed Parkinson’s because of the exposure to a number of herbicides, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals – he worked around them all his life, and was a heavy user of Roundup, never even bothering to cover his mouth and nose, change his clothes, or wash up after using it. Same thing with a friend who died of lymphoma a few years ago. He had a side business doing yard work and used Roundup almost daily. I also believe that many more weeds are becoming resistant to herbicides due to their heavy use. Every year I see new weeds in my yard and garden that I have never seen before, and it’s much more difficult to keep them pulled and cut back. They seem to be growing stronger and more plentiful. I resist saying “I told you so” to all the people who have made fun of me for not using this product, because their indiscriminate use of it could mean a great deal of suffering in the future.

  13. Thank you for presenting us with so much information to become more educated and to make our own informed decisions.

    I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on this article which seems to counter what is saying, as are many other health-related organizations:

    As always, thank you for your incredible insight and pursuit of the truth.

    1. EWG has an agenda. The more fear they can generate the closer they get to fulfilling that agenda. This EWG report was released a couple of years ago. It was rereleased to capitalize on the news of the jury award. It is shameful to me that groups and individuals use fear the way they do.

  14. Thanks for this very useful information about healthy products and the dangerous effect in our body. Thanks for sharing.

  15. First off, I an in total alignment with your topics; nature over synthetic toxic chemicals for sure.
    But I’m also very big in NOT deceiving the masses. When we’ve seen a human skeletal system in school, in the doctor’s office or on TV, they show only ONE generic model. But there are TWO; male and female skull and skeletal systems. And there are distinct differences. Prepubescent transgendered (basically since birth) blends in so much MORE than after puberty. With the constant hormone cocktails (& hormone blockers) you can make a MTF athlete, politician, A-list actress/Film & TV shows, media personality, models, judges, “teachers”, bomb-shell, realty show contestants/judges or food babe blogger. It works for FTM too. TricksoftheStrade youtube channel SHOWS the male and female bio markers of the skull and skeletal system. I do understand that there was no free will for these victims and they have been groomed to be leaders of the UNmanipulated human beings (create their niche to control and deceive the masses). But true character tells. . .EXPOSES the deception and comes clean.
    If you were an adult and chose to transgender, YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE, YOUR FREE WILL. TV has shown us women to hate their bodies, get plastic surgery and if you’re not in model shape after REALLY giving birth, then there’s something wrong with you. And the ppl we watch in TV are mostly inverted TG’d couples. But deceiving the masses, NO MORE! Faking pregnancies is a BIG BUSINESS! Fake baby bump & full bump belly wrap around suits. Y’all please do your own RESEARCH instead of a knee-jerk response to what you think is real. We’ve been lied to on just about EVERYTHING. What THEY mock & suppress is the TRUTH. What THEY shove in our face (minds) repeatedly is the LIE.

  16. Is there a petition out there to send to the EPA to take Roundup off the market? I’m sure we could get 100s of thousands of signatures!!!

  17. Sadly, Monsanto also has a friend on the Supreme Court. Justice Clarence Thomas was a former corporate lawyer for Monsanto and has rule in their favor in at least one former case (when he should have recused himself because of a conflict of interest).

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