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What I Ate In the Amazon

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to visit the Amazon… I saw this movie called “Where the River Runs Black” when I was seven… and thinking back, all I can really remember about the movie was two boys playing with pink dolphins in the river and how remote, peaceful and pristine the whole environment looked. The movie definitely had an impact on me. So to say this was a vacation that made all my dreams come true… is quite the understatement.

Visiting the Amazon River is one of the top experiences of my life. I hope you enjoy the pictures and candid moments I am about to share with you…. including all the AMAZING super foods I ate while I was there…

IMG 5446

After spending a night in Lima, Peru, we headed straight to Iquitos – the gateway to the Amazon and the one of the most heavily populated cities that can only be reached by airplane or boat.  On the way to board the Aqua Expeditions MV Aria (a 147 foot river boat that would take us deep into the Amazon), we had a few moments to experience the city.  It was a couple of weeks before Christmas, and we stumbled upon the most remarkable manger scene I’ve ever seen. The scene included all the animals from the amazon jungle – like the sloths, anteaters, and caimans…

IMG 5439

I asked our driver to make a special stop at the local grocery store to grab a few things – like lemon for my daily habit.

I LOVE exploring grocery stores in foreign countries… I swear I could spend my whole vacation there, if my husband let me… We bought a few awesome new fruits to try like Chirimoya… I had never tasted or seen this fruit before.

IMG 5687

This was our boat – the MV Aria. Yes, we were spoiled. The boat is brand new and very modern, clean and just freaking beautiful. We were handed a Camu Camu berry drink as soon as we stepped on board.

IMG 5457

Our room was on the bottom level right by the river, with floor to celling windows and a very spacious bathroom.


The boat even had a small gym…. with large windows that overlooked the river while we were cruising by.  I saw a few pink dolphins one day while on the spin bike. Wow…playing that back in my head just sounds ridiculous… but it’s true! The Amazon is the only place in the world to see pink dolphins in the wild.


Here’s a panorama of the top deck, were we hung out the most… They had many books about the Amazon (and the food) to read while on board. I learned much more than I ever thought I would hanging out up there.

IMG 5640

Every morning and every afternoon we had excursions on a small personal skiff that would go deep into the tributaries off the river. The trips were very well organized and included a nature specialist guide to point out all the awesome flora, fauna and wildlife. A doctor was also always present with us too…with an emergency kit just in case. This of course made us feel extra safe, considering we were pretty far from civilization for most the trip.  Although, if we really got in trouble, it was nice knowing that several medicine men live in the communities along the Amazon. I learned a lot from the guides on how they holistically treat and heal the people of the Amazon without pharmaceuticals.

IMG 5491

This little girl here is just precious, isn’t she? This is what kids do on the Amazon (when they are not in school)… they ride around by themselves in boats or with Mom and Dad to catch fish… which is pretty much breakfast, lunch and dinner!

IMG 5590

We visited some awesome giant lilly pads.

IMG 5810

Rose apple growing high up in a tree… one of the most delicious fruits. They also grow in Asia quite abundantly.

IMG 5570

My new favorite fruit – Camu Camu berry. So sour and so good.

I ate Camu Camu right off the tree… yes… I’m crazy and no, I didn’t get sick. And if I did… I learned there’s a tree bark for that… 🙂

IMG 5573

Camu Camu berry has the most vitamin C out of any fruit. The only way I can find in the United States is powdered through Navitas Naturals. I know Harmless Harvest showcased a raw drink from this berry last year at Expo West – but I have yet to see it on the market… but boy, when I do – I’m totally on it! I have also seen it in JEM nut butters – in the Maqui Camu Super Berry Butter flavor.

IMG 5550

These are bats, do you see them?….Right after I took this photograph, they flew right up into my face. No joke. It was scary.

IMG 5633

One day a snake almost fell into our boat, so the guide caught it instead and showed it to us up close and then released it back into the wild.


I found out that I am an expert at piranha fishing. I caught 10 and honestly, I’ve only been fishing once!

Piranha is a staple for breakfast in the Amazon…check out those teeth! (FYI – We threw them all back after catching them.)

IMG 5649

Oh…hi there. Yes… this is my new friend, Mr. Sloth. It’s hard to tell, but these slow moving creatures have some serious claws to hang onto tree branches way up high while noshing on leaves.

IMG 5662
We were able to get really close to this guy (and touch him!) because he happened to come down for his weekly restroom break…. yes – sloths only come down to the ground to go once a week!

Haha… but so cute. Look at that little face… I think sloths look like a mix between an ewok and E.T.

IMG 5533

We saw LOTS of monkeys too. This black spider monkey in particular tried to spring his way into our boat shortly after taking this picture and below him…check out that owl monkey – they live in hollowed out tries and are nocturnal – it was incredibly rare to see one like this all the way out of a tree in the middle of the day.

IMG 5761

My husband straight up grabbed this caiman out of the river and then tried to hand it to me…. This guy was so tame and did not try to bite us. I am in love with alligators, crocodiles and caiman…

We even got to feed manatees… what beautiful rubbery (that’s what they feel like) loving creatures.

IMG 5875

When we booked this trip – I had no idea what I was in for in terms of food…. I knew I would get to try incredible local foods from the Amazon – but I had no idea the food on the boat would be so unique and so deliciously fancy! Fine dining, deep in the Amazon jungle, whaaaaa!?  But that’s exactly what happened… Executive chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Lima’s culinary stars, designed the entire menu with both Peruvian and European influence.

I was so busy before taking off for this trip, that I didn’t even know this detail before getting on board… it was so nice to be surprised with a gourmet menu.

IMG 5801

This was my typical breakfast… Granola with chia seeds, fruit and plantains. There was an option to get fresh to order pancakes, omelets, and waffles every morning… and other local varieties, but I couldn’t get enough of this granola – It was made with some of my favorite grains like quinoa and amaranth.

IMG 5556

For lunch, it was always served buffet style and there were always fresh mixed greens available – a variety of greens I have never tasted before.  Some of the leaves reminded me of dandelion but with a more subtle flavor.

Lots of very fresh ceviche made from local fish was served at almost every meal…. I ate more fish on this trip than I have all year…

IMG 5697

IMG 5690

IMG 5844

This was my favorite lunch on the boat…. This soup was to DIE for… it’s a “typical” amazon corn based soup with chicken. It was insane.

This reminds me that I need to get the recipe from the chef to recreate it to share it with you!

IMG 5842

Rice and beans cooked in banana leaves…


Snacks were also wrapped in banana leaves (love this!) to enjoy on the river. I loved trying the famous Sacha Inchi – which is like a peanut but with a better nutritional profile, because it contains a higher value of Omega 3 fatty acids. That huge nut in the center is a type of brazil nut that grows wild only in the Amazon too.

IMG 5613

Dinner was served as a 4-course tasting menu – all of the dinners were absolutely incredible… and featured a wide array of items I had never before tasted in my life…

Above is a serving of fresh brazil nut cheese (they typically don’t have access to dairy on the Amazon), paired with fresh local flavorings – like catfish caviar and shredded hearts of palm. This was a WOW dish I wish I could have again.

IMG 5617

Dessert was over the top each day (and then followed by petite fours (truffles, meringue cookies, etc.). This was Golden Berry creme brûlée…fresh golden berry! not dried! … Fresh golden berries taste so different than dried, they almost taste like an unripened cherry tomato. Oh… and btw, if you use the term golden berry, the folks from the Amazon have no idea what you are talking about – they call this fruit by the name “Aguaymanto.”

I wanted to see it growing in the wild so bad and kept asking my guide about it…. I even had some dried ones with me to show him – I think I totally confused him with the dried version, but he finally figured out what I was talking about and this dessert ended up being served that night- coincidence – I think not!

IMG 5847

Camu Camu pie. This tasted like key lime pie – but better. Another favorite of my trip. Camu Camu would be such a great substitute for red food coloring, no?

IMG 5717

Cashew fruit and white chocolate mousse with mangos… Cashew fruit was another new fruit to me – it actually is attached to cashews before they are harvested. It literally feels like all the water in your mouth is being sucked out when you take a bite. It’s the weirdest feeling I’ve had eating anything in my whole life…but so cool nonetheless!

IMG 5831

Before we disembarked, we had the opportunity to visit a local school. We sang songs (they asked us to sing Madonna, we opted for twinkly twinkly little star), conversed with the children (in broken Spanish – I’m still learning!) and brought some supplies from the United States to donate to the school. Aqua Expeditions also makes a conscience effort to give back to the community, and brought huge boxes of Christmas cakes called “Panettones” to the children. To be part of the excitement was totally priceless.

I hope you enjoyed the recap.

If you are thinking about going to the Amazon or Peru – let me know – I’m happy to answer any questions about my itinerary, this boat or anything else!

Back to day dreaming…

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46 responses to “What I Ate In the Amazon

  1. Amazing! It sounds like a dream!!
    We thank the Mother and Sri Aurobindo for showing you the real treasures of the world!
    Not very many folks are so lucky to be so close to the nature.
    Continue with your journey!!

  2. What an unbelievable adventure! Loved reading & seeing the details, with my 7 yr old son Ethan sitting next to me, absorbing it all. I think we’re both feeling inspired to go on a grand explore now! : )

  3. WOW I was just down in Peru same time you all were in Cusco and other areas but didnt make it to the Amazon. It looks really incredible ! Now I wish I had ventured there! We only had 12 days so we went to Arequipa and Colca Canyon instead as our add on trip. This looks like a feast for the senses!! I have been to rain forest and on the edge of the Amazon but never into it like you all. The food and animals/fish all looks so amazing!! SLOTHs = SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  4. The snake photo was so funny! When I glanced at the photo before reading the caption about the gloved hand, my immediate thought was why does a coiled snake have on a snake sweater? How weird! When I read the caption, I saw that it was a close-up of a gloved hand – fingers rather than coils. A good laugh, nevertheless!

  5. This sounds absolutely like a dream come true! What a fantastic adventure! How did you learn about this trip? 🙂

    1. I literally googled it one day, and then showed my husband and he talked me into it! We had to take off a whole week early to make it work – but it was so worth it!

      1. How fun is that?! I love that you shared this with us. It might take a couple years for us to be able to do something like that, but I am soooo ready for it!

  6. I have lived here in the US for a long time but miss all the fruits and veggies I ate growing up. When I saw the photo of the “rose apple” my mouth watered. I never knew the name in English and could never ask about it here but now I know the name. I wish my kids could have one bite. It is such a delicious fruit picked ripe from the tree its fresh and tastes incredible. I do miss my days of being able to do just that — eat fruits freshly picked. One of the things I miss the most is the food. I love going back home just for that! Someday, I will go to the Amazon, it has been a dream and one I hope can become a reality.

  7. I really enjoyed Arequipa the food was the best we had in all of Peru. Colca Canyon and the Condors was really wonderful and the trip to Colca Canyon in itself was great to see all the organic farms along the way and the snowy Andes peaks and volcanoes in the background! We stayed in a great place called Colca Casitas and had our own private lodge like a safari casa with own pool and outdoor terrace with jacuzzi over looking the farms so we really enjoyed it!

  8. I love looking at your vacation photos! It must be amazing to travel that much! I can’t wait to be employed again and travel more! I would like to go back to Montana. I know it is not exotic, but it is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Happy travels Food Babe!

  9. That’s amazing! It seems like you go on these amazing vacations all the time. I wish I could afford to do all of this!

  10. Wow!!!
    Right when I finished reading this I said to my husband, “So I really want to go to the Amazon!” He thought that was pretty random. 😉
    This does seem like my kind of trip though! I would love to get the site that you used to plan it. I’d like to start saving $$ for it now!!
    Thank you!

  11. Thanks for sharing such and amazing adventure! we are going to Peru this August to Macchu Picchu, Colca Canyon and Nazca, I am so excited. Next? the Amazon!

    1. NAZCA?! oh no…. that was horrific for all of us that went (I honestly can’t believe that guide books rate it as a top attraction)… the plane is CRAZY – and I’m super adventurous. Good Luck! Near there – there are some AMAZING sand dunes in the city of Huccachina… incredible!!!! and so much fun! I would definitely check it out!

      1. Are you serious?! great, now I am having second thoughts about Nazca… maybe I’ll leave that tour off my plans… I have a friend that works for Colonial Tours there and she is arranging everything, I’ll have to have a serious convo with her.

  12. I can’t even begin to Thank You… is such a pleasure to travel through your eyes….you are so very precise and descriptive….and you seem to genuinely love sharing

    1. Thank you Juanita… it’s always a balance for me, I know most of you here are following my food related topics, but traveling is such a huge passion of mine and I love when I hear people appreciate what I am sharing. It’s very personal and I want to inspire other people to explore the world. Xoxo.

  13. Thank you for sharing! This trip & the food sounds amazing. I’ve been dying to go to Peru ever since Machu Picchu appeared on the cover of my 6th grade Social Studies textbook. I have a friend living in Ecuador right now and might make a trip there soon to visit.

    1. Yes, Machu Picchu is just insanely beautiful. I’m not sure words can describe how gorgeous the setting is.

  14. Awe I love all of it Vani! Thanks so much for sharing. I love that you had a memory/dream from your childhood that you were able to fulfill. That’s my favorite part of this post. Good for you for making a trip like this happen:)

  15. Thanks for thinking of us Vani! We actually decided not to go forward with the camu camu drink because we couldn’t find sustainable sourcing for production. We do have some new products in development though, so stay tuned.

    1. What a bummer! …. can’t wait to see new products though… are you guys going to be at Expo?

  16. Thank you for sharing your trip to the Amazon with your readers! The food looks so yummy and healthy too. Like you I am fascintated with the camu camu berry. I take it in a concentrated liquid form and love the way it makes me feel.

  17. You may have mentioned it, but I didn’t see it. Which cruise did you choose? The 3, 4, or 7 night cruise? What else did you do while in Peru, did you check out the other well known attractions?

  18. your whole trip looks so amazing! I’m in awe of the scenery and wildlife and amazing food 😉 I have a long list of places I want to visit and now the Amazon has been added to it. thank you!

  19. we must be related. i love going to grocery stores in foreign lands. Besides the fruit, I pick up teas and salt. The granola is Peru is awesome. I wish i could get it here.
    Which tour company did you use for the Amazon?

  20. hello, thank you for sharing your wonderful travel story and gorgeous pictures with us! thank you for inspiring us to get moving on the planning of the trip, especially to the Amazon River! A group of us are very excited about this! We are trying to figure out how many days and what to maximize! We definitely want to do 3 nights Amazon cruise, then take off to Sacred Valley, Cusco and Macchu Picchu. How many days do you recommend for Sacred Valley? We may be on limited time but wondering which places to leave out and which places NOT to miss? We can’t wait to experience the Amazon and Macchu Picchu!

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  21. What advice do you have for someone moving overseas? I cannot pack enough health food to last several years in a suitcase, nor can I read the ingredients list in Japan. I know Japan does not allow nearly as many preservatives, therefore the food is fresher than in the US – but foreign, and especially health food is very expensive if you can find it. Also, I have never seen anything other than refined wheat products. Advice on eating local, but keeping the general principles of healthy eating in place?

  22. Hello Vani, I totally loved this post and I am happy that you enjoyed so much my country Perú. I recently found you on MarieTV and I would love to colaborate with you.

    Would you please share with me the information of this trip (the webside, or the email of the agency) I would love to take this trip this December.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    And thank you for the great work you do!

  23. Hello Vani,
    I’ve been following you on Facebook since last year and I thank you for your dedication and your passion for healthy food and also for spreading awareness, I’m learning a lot from your posts.
    I really enjoyed your article, I’m glad you had lots of fun cruising the Amazon. Seeing the pictures of some of the food that I ate growing up made feel homesick and happy at the same time. I’m a fruit-oholic jungle woman you see? 🙂 I’m from the Amazon from a city called Pucallpa just South from Iquitos.
    Please allow me to share briefly my story. When I moved to America the first year living in the North West was a bit tough not because the cold winter nor the language but it was when it came to shop for fresh fruit at the supermarkets. It was too limited. But when growing season came it got better, I ate my first handful of raspberries and strawberries. I even can get lots of wild huckleberries I pick from the mountains, now I enjoy all kinds of berries.
    I’m happy My husband brought me to a different kind of “jungle.”

    I’m excited that you picked my home country for your Amazon adventure 🙂

  24. I am coming to this blog article late (I’ve been catching up on your wonderful website) and just have to say how much I loved reading about your adventures in the Amazon.

    Your site has inspired me more than one could ever know. Thank you Vani. 🙂

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