Do Your Favorite Snack Brands Contain GMOs?

Earlier this week on my Facebook page, I posted a disastrous list of America’s most popular snack brands – all of them containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Top Snacks

Everyone was in uproar about their favorite brands – Nabisco, Frito Lay, Orville Redenbacher, and Kellogg’s heavy use of GMOs in their popular products and asked for alternatives.  I created this handy chart below that lists some of my favorite non-GMO snacks that are equivalent in taste and satisfaction to these popular snack brands. To be perfectly honest, I think the non-GMO snacks taste better knowing they aren’t poisoning me.

I usually don’t recommend many snack foods like these that often – I like to preach the gospel of whole real foods, however sometimes you just need to get your snack on and this is how you do it without consuming genetically modified ingredients and supporting companies that use GMOs who are trying to stop the effort to label GMOs and our right to know.


Recommended Non-GMO Snack Brands:

One thing I love about the non-GMO snack brands, is that they do not contain MSG, an ingredient that keeps you going back for more and more and more. This is why some of the GMO snack brands like Doritos are so addictive and have become “popular” as a result.

Take back your food, get your friends and family involved and share these products with them!

Have a great week!

Food Babe

P.S. I’d love to know - What are some of your favorite non-GMO snacks?
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307 Responses to “Do Your Favorite Snack Brands Contain GMOs?”

  1. Stacey

    I wish Glutino gluten free pretzels were GMO free. They are so tasty.

  2. Rebecca

    Can you find any real scientific evidence that prove GMO’s are NOT harmful?

  3. Carey (to )

    Pure food, or “real food” would be; Organic, NON-GMO, NO Pesticides, NO HFCS, NO MSG, NO Preservatives, etc!!! That would be PURE food. Real organic food is far better than any Kosher branded food I’ve ever seen. There are tons of food products with the Kosher marks that are full of toxic crap. See how they have the masses fooled…And are you aware of the the ritual/process for Kosher meat? According to the Torah the throat is slit, the animal bleeds out (which takes 15 to 20 minutes) and the animal dies an agonizing slow death. Special…more pure…yea right….(interject sarcasm)

  4. Cheryl (to Carey)

    Don’t know where you got your info on kosher killing, but the throat is NOT slit – that would disqualify the animal immediately! A kosher beef kill, for example, is where a specially trained Rabbi uses a long, very sharp sword-looking knife. He quickly and expertly inserts it at the base of the neck and all the way into the heart in one motion and removes it just as quickly. Because the knife is razor sharp, there is minimal pain to the animal. Also, because the heart has been pierced, it only takes about two to five minutes for the animals to bleed out sufficiently to cause unconsciousness, followed by a painless death a few minutes later. People who are not familiar with the natural “death throes” of any animal believe that the sometimes violent jerking the body makes is in response to pain. Not true! It is the normal spasms (contractions) of the large muscles when they are being deprived of blood and oxygen. The brain is already dead; the animal is already dead; the muscles are just reacting – and will continue to spasm in lesser degrees until the body is completely cooled. I used to be half owner of a meat processing plant and helped in all phases – from the initial dispatch of the animal to wrapping and freezing the cuts of meat. And yes, I am a woman too! I still harvest and process my own game meat and fish.

  5. Karin (to Brad)

    I think that you need to do more research into GMOs. I don’t want to eat anything that has a built in pesticide because then I will be eating that pesticide I think that you are going to find that if you stay GMO you are going to run our of buyers for your corn.

  6. shawn (to brad)

    10-20% rule applies to everything in the world, 80% may not know about the issues. We are just scratching the surface of the harmful effects of GMO.
    Do you label bullies in schools or label non-bullies? Do you send bullies to principal’s office or non-bullies?

  7. William (to shawn)

    Tell me one harmful effect of any GMO crop on human safety that you can support with real scientific evidence? I challenge you to find one credible scientist to state that GMO food poses ANY safety risk.

  8. Barbara Andrews (to William)

    This should answer your question William.

  9. William (to Barbara Andrews)

    ?? What should answer my question?


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