Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Crunch

Saturday night on Facebook – I asked for a little last minute help coming up with a *fancier* breakfast recipe for my in-laws who were visiting from out of town… and boy, did I get some help! There were over 150 ideas…I’m so incredibly thankful for all of you out there who have found this blog and are following along. Thank you for inspiring this recipe!

Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Crunch

IMG 7940
I’ve made baked french toast years before, but always with inferior white bread, a lot of butter, heavy cream and sugar. This version is completely clean, has a beautiful crunch and uses one of my favorite breads – Ezekiel Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin.

What makes this bread so unique (and good for you!) is that it is made from a complete whole grain before it is even ground up into flour. The grain is sprouted to increase the living beneficial enzymes and vitamins, which creates a natural change that allows the protein and carbohydrates to be assimilated by the body more efficiently. They even use a special baking process that retains all the valuable nutrients.

You can find Ezekiel bread usually in the freezer section of most health food stores. Since this bread is “alive” – it needs to be kept cold until ready for use and to make it last longer before going bad. I like to thaw half a loaf at a time in the fridge each week.

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Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Crunch
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6
  • 10 slices ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread (thawed)
  • 1½ cups almond milk
  • 6 eggs
  • 2 apples thinly sliced
  • ½ cup walnuts chopped and toasted
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • maple syrup and coconut oil/butter to serve
  1. The night before, in a bowl beat eggs, milk, vanilla, sea salt, nutmeg and cinnamon together.
  2. Butter or oil in a medium sized baking dish (9 inches)
  3. Place 5 slices of bread down into dish (breaking up pieces to fit in every nook and cranny)
  4. Top layer with half of egg mixture
  5. Layer ¼ cup of walnuts and one of the sliced apples on top
  6. Then repeat this process ending with apples and walnut on stop
  7. Refrigerate dish overnight or at least 8 hours
  8. In morning, when ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees
  9. Bake dish for 30-40 mins covered with aluminum foil
  10. Serve with hot maple syrup mixed with butter or coconut oil
*please choose all organic ingredients if possible*


IMG 7946IMG 7950

This is probably the first time I’ve ever put a picture of bacon on this blog!  I served some with the french toast because it is my father-in-law’s favorite breakfast food and we did stay up really late! I made sure to choose an organic variety, with no nitrates or MSG. I baked it in the oven on a rack for 25 mins at 400 degrees.

IMG 7948IMG 7951

This is a perfect make ahead dish for a busy morning… or maybe even on Valentine’s Day for your sweetie pie.

Bon Appétit!

Food Babe

P.S. – Ezekiel just came out with a flax bread that is out of this world for sandwiches – I highly recommend checking out.

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146 Responses to “Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Crunch”

  1. Brenda

    That looks amazing! Thank you for all of your great recipes and tips!

  2. Stephanie Diaz

    This looks amazing!! Can’t wait to try it.

  3. Rebecca

    I use either Ezekial bread or Jack Sprat’s sprouted grains bread… however I have to admit they do not taste good. They are “ok” when toasted. I will have to try this recipe out to see if they taste better (I am sure they will). I can’t imagine using Ezekial bread for a sandwhich. That would be tough to eat.

    • Food Babe (to Rebecca)

      Oh – I’ve never tried Jack Sprat’s bread before! I need to go find it asap.

    • Barbara (to Rebecca)

      I used to eat ezekial bread for sandwiches for years- loved it. only stopped recently because I’m trying to go gluten free.

      • Mel (to Barbara)

        They have gluten free by the same company food for life- it’s pretty good ( toasted)!

    • Whitney (to Rebecca)

      if you toast ezekiel lightly, it is still tasty.

  4. MiniMe

    OMG! I will be making this! Looks amazing

    • Food Babe (to MiniMe)

      So easy to make ahead and enjoy all week too!

      • dena (to Food Babe)

        I don’t suggest eating food that is more than two days old, parasites are a very real issue with left overs…you may use the living enzymes from herbs such as cilantro, parsley or dill to re-aliven the enzymes in your soups or stews.
        Health and Light
        Dr. Dena

  5. Jen

    I love Ezekiel bread, but I worry about the soy flour although its organic. What is your tale Food Babe? Xoxo

    • Food Babe (to Jen)

      It actually has the full soybean – it’s not the flour. And yes – I’m good with it since it is sprouted.

      • Sandra Steed (to Food Babe)

        The soybean organic or not is still toxic even when sprouted! The only way to eat soybeans is fermented! I stay away from Ezekial breads because of the soy flour used in them! Information from Nourishing Traditions Cookbook, by Sally Fallon.
        I buy either Silver Hills Sprouted Flax bread from Costco or Trader Joes sprouted bread, can’t remember company’s name, but TJ has 2 kinds of sprouted breads and I think one has soybean oil in it, so be careful to read ingredients!

    • Kimberly (to Jen)

      If you are worried about soy I am sure you could find another bread very similar to Ezekiel! I love Ezekiel but had the same concerns about eating too much soy. My local grocery store chain has their own food line (Central Market Organics) with frozen sprouted breads that are soy free so I switched over :)

      • Danielle (to Kimberly)

        We won’t eat Soy in any form. Food For Life company that makes Ezekiel Bread also makes a ‘Seven Sprouted Grain’ flourless bread that is Soy free! We use this for french toast, topped with coconut oil, fresh fruit, a dollop of yogurt, walnuts and cinnamon. Heart and delicious!
        Organic Sprouted Wheat, Filtered Water, Organic Malted Barley, Organic Sprouted Rye, Organic Sprouted Barley, Organic Sprouted Oats, Organic Sprouted Millet, Organic Sprouted Corn, Organic Sprouted Brown Rice, Fresh Yeast, Organic Wheat Gluten, Sea Salt.

      • Marge (to Kimberly)

        So…is sprouted wheat gluten free ?

  6. Jim Steed

    Food Babe,
    I enjoy reading your blog, you are performing a valuable service.
    The recipe looks delicious, but why are you still eating eggs? Hope you will consider
    a vegan diet at some point.

    • Beth (to Jim Steed)

      Yes..I agree! Was so sad to see eggs in this recipe (feathers,beak and all in that egg u kno? Lol!) …but the photo glamorizing the dead pig flesh with all those nasty carcinogens and toxic’on food babe.. don’t lower your standards…!!

      • Ozzie (to Beth)

        I agree and cannot stand to see bacon either, very healthy plate then bacon, people need to let go of what is not needed.

      • Mary Haynes (to Ozzie)

        Turkey bacon any better?

      • Ronald Stamm (to Beth)

        Come one now. Eggs are unfertilized so life has not yet begun with them. There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Would love to hear your comments though.

      • Beth (to Ronald Stamm)

        Nothing wrong except all that cholesterol in that lil innocent looking yellow eye (egg) and we are learning from Dr Collin Campbell that the use of animal products promotes tumor growth and other health problems (watch “Forks Over Knives)

    • Crystal (to Jim Steed)

      I don’t think it’s really fair to openly condemn her for using eggs, when she clearly is very conscious and OPEN about what she eats. I guess I just get bothered by reading comments like this. In this country we are fortunate to have choices. This is the only reason we can be so discriminate against foods we do and don’t want/prefer to eat. To be totally honest, I grew up on a farm, I ate the eggs from our very loved chickens- just as my 75 year old Farmer grandfather did. I buy organic chicken eggs and just trust they are better based on organic farming standards. My prayers and thanks to God over my food is the most important as clearly we can only do so much to “protect” ourselves especially if we are not harvesting the food ourselves.

      • Jim Steed (to Crystal)

        Crystal, your response is a little harsh. I certainly wasn’t condemning her, I was simply questioning her choices.

      • Mary (to Crystal)

        Dr. Mercola says there is nothing wrong with eating range free eggs organically fed of course . Eggs contain lecithin which lowers cholesterol. It is a very healthy thing to eat .

    • Tati (to Jim Steed)

      She was cooking for her in-laws. Clearly, they’re not vegans. I think it’s great she’s providing a flexible means for everyone to be healthy without resorting to a drastic lifestyle change.

    • Michele (to Jim Steed)

      I wonder if this recipe can be veganized?

  7. frank Di Costanzo

    your english is fine.I also learned from immigrant parents

  8. Valerie

    Wonderful twist on a recipe that I have tried before – but never with sprouted live bread! Sounds so good. Can’t wait to try. Thank you, Foodbabe! P.S. I’ll look here on your site and see if perhaps you’ve already addressed this, but I am searching for a healthy milk alternative. I don’t want to do soy. Have tried coconut – but all of the store bought brands have carrageenan added. I am thinking it’s time to learn how to make my own nut milk. Any advice or thoughts on this? Thank you, so, so much!

    • Elizabeth Milo (to Valerie)

      Valerie, Whole Foods’s 365 almond milk doesn’t have carageenan but it does have locust bean gum and some other gum. I know everyone loves to make their own but milk, but every time I have tried, it’s gone sour overnight. Rice milk, although a grain and pure sugar, has no gums and is delicious.

  9. Mallory

    What bread do you recommend for someone who is gluten free?

  10. trissy

    Sorry that you got a negative response about the bacon, I was glad to see that you aren’t a foody snob and arent judging what other people choose to eat. It is compassionate of you to consider your dads likes and you made the best choice you could make in choosing a meat. Also I love the way you write and I cant believe people are critical enough to correct you!:( Anyway I to love Ezekial bread and I wondered if you have ever tried making it yourself? I would really like to try making it sometime.

  11. June

    This recipe looks amazing. I wil definitely make it. Thanks also so much for the tip about Ezekiel breads. Nice to know. I just read the book “Wheat Belly”; it talks about how breads these days are not made the same as they were when our ancestors ate bread. From your description, it sounds like their brand is like “old style” bread… Also, I LOVE your dinner ware. It is beautiful! What is the pattern?

  12. Stacie

    I also don’t mind the eggs/bacon. To each his (or her) own. I’m not a huge meat lover, but I do cook it for my family and eat it about once every 1-2 days. I can’t wait to try this!

  13. Rachel W.

    Though I do eat eggs on occasion, I am primarily vegan and wonder if you (or someone on this thread) had a suggestion for an egg replacer for this recipe (because it looks amazing, and I would love to try it). I know bananas, applesauce, etc. are good alternatives, but I guess I’m wondering what might be the best alternative for this particular recipe. Applesauce, maybe, since the recipe already calls for apples?

  14. Karen E.

    I enjoy your blog and think you are doing a wonderful job of helping people to make healthier food choices. I would not worry about those who find it necessary to try to correct your English. That seems to be kind of petty and do they have nothing better to do!! I focus on all the positive information that you provide!!. Also, I am glad that you showed the photo of the bacon, Each person has different beliefs and convictions about food choices and you choose an organic bacon and prepared it in the oven, Not everyone is a vegan or believes that is the healthiest diet. I do think we should should recognize that we all have different unique biochemical needs.I know some people who were vegans and did not do well on those diets but felt much better once they added meat back to their meals.I appreciate all the information you provide!!

  15. Shandra

    That looks fabulous! Does anyone have an opinion on Alpine Valley brand bread?

  16. Kristine-Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    OMG!! You “killed” your bacon!! ;) Sorry. I love to tease people that do that to their bacon. I do it with love. I am excited to try this French Toast!! Thanks for all the great resources that you provide us with as well as great recipes!

  17. Charity

    Is the refrigeration step absolutely necessary, or was it just for convenience so you wouldn’t have to get up as early? We like to have “brinner” (breakfast for dinner) sometimes. Just wondering if I’d have to make this earlier in the day or not.

  18. Susan Mihalik

    I have been trying to get healthy for sometime. Have had a heart attack and I have arthritis.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Otis (to Susan Mihalik)

      Susan Mihalik, off topic response…have you tried Astaxanthin supplement for heart and arthritis? Go to Dr. Mercola’s site and do some research.

  19. Ashley

    This looks so delicious! Will be making this very soon and vegans c’mon even if you don’t eat bacon, doesn’t the smell make you want to give it all up? I love bacon! Sorry about the negative posts, also eggs are one of the healthiest proteins you can eat if you get them from a reliable source, which I know you do.

    • Jack (to Ashley)

      No. It does not want me to eat bacon. Why would you consume it? It is proven to not be healthy for you. I almost feel like I am someone protesting fast food in the 80’s. “What? Why not eat it? It’s ready to go!” – Yeah…and it will give you all kinds of ailments. What is the vegan version? Flax, applesauce? Anyone? Oh and eggs have cholesteral. Your body does not need it. It makes all it needs on its own. I’d bet that there are plenty more sources of protein that are better. Can you say beans? Leafy greens? Anything else? Meat and animal products are not good for you. Research some and you will find out how you are destroying your body with food. Cancer, diabetes, allergies…none of this has to exist, but eating the way you do will keep it alive.

      • Rebecca (to Jack)

        Totally false information. Eggs, and all other meats are all healthful foods. Humans have been eating them since we evolved. What we didn’t eat we’re the hormones and preservatives that are now in processed foods. That is what’s causing the health crisis in our country now.

      • Crystal (to Jack)

        So Jack, please inform me then. What is the purpose for a chicken egg? Again, we have choices in this country so we are fortunate to exercise the power to do so whenever we please. My best advice for you is to lead by example and just be happy letting people be. You make your choice, allow others to make theirs without judgement. Sometimes people eat what they eat because thats what they can afford. I work in ghettos and places where there are hardly any grocery stores- well none like WFM and such. Only a liquor stores on every block, expiered food bakeries etc. And most of the folks in the area are 3rd generation poverty level families and pretty much are just happy with eating. So again I say I am glad you can eat what you wish and be discriminate about it but others cannot, or choose differerent, believe otherwise and so we live on.

  20. Kristine-Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    Where are the people that are vilifying bacon getting their information from?

  21. Sheryl

    Yum. I’ve GOT TO try this!

  22. May

    Hello Food babe,

    That dish looks soooo good! However my son is allergic to eggs and he loves French toast, can I substitute the eggs with something else that is healthy (real food)?
    Also what almond milk brands do you recommend?

    Thank you for always posting valuable info! And I thought I was eating healthy until I started following your blog!

  23. Sharla

    I have been craving french toast and have some Ezekile bread in the freezer now!! What a great idea – thanks!

  24. Marlee

    Hi! Found your blog the other day, and based on some of the things on your “about” page and a couple recipes I looked at, quickly assumed you follow a plant-based vegan diet. Guess that isn’t the case, but I’m still very interested in learning all I can about what’s “lurking in my food,” so I’ll stick around for now and see what kinds of things you post about food additives, etc. I noticed Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s book, “The China Study,” on your list of recommended reading, which clearly outlines how a diet higher in animal fat and protein translates to higher rates of cancer and other diseases. A year ago I switched from a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet to a plant-based vegan diet in an effort to decrease inflammation contributing to a chronic health condition. It worked, and I am much better. Not only that, my acne has cleared up and I lost that annoying 5-7 pounds I didn’t need. I think there is a far stronger link between diet and health than any of us even realizes. For anyone wanting to veganize this recipe, just do a google search for vegan baked French toast, and several options come up that will give you ideas. The ones I’ve seen use a blended mixture of silken tofu with fruit and spices as a batter to pour over the bread, in place of an egg mixture. Here’s a pumpkin baked French toast that looks pretty good. Seems like an apple butter could be used similarly. Anyway, love the toasted walnuts in your recipe! Looks delicious!

    • Food Babe (to Marlee)

      Marlee – I eat about a 90% plant based diet (see tab Everyday Eats for a glimpse at my meals) – For myself, I don’t believe in being vegan, just to be vegan. I agree with most of the findings in the China Study, however, having bacon (probably twice a year) that is organic and nitrate free allows flexibility without unnecessary restrictions. Besides – when I travel, I like to enjoy local cuisine and sometimes that includes meat and/or dairy products. We are only on this planet once – and I want to enjoy it with as much freedom as possible, while avoiding as many of the very toxic/chemicals in our food supply as possible.

      • Ozzie (to Food Babe)

        Meat and dairy industry is one of the most EVIL and money hungry industries in the WORLD and they put GMOs and nasty stuff in their products and from what I see you are a huge advocate against gmos and labeling them. Being said consuming meat and dairy even a little not only provides ZERO benefit to you but also supports the evil industries that you are fighting against. Seems as though your more about traveling seeing the world and having fun, and you use the raw food world or community to help you with that.

      • Marlee (to Ozzie)

        I agree fully with your comment, (although I didn’t understand your last sentence,) but do not agree with the tone you use to make your point. I can almost picture you poised with a baseball bat, ready to attack anyone who even THINKS of eating meat! :( This is not the spirit which is going to appeal to people who eat animal foods, and cause them to want to research it more for themselves. We are all at a different place in our journey of discovering what’s best for our health and the environment. The corruption in the big agriculture companies and the research documenting improved health from eliminating animal foods from one’s diet needs to be talked about, but please consider taking a kinder approach so more people will actually hear you.

      • Ronnie-Lea (to Marlee)

        Very well said Marlee

      • Marlee (to Food Babe)

        How nice of you to respond! Was not expecting that. I still haven’t had time to look at your blog fully, but after clicking on your “everyday eats” tab, it does appear that plant foods are the majority of your diet, which is wonderful. Looks like you eat way better than I do for the most part!! :) You are absolutely right about there being no reason to be vegan, JUST to be vegan. But, there ARE a number of excellent reasons people choose to be vegan. For me, health is the number one reason, but I’m thrilled that a vegan diet is kinder to animals and healthier for our planet. If I hadn’t had a health crisis a year or so ago, I would likely still be eating eggs and dairy, because that’s what I was used to. But after having made the switch, and researching into it some, I don’t think I could recommend eating meat, eggs, or dairy now — not to mention the improvement in my condition that I’ve noticed. The extra saturated fat and cholesterol you get in these foods, by itself, is enough to make me want to avoid them now. Clearly, you eat WAY healthier than the average American. Who knows, maybe there aren’t any serious negative health effects from animal foods when your diet is 90% plant-based. I’m just not willing to risk anything. Interested to read what you’ve posted on GMO’s and other topics when I have time.

      • Tanya (to Marlee)

        saturated fats and cholesterol are important for our bodies functions. It’s all the manufactured fats and oils that you want to avoid. If meat and fat were so bad for you, how do the Inuit or the Samburu survive on mostly meat, fat and dairy (Samburu)? Eat the right fat and you nourish the whole body.

      • Marlee (to Tanya)

        You’re right in that fats and cholesterol are essential to our health, for proper functioning of our organs and such. But as it turns out, research shows a well-balanced plant-based diet is all any of us needs to get all these necessary things. There are plenty of healthy fats in plant-based foods. And we do not need any more cholesterol than what our own bodies make. Millions of people out there are on a statin drug to lower their cholesterol, not to mention all the other pills many people take for other ailments. In my mind, something’s not right with that picture. As to the more tribal people you mentioned, it’s my understanding that yes, they survive, but they are actually not very healthy people. Life spans are short, with higher rates of diabetes and heart disease, etc. Cannot remember where I read that. Glad you are questioning these things.

      • Marlee (to Tanya)

        I should’ve mentioned a website I highly recommend for information on nutritional research. It is the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Website is Also, Tons of wonderful information, based on research. Believe me, I’m someone who wants to see the proof of things! :)

      • nancy (to Food Babe)

        The books by Arnold Ehret and Dr. Christopher are very specific about a “mucousless” diet which heals the body. Fasting and juices are also used. There are cures for cancer in the herb kingdom, and many people have been cured by them. Thank-you, Food Babe, for increasing our awareness of foods in our cities.

      • bob itboobity ( to Ozzie) (to Food Babe)

        I Eat tons of Pork, poultry, beef, i slaughter it all my self. i feed it all organic food. this isnt a place for you to school anyone on what they eat. this is a place to enlighten. your tone is very disturbing and your lessons are not being heard or enlightening anyone. they only insite a confrontation. im going to make some Bacon and crumble it into my tomato bisque soup. all from my garden. Ozzie, do you shop in a super market. if you do your supporting the most evil empire in the world. Big Agra and GMA. how dare you!

  25. Powel

    Thanks for this, Food Babe! I will try this sometime soon. I appreciate all you do and I have learned a lot from you. The latest thing you’ve taught me is to make my own hummus.

  26. Tanya

    I’m glad to see that you do serve/eat meat and eggs once in a while. not all of us want to be, or do well, on a vegan/vegetarian diet. I, for one, try to listen to my body and eat what I feel it needs in a particular season. Right now, as a lactating mother of 3 who runs and works out most days, I’m finding that I need to eat meat each day – in small amounts, and organic/grass fed/pastured of course. But this is what I feel my body needs right now. And I have lost weight and my skin has cleared up, just as some have said they have on a plant based diet – which shows that different people have different needs and we should all respect that. I also want to enjoy my food, we are indeed only here once. Thanks for a great recipe, my kids will LOVE this!

  27. Courtney

    Thank you for a great breakfast recipe! I can’t wait to try it. Do I have to use the bread you used (I would write the name but don’t remember how to spell it and don’t want the grammar police fixing my error-ha!)? I don’t have that bead but gave some homemade woke wheat bread.

  28. Mama Jenn

    This looks AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to try it!
    And for those knocking foodbabe for her bacon and eggs..GET A LIFE! Everyone eats different levels of “real foods”, and she can eat bacon and eggs from time to time and still look as great as she does, then heck…I need to start eating some bacon and eggs XP
    Don’t let the “holier than thou” vegans get you down, Foodbabe! You rock ;)

    • Marlee (to Mama Jenn)

      Thanks for the laugh. I had the same thought. Maybe I WOULD eat bacon and eggs if it could make me look like Food Babe! :) Hmmmmm . . . . . . . . . I’m only a year into eating vegan, and like I said somewhere else above, I acknowledge that we’re all at a different point in the path of learning about nutrition and health. I don’t believe in knocking anyone for what they do or don’t eat and, in fact, it upsets me when other vegans try to do that. The more you learn though, it does inform the choices you make. I’m new to this blog and am excited to read more about things like food additives. I am so frustrated by food labels nowadays!!!!

    • Morks Saloon (to Mama Jenn)

      AMEN, Mama Jen ;) My bacon and eggs are pastured with love by the Pennsylvania Amish. And they are organic. And they are GOOD!! :)

      • Sara (to Morks Saloon)

        I raise my own organic soy free chickens. .we love the eggs and Butcher our own!

  29. Shandra

    Just threw this together to bake in the morning. Can’t wait!

  30. Heather Walker

    This was breakfast today! While it was tasty, I’m wondering if it’s normal for baked french toast to have a mushy, somewhat runny center? I baked it for 35 min. and then for 10 min. more uncovered thinking it needed to be a little more set. I’m having company soon and want to work out any kinks worked out.

    • Erin (to Heather Walker)

      I love my french toast mushy! You can use more bread or less milk to make it drier. Cooking it longer helps, too. You can also try leavin your bread out to get stale or toasting it beforehand to dry it out. Just somehow reduce the liquid :-)

  31. Karen

    Thanks for the recipe. I cut in half for two and used oatmeal whole wheat bread. Ezekiel bread is too expensive for me at this time. I purchase breads at the “day old” bakery. And I had apples from my gleaning group. sometim es you have to pick and choose your battles between eating healthy and the budget, then just do what’s best for your family. I appreciate your encouragement and tips on healthy eating, unlike the food nazis who try to beat us over the head with it!!

    • Crystal (to Karen)

      wonderful comment! Balance and choose with what you are able.

  32. Maribel Figueroa

    I made this one the other day for breakfast, the only thing i change was the eggs I only used 3. I was crazy looking for ezekiel bread till finally found it in my local natural health store it was delicious, my kids love this recipe Im defenetly making this recipe again. thank you Vani

  33. coinailiarots

    I discovered your blog site on google and check a couple of of your early posts. Continue to keep up the quite superb operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading much more from you later on!

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  34. Karen Myers

    I tried this the other morning, the taste was good, but like another reader my family and I found the center to be runny and soggy. We tried putting it back in the oven without a cover for longer and that didn’t seem to help. any suggestions?

  35. Carmon

    I veganized this recipe and it turned out amazing! I altered a few things as well. I actually only let it soak for 30 minutes this morning, not overnight and it still came out great.
    • 10 slices bread
    • 1½ cups vanilla almond milk
    • 1 TBS corn starch or arrow root mixed with 2 TBS cold water
    • 2 TBS ground flax seed mixed with ¾ cup warm water
    • Or 2 TBS Flax/ 1 TBS Chia mixed with ¾ cup warm water
    • ¼ cup raw agave
    • 3 apples thinly sliced
    • ½ cup raisins
    • ½ cup nuts chopped
    • 1 tsp vanilla
    • ¼ tsp sea salt
    • ¼ tsp nutmeg
    • 1 TBS cinnamon
    1. The night before, in a bowl beat flax mixture, milk, raisins, vanilla, sea salt, nutmeg and cinnamon together.
    2. Butter or oil in a medium sized baking dish (9 inches)
    3. Place 5 slices of bread down into dish (breaking up pieces to fit in every nook and cranny)
    4. Top layer with half of flax mixture
    5. Layer ¼ cup of nuts and half of the sliced apples on top
    6. Then repeat this process ending with apples and nuts on top
    7. Refrigerate dish overnight or at least 8 hours
    8. In morning, when ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees
    9. Bake dish for 40-50 mins covered with aluminum foil
    10. Serve with hot maple syrup mixed with butter or coconut oil (optional)

  36. Assistant to Food Babe (Krista)

    Thanks for sharing! We’ll have to try it soon.

  37. sharon

    I am just starting healthy eating habits. I’ve been all over your recipes Food Babe, and so far so good! Love Ezekiel Bread, but the most important question I have about this french toast is, is it soggy. I cannot handle soggy bread. The soaking it overnight thing is why Im afraid to try it. Everything else sounds delicious! Headed for the store tomorrow to pick up my ingredients! If someone could let me know about the soggy factor asap I would appreciate it so much!!!! Thanks for all your recipes! They have helped me so much!

  38. ricke kirk

    thank you so much for the picture of the bacon!

  39. ChristineLA

    Seriously, if bacon is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Just find a form without nitrates, and get over yourselves. It’s like all the arguments against any form of corn, anymore. You aren’t seeing the forest for the trees, People. My fondest memories of family picnics involve corn, so I’m sure as hell not keeping it from my 3 year old, on the extreme occasion. It’s corn, not napalm. Same goes for bacon, uncured with no nitrates.

  40. Carmen

    Love sprouted wheat bread (I alternate between ezekial and Alvarado street), but am curious about the extra gluten it has in the ingredient list. I thought too much gluten isn’t good. Any thoughts?


  41. Dan

    I can only agree that this “looks” good! Having made it and ate it this past weekend, I’m sorry to report that the taste is quite underwhelming. As reported, it looked wonderful but tasted bland and boring. Not even Honey Crisp apples could save this one. And I’m a huge Ezekiel Bread fan so I was disappointed. I’ll save the Ezekiel Bread for peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

  42. Malisa

    Thanks FoodBabe! I just made this and it’s sooo good. I love your recipes and plan on tackling all of them.

  43. Janet

    I don’t know why, but assumed you were a vegetarian. I was startled to see the bacon.

  44. Jamie

    I made this Christmas morning and it was delicious. So easy also!!! Love the recipes you share.

  45. Patty

    Please talk about the wheat we are eating today….is it GMO or is it safe if you mill your own? How would I know if my wheat berries are ok? I thought GMO’s were illegal in the U.S.

    • tony turano (to Patty)

      gmo are legal here and in Everything we eat unless it states non gmo.. on top of that non gmo dosent mean organic. they still use chemical pesticides and fertilizers on non gmo.. only organic is organic fertilized and organic pest control. the only thing illegal in the USA is organic can not contain gmos.

  46. Delana

    Eggs have gotten a bad rap for far too long! Natures perfect protein! Not sure why all the rotten comments about the eggs (no pun intended)! Get with it people! There is nothing bad about an egg! Choose cage free and it’s even better! :)

  47. LINDA


    • nancy (to LINDA)

      Carageenan has been proven to cause cancer in rats. A long time ago (at least 10 years.)

    • nancy (to LINDA)

      Carageenan has been proven to cause cancer in rats. We have benefitted from this research for over 10 years or so.

  48. Patsy

    Thanks for the recipe, I think I’ll give it a try in the coming days. I haven’t read all the posts so someone may have already addressed this. I use the Whole Food 365 brand of gluten free raisin bread. I must admit I have not read the label. I do know the first ingredient is brown rice. It’s very tasty when toasted. I’ve tried the Ezekiel breads and it’s like eating cardboard for me. When I eat bread I want it to taste something like bread and that doesn’t to me.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and making our lives better for it.

  49. serena

    I have a question. Is Ezekiel bread made with non-gmo wheat? I’m just curious. New to this whole thing. Are your recipies non-gmo?


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