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Whitewash Book Could Get Monsanto’s Roundup (Glyphosate) Banned Forever

There is a chemical that likely causes cancer being sprayed on 80% of the food in this country and residues have been found in popular foods like Cheerios and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

This chemical is Roundup Weedkiller (Glyphosate) made by Monsanto.

Even though the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer deemed glyphosate probably carcinogenic to humans, Roundup has NOT been banned. This chemical continues to be used on food crops, parks, playgrounds, and by homeowners everywhere. Glyphosate is now so rampant in our environment that it’s found in honey, cereals, meat, drinking water, breast milk, infant formula, chips, cookies, air samples… the list goes on. 

Since our regulatory agencies are not taking action, this carcinogen continues to proliferate and is contaminating virtually all of the food that we and our children are eating. It’s maddening! Some food brands are taking notice – Ben & Jerry’s recently announced that they’re launching glyphosate-free ice cream by 2020 and other brands are getting certified as glyphosate residue free. This is a huge step in helping to clean up our food supply, but much more needs to be done.

How do we get Roundup BANNED and out of our food?

My dear friend Carey Gillam expertly delves into this issue in her new must-read (and courageous!) book, Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science. Just as Rachel Carson started the environmental revolution which led to getting the dangerous pesticide DDT banned over 40 years ago, I believe Carey’s book will have the same impact on our world.

You’ll find Carey’s information very well researched with a wealth of evidence, full of references and background material. I plan to keep this on my bookshelf to use as a reference. In her book, she breaks down how Monsanto has been able to keep Roundup on the market for decades, despite the dangers it presents to our health and environment. She covers…

  • Stories of families who have lost loved ones to Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and their pending lawsuits against Monsanto.
  • How the science behind glyphosate has been manipulated and distorted by Monsanto.
  • Secret communications which influenced top ranking officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • What the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are doing, and NOT doing, about Roundup in our food.
  • How certain scientists and front groups are doing the bidding for Monsanto under the cloak of independence.
  • How food production and nutrient value has been negatively impacted by Roundup.
  • The demise of monarch butterflies.
  • How we can move back to a more balanced and safer place for ourselves and our families.

We have allowed Monsanto to poison us for too long.

Monsanto and big chemical companies may have money and great influence, but as consumers, WE have the greatest power of all. The public at large may not be paying attention now… spraying Roundup in their yards and eating Roundup-Ready GMOs but books like this can open up their eyes so they stop buying and using these products. The public needs to know the truth about what is going on – and it’s up to us to spread the word!

Pick up your copy of Whitewash here or at your local bookstore – Buy and share this book with EVERYONE you know!

Carey goes where most journalists don’t dare to go. In my own experience, I know it takes guts to stand up to billion dollar corporations. It also takes an Army! The vicious attacks can be relentless, and I could never do this work without you by my side. I urge you to pick up a copy of Whitewash and maybe one or two extra to give as gifts to your loved ones. 

Each person we reach with this message is one step closer to taking back our food, our planet, and our health. Thank you for your voice!




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34 responses to “Whitewash Book Could Get Monsanto’s Roundup (Glyphosate) Banned Forever

  1. THANK YOU VANI!!!! The other day, a teacher at my daughter’s school asked if she could have Cheerios as part of a game they play. Since my daughter has Peanut and Tree Nut allergies, they always ask if she can eat a shared food. My daughter’s not allergic to Cheerios so I said yes. Reluctantly. Because Roundup is the REAL reason I don’t want her to have them. But explaining that while dropping off kids and in the morning hustle felt like too much.

    You’re post to the rescue.

    I just forwarded your email to her teacher explaining this was the real reason I didn’t want her eating Cheerios. (They’re really focused on that box top program.) With the help of you and your team, I was able to ask for what we’d like, to have an alternative that is organic. I’ll let you know how it goes. Your email made it easy for me to pass along and spread some knowledge. Also, just ordered the book on Amazon.

    THANK YOU again. Travis

      1. I absolutely adore you and am on the same path to help others learn how to eat properly and learn about food. I actually did a whole lifestyle change and dropped 70 lbs in 10 month because I work out 5-6 times a week, cut most if not all my sugars, dairy and simple carbs, I don’t touch fast food or any processed food for the most part, and I binge on veggies and fruit. I’ve learned to read the ingredients and what each ingredient means, and I feel I’m the only one when I go shopping who does it, and it scares me because I feel I’m so alone on this one. Most people are so tricked with the advertising on the boxes and cartons of products because they see the words “low carbs”, “low sugar”, ‘low fat”, “natural”, etc and don’t realize that companies just add extra sugars and chemicals to give you the basic same taste, but now it costs less for them. It’s a sad and cruel world out here in the food industry and it sucks people have to deal with it because they’re so ignorant on what these ingredients do and what they actually are. I’m trying to be one of the people to help others learn and give speeches about this type of stuff, so if you ever need help, please let me know. I write and talk to people about this topic all the time, and I hope to create an impact like you one day. As someone who’s a very healthy person who cooks, food is very important to me, and more people need to be told about what company’s are doing and to teach people how to lie and eat smart.

    1. Please send President and First Lady Trump a copy. Maybe they will do something. I’ve read in articles the First Lady is concerned about where her family’s food comes from and knowledgeable enough to demand organic food at the White House.

  2. I don’t care everyone dies of something sometime. So long as you believe and know that Jesus christ died on the cross and rose again 3 days later you are saved. So it doesn’t matter if you die tomorrow. God bless you all.

    1. How dare you pervert the teachings of Jesus to say that you don’t care if people die from poisons as long as they accept Jesus as their personal lord and savior! It is true that Jesus spoke out against the extreme purity laws of ancient Judaism, but to think that he would accept that children would die from deliberate poisoning just because they believe in him is a total perversion!

    2. You are partially right. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NIV, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.” I believe we have a significant responsibility to properly maintain and care for our bodies. Please help me understand how our dead bodies can honor God?

      1. God cares about every part of our lives. If food is important to us, it’s important to him. Special people have a calling and a purpose to help others clean up our food supply. Let’s encourage them to fulfill their calling and purpose. God cares about people dying before their time and he is putting many people to help us. Hurrah for those who dare step out. Let’s let them know we support their cause. We all benefit.

      2. Our body is a temple. We should take good care of it. That & luck (god’s help) we will live a long & fruitful life. When we die, (When our time comes & we die, we should become an organ donor.I believe that this is a way our dead bodies can honor god.

    3. Jesus Christ said to know the truth and act on it, not roll over and be ignorant. Be doers of the word and not hearers only. Can I get an Amen?

  3. Glyphosate needs to be banned for good, and GMOs need to be banned (preferably) or at least be labelled.

    Now for the chance for that to happen in the US and Canada is going to be quite difficult. We are still going to have this toxic stuff all around us.

  4. Bought the book. Roundup is bad for people and for soil. How did we ever get the idea we could spray land with poison without any negative effects. Thank you, Vani, for spreading the word. Keep up the great work.

  5. Have you heard anything about the hearing in the EU today about banning the use of Monsantos? I searched the web but no one is showing the results.

  6. My husband was recently tested for toxins and the results is that he is at the 95th percentile of glysophate in his body. He suffered from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in his brain 25 years ago and now he has Psoriasis. He has suffered for over 30 years with extreme health issues since he was contaminated from working on a farm in ND 30 years ago. We need to jump in on the lawsuit. Thank you for all your work. Who can we contact to be a part of the lawsuit?

  7. Glyphosate, the GMO herbicide, an organo-phosphorus compound(*) is also endocrine disrupting, meaning that it mimics a trigger chemical in the body that triggers EXCESS estrogen (female hormone) production.
    Now recall the TIME cover story about the 1.6 million male transgenders, all wanting to become females. Just coming out of the closet? Nonsense! Chemically induced!
    Now visualize a young boy growing up, and constantly doused with female hormone; this body has no idea where it is going.
    In girls this induces puberty as early as age 7.
    Find more details – mechanisms, enhanced by other endocrine disrupting toxins, like BPA at

    (*) My PhD thesis at SUNY,Stony Brook, and post-doc research was about organo-phosphorus compounds; highly toxic.
    Send me a review copy.

    1. Appearently you are unaware that glyphosate has failed to meet classification as an endocrine disruptor by the EPA…

      Also, you seem to be using the “technically-true” organophosphate classifacation of glyphosate to group it in with the class of insecticides commonly reffered to as organophosphates. It would be better to use the term “cholinesterase inhibitors,” since it’s not the presence

      It’s a broad brush you are painting with, and if you really were a chemistry professor, you should know better. Some organophosphates are cholinesterase inhibitors and used as insectides. They can be highly toxic. Just becuase glyphosate is an organophosphate compound doesn’t mean it is highly toxic. It is decidedly not.

      1. I guess You have never heard of Dr Don Huber, soil pathologist at Purdue U who has been warning about this horror for decades. Unless of course you are a troll and part of the problem.

  8. Someone told me that there are pesticides on organic produce but they are only organic pesticides and chemicals. Is this actually true or not? What should someone do if it is? Since not everyone can grow their own fruits and vegetables.

  9. Great work Carey and Vani!

    I teach science at a middle school. Two years ago there was a lawsuit involving 2 Ontario Bee Keepers seeking damages from Bayer and Syngenta as a result of their bees dying from neonicotinoid pesticides. My students sent out over 600 letters (as members of society) to the Bee Keepers, Bayer, Syngenta as well as our Provincial (Ontario) and Federal governments pledging our support to the Bee Keepers — with our reasoning why. Not surprisingly, the Federal government showed little sympathy towards us and the Bee Keepers, however the Provincial government proposed a plan to reduce neonicotinoids by 85% over a 5 year period. I think our efforts may have helped achieve this.

    We are planning a new round of letters this year targeting glyphosate. If there is enough pressure from enough sources, change can happen. Again, thanks to the both you for your efforts!!

  10. As much as I want to see glyphosate banned, we all know that whatever replacement pesticide comes along will be just as bad, if not worse. Just look at our use of lead, arsenic, DDT, and so on in history. We need to push for more Organic. It seems like it’s going to be the only way to keep us and the environment safe.

    There’s not going to be some new revolutionary chemical pesticide that comes along that will ever be able to be tested adequately to verify there is not some downstream effect. It would have to be tested in every different biome, for every different type of food, in the presence of every type of animal, ground water would have to be analyzed, human impact and time frame of exposure would have to be in the generations to make sure we have not somehow caused mutagenic effects.

    I love science, but for something used so widely, there’s no way we can do it safely with today’s technology.

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