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So Fresh and So Clean – Skin Care Tips

As promised in my “Be a Drug Store Beauty Dropout” post last week…coming to all Food Babe readers from my lovely bathroom – Check out this “off the cuff” video to learn all about my skin care regime from day to night! And yes – I am in my PJs again.  I live in them when I am not at work during the week.

Remember these important points when considering changing your skin care regime:

Food Babe’s Skin Care Video Notes:Your skin is your largest organ!  What you put on your skin, is absorbed into your blood. Nurture it, be kind to it, and most importantly LOVE it!

  1.  Have you tried searching for the products you use on EWG’s cosmetic database cosmetic database?  I did a few months ago and was saddened to learn one of my favorite shampoos was a 9! WTF! Needless to say – I didn’t buy another bottle.
  2.  Try to pick products that are all below a rating of  3 on the EWG cosmetic database
  3.  Check all your products individually for safety.  Don’t assume if you use a certain brand, your product is safe.  Many companies have products across the spectrum from really safe and natural to horribly deadly.
  4.  If you find out that some of the products you use are harmful, go ahead and use them until they are gone and then replace them with new safer products.
  5.  When in doubt, use natural oils on your skin.  Sesame is considered one of the best because it contains several vitamins and minerals, has been known to fight skin cancer, is naturally antibacterial and when it is absorbed in your blood stream it can prevent migraines, diabetes and hepatitis.  My favorite reason to use sesame oil – it’s a natural sunscreen and protects your skin from chlorine in a pool, radiation, and air pollution!
  6.  Vote with your dollars!  Stop supporting companies that are harming the environment, your family and most importantly your own body with crazy chemicals!
  7.  Unscented products are best – when you use perfume, do you spray 10 different kinds on your body at once? Seriously, this is really important – buy everything unscented and then scent yourself with natural fragrances created from mostly plants.
  8.  What works for me, may not work for you – there are so many great natural products available now, you WILL find some that suit you.  It might take you some time navigating through the “old” world of natural beauty!  God knows, I’ve been through several trials and errors.

So…. Where in the world do you find the products I mentioned in my video?

You can get them at most natural health stores – but you can also save a ton of money getting them here on the internet!   Online shopping is a must once you find a product you like. I like to buy my favorites in bulk, so I never have to worry about trying to find them or running out.

Note – if you use the online shopping links provided, Food Babe will get a small kickback, which will be used for future funding of the site and continuous education to share with all of you!

Here are all of the product details…

When I Wake Up:

First thing in the morning before I put on my contacts – I use unscented Kiss My Face hand soap

Then after I drink my hot water with lemon and organic coffee, I brush with Dessert Essence (Please note – I don’t use Tom’s anymore because of fluoride) and head off to my morning exercise

After I get back – I use the unscented hand soap from Kiss My Face again to clean my hands from all the exercise equipment I touched. I do not use the cleaners that the gym provides because they are toxic.

Then I jump in the shower, where I lather up with Kiss my Face Pure Olive Oil Soap

Then I proceed to shave with unscented Kiss My Face Moisture Shave

On my face I use McBride Beauty Wheat Germ and Avocado Replenishing Night Cream during the day because my skin tends to be dry, however they make a day cream too if your skin is more oily!

Night Creme

To moisturize my body I use a combination of Avalon Organics Hand and Body Lotion Unscented with Aloe and Sesame oil – I put about a 1/8 cup of oil into the lotion.

Sesame Oil

During the Day:

If I find myself getting dry from the super air conditioning in my office I use Kiss my Face Olive My Body balm on any area, including my cuticles and lips

Before Bed:

I ALWAYS wash my face before going to bed. I use Avalon Organics CoQ10 Facial Cleansing Milk to clean most of the makeup off my face, if I have heavy eye makeup on, I will use a little Sesame oil on a cotton ball and swipe my eye lids as well. Don’t spend a fortune on eye makeup remover, just use a natural oil.

Then I hydrate again with McBride Beauty Night Cream and my special mixture of lotion on my hands, elbows and knees 🙂

Next it’s time to sleeeeep! Good Night!!!!

Hair & makeup specific posts to come soon!

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121 responses to “So Fresh and So Clean – Skin Care Tips

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. No wonder you look so beautiful. when are you staring your make up line with all organic/natural products? Love, Toni

  2. You are so great for posting this!! I am learning more and more every day. Thanks so much for all you do! It has really changed my life and I will never go back. I can’t wait for the hair/makeup portion!! 🙂

  3. Hey Vani, Got any travel sized and multiple-in-one suggestions for those of us who travel each week and want to limit the number of bottles we carry? Always looking out for ways to reduce the number of things I carry when I fly, but would like some good natural options.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Ruba – Unfortunately I don’t like any of the 3 in one products sorry – Unless you want to just carry some olive oil 🙂 (Make up remover, skin moisturizer and hair defrizzer all in one!) Tom’s, Kiss my Face, and Avalon make great little sizes to take along with you – Check Whole Foods out!

      1. Hi babe!

        Did u know that tom’s is owned by colgate? Look for it in food, inc.

    2. I know this reply is really late, but try Norwex Makeup Removal and/or Body cloths. You can clean your face with just water and the cloth, even tough eye makeup. Makes travel much easier since it eliminates a bottle of cleanser. I used them at home anyway!

  4. I have used many of the things that you’ve talked about, or rather used stuff by the same brands! I purchased some of the things you suggested on here. As far as face wash I actually just use oatmeal to cleanse my face. I have really sensitive skin and I used to have really bad acne and was on Accutane which made my skin even more sensitive. I saw a youtube video of a girl cleaning her face with just plain oatmeal because she had a reaction to a different product and it’s amazing how well it works! I’ve been doing it for at least 4 months now and I don’t plan on using anything else ever, definitely try it! I also have dry skin, so usually put chobani plain greek yogurt on my face for about ten minutes or agave nectar. Sometimes it hydrates my skin so well I don’t use my organic argo oil afterwards. Definitely some tips to try! I’m really looking forward to the skin and make up portion of your posts though because I have not had much luck with finding organic picks for those over the years! I hope you make a post over that very, very soon! Thanks for all your help and tips, I love your blog!

    1. Thanks Lindsey for sharing your experiences. I too use oatmeal on my face as a scrub – not everyday, but a few days each week. My wonderful friend Amy gave me a jar of a homemade version with lavender essential oils – it’s amazing! Makeup and Hair posts will come soon – It’s on my laundry list of post requests to tackle 🙂 Good Luck with your journey and stay in touch!

      1. Do you have the recipe for the homemade oatmeal & lavendar face scrub?

        LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your posts and what you stand for Vani 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  5. Great post! I ran out of my current drug store mascara and want to replace with a more “body-friendly” version. What do you use? Are there certain brands you particularly like? Thanks!

      1. Thank you for this post!!! I have Super Sensitive Skin which includes eczema…and as I have gotten older ~ acne. I just started using the Tarte mascara and I LoVe it!!! Ordered off of QVC…simply out of curiousity. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear you say that you use Tarte too!! Party Bonus Buy!!! 🙂 LoVe your page and posts ~ ((( Thank You ))) for all that you do for Everyone’s Health!!!

  6. Doesn’t Tom’s of Maine toothpaste have sulfates in it? Burt’s Bees is the only toothpaste I’ve been able to find that is sodium laureth sulfate free… just curious, maybe I missed that exact type of ToM!

    1. Not all of them – Tom’s makes a version without called “Clean and Gentle”… We are really into a different brand of toothpaste now, it’s by Dessert Essence, we love the Fennel version.

  7. Just curious, what kind of makeup do you use? I’m looking for a really good natural matte bronzer for the summer. Also, I’ve already read about your morning routine, the lemon and cayenne in the morning, which I’ve started doing and is wonderful. I was also wondering what brand of probiotics you take in the morning and do you take a green vibrance packet every morning? This information may be somewhere on your blog I just couldn’t find it, thanks!! Also thanks again for the sprouted grains info 🙂 I’ve already started buying some of the things off your pantry list!

  8. Hi Food Babe,

    Also curious as to what brand of makeup you use as well as your blush and lipstick brand… I have a similar olive skin tone and really like the colors you have chosen. I have been struggling for years with acne which ultimately spurred my new healthy lifestyle. It was not until I did a “Daniel fast” (a vegan diet with no processed white flour, sugar, pasta, caffiene, iodized salt) for three weeks that I began to see the difference in my skin’s health. After this I knew I had to change my diet and lifestyle. So here I am diligently working to phase out all the toxicity out of my life. I’ve been using Clinic’s Acne makeup but would like a healthier alternative. Any suggestions which provide good coverage? Love ya and keep up the good work!

  9. Just used this to help me place my amazon order! Do you have a post about makeup yet? I couldn’t find one through the search bar, but didn’t know if I was missing something. Thanks so much for this information!

  10. I just purchased a dry brush and am wondering the best way to clean it. How do you clean yours? I owned one previously that I used in the shower, as I had not yet heard about dry brushing. It didn’t take long for the wood to show some mold and mildew around the bristles. So, I’m wondering if I should try not to get this one wet?

  11. Item by item I’m switching our cleansers and other household products (tp, makeup, etc..) to healthier/safer alternatives. Unfortunately, this also requires that I gain a degree in chemistry! 🙂 The 30+ names for MSG alone are mind-boggling.
    To the point: I’m researching a good option for shampoo and came across Aubrey organics. ‘YEAH’, I thought…until I read the ingredient list for their Camomile (<– that's how they spell it) Shampoo and right in the middle of the list was Carrageenan. 🙁 <– my face when I discovered this. This is also the face I made when I found that carrageenan is also in one of my favorite-tasting Greek yogurts (although it's not organic). What is the deal with companies relying on crap ingredients?!!!
    1. I'm hoping this isn't the same toxic carrageenan that is found in so many foods on grocery stores (a girl can hope that there are 2 types of carrageenan, right…? Maybe an evil one and a good one that will make Aubrey camomile shampoo a great pick?)
    2. This is yet another reminder that we cannot, unfortunately, trust brands that are organic solely on that designation. Organic doesn't necessarily equal non-toxic.

    Food Babe: Have you posted on the multiple organic accrediting agencies and/or do you have a good resource for understanding these different entities better? (Ex. USDA, Organic Tilth, etc..)

  12. I very much respect what you do as its very time consuming, hard work, to weed through all the lies & nonsense to find non-toxic products. So, thank you for helping make it easier for me! I had been using many of the same products through my own research & trials; however, a few items are different and I wanted to get your take on them.

    For washing my face, I ONLY use Jane Iredales ‘Magic Mitt’. It works beautifully and takes even my eye make-up off unbelievably. No soap of any kind. Just the mitt & water. Have you used it or heard of it? Of course, i have never tried taking off any make-up besides Jane’s so that may be the trick.

    Also, I found an amazing product for skin exfoliation, but don’t know if its better or worse than your skin brush. It’s called ‘Baiden Magical Mitten’ It works fabulous, but may be more exfoliation than necessary even though I only use it weekly.

    Would love your take on these if your familiar or ever try them down the road.

    Keep on keepin’ on lady!

  13. Hi! What make-up products do you use? What are your thoughts about BB cream? I’m trying to access the McBride website, but they are under construction currently. Can you order their products on Amazon? Sorry, one more question, what is a good product to use for uneven skin tone? Thanks for all the information!

  14. Hi Vani- I love your site!
    Would you please recommend some “make-up” products, for example blush, eyeliner, mascara and foundation?

  15. I checked the EWG website and the current shampoo and conitioner I am useing works near perfect for me. Kerastase Oero Relax? It was rated a 4, I don’t think thats bad but again I’m not sure how that point system works.

    Also, the Mcbride product you listed I can’t seem to find it at any of the locations you have provided. Also, I have acne on the right side of my face on my jaw line that wont go away! I’ve tried everything and about to see a dermatologist.. is that face wash you recommened good for acne skin? Thanks!

    1. Mcbride is pretty hard to find, so now I use Borage Advanced Skin Therapy, you can find it at most health food stores. Good Luck!

  16. I just wanted to recommend a toothpaste. I have been through many different natural toothpastes including Dessert Essence, which I used to use regularly. My favorite so far is definitely Kiss My Face sensitive. Even my 7 year old daughter has started using it and likes it better than her strawberry Tom’s of Main. I doubt I will ever even bother to try anything else, because I am that happy with it! I have been using it for about 2 years and my dentist hasn’t noticed any issues due to my lack of flouride either.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Tiffany! I’m going to try it next. I’ve been using Tom’s but just bought Dessert Essence today – haven’t used it yet. Love trying new ones!

  17. I am so glad I came across your website Vani two weeks ago and have been hooked to your posts. I’d been wondering about the crap I put on my face every day. Thank you for sharing this information, I’ve already purchased some of the items. Good luck on your ongoing crusade against the big corporations!
    Much love from an appreciative citizen!

  18. Food Babe,

    Where do you order your McBride Beauty Wheat Germ and Avocado Replenishing Night Cream? I see that the link doesn’t work anymore and their website is under construction.


    1. Jeffre Scott Apothecary still carries it – I just got some and love it so much! Click on their link – they are in Charlotte NC but I think can ship it to you. Good luck!

  19. Hi Vani,

    I really appreciate all the information you have shared on your blog! Have you done any research on fluoride toxicity? Fluoride is actually a toxic ingredient (the “synthetic” fluoride) used in toothpastes and added to water. I haven’t found clear research on its ability to help with cavities. But, I have read articles on it affecting the enamel of teeth especially when used at an early age. And fluoride in water, especially, even though it is claimed to be minute amounts does lead to toxicity in the body.

    Fluoridation was actually banned in portland recently too.

    This is a great website:


  20. I just found your blog and I love it! When I was visiting my family in the states last month, I found a new product line at Sephora for skin care called Nude. It seems to be free of everything, including gluten and many other allergens. I love Dermologica, but I’ve thought of switching my products to be rid of some chemicals as well. Do you have any opinion on Nude or has anyone else tried it?
    I’ve gotten really in to using a tumeric, honey, oatmeal and yogurt facial once a week, a baking soda scrub for a weekly micro derm, and am looking through some essentil oils. Still, that pull of eye cream to keep away the Crow’s Feet is too tempting!

  21. Thank you!! I am looking forward to the hair and make-up posts. Please post them soon. I really enjoy your site and appreciate all of your efforts.

  22. I noticed at one point you said you put your contacts in. I have been wearing contacts for 20 years and only recently have begun to wonder if that is another part of my personal care routine that may need to change. I am curious if you’ve done any research about the materials they’re made of, solution they’re stored in, cleansing solutions, eyedrops, etc. I am considering not buying contacts anymore and wearing my glasses full time. Considering the eye is such a sensitive and vital part of the body, I would really like to hear your thoughts.

  23. Hi Van – I think the work you are doing to create awareness and remove trepidation towards going natural is wonderful. I know you encourage reading labels and was surprised to find Tetrasodium EDTA listed as one of the ingredients in the night cream you recommend. Is it really safe and natural then? Please share your thoughts.

  24. I buy a shampoo called Simply U. It is Sulfate and paraben free. I tried looking it up on the cosmetic database and could not find it. Is there anyway to tell if it is safe for my body or not?

    1. You can look up each ingredient on the EWG database. It is a little more work but it’s worth it!

      1. Hi! what does vani think about this? agree or disagree (in reference to avalon milk cleanser)?

        “This cleanser would have been a much better option for skin if it didn’t contain most of the natural ingredients Avalon included. The lavender and arnica are irritants, as are bergamot oil and the other fragrant oils this contains. These additives make this water-soluble cleanser a problem for all skin types. Plus, the coenzyme Q10 (listed by its technical name of ubiquinone) isn’t an exciting ingredient in a cleanser, as it is just rinsed off before it can have any antioxidant benefits. Neutrogena, Eucerin, and Paula’s Choice make much better cleansers for normal to dry skin, and all of them rinse better than this product.

        Daily use of products that contain a high amount of fragrance, whether the fragrant ingredients are synthetic or natural, causes chronic irritation that can damage healthy collagen production, lead to or worsen dryness, and impair your skin’s ability to heal. Fragrance-free is the best way to go for all skin types. If fragrance in your skin-care products is important to you, it should be a very low amount to minimize the risk to your skin (Sources: Inflammation Research, December 2008, pages 558–563; Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, June 2008, pages 124–135, and November-December 2000, pages 358–371; Journal of Investigative Dermatology, April 2008, pages 15–19; Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, March 2008, pages 78–82; Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, January 2007, pages 92–105; and British Journal of Dermatology, December 2005, pages S13–S22).”

      2. PS…..also, can you please speak to the parabens listed in the Avalon Milk cleanser? I noticed others are asking too. Thanks!

        Active ingredients: Patented Coenzyme Q10 U.S. Patent No. 4,654,373Ingredients: Certified organic lavender floral water, herbal infusion ofcertified organic green tea, chamomile, althea, sage and yarrow, caprylic/capric triglyceride (from coconut), stearic acid (vegetable fatty acids), certified organic safflower oil, shea butter, cerified organic aloe vera, certified organic almond oil, certified organic rosemary extract, sorbitol, NaPCA, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), methyl/proplparaben, pure essential oils fo neroli, bergamot, mandarin and sweet lavender.

  25. I used to be encouraged this site through this uncle. I’m will no longer convinced whether or not it set up is actually written by means of the pup as no one else identify these detailed approximately the difficulties. You happen to be amazing! Appreciate it!

  26. I heard you wrote some great reviews not too long ago for Ava Anderson Non Toxic products… Do you personally still use any of those products? If so, could you do an updated video? Thanks for all your great info and healthy tips!

  27. Hey, Vani!

    I went on Amazon to order the Avalon Organics Cleansing Milk, and under the “Ingredients” section it says “methyl/proplparaven.” I looked this up and can’t find it anywhere, though it did autocorrect my search to methyl/propYlparaBen, which I know is incredibly harmful. Can you speak to what this might mean for the product?

    1. Hey there! Can you please speak to the parabens listed in the Avalon Milk cleanser? I noticed others are asking too. Thanks!

      Active ingredients: Patented Coenzyme Q10 U.S. Patent No. 4,654,373Ingredients: Certified organic lavender floral water, herbal infusion ofcertified organic green tea, chamomile, althea, sage and yarrow, caprylic/capric triglyceride (from coconut), stearic acid (vegetable fatty acids), certified organic safflower oil, shea butter, cerified organic aloe vera, certified organic almond oil, certified organic rosemary extract, sorbitol, NaPCA, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), methyl/proplparaben, pure essential oils fo neroli, bergamot, mandarin and sweet lavender.

  28. Read your blog, and decided to try the Mega Mint Desert Essence toothpaste…both my husband and I like the taste and our teeth feel smoother, but, I was reading the ingredients last night, and noticed Carageenan ……I was a bit suprised! We need a toothpaste for sensitive teeth/gums…

  29. I’ve been using Shaklee products for years. Do you have any thoughts about their products? Thank you.

  30. First of all, thank you Vani, for being a fearless advocate to those of us who wish to sustain a healthy lifestyle. If it wasn’t for all of your research, knowledge and open forums, I’m afraid to think of what might continue. I look forward to your posts every day!

    Secondly, I have a question:

    I like fragrance in my liquid soaps, so I was doing an ingredient comparison with your recommendation, Kiss My Face Liquid Fragrance Free Soap and Kiss My Face Anjou Pear Liquid Moisture Soap. While I’m still familiarizing myself with the overwhelming list of “what to avoid”, is there anything to be concerned about when considering fragrances? Also, as part of that comparison I noticed this ingredient, cocamide DEA, in the fragrance free soap. Is this something to be concerned about?

    Thank you for your time and for making a difference in my world!!

  31. Hi, I just watched your video and enjoyed hearing about your routine. I did think it was important to mention that both Kiss My Face and Dessert Essence are considered “greenwashers” and Toms of Maine is owned by Collgate… yuck 🙂 There are SO many better products out there. Also, have you explored making your own care products. Lots of good stuff.

    Thanks for doing what you do! You’re making people think and that’s a huge first step!

  32. The Aubrey cleanser you recommend on Beauty Shop has discontinued and I can’t get it. I love the borage moisturizer you recommend and would love to stop using CeraVe cleanser which has parabens. Should I get the Avalon organica cleansing milk. What do you use? Would love a reply Thanks so much!!!

  33. Hey there! I received my amazon order including the products you recommended. I am excited to try them all. I did however notice the first ingredient in the Toms of Maine deoderant is “propylene glycol”. I recall you mentioning this chemical in one of your posts, but can’t recall if it was in reference to a skin product or a food item. I assume you think it’s safe to use, but just wanted to make sure I purchased the correct one (I used your link above). I did notice some burning when I used it after my shower (I did shave in the shower). Thanks!

  34. Can you post an update about which face cleanser, daytime moisturizer and night time moisturizer you recommend, especially to help minimize fine lines/wrinkles/build collagen. Thanks!

  35. Hello, you mentioned something about your toothpaste and it having flouride. I have thought that flouride isn’t the best thing for people… Have you done any research or find anything on that?

  36. I checked most of the products you listed with the links you added. Kiss My Face Liquid Fragrance Free Soap has methyparaben and propylparaben listed on the ingredients :0 As does, Avalon Organics CoQ10 Facial Cleansing Cream 🙁 Even though the FDA has concluded that they are safe at levels up to 25%, they are endocrine disruptors and linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and skin irritation. So, yes they may have very very small amounts but why even put that on your skin (no matter how minute)? Especially when there are soooo many other “paraben free” products out there. I’m not criticizing you, I was just a bit surprised that you use products with them in it. Your site has a ton of info on it and I commend you for your hard work! 😀

  37. Regarding toothpaste, all toothpastes I’ve seen, including Desert Essence, have glycerin in them. Glycerin is probably not the best ingredient to be putting on your teeth because it actually coats your teeth and prevents them from re-mineralizing. There is only one kind of toothpaste that I’ve ever found that doesn’t have glycerin, flouride, foaming agents, or any other nasties. It’s Earthpaste by Redmond Trading Company. It contains only bentonite clay, sea salt, xylitol, water, and essential oils.

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