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Seize Your Sugar Cravings

I’m not sure what happened. But as soon as I returned back home from vacation, all of my sugar cravings just stopped. The first few days I thought it was just jet lag, but then my first day back at work happened and still nothing. The weekend came around, my mom made some ridiculously good looking homemade Indian desserts, and nothing again. Now it’s been a week and still nothing. You see this is a pretty crazy feeling for someone like me. I love to eat something sweet at the end of a meal and I love dessert! On vacation I had my fair share … And I managed to take a picture of almost all of them…here they are…

Chocolate & Banana Crepes for snack near Ginza in Tokyo

Little Balm Cake from Tokyo, I shared with my husband on the plane ride to Bali

Every afternoon at the W in Bali, they have tea time, with ridiculous cakes like this. Seriously strawberry shortcake topped with dragon fruit and mango? Am I dreaming?

Uhhh you might be thinking “this isn’t desert,” but I disagree – Wheatgrass is incredibly sweet 🙂

This. was. heavenly. Chocolate Souffle at Sarong in Bali with homemade pistachio cream to top it off with. 

Vegan and Raw Triple Chocolate Mouse at Clear Cafe in Ubud, Bali.

This is an empty glass. duh. Sorry – I meant to take a picture of it full.  This was a delicious milkshake make from fresh coconut cream, raw cacao and nut milk in Ubud.

The – Goji berries made into “Fruit Roll Ups” in Bali  🙂

After our dives, we were always presented with something yummy to drink.  I sneaked back in the kitchen on our boat in the Maldives to see what kind of hot chocolate they were using – I was happy to see Cadbury from Europe – no trans fat or artificial flavors like Swiss Miss! 

Dessert was even served at lunch on the boat – I would have some everyday with Ginger tea to aid digestion.  This was housemade pistachio ice cream with strawberries.

Green Tea Mousse from the Four Seasons Explorer kitchen one night.

Date tart with Cardamon Ice Cream on the boat – 2nd favorite dessert of the trip, Remember my absolute favorite from this post?

Even after posting and looking at all these pictures, I still don’t have a craving. And I’m sorry if I caused a craving in any of you 🙂 I have some hunches on what changed in my life recently… This is what I found after I conducted some additional research to validate my claims.

First off, there are a billion articles on how to stop sugar cravings and most of them are all pretty basic. Eat breakfast, eat at regular intervals, make sure you get enough sleep, avoid artificial sweeteners, etc…etc… the same information that has been printed over and over again in magazines like SELF, SHAPE, Men’s Health, Fitness, etc. over the last decade. I think the reason they keep printing this information is because the majority of Americans skip breakfast, forget to eat at regular intervals, don’t sleep the amount their bodies need, and consume a ton of fake toxic sugar. So fine, I get it. But, let’s go a step further here. I never skip breakfast, always eat at regular intervals, really really try to get the sleep my body loves, and do not consume artificial sweeteners ever – So if this is you, then this information I am about to provide will be extremely valuable in unlocking one further step to reduce your sugar cravings. If this is not you, then I’d go check out one of the magazines I mentioned above and I’m sure one of them this month has something on the initial steps to reduce your sugar cravings 🙂

After my research and my own experience I’ve come to this conclusion – If you are craving something, you are not getting enough of something else – figure out what it is! And don’t stop until you do.

It is absolutely life changing to be so in tune with your body that you immediately know when you’ve ingested too much sugar, a processed chemical, additive or been exposed to something toxic. To be so in tune with your body that you know exactly how to feed it for its optimum energy and vitality. To be so in tune with your body that no matter how many people around you are eating nutritionally dead foods like Chick-Fil-A, you don’t even get the slightest bit tempted because you know what that will do to your energy, your liver and your well being. To have this insight, is such a great gift. I hope everyone can find this. Feeling this way makes me so happy. I now look in the mirror and can see this glow that was never there during years where I didn’t love my body or myself. Miracles can happen, when you take care of yourself.

Check out some ideas that might help you seize your sugar craving once and for all!

1. Supplement with Superfoods – Along, with my regular juicing (which initially decreased my sugar cravings) I started taking Vitamineral Greens and Green Vibrance which are concentrated dried superfoods powders you mix with liquid. I initially bought this for our vacation, because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get as much green juice as I do back home, but I have continued taking it post vacation. A dose of green powder includes several nutrients and minerals the modern diet is lacking. There are many studies that have been conducted linking depletion of minerals in our soil to the health in our bodies. Several scientists believe there is evidence that this is causing a chemical imbalance in our brain linking back to sugar cravings and other issues. This wonder powder also contains a ton of antioxidants, probiotics, wheatgrass and chlorophyll! Remember from my Wholy Wheatgrass post – Wheatgrass is pretty incredible and has been proven to reduce sugar cravings too.

2. Go outside without sunscreen! On vacation I got loads of Vitamin D from the Sun. There were several days I did not wear sunscreen, and in the winter, I NEVER wear sunscreen. You must get sunshine! The sun’s rays are pure wonderful energy your body needs – spending a small amount of time in the sun without sunscreen will not give you skin cancer! However, the media and sunscreen companies will have you thinking differently. When Vitamin D levels are low, the hormone that controls appetite stops working. You eat and eat and eat, and never feel full when this happens. The sun contributes significantly to the daily production of Vitamin D, and as little as 10 minutes of exposure a few times a week is thought to help prevent deficiencies. Furthermore, Vitamin D helps boost serotonin levels, your happy hormone – when serotonin levels are low, most people immediately turn to simple carbohydrates like sugar and chocolate. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of vegan sources of Vitamin D, except the sun of course. Drinking fortified nut milks and non dairy yogurts can help. If you don’t eat a lot of dairy or meat, there is a good chance you could be low. Check it out. It just might be the answer.

3. Change up your routine – I got out of my daily routine – Every night before my vacation, I would always end it with something sweet or chocolatey. Not having a routine on vacation, broke the habit and erased it from my mind – so I started fresh when I got back. Try going on a vacation or do a “staycation” where you totally switch up your routine and see what happens. Also try switching up your meals – Parfait Porridge is a great breakfast for some people like my husband, but I like it for my afternoon snack. This has worked much better for me and keeps me full until dinner time without mindless snacking or that 3pm chocolate I used to want.

4. Try Acupuncture – One of the ongoing treatments I am doing with my regular needle Acupuncture, is figuring out all of my allergies and then using laser acupuncture to eliminate them. I found out I was incredibly allergic to refined sugar. About 3 months ago I was treated for this – it doesn’t mean I can eat all the refined sugar I want now, rather it means that my body can tolerate it better. This type of treatment is said to help with sugar cravings. I immediately noticed a difference after I was treated. When I had a dessert, after the 3rd or 4th bite, I didn’t want anymore.

5. Get Happy – I recently became incredibly aware of how happy I actually am with my life – No sugar in the world can make pure happiness any better. Was I using sugar as a happy fix before I realized this? My acupuncturist said that craving Chocolate is a symptom of wanting more love in your life. If that’s true – Love yourself as much as you can and you will find people who love you back. Find out what makes you happy and then do it.  Put everything else aside until you find it – including fear! Before embarking on this post, I thought about the only other time I stopped craving sugar.  It happened several years ago when I was going through a very difficult time in my life and experienced extreme anxiety. My anxiety had gotten so bad, that I completely lost my taste for sugar, months went by with no fruits, dessert or anything sweet. I had bowls of cheerios and peanut butter sandwiches for every meal for weeks. I also lost my ability to concentrate and thus lost the desire for cooking and my other hobbies too. I know that isn’t happening to me now. Thank God. Luckily, I have rebounded completely from that period in my life. I am grateful for the experience nonetheless, as this is where my holistic nutrition and alternative medicine journey began. And I am absolutely elated to be sharing all the knowledge I have gained and my personal experiences with you!

If you know someone who has a sweet tooth – share this post with them.  I’d love to hear from you on how you deal with cravings, being it sugar or something else. Write to me! Hearing from you here or on my Facebook Page is an absolute JOY in my life! Good luck in your journey.

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56 responses to “Seize Your Sugar Cravings

  1. Oh gosh Vani! I’m sitting here looking at all those yummy delights drooling! Hard to pick one, they all look so good. Glad to read you had a great time!

    1. Thanks Mundir. I thought about you last week, we are finally getting a spice store in Charlotte near my house – Yeah! 🙂

  2. I love all these desserts! Dad says that if you ate all these sumptuous desserts, you are obviously not going to like any thing here that easily!


    1. Thanks Mom! Dad is so silly – I love how he was trying to rationalize why I didn’t want sugar anymore on the phone yesterday. So funny! He sounded so concerned 🙂

      1. I think you fulfilled something in your life while you were there, you do not want to replace those memories of it by eating something too sweet and taking away that memory! Just my thought

  3. Great pics and great thoughts, Vani! Another inspiring post. I thought of you when I declined the honey roasted peanuts and whipped out my raw pumpkin seeds on the plane today.

    1. Go Alyssa! Pulling a food babe move right on the plane! LOVE IT.

      This sounds kinda crazy, but I can’t wait to see some pictures of sweets you ate on vacation 🙂

  4. Hi! I am new to your site..found it through Lisa’s site and love it! This may already be on here some place, but can you go into your transition from fake to real food? Also, the differences you personally noticed? It’s always interesting to hear other people’s stories!

  5. hi! i just found your website and i am in love! i have just recently started my own food journey when i disovered that i am gluten intolerant but it has led me to so many other food “aha” moments–reading your site has helped me. do you have any recipes that are gluten friendly as well?

  6. I absolutely love all your information on food and juices and wheatgrass! I just discovered you tonight and have learned sooooo much! I was recently diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma and have started juicing, so it was really nice to see all your healthy juice recipes I can try.
    I can’t thank you enough for such a wealth of information!I’m trying to be as healthy as I can be so I can be here for my 3 children. I look forward to reading more and learning new ways to eat healthy. Pamela

  7. just wanted to say that iam grateful for finding your page and learning more and how to live a healthy green wholesome and clean life. read a book about a nutritionist/chemist that changed the way we eat at the beginning of this year still have a few changes to make ( like family giving up pizza on family night ) but as a mom and a wife and someone who enjoys running long distances iam doing my best to keep my family processed free.
    thank you!!

  8. I found a sweetener called monk fruit extract that I like, but is there anything I should know about it? I’ve googled it and can’t find any negative reviews. Is it as good as stevia or is it too good to be true?

  9. Fantastic post! I have finally kicked my outrageous sugar cravings, I think mostly because of juicing! It is amazing. I also have the same superfoods green powder — do you add it to your juice? Or mix it with something else? I had a hard time drinking it with water. And when do you drink it? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jillian – Food Babe drinks with water but if that is hard to get used to, you can add it to a smoothie.

    2. Hey Jillian,

      I tried the Superfoods powder in water and could barely get it down. I mix it with my juices and find it to be much better that way. It is good stuff so don’t give up on it :).

  10. Looks like an amazing trip! :O

    You mentioned boat a couple times, was this a cruise? If so, do share what cruise line offers such wholesome and tasty goodies!

  11. I have read your blog over and over and have completely changed all of my eating!!! Thank you so much for helping me change my life and my family’s. I was wondering about the green supplements you take. I followed the link and saw that they both have Dandelion in them which I cannot have because I am allergic to. Would you have any other recommendation for a superfood supplement I could take?

  12. Thanks for the great information Vani! And you do have an amazing glow in all your pictures 🙂 Do you do acupuncture for allergies or for sugar cravings? Would love to see a post about your experience with acupuncture (and laser acupuncture).

  13. Does wheatgrass have gluten in it? What do you think of Dr. Mercola’s concept of fasting for a longer part of the day – essentially skipping breakfast? Thanks!

  14. I was reading your recommended products page one day and saw you recommended the green vibrance so I thought I’d order it and incorporate it into my daily routine however I used one (in water) and found it so incredibly gross tasting I’ve been afraid to try it again. I forced myself to drink the entire thing but choked back my gag reflex while plugging my nose with each sip. Ugh. Needless to say it was not an enjoyable experience. Any suggestions on ways I can make it more palatable??? I’d really like to give it another try!

    1. I actually throw it into my shakes in the morning…and now it comes in chocolate flavor too with raw organic cacao 🙂

  15. I recently was introduced to your blog and I love it! It has totally changed how I view food and what I buy (and I am shocked and a little ashamed at what I was feeding my family). I am a total sugar addict so I am turning that around and getting real food put in my body. Thanks for all you do! I love reading all your tips and investigations!

  16. I love reading your blog! I have done acupuncture for allergies in the past and have had minimal results. I have never heard of using a laser though! So my first question is how are they using it to figure out what all of your allergies are, and second, how do they eliminate them with laser acupuncture? Thanks!

  17. I read your article with great interest because, despite going all whole-foods a couple of years ago, I still have super intense sweet cravings, especially at night.

    Wouldn’t you know that as I got to the end of your beautiful pictures of sweets, I unconsciously got up from my chair, went and ate a few pieces of chocolate from the freezer, and came right back to my chair without even a thought. I DESPERATELY need to cut these cravings.

  18. Is there a difference or benefit to using the Green Vibrance powder supplement versus pill supplement? Thanks for all your posts and info!

  19. Thanks Food Babe for all info on healthy eating, i’ve been a fast food junkie for most of my life and the realization has it me like a ton of bricks of what i’ve been doing to myself all these years. Having been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and my body hurting constantly im trying to make a real change in eating habits and lifestyle. Wish me luck and thanks again!

  20. Thanks so much for your efforts and sharings – was very good on cravings…

  21. I love your website and go to it for ideas and tips. I do want to say to please be very careful about encouraging individuals to get more sun. Everyone has different skin types (Fitzpatrick skin type I-VI+) and those who are fairer (I to III) can burn in less than 30 minutes. Various skin cancers (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma) as well as melanoma (which can be lethal) are being found in individuals much younger than prior. Those who are darker skinned have natural protection with increased melanoma though still need to wear sunscreen when they are going to be outside in the sun for long periods of time. Those persons who have a higher level (IV-VI+) still have to be wary of skin cancers developing in lighter pigmented areas of their body (palms, soles, web spaces between fingers and toes). There are physical (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide) and chemical sunscreens that can be used as well as using physical barriers such as wearing clothes with long sleeves and pants, wearing a broad-brimmed hat, etc., can be solid deterrents to sun damage. Any tan is damaging to our skin and that is the largest organ and the perfect protection to the outside world. We need to keep it as safe as possible. Possible vitamin D deficiency needs to be referred to a physician and there are supplemental options that are more beneficial than the sun which again can lead to superficial skin cancers and more dangerous kinds such as melanoma which can metastasize quickly. In addition, is the issue of increased, accelerated photoaging (wrinkles, increased skin laxity) brought on by sun damage. Please refer individuals to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) for information regarding vitamin D deficiency which can be very serious and sunscreen and sun-avoidant behaviors. Thank you.

  22. A correction to my above post. The sentence should read as follows: “Those who are darker skinned have natural protection with increased melanin (not melanoma) though still need to wear sunscreen when they are going to be outside in the sun for long periods of time.”


  23. Love your article! As a very healthy eater who still has a sweet tooth (those way less than I used to have), I totally agree with what you wrote! I try to ask myself “how will I feel after eating this” and that has helped more than anything because the answer is never a good one!

  24. If I ate Cheerios and PB sandwiches every day, they would definitely trigger me to eat more sugar! Is it true that if you eat fewer carbs, you crave fewer carbs? This has come to be my understanding.

  25. Hi Vani. LOVE what you are doing, you are an amazing wealth of information and I think that your unique approach is powerful!!!
    Who is the acupunturist you see? I have been contemplating visiting one here in Charlotte. I feel that I have some food allergies that are unkown and would love to investigate this within myself. What type of testing did you do? I know that I am gluten intolerant. But also, the cleaner my diet gets, the more I notice small oddities with my body. For instance, I have a small but sensitive rash on the skin around my eyes that I have never experienced before and no matter what I do or do not put on my face makes a difference. Which leads me to believe it must be food.
    Your investigations help me to better educate my daughter and I am so grateful for that. Because she will argue with what her mom says, but if she reads it, it must be true 😉 Of course, we have an ongoing battle in my house over whole and natural foods. Just this morning we argued over a Nature Valley Granola bar that I had issue with as my daughter’s breakfast. My view, the insulin surge and other toxic ingredients are completely unnecessary to start the day. (let it be known that I did not purchase this food)


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  27. I keep a mini ziplock of organic, raw cocoa nibs in my purse for when I get chocolate craving or need a serotonin boost.

  28. Dear Food Babe,
    I love your tackling the big boys that slip in unhealthy non-food under natural, etc. Thank you for this service of rallying consumers to making conscious choices.

    I was a bit disappointed in your choices of lavish places to stay in Bali. It’s one of my get-aways but I stay in villages where tourism’s impact isn’t so blatant. Do you really thing most of us could afford a $300-400. room or would even consider that when the average pay for a young Balinese person working on the island is around $60. a month. It’s kind of garish looking at the upper end spas for the affluent. Bali’s tourism trade (US) is changing the island in many challenging ways. I’m glad you chose healthy places. Still it’s sad that money and lifestyle is so hugely unfair there.

    Some of my Balinese friends work for the Korean honeymooners link. Most want nothing of the culture, the sacred temple life or the people but want the most for their dollar in all amenities (scuba diving, shopping, eating, spas). It’s a bittersweet rift we tourists are creating in Bali.

    Blessings on your work. I enjoy your recipes and detective work.
    All the best, Rosemary

  29. I thought that the sun aided with your body absorbing Vitamin D, I don’t think it directly gives it to your body. I think you should be careful advising people to not wear sunscreen, it all depends on skin types. I will have to look into the relationship between sunlight, vitamins and risk of cancer.

  30. I am struggling with sweet cravings big time!! Munching on almonds at night sometimes helps overcome the cravings but I frequently buy cookies (my fav) and eat the whole package in a day. I have never juiced before but am open to trying it. I will probably start with the green supplements in a smoothie. I’m having trouble eating enough if I stick to clean food. I really appreciate your willingness to share your journey and knowledge. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of reading I’ve done since I just began to eat clean food.

  31. Just today I read ‘when you find you have sugar cravings go journal. Get to the bottom of what you are seeking. Usually it is the sweet love of the mother – to be nurtured and made to feel good. Go find it from mothering yourself or from mother earth’. That was the gist of it anyway. Seems inline with what you mentioned. I guess I’ll take a look at it! Thanks

  32. Hello!! I’m a huge fan of your site and this post, but I wanted to express my idea that you shouldn’t promote going outside without sunscreen. Getting vitamin D is important but if you don’t wear sunscreen your skin will age quicker and you can be susceptible to skin cancer. The best antiaging skin care is moisturizing and wearing at least spf15-30 every single day. If you want to make sure you get vitamin D I would just suggest being outside a little longer or later in the day when the sunscreen wears off a bit. Kind of common knowledge but I just wanted to share! Also, do you have an article on oil pulling? I’d be interested to read your opinion on that. <3

  33. I have a very low Vit D that I am working on getting back up to a healthy place. The deficiency explains the food cravings. The Dr, told me the best way to get Vit D is naturally by getting 30 min of ‘unprotected’ sun at least 4 times a week, plus I take 8000 ius a day. But your information certainly makes sense. Thank You!

  34. I’d like you to explain why you specified Chic-fil-a instead of referring to fast food restaurants in general.

  35. Between the two Vitamineral’s that you take which would you recommend to someone just starting on them? I looked them both up on Amazon and read the ingredients but can not decide which would be best.

    Thank you!

  36. also read that when you crave something, you’ve food and lifestyle imbalance. been avoiding the sun when i had my transplant bec my doctors said that with my anti-rejection drugs my immune system is low and susceptible to skin cancer. after consulting w/my derma, he said it’s ok not to use sunscreen
    (which i did not like the smell and feel, i prefer olive or coconut oil). it’s lack of vit d that made me unhappy,makes me eat more &more eventhough i just ate, crave sugar,chocolates and difficulty sleeping. thanks for your share, now i know what’s happening. am slowly transitioning to raw vegan and got so excited eating romaine lettuce w/korean daikon–got sick. too much of a k. daikon,tastes like jicama, is not good. my stomach felt warm,became nauseated and started vomitting. anyway, thanks food babe.(gave up choc for its oxalate content)any info on this choc content?

  37. This was very confusing! You’re eating healthy and doing everything else good for you before vacation, then you go on vacation and eat many desserts and come home and lose your sugar cravings!!! I’m sorry, but I’m not getting the lesson here. Please help me!

  38. You mentioned two green super powders – I want to try one but not both, which one do you think is better?

    Vitamineral Greens or Green Vibrance?

  39. Good advice, all but the sunscreen thing. I am 46 and have sunspots (aka “agespots”) on my hands, forearms, and face. My sister told me years ago to always wear sunscreen on these areas, even in the winter. I have been doing it for over a year and finally these ugly spots are starting to fade! Have you ever looked at your face under a black light? You seem to be darker skinned, but I am fair and I burn before I tan. I could never get as dark as you. Yet, my face looks like I just went “muddin'” under a black light. This is sun damage. I do understand that we need the sun for vitamin D, but it can’t hurt to cover a few areas and let the rest be open to the sun. Sun exposure causes premature aging and no one wants to look old, even when they are. I agree vitamin D is important to bone mass, which women need as they age, but I suggest we find other ways to get the sun. (NOT the tanning bed!)

  40. “spending a small amount of time in the sun without sunscreen will not give you skin cancer! However, the media and sunscreen companies will have you thinking differently.” no one has said that ever, nice try.

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