The Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie That Will Heal You From The Inside Out

I have been battling a tailbone injury on and off for the last 3 years. When I fell on it 3 years ago, all the nerves surrounding my spine and lower back felt like they were on FIRE! I was traveling for work at the time, and had to be pumped full of morphine just to get on the plane back home. I was bedridden for 3 weeks and miserable. And to top it off, my tailbone doctor said I only had one option for relief – removing my tailbone. Hearing his prognosis was devastating to me, because it meant that I would be unable to sit for at least 3 months and endure lots of physical therapy to regain muscle and strength in my body, not mention having a very expensive surgery, having to take lots of prescription drugs, and missing work and life. So instead of going under the knife, I told him and myself – I can heal myself naturally. And I did it through rest, diet and regular acupuncture treatments (yes – needles right into my butt!).

But then I fell again and re-injured the same spot. Oops.


Needless to say, I went straight to acupuncture and will continue on the same path of recovery. I’ll be taking my turmeric supplements and not running or jumping for a while, doing lots of elliptical, stair-stepping, and walking and low impact exercise like Barre. I’ll be having lots and lots of anti-inflammatory foods, so I can make sure my body is healing to its best capacity. That means limiting white flour, sugars, processed foods, etc. and eating lots of plant-based foods like in the Eating Guide Program.

One of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods is ginger. Studies are coming out left and right, showing that ginger is more powerful than even drugs. Drugs like Advil, Aleve and Tylenol only work on one level to “block the formation of inflammatory compounds.  Ginger, on the other hand, blocks the formation of the inflammatory compounds–prostaglandins and leukotrienes–and also has antioxidant effects that break down existing inflammation and acidity in the fluid within the joints.”

Throwing a big hunk of ginger into my daily green smoothies has been the best idea ever. I’ll be having this smoothie after my low-impact workouts. This smoothie uses hemp protein powder which is one of the most incredible sources of easily digestible protein that isn’t acid forming. For those that want to try this type of protein – I buy Nutiva hemp because I vote with my dollars. Nutiva is a rock star company who supports GMO labeling and transparency in the food system (my investigations!), and they have given over 1.5 million dollars towards supporting sustainable agriculture.

If you are battling an aliment or just want to feel good – this smoothie rocks. The addition of cranberries helps reduce water weight too – a little aesthetically pleasing benefit that makes you look good too.

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Food Babe's Ginger Berry Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 3 tablespoons Nutiva hemp protein powder
  • 2 inch piece of ginger (peeled if not organic)
  • 2 cups of leafy greens (kale, collards, romaine, spinach, chard, etc.)
  • 1 cup of celery
  • 1 cup of mixed frozen berries of your choice (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, etc)
  • ½ cup filtered water
  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend for 1 min or until smooth
  2. Serve immediately or store in airtight container for up to 1 day
***Please choose all organic ingredients if possible***



If you see me out and about, I’ll be the girl sitting on the donut pillow. Please don’t laugh.

In hopes of healing fast,

Food Babe


P.S. If you know someone who is popping pills left and right, share this recipe with them – I know they will be forever grateful.




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261 Responses to “The Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie That Will Heal You From The Inside Out”

  1. Jan Gordon

    I feel for you! I am trying to mend my Spondylolisthesis, which I have recently found out has progressed to a borderline 3, 3 being the worst. I will try this in hopes that I will have to use less Tylenol to stave off the pain so that I can sleep. Thank you for posting this! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    • Jude (to Jan Gordon)

      I am A bowenwork practitioner the work does help these conditions, I have seen people regenerate, heal it is possible be well.

      • Jan Gordon (to Jude)

        Hi there Jude!
        Please can you give me more information on what you do? I have never heard of a bowenwork practitioner. I am very interested in the process and how or why you think that this can heal my Spondylolisthesis.

    • jmury (to Jan Gordon)

      Have you tried a well educated massage therapy yet for your spinal alignment issue? With continued therapy and massage it maybe possible to change the course of your spine.

  2. Vikram Karkhanis

    Hi Vani (वानी)

    Your name has lot of importance in Sanskrit,I like your articles and I share and recommend my friends to read.

    My food love connect me to आयुर्वेदा ( Ayurveda) from childhood, starts from growing own vegetables in small area below apartment :)

    I would request you to please let us the how western countries use wheatgrass in food.



  3. Deanna

    I have become really interested in your post, blogs, and info. We are not a family that eats healthy on a regular basis but with 2 boys (5 & 7) we try to actively make small changes to better their health. For our oldest fruits and veggies have to be snuck in. I have always been able to counter brownies with a bag of spinach and blueberries. There are a few other tricks that we can get by with but was wondering if you had any tips on how to make him a “Chocolate Smoothie” using these same ingredients? Thanks for any help :) Good luck with your injury!

    • Jennifer (to Deanna)

      Just look up chocolate veggie smoothies online. There are hundreds of good recipes. Also, there are tons of ways to sneak veggies into everything from pasta sauce to brownies.

    • sandy (to Deanna)

      Jessica Seinfeld has healthy recipies with veggie puree in her cookbooks

  4. Jenni

    How much turmeric do you recommend taking daily? I take 1capsule in the morning… Trying the heel my plantar facchiaitis. Chronic pain is no joke!

    • Fred (to Jenni)

      I too suffered from plantar fasciitis for two years before I got some custom insoles for my shoes from a lady in Novato, Ca. Best $70 dollars I ever spent, pain was gone in very short time. As for turmeric, I would take much more along with ginger. I don’t think you can O.D. on those herbs. Cheers

  5. Nick

    Hi all – A lot of people here talking about the wonderful Turmeric root supplement, I just wanted to share with them my findings of Curcumin. Curcumin is found in the Tumeric root and is what’s responsible for relieving pain and inflammation in Turmeric. (Think concentrated Tumeric benefits). It is 10 times more powerful than taking Turmeric itself. Google Curcumin BCM-95 (that’s the best method which it is best extracted) to learn more. I’ve found 2 manufactures that use the process although there may be more. It’s really good stuff – taking one capsule a day would bring the health benefits of eating curry in every meal!


    • Judy (to Nick)

      Glad to see your post…have wanted to get it at local health food store, but had no comments as to how it worked. Any other responses?

    • Tray (to Nick)

      Do you have any thoughts on whether a turmeric supplement would be safe to take during pregnancy?

      • Nick (to Tray)

        Hi Judy & Tray – There are many benefits of taking Curcumin, and many studies showing it is able to prevent and reverse:

        – Cancer
        – Depression & Dementia
        – Digestive disorders
        – Diabetes
        – Pain & Arthritis
        – Heart Disease

        and many more! From my reading, it is OK to take during pregnancy however as with all things you take it is best to check with your doctor first.

        If you are looking for a great book on Curcumin, I recommend “Curcumin The 21st Century Cure” by Jan McBarron M.D., N.D. You’ll be amazed by what this herb supplement is capable of.

        Hope that helps!

    • Jean Murphy (to Nick)

      Can you share the manufactures? I have been looking for a week trying to find a healthy curcumin and I am very discouraged.

      • Nick (to Jean Murphy)

        Sure thing. And thanks for asking, your request made me pull out my book again and reread/refresh the benefits!

        The 2 I have found and tried are Terry Naturally and Life Extension. While Life Extension only carries the plain Curcumin BCM-95 (comes in clear capsules, powder form), Terry Naturally offers the plain (comes in softgel, yellow liquid) as well as some in combination with various herbs and such that are tailored for specific ailments. There are 10 varieties in total on their site including CuraMin for chronic pain and CuraMin PM for pain that keeps you awake at night. There have been numerous scientific studies and research backing up these claims that you can read for yourself.

        So for me, that’s the one I choose. Plus it’s good for animals as well. I’ve been giving it to my dog (she’s my only child and a huge part of my family) followed with a treat. When I fed her the Life Extension brand, it came back up within a half hour as yellow liquid (usually on the white carped). Took me a few times to figure it out because stomach bile is yellow to begin with. But she hasn’t had any issues whatsoever with Terry Naturals. I already had read enough to decide, but that was more icing on the cake.

        The book is only $5 on amazon. It’s not very big, but it’s interesting to read (well written and easy to understand). So much packed into such a small thing, I actually misquoted you on the potency (again thanks for the request!)… From the book – Curcumin BCM-95 is up to 1000% more bio-available than Curcumin standarized to 95% – that means that the BCM-95 makes it roughly 10 times stronger than regular Curcumin. To get the same benefit from Tumeric supplements, you would have to take 500 capsules.

        CuraMed is Terry Naturally’s plain Curcumin and if you’re lucky enough to live by a Vitamin Shoppe, the one by me had it in stock for the same price as amazon. Either or, those two were the lowest prices I could find.

        Good luck and be well!


  6. benefits of bromelain for inflammation

    Fantastic perform! That’s the style of information that should be embraced across the world-wide-web. Humiliation around the find motor due to setting this specific post upper! Can occur through plus talk to my own web site. Many thanks Is equal to)

  7. tina

    can i use ground ginger if i don’t have fresh? if so, how much do i use compared to a 2 inch piece of fresh?

  8. Elizabeth

    I love this recipe and it is absolutely delicious…I am excited to reap the benefits

  9. Alisha

    If I use frozen cranberries in this smoothie is it okay to sweeten with stevia?

  10. Sam H

    That Ginger is rough. Anything I can do to cut that sting a little bit?

  11. Ann T

    Vani, I am a women’s health physical therapist and I treat these coccyx injuries all the time with gentle mobilization techniques. If you want to find one in your area, go to, click on ‘find a PT’ and choose Women’s Health for your search. And THANK YOU for everything you do!

  12. Leah

    New to this, just found your page. I’m curious, why the celery in the smoothie?

  13. Sara

    Food Babe, I really can’t stomach celery in my smoothies – I literally cannot get it down, it tastes so bad to me (though I love it raw!). any suggestion as to what I can use instead?

    thank you!

  14. bonny

    I just had my appendix removed three days ago and my stomach is still really swollen from surgery. Will this help?

  15. Stacey

    Try Badger Sore Muscle Rub, it’s organic and uses cayene & ginger. My Sciatic goes out when I spend way too much time on my computer. I bought this rub and cannot believe how well it works. I used to take pain pills when my sciatic acts up but no anymore!

  16. Laury

    Will go shopping today for your recipe items. Thank you. On a side note, I had coccydinia for about 3 years and couldn’t sit or lie on my back without a lot of pain. Seems that tai chi and Congolese dance classes did the healing trick for me.

  17. Jennifer

    You had me at anti-inflammatory & tailbone injury. Great product to cushion your tailbone during ab work, sitting for long periods if time, kayaking, motocross (why not?), etc..

  18. daphne

    Hi foodbabe. i use ginger tabs for my shoulder tendinitus..also boswillilia. from health food store.

  19. Cece

    Just made this today and got two of my friends to make it as well!!! I feel great and follow you religiously! Just think your helping us all inspire and change our lives as well as everyone around us!!! Forever grateful!

  20. Massage guru

    Hey girl,
    So sorry to hear about your tailbone owies. Please check into an RMT – registered massage therapist. Therapeutic massage – actual orthopedic massage in conjunction with chiropractic treatments should have you on your way to better buns!
    Therapeutic massage treats trigger points and adhesions in the muscles to realign traumatized tissue. It takes a series of treatments. By a skilled/knowledgeable RMT. Check out the body of work by James Woslowski.
    Happy Healing!!

  21. Alysha

    Anyone else get sick from hemp protein powder? I used it in a morning smoothie for 2 weeks, stopped for 2 days, went back & got sick. Gave it another week break, had it today and same thing?

    • Jennifer (to Alysha)

      Try hemp seeds instead.

    • Troi (to Alysha)

      I had the same problem. Tried hemp powder as substitute for my whey protein powder, but it gave me stomach problems. My doctor recommended that I avoid the hemp powder. After I stopped taking it, my stomach stopped hurting and never had the problem anymore.

  22. silvia

    I have a question if anyone knows the answer. I have been juicing regularly every morning with the same juice. 1 beet, 4 carrots, 4 celery, 1 cucumber, hand full of spinach, 1 lemon, 1 pear, and some kale. My question is “am I consuming too much sugar”? I’ve been reading some articles on juicing and a lot of them say that the natural sugar in fruits and vegetables can actually raise your blood glucose and make you more at risk for type 2 diabetes. Is this actually true? everyone I read has different views on the situation and I’m having trouble finding actual hard evidence on this. Please help?

  23. Alicia Serozi

    I think I out too much ginger in this!!! Whooooaaaa!

  24. Paul Deschenes

    Hey Food Babe…Quick question: for this recipe do you use Nutiva’s
    Organic Hemp Protein – Powder or their Organic Hemp Protein – Shakes? I’m anxious to try this recipe. Hope your bum bone is better!

  25. Mary Bissell

    This is just what I’ve been looking for. I fractured my arm six weeks ago and it’s been slooooooow to heal, and I’m out of my beloved morphine. The only problem is- one has to feel better before one is able to make this! ;) Thanks for the tip about the ginger. I will be totally making ginger tea, then maybe I’ll be able to make the smoothie.

  26. Jennifer

    Why not just use hemp seeds instead of the processed powders? Whole food vs processed?

  27. María

    My toddler nephew has had problems having normal bowel movements since a baby and had surgery at 6 weeks old. Is there a juice that will help him? Also I have a very picky eater of my own, 6 yrs old. Doesn’t eat her veggies n is under weight at 36 lbs. Which smoothie or juice do u recommend for her.?

  28. Debbie

    Just found you. Very interesting reads so far. I’ve been dealing with pain constantly I had 5 back surgeries within the past 2years and still no relief ! Any suggestions that I may take to get a little relief?

  29. Cindy

    I recently read about Tart Cherry extract. It’s supposed to be an amazing anti inflammatory, pain reliever, and cancer inhibitor. I got some yesterday. I can’t wait to see results.

    • Ron (to Cindy)

      I read the same thing and bought a can of tart cherries but don’t know if that is ok. It was low in sugar as the cherries are also in water, not a syrup.

  30. Ron

    The recipe has water as liquid, might almond milk be suitable as well, for more nutrients?

  31. ron

    Where does vitamin B12 hide?

  32. Ron

    Why Is protein powder in the recipe?

  33. vitamin b complex Orthomol immun junior

    Orthomol Junior C Plus omega 3 supplements for kids in my opinion you are not right i am assured. i suggest it to discuss.

  34. nubian

    This is what I’m looking for. My husband has been diagnosed with 4 herniated discs. Degenerative discs…he get hardly no sleep, but im here to tell you I am a believer that he can be totally healed with out being mislead. I can wait to see his healing manifest as we continue to go raw and with the right recipe that us fit just for him.

    • Susan (to nubian)

      Has your hobby considered acupuncture? It was and is my salvation, used it for a pinched nerve and bum knee. With a bakers cyst, that helped when western medicine did nothing!

  35. Jamie

    If you haven’t already you should check out hydrolyzed protein. Visi is the only company that has it, along with AC2. It is almost 100% absorbable, much higher than any other protein.

  36. judy

    did I overlook something or does the recipe not tell you how often you can or should fix this to drink ???

  37. Jenifer

    Quick question. The ‘soda stream’ machine. Would that be a way to get ‘ginger ale’ safely with no additives? I’ve only ‘heard’ of them but not had any product made from them.

  38. Terenty Buterin

    I’m not interesting in women smoothies because I am a man. But, I’m looking for men’s health in general. I exercise a lot and take pride in my physical condition and well being in general. I just purchased a smoothie machine and I would like to start drinking smoothie’s before exercise and after exercise. And have one dinner per day instead of eating snacks, if so good snacks. I am 64 years old and I don’t feel or look my age and would like to keep it that way in mind, body and spirit. Thank you.

  39. Linda Garrison

    I got my tailbone (coccyx bone) fixed naturally by a chiropractor. In moderate cases they can adjust it from the outside. In severe cases (like mine) it had to be adjusted from the inside. No drugs or surgery were required. That would be absolutely absurd to have surgery!

  40. dwight (to James Cooper)

    add some turmeric and rock on.

    adding black pepper helps with bioavailability.


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