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This Information Could Change Your Grocery Shopping Habits Forever (Must Watch 90 second Video!)

My decisions are simple when I go grocery shopping. I try to eat and buy organic as much as possible for health, beauty, prevention of disease and the environment. When I saw this new remarkable video, I wanted scream to from the roof tops. Not because of joy though, but because I know so many people are unknowingly being exposed to chemicals that could harm them. This video I am going to share with you today is DRAMATIC. When you see what happens when an average family that eats conventional (non-organic) food makes the switch to organic, your grocery store decisions could change forever. In just 2 short weeks, this family experienced a remarkable transformation! 

Organic Effect

In January, the independent Swedish Environmental Research Institute conducted this small experiment, using a family of five (two adults and three children), to determine whether there would be any significant changes in the pesticide levels in their bodies if they ate a diet of strictly organic food. They took urine samples from all of the family members every day for a week while they ate all conventional non-organic foods, and then every day for two weeks after they switched to all organic, so that they could analyze it for pesticides and their metabolites. Note that the term “pesticides” is an all-inclusive term for a substance that kills pests – including weeds – such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and growth inhibitors.

Watch the video here:



Some pesticide levels that decreased after switching to organic:

Does a single dose always make the poison?

There’s the argument that the levels of pesticides in their bodies were low when they were eating conventional food, and that they weren’t high enough to cause health problems. You know the phrase: “the dose makes the poison”? However, the researchers here said we don’t know that for sure. They expressed concerns that we don’t know enough about the effects of all of these chemicals when they are combined in the body:

“the system for risk assessing chemicals is suitable only for one substance at a time. There is, therefore, no approved method for making an overall assessment of the effect of multiple chemicals simultaneously, i.e. the possibility that chemicals interact with one another to give a stronger or weaker effect than they would have individually. This is commonly called the “combination effect” or popularly known as the “cocktail effect”….

Given how little we currently know about the combination effects of all the different chemical substances that people are exposed to in their day-to-day lives, it may be wise to apply a principle of caution in this regard.”

What did the researchers say about the results?

  • Exposure to pesticides reduces when we eat organic products instead of conventionally grown food.
  • Choosing organic foods not only reduces the levels of a number of pesticides that we are exposed to through what we eat, but also reduces the risk of a long-term impact and combination effects.
  • Concentrations of selected pesticides decreased by an average of a factor of 9.5 when the family switched to organic food.
  • In relative terms, the children’s load decreased more than the adults’ in the food switch, probably due to their higher food intake relative to their bodyweight.

This isn’t the only data that came to similar conclusions!

A much larger 2015 study published in Environmental Health Perspectives analyzed the dietary exposure of organophosphates (OPs), the most common insecticides used on produce in the U.S. They found that “those who reported eating organic produce had significantly lower OP pesticide exposures than those consuming conventionally grown produce”. The researchers concluded: 

“One way people can reduce their pesticide exposure… is to eat organic versions of those foods that are listed on the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list, which ranks fruits and vegetables according to pesticide residue level”.

Likewise, Consumer Reports recently came out with a scientific report on pesticides, and recommends choosing organic food to decrease exposure to pesticides. Consumer Reports says, “organic is always the best choice because it is better for your health, the environment, and the people who grow our food”.

After learning all this, are you still worried about the expense of organic foods?

“You can either pay the farmer or the hospital”, says my friend Birke Baehr. I am here to help – please see over 75 of my best organic budget tips here.

So, what do you think? Is it worth it to choose organic food?

Tell me in the comments below. 

Do you have family or friends that need this information or would like to know why you choose organic foods? Please share this video and information with them!



P.S. If you are looking for additional assistance or guidance in living an organic lifestyle check out my New York Times Best Selling book The Food Babe Way and also consider joining the Food Babe membership program. I am here for ya!


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174 responses to “This Information Could Change Your Grocery Shopping Habits Forever (Must Watch 90 second Video!)

  1. How are the Swedish organ standard different from the U.S. standards?

    Unfortunately when n=5 over two week time period I can hardly say it news worth shouting from the rooftops.

      1. Being ignorant is not a crime. Refusing to become educated beyond ignorance to the point of enlightenment is just plain stoooopid. The retrograde, idiocratic, bureaucrats you represent are all on their way out. Circle the drain and enjoy your cancer as it turns your insides black.

  2. You should take a closer look at that study. The link is in the article, but here it is again for convenience:

    They tested for a small number of specific pesticides, all of which were approved for conventional farming, but none of which were approved for organic. Meaning the study ignores the pesticides that could have been in the subjects’ diet during the second testing period.

    There is a long list of substances approved for use in organic farming… the US list is here:

    1. Thank you for providing the link and good point about what they actually tested for. The organic tobacco for the dad cracked me up. I wonder if Colorado has a big market for organic marijuana.

    2. I have turned into a total food snob because I know too much now!

      I’m with you Vani- it’s my preference to prepare my own food until the restaurant industry catches up!

  3. I have been following Food Babe for a while and support her 100%. Also listened to her and the others on the Food Revolution Summit. I am relistening to it as it is so full of interesting information. Keep up the good work Vani.

  4. I have been choosing to eat organic for 40 years now and it really does make o difference! One thing people forget is that organic also tastes much much better!

  5. Keep up the good work you are doing for us. You are going up against big companies and are finally being heard. Thanks to your persistence. Your book is great and so informative. I’ve always felt that the cancer that is now affecting our children is coming from our food. I was almost afraid to buy anything in my grocery store after I read your book. They do not carry organic veges. I have to travel 25 miles to shop for them.
    This takes time to reorganize ones cupboard. Trying to stay away from GMO foods is also a challenge. It’s interesting to me why organic foods has to be so much more money. Since pesticides cost money and there is none on organic
    Foods, then seems like it should be less expensive.

      1. Truly ignorant to think organic is worse than conventional! If pesticides etc. kills bugs and living things from eating our produce, it will slowly and eventually kill you. The human system is strong but not immune to poisons. And all “****asides” are simply poisons.

      2. That’s bizzarre because when I buy organic foods, I always ask the producers if they used any sprays, treatments, or chemicals of ANY kind. The answer is always “no.”

  6. Amazing! My family went completely organic, non GMO, very little organic processed foods about two years ago. We have had very little seasonal allergy problems and only one illness and I have three children and live in Orlando, Florida where the spring pollen is extremely high for about 5 solid months. We feel better and look healthier. I care about what is put in children’s bodies that you can’t see. We even follow through with not using chemicals in my yard and we have lots of monarch butterflies. Organic living not only helps people but greatly impacts the environment.

      1. Yes we do. I even make my own beard so that I can control all the ingredients that go into it. I also grow some fruits and vegetables around my pool deck in containers. (We have a lot of deer) I have also changed our diet and we only eat meat about three times a week. My family loves it!

  7. Vani;
    What are the chances of getting the Food Babe Army involved in “flooding” our representatives and senators in Congress with letters or action to “shut down” the chances of HR 1599, “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act,” introduced by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) from EVER becoming law? Pompeo’s bill proposes nothing if not inaccurate labeling of foods—by preventing all of us from EVER learning which foods may contain GMOs. It is a BACK DOOR way of removing states rights to make laws regarding their food and insure that the big chemical companies will ALWAYS win. You can learn more at this site:

    I know we can make a difference.

    I thank you for your time,
    Beth Dombroski: Food Babe Army Member from Washington State

    1. HR 1599 is meant to provide consistent labeling through out the U.S. If each state has their own labeling laws the food distribution system is going to more complicated than it already is. The price of food will likely increase. And for what? So some person that knows next to nothing about food production, nutrition, or science can have a label telling her what she already knows? Are you aware of the big mess COOL caused? If you want to eat organic there is a label for that. Please do not waste resources just because you don’t like how a majority of food is grown or who grows it.

      1. If it cost more to change labeling doubt Coke would print hundreds of different names on their bottles. Also, weights of products change to save money (selling less for same money) , packaging changes per the sessions, packages with x-number of free items,… Changing labeling did not add cost.

    2. Beth, I agree with you 100%. I am in favor of each of our 50 states enacting their own separate labeling laws. We need to make this as complicated as possible for those evil food companies. Who cares if prices skyrocket? Poor people don’t matter, right? You go, girl!

    3. Hmmmm !! After receiving that reply from Seriously, I looked back at the replies of several past newsletter’s from Vani. SERIOUSLY shows up a lot and seems to be the one who always goes “against the tide”with put downs when others are commenting and making good points for consideration. If I were to make a guess, I think SERIOUSLY is a Big Chemical Company “plant,” who has a lot to lose if we Food Babe Army members make a difference in this country. Just a thought. 🙂

      1. I guess it is okay for the food babe army to go against the tide of economists, farmers and food distributors? If I make comments (or anyone else for that matter) questioning or correcting the facts I get called a killer and a nazi and a troll. I don’t want national food policy to be shaped by a bunch of willfully ignorant people. I have nothing against organic or local or whatever. Please just don’t take choices away from thousands of people because you don’t agree with their ideology.

      2. @ Seriously- What choices to you think will be taken away from you?

  8. Who would have thought that levels pesticides on food would go down when you stop eating food with those pesticides. Call the King of Sweden, there’s a Nobel in stupid waiting for you.

    1. Bill, this didn’t change your shopping habits forever? LOL. I did learn something – that Snus (tobacco) is available in an organically grown version.

      1. I’m really so glad you ridiculous people are on here. It only shows how desperate the Monsatanists and the GMA lobbyists are getting! Keep up the good work!

  9. I do follow Food Babe and find most things quite interesting and informative. However, I don’t see how it’s at all possible for a family of 5, with limited income, and a special needs child with quite specific tastes to go organic! It’s a nice thought but for most people, simple not feasible.

  10. I saw this the other day. Was happy that there is a video out there like this. While it is not perfect and the testing is not perfect, the message is clear. Yes I will choose organic and non gmo and I will ask and ask for our food to be clean and without harmful chemicals. I will also stand by Food Babe. Her service and action for humankind is crucial. Thank you lady,

  11. It would be interesting to know some of the laws of different countries where a lot of fruits and vegs are coming! Are they allowed to spray like the us or are they stricter in their regard to chemicals in the pesticides?

  12. I understand from Vani’s work that many countries require labeling of gmo’s and exclude some unnecessary and possibly harmful ingredients. I look forward to a list of different country’s standards.

    I also expect a snarky/obfuscating reply from “Seriously?” who chooses to remain nameless and not reveal his/her affiliation with Monsanto or a similar company. It is helpful to hear how “they” manufacture Doubt, the product of the tobacco companies.

    However, my issue this morning is my recently defunct 40 year old 4 qt pressure cooker that I used to cook non gmo, organic dry beans (so far . . . ) I’m overwhelmed by the replacement choices out there. Are there any suggestions from the Food Babe army? We admittedly are not scientists or highly paid pr people – just humans trying to remain healthy – perhaps Monsanto’s worst enemy.

    1. I choose to remain nameless when I am accused of being a Monsatanist? I don’t even know what that is but it doesn’t sound too good. I choose to remain nameless because of comments like “circle the drain and enjoy your cancer while your insides turn black.” The food babe linked to a study that said the switched the father’s tabacco to an organic tobacco product. I asked what the health benefits of using organic tobacco products. Why is that such a terrible question? This site claims to inform people about labels yet the food babe and the food babe army haven’t mentioned a word about COOL and the WTO. What is with all this nonsense that I’m paid by a big company for the sole purpose of asking questions on a website that most educated and professional people regard as a quack website? I have nothing against Organic. To say it is healthier or better for the planet is disingenuous. You do not need to eat organic food to be healthy. I have also been trying to find out if the food babe is against all GM products or just the ones developed by big ag. And I still do have a definition of big ag.

      1. Meant to say do not have a definition of Big Ag. My keyboard skills with the iPod are lacking.

  13. The study reads like a women’s magazine article. The introduction alone would get an “F” in a science classroom.
    The chart means nothing because the pesticides used in conventional farming are different than the pesticides used in “certified organic” farming, so unless the study was repeated testing for organic pesticide traces, the numbers don’t matter.
    And ONE family? This grocer store lab couldnt recruit several? Has this been peer reviewed?

    1. The video also doesn’t say that the family was any healthier or even that they felt better. It seemed pointless to me but I’m just a paid shill from Monsanto according to persistent rumor around here. Since I am supposedly a paid shill for Monsanto (I’m not. I am a farmer) the first question I ask is where is the glyphosate that these people seem to think is in and on everything? It isn’t there because it has a very short half life, minutes instead of months or years.

  14. Hi Fructose Corn Syrup, and Glucose Syrup, is the same thing, and can kill you over time. Hi Fructose Corn Syrup is hydrogenated and cannot be absorbed into the blood stream through the intestines. It must be processed through the pancreas and the liver. Over time will develop obesity, diabetes, pancreatic cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. Hard stick margarine is also hydrometer.
    Eat only natural organic foods anything else is harmful or toxic and are a threat to the body organs as they work to filter them. Excessive or prolonged absorption wears and damages the liver, kidneys, pancreas and others. The Food and Drug Administration has failed us. The chemicals companies have taken control.

  15. I went through way too many of these comments. Some are really good while some sound too much like they are for gmo foods..

    As for me, this video made me realize how much more- that what we eat really does end up in our bodies – Including the Chemicals…. Ugh

    thankfully I have been eating (or trying to eat) all Organic products (hard to find where I live & often pay a great deal more to have organic produce shipped). for over a year. And why I’ve just begun growing my own Organic produce.

    Why??? some may ask – Because Organic produce/fruits have made me healthier and I feel better than I have for years. – as for allergies – none this spring… Amazing……………………………………….

    Thank you Vani for all of your work and informing us of what is going on.

    1. Pesticides have saved the lives of millions of people. Maybe that’s a bad thing for you? Because of pesticides you don’t have to worry much about insect borne diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, west nile virus, lyme disease and plague to name a few. Lyme disease maybe if you decide not to protect yourself from ticks because of your aversion to pesticides and chemicals. In areas of the world where pesticide treatments aren’t readily available to control the insects that pass these diseases along people are still battling diseases you don’t worry much about unless you go to those places. You have a stable food supply. I get that you don’t like it but you are selfish beyond belief that you don’t think about the ramifications of “putting the pesticide companies out of business.” That’s foolish. And if it ever happened then it wouldn’t take long for you to wish you had not gotten your wish.

  16. Hey Hall, I guess if you work for a chemical company, you wouldn’t want them to go out of business.

    Where are you from that you are riddled with malaria and yellow fever, etc. that chemical companies have saved you from?

    These pesticides are designed to kill things. What do you think they will do to you?

    I don’t want them in my food, I don’t support companies who manufacture them, or food companies who give money to defeat GMO labelling laws.

    1. I don’t work for a chemical company. I live in the mid south where mosquitoes are a big problem. West Nile virus flairs up from time to time and there is only one way to control mosquitoes, that being with pesticides. Ticks are also a problem and I know several people with lyme disease which is pretty devastating and life long. I’m not just looking just of my front door though the way you seem to be doing. There are many places in this world that have real problems with the diseases I mentioned. They don’t have access to pesticides the way you do but you take for granted. I work with pesticides often as I farm for a living. I haven’t had any problems with them. Most farmers I know have not had a problem. The cancer we get mostly, if we get it, is skin cancer from being in the sun. If you think by eating organic you are eating pesticide free food, think again. You should do a little research to see what pesticides are actually used on organic foods. I think you would be very surprised. As far as labeling goes the foods you want to eat are already labeled in big letters…..NON-GMO. That’s all you need in my opinion.

      1. I guess from your statement about only pesticides being the way to get rid of mosquitoes, that they have gotten smart enough to make getting rid of standing water and planting mosquito repellant plants no longer effective shields from the hordes. Wonder what the birds and bats now feed on since they are no longer any good at defending us from mosquitoes.

  17. I am all for organic produce and am health conscious myself, but the sample size for the study was ONE family….hardly a legitimate scientific sample. I agree that we should avoid as many harmful substances as possible, but when you are talking about the whole well being of an individual there are many, many factors.

  18. I work in functional medicine, and we have a lot of patients who live near and on agricultural fields who have a lot of autoimmune diseases. So do their children.

    I live in the south, grow my own veggies, have chickens and ducks, and I use no pesticides or herbicides. So I’m definitely not surprised at what’s on my organic produce.

    As for labeling, no, it is not sufficient in this country. If it contains GMOs, it should be on the label.

    1. Why do we need another mandatory label that has nothing to do with food safety? GMO Free and Organic labels already exist. Products that carry those labels are quite ubiquitous. Consumers have plenty of choice when selecting food based on the method of production.

  19. We can agree to disagree on all issues here. I want GMOs labelled, I don’t have any interest in seeing chemical corporations profit.

    Go to any nutritionist or doctor of functional medicine and the first thing they tell every patient is to eat organic whole foods & eliminate GMOs. The American diet is horrific. There have NOT been any long-term trials on what GMOs do to your body. GMOs contain double stranded RNA which has been tested, and shown to be extremely hazardous to consume. I don’t hold much weight in studies conducted by the companies selling the products. It’s a bit of a conflict of interest.

    GMOs are absolutely linked to intestinal permeability, which causes an array of autoimmune responses. Consumption of pesticides destroys the lining of the gut, where the immune system lives.

    But I’m not arguing with you anymore. You are entitled to your opinion, and farming non organic. The market trend is going organic, so unfortunately for you, that will put you out business.

    Kudos to the food babe for making people aware of what they are eating! Change the food system!

      1. I’m new to this website, trying to educate myself about organically, GMOs, etc. I never heard of functional medicine either. When I looked at the link you provided, see that some consider functional medicine pseudo-science. I remember when the same thing was said about chiropractic. Best to keep an open mind, I guess. Science changes all the time.

  20. Relying on Wikipedia for your knowledge base is about as useful as getting your news from Fox:)

    The fact that you had to look up functional medicine also speaks volumes.

    We live in a pretty poluted world, and there’s never a shortage of sick people unfortunately.

  21. There is no article on the planet that will ever convince me that food which is genetically modified by a chemical company would be a good idea. Ever.

    Genetically modifying plants in a lab with genes from other species, and inserting pesticides into them so when bugs eat them they die is not even remotely the same as natural cross breeding in nature.

    If you feel comfortable feeding your children pesticide-laden food made by a chemical company who is responsible for agent orange, by all means, do so.

    40 or so countries have banned GMOs. They don’t want food chemical companies are selling. They don’t want the disease and obesity America is offering.

    Argue safety of GMOs somewhere else. It won’t work with me and the food babe army. Once you give up GMOs and feel better than you ever have, it’s impossible to go back.

    1. Quote: “Genetically modifying plants in a lab with genes from other species, and inserting pesticides into them so when bugs eat them they die is not even remotely the same as natural cross breeding in nature. ”

      First: genetically modifying plants with genes from other species: Your knowledge is outdate. Horizontal gene transfer is something quite common in nature: ” See for instance here: “Our genome analyses of the moss Physcomitrella patens identified 57 families of nuclear genes that were acquired from prokaryotes, fungi or viruses. Many of these gene families were transferred to the ancestors of green or land plants. Available experimental evidence shows that these anciently acquired genes are involved in some essential or plant-specific activities such as xylem formation, plant defence, nitrogen recycling as well as the biosynthesis of starch, polyamines, hormones and glutathione. These findings suggest that horizontal gene transfer had a critical role in the transition of plants from aquatic to terrestrial environments.” Source:, I.o.W. planst *do* exchange genes with other organisms and the technique is very similar to the lab.

      So this argument is moot.

      inserting pesticides to fend of insects. Poison ivy for instance has exactly this strategy to defend against being eating, as well as chrysanthemum which produces pyrethrines which is an entire class of pesticides. I.o.W. plants *do* develop their own pesticides.

      So this argument is moot too.

  22. Hey!

    So you keep eating your genetically modified food, by the same company who brought us rsbt, aspartame, agent orange, DDT, and glyphosate. It’s a free country:)

    I will keep growing my own organic veggies and eating them. I will also keep educating and teaching everyone I know the dangers of GMOs and the chemical companies who manufacture them.

    I will also keep supporting the food babe and her fight for the people in this country, even if some of the people she works hard for don’t appreciate it.

    Good luck to everyone who cares so much to comment on my tiny little post:)

    1. Aspartame was invented by someone who worked at Searle in 1965. Monsanto purchased Searle in 1985. The EU did a review of aspartame in 2013 and concluded that it is safe for human consumption. DDT was not invented by Monsanto. Monsanto was one of about 15 companies manufacturing DDT when it was widely used in the 50’s and 60’s. Agent Orange was manufactured by 9 different contractors during the Vietnam War for the US government, Monsanto being one of those 9. You left off one other thing in your demonizing of Monsanto. There is a post by someone above who says Monsanto invented synthetic marijuana and the people who care to indulge in pot smoking are really upset about it. I think his facts are about as accurate as your’s. This is the problem with your movement. It takes things out of context and makes those things the absolute truth. Why would I appreciate someone and some group who is trying to change the food system in this country based on that type of approach? Food will be far more expensive and no safer or more nutritious than it is now. Is this a good thing when millions, the last I heard was over 100 million, are getting some sort of government assistance for food? Not only will my costs go up for food but my taxes will have to go up to pay for those getting the assistance. And the food supply won’t any better than it is now.

      1. If you’re “just a farmer” as you claim, then why do you know so many facts about Monsanto?; in this post, you’re actually sticking up for them. Hmm, pretty strange for a simple farmer to spend time doing.

  23. I said it before, I will say it again. If you enjoy glyphosate on your dinner plate, by all means, eat up.

    The majority of people on this planet don’t want round up circulating in their babies’ bodies. In fact, millions of people all over the world marched against Monsanto yesterday.

    I support seed freedom, soil integrity, and sustainable farming methods.

    1. The theme of this thread is pesticides in the bodies of a family. Where is the glyphosate? It is strangely not mentioned. Glyphosate is a target only because it is widely used. The fact is that glyphosate is far safer than most herbicides we use.

    2. This is going to sound snarky but it is true. I would rather use glyphosate and other modern herbicides than what my grandfather used. In his time sulfuric acid and arsenic salts were widely used. They weren’t discriminately applied either. I feel fortunate to live in a time when technology allows us to work more safely and precisely.

      1. Give it a rest already, no one on here cares about what you and Hall keep repeating – go find a more appreciative audience. You will never convince anyone who follows this blog and cares passionately about their health and their family’s health that they should eat foods with synthetic pesticides on them. Nice try though, – you company shills are persistent, gotta give you that. But life is too short to waste and you’re wasting it here. Time to pack it in boys.

  24. Keep using glyphosate on your crops. That is your choice.

    I choose not to use it on mine. Consumer demand is on the rise for organic food.

    Good luck to you.

  25. I heard about this video and knew I could find it here! Thanks Vani! Whaaatt a huge eye opener for those non believers (I was once of them!)
    Just wanted to share two sites that helped me afford my new organic lifstyle….they’re coupon blogs focused solely on organic coupons (which are hard to find)! and both save me lots on organic food! Thanks for sharing this story! AND hope these help for those that think eating organic is too expensive.

  26. I wish I could go fully organic, but feeding a family of 6 has become hard enough to affordable due to the economy. We would have to sell all we own, live in a tent, have my 11yo and 10yo get jobs and get three jobs for my husband and I in order to go all organic.

  27. Unfortunately this story NEVER touches on the conventional farmers and farm workers who are exposed to these chemicals from the get go.

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