Launching Subway Petition – They Will Finally Hear From Us, Loud and Clear

Join Me In Signing The Petition: Subway Stop Using Dangerous Chemicals In Your Bread! 


I have written about Subway several times – First in 2012, when I did an investigation into what exactly was in their famous low calorie and “fresh” sandwiches and then again last year when I did a deep dive into one of the most controversial ingredients used in their breads.

Not only has this company not responded, but they have ignored repeated requests by me and others to learn more about why they are using an ingredient banned all over the world. They have completely ignored us.

Then last week, Michelle Obama, The First Lady of The United States endorsed this company saying every single item on the kid’s menu met the “highest nutrition standards.

This is what broke the camels back.

Not only is the First Lady of the United States duped by this company, but millions of North Americans.

I knew I had to do something. With you.

This action is bigger than just one ingredient.  It’s about holding companies accountable for their hypocrisy and exploitation of Americans. It’s about waking up the world and telling them the truth.

Join me today – Read this petition, sign it & watch the short video and then share it with everyone you know.

We have power together to change the food system.

We’ve done it a few times now, and we are going to do it again.

Onward! Food Babe Army! 

Thank You For Making Your Voice Heard,

Vani Hari

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400 Responses to “Launching Subway Petition – They Will Finally Hear From Us, Loud and Clear”

  1. JayTee

    I worked for Subway when I was 16; I’m 41 now. All those years I had always wondered “Why does Subway bread smell like rubber??” Everyone thought I was weird and had a strange sense of smell. They’ve come to realize, especially now, that my keen sense of smell is not only right but useful: “Can you smell this for me??” I don’t mind (sometimes). :)

  2. bajar ares12

    Fantastic issues altogether, you simply received a emblem new reader. What may you suggest about your post that you just made a few days ago? Any sure?

  3. A Scientist (to Concerned)

    Is she a chemist or a chemical engineer?

  4. A Scientist (to Concerned)

    Yes, and pretty is as pretty does.

    This is worse than when politicians make decisions about what to include in science education. What company does she work for in Marketing? I’d like to boycott that.

  5. Betty (to Tim)

    Thank you, I saw both doctor and counseling during those year I ate subway. Before, I had ate healthy and was healthy all my life when I lived with my family home cook food. No American bread and American buns and ect. I started consumed subway when I move out my family home and live independently on my own and give up pizza. Doctor had prescribed me asthma inhaler and pain medication for my stomach because I was sick for half a year. I even did a chest x-ray and ultrasound on my stomach. The counselor told me to avoid unhealthy food. I been to OBGYN and have many ultasound too. My papsmear of course normal. I also pray to God to healed me because the illness was not going to go away and he did otherwise I would have been sick for life. I am more healthy thank to NaturalNews too. I make my goal to eat healthy and stay healthly.

  6. Jackie (to Cameron)

    You’re a complete nut and a joke! Critical thinking!? You obviously do not possess any thinking skills, whatsoever! Your post is evident of your ignorance! Everyone…but the ignorant, knows Government is extremely inefficient. But you are so brainwashed you can’t think straight!! Do you even have a brain?! YOU LIBERAL NUTCASE! This rhetoric only comes out of a big mouth liberal like yourself. I suggest you go get an education honey….. in a private school (LOL THEY EXIST….HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE/UNIVERSITIES). Who knew?! LOL Evidently..the public school system left you without a brain, lacking essential critical thinking skills….which by the way it’s where you suck off the American tax payer and where the teachers now do Heroine in the bathrooms!! You leech!! Do you even know anything about economics?!!! Evidently, not!! You are out of your mind if you believe that all schools and utility companies are government operated! You are the quintessential psychotic liberal… spreading your liberal diatribe BS! You liberals are the hypocrites and liars!! Just mentally ill minds!!! How can you stand yourselves?! Just to enlighten your idiotic mindset….the majority of all utilities as you state….are all private companies…not government! You name one utility company or anything that is operated by the government and that is efficient? Most are now private…no longer government operated. So I suggest you go educate yourself…pal! Many government operated companies no longer exist because of the inefficiencies and why private companies took over. It is the private sector that provides the efficiency, more than government could possibly provide…but you don’t see the reality. You too ignorant and weak minded! People like you belong in a mental institution. And by the way…I am educated YOU FRICKEN IDIOT! This is why I am smarter than you!!! Your rhetoric is appalling!!!

  7. Johnny Flash (to Cameron)

    Jackie. slam dunk Cameron
    I have a 7th Grade education
    I have my own contracting business
    you can say I am the boss

    I hire those ed-U people
    they do not think much or know how to

    I get that in my business.
    mentally retarder I have a term for them
    people who are brain dead and still are moving.
    the body does not die

  8. Ganesh (to )

    If it is really so, then why is the same ingredient not used in EU?
    Not proved to be unhealthy does not prove it is Healthy either!!! Can FDA/ any other institution that approves it safety, prove that this ingredient is healthy to the human body. What are the benefits of consuming this ingredient?


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