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Sending Love From Peru!

Spending the holidays in Peru has been pure magic. Whatever you are celebrating this end of year… I hope it is just as magical.

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I am forever grateful for your readership. Your support and love gives me so much more than you can imagine. Thank you.

I’ll be back to blogging soon…In the meantime, please follow me on Facebook where I am sharing moments from my journey. Until then…


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10 responses to “Sending Love From Peru!

  1. Hello Vini 🙂 Have a Very Merry Christmas. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip to Peru. I enjoy your Blog.

  2. Happy Holidays Vani !! Hope you have a happy healthy Holiday Season ! Love your blog and food recommendations .

  3. Just wanted to tell you I tried your almond butter brownies last night…and they are so so so delicious! Made for a great Xmas eve treat!

  4. FoodBabe,
    Have you done any research on green coffee & the effects of chlorogenic acid in weight loss? Patients & clients are asking me about it as a natural option for weight loss, so I decided to see ask you about it. Some people claim to lose 20lbs in a month & of course, when people hear that, they want to try the “magic pill” too. But I see the effects of valve disease that products like Phen Phen have caused, & I am very skeptical…Cheers!

  5. Hello just wanted to say great articles I actually came across them on different searches that had nothing to do with a lot of your ports but after reading I had to read a few more. The only thing I have is being from military and now many jobs that use acronyms it be grate if you could use all words with acronyms near beginning because so many people use them to describe different stuff had to do a lot of research in middle of article to associate them with what your acronyms are for you business from one I have already learned. Sorry for being a pain.

    Thank You

    I hope you enjoyed Peru been to many countries cause I love mountains and hiking still need to make that stop.

  6. Thanks. Just came back from Peru and went to Greens organic 3x in a row on your rec. It was great for us

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