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Does Your Body Cleanse Itself? Is Detoxing Really A Myth?

How many times have you heard on the Internet or from an “expert” on TV, there’s no such thing as detoxing, there’s no “SCIENCE” behind it and “your body cleanses itself”? If you’ve questioned the word “detox” like many out there, then you definitely want to read this, and then decide for yourself if what they are leading you to believe is true or not. 


What do you think it REALLY means to “be healthy”? Does it mean that you are not sick? Does it simply mean the absence of disease or does being healthy mean so much more than that? Could being healthy mean that not only are you NOT sick, but you are thriving, happy, and full of energy?

I’m sure many of you agree that there is so much more to being healthy than just the absence of health problems, especially since these usually take years to surface and can remain hidden for long time. In my personal life, not only have I been able to get off of several prescription medications for eczema, asthma and allergies, but I feel better and healthier than ever! 

But what if I didn’t do anything to change my diet? What if I just believed the “experts” who said your body “detoxes naturally” – and there’s nothing you can do to make it detox any faster or better. What if I just listened to their advice and trusted that my body was going to be able to continue to detox itself just fine from all the soda, fast food and candy I was eating filled with a slew of controversial synthetic additives, pesticides and plasticizer chemicals from the packaging material – not to mention the daily exposure of suspect chemicals in water, air and the environment I was being exposed to … ?

I suppose I could have just stayed hopped up on medicine, just surviving the days, walking around like a zombie! 

One thing is clear, we might not be able to see toxins, but they are there!

Hearing the breaking news that the government has approved aerial spraying of a chemical that is banned in Europe all over Florida that is linked to neurological disorders and defects in the womb really opened my eyes. This pesticide – Naled – is “moderately to highly toxic” which degrades into dichlorvos, classified by the EPA as a “probable carcinogen”. Repeated exposures to Naled over time “may result in the same effects as acute exposure” such as respiratory problems, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, slurred speech, twitching, paralysis, convulsions and coma. It’s alarming that this toxic pesticide is routinely being sprayed all over our communities (not just in Florida) to kill mosquitoes – but this is just one example of what our regulatory bodies allow us to be exposed to on a daily basis.

Varying amounts of toxic chemicals – pesticides, heavy metals, parabens, fertilizers, herbicides, and mold – are consumed by our bodies during normal everyday life. Many of these set up shop in the body for months or years (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and are showing up in human urine and blood tests.

So how do they end up in our bodies?

Many of them come from pesticide-sprayed food, farmed fish, and food packaging materials. Besides the food we eat, everyday items like shampoo, household cleaners, plastic bottles, clothing, furniture, water, and even the air we breathe are all possible sources of toxin exposure. It has been estimated that the average person could be harboring about 500 synthetic chemicals in their bodies, and one study found that unborn babies had over 200 toxins in their umbilical cord blood – this amount of toxins is no joke!

What is a toxin?

When I say the word “toxin”, I am talking about a substance that is harmful to the body after either after a single exposure (acute) or repeated exposures over time (chronic). While we may not find ourselves at the scene of an accidental chemical leak (which would be acute exposure), all of us are being chronically exposed to low-levels of synthetic chemicals repeatedly, day after day. Low-level chronic exposures to synthetic chemicals over time have been shown to have a negative impact on health. (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).

An “unprecedented” alliance of 48 of the nation’s top scientists recently came to a consensus that the scientific evidence supports a link between exposures to toxic chemicals in our environment (which specifically include organophosphate pesticides that are sprayed on non-organic food) and neurodevelopmental disorders in children, such as autism and learning disabilities. They are calling out the chemical industry to “prove a chemical is safe, rather than waiting on the medical and scientific community to prove it is harmful” and asking that food companies get these toxins out of their supply chains so that pregnant women and children are no longer exposed. 

The problem is that your body can’t easily eliminate many of these toxins or break them down. They get stored in places like fat tissue and eventually make their way through your bloodstream and invade your brain, lungs, heart, eyes, stomach, liver, and sexual organs. Heavy metals are particularly toxic to your brain cells, where they can cause memory loss, migraines, and premature brain aging.

Anyone who eats, drinks, breathes is being exposed to these toxins, we can’t escape them. While this isn’t something to live in fear of, we shouldn’t pretend that it’s no big deal and hope that our body will take care of these toxins for us automatically. When you look at the increasing amounts chemicals invading our environment, doesn’t it just make sense to do whatever we can to mitigate the damage?

Sure, it’s true that our bodies are designed with the natural ability to detox – but that isn’t the whole story.

Our kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system, and skin are all working hard every day to process all of the substances that come into the body and to expel toxins – but they are being pushed to the brink. Even when we eat a good diet and surround ourselves with a healthy environment, the natural system in the body needs help. When our organs are overtaxed and overburdened with toxins, symptoms can creep up such as fatigue, digestion problems, bloating, and muscle aches (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and while we may appear “healthy”, this is not the true health that I’m talking about! When these symptoms go unchecked and our bodies are not able to detox optimally, we are at risk for greater health problems down the road. (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

This goes against the mainstream idea that our bodies can process all of the toxins that we are exposed to throughout our lives without any intervention on our part. Many doctors and scientists have been known to say, “your body can handle toxins on its own…” and that “detoxing is a myth…” – I know you’ve heard these claims before as they are prevalent in the media.

Which drink or food helps your liver work more efficiently? A couple of shots of vodka or green juice? A McDonald’s Super Sized Meal or pasture raised chicken with vegetables? I think you know the answer. 

An article published in the New York Times earlier this year is a perfect example of how many of the experts quoted in the media paint a different picture and steer people away from the belief that food has any ability to help you detox from poisons. Dr. James H. Grendell is quoted as saying: “The human body is well designed to eliminate wastes and toxins, and a number of organs play a role…  there is no good scientific evidence that a juice cleanse, or any other food for that matter, is particularly relevant to removing toxins”.

No good scientific evidence? That’s BS!

This article really got under my skin because I’ve seen that there is good evidence that certain foods have remarkable powers and are capable of helping your body flush toxins. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine have used detoxification and purification techniques for centuries continuing on to today – healing foods, massage, herbs, and fasting – this is not some fad.

Just a few examples of how foods can help you detox…

  • Garlic and onions are high in sulfur and compounds that help to remove heavy metals from the body and can also prevent kidney damage caused by exposure. (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) These sulfur-rich foods also help your body produce more glutathione, a critical antioxidant which latches onto and carries toxins out of the body (sources: 1, 2).
  • Sunflower seeds, avocados, and almonds are high in Vitamin E, an antioxidant shown to protect the body from methylmercury (sources 1, 2, 3). Avocados in particular can improve the health of your liver (your body’s primary detoxing organ).
  • Lemon juice stimulates the liver and helps your body flush out toxins. (sources: 1, 2). The vitamin C in lemon juice is also used by the body to produce glutathione. (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4That’s why I do this every morning!
  • Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) and pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, a mineral shown to protect the kidneys from cadmium and can eliminate the symptoms of cadmium toxicity. (sources 1, 2, 3)
  • Cilantro (also called Chinese parsley) enhances your body’s ability to detox from heavy metals such as lead and mercury. (sources 1, 2) It also has been shown to effectively purify drinking water that is contaminated with these toxins!

All of us can naturally keep our body’s detox system running optimally at very little cost or effort.

The average person doesn’t need some fancy supplement or expensive prescription, you can simply eat whole real foods that support the detox process, while avoiding things that are known to tax the liver such as toxic cooking oils (soybean, corn, canola) and sugar.

Juicing is an easy way to keep your organs working optimally!

There are specific foods that I eat every day to help my body detox – besides drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, I like to add detoxifying ingredients like dandelion greens, cilantro, and parsley to my salads and green drinks. Juicing is one way that I provide my body with a rich source of nutrients and give my digestive organs a rest. I’ve been on several green juice fasts in my life – and I come out feeling better and healthier than ever! I even put together my plan for others to try, because it is so effective – you can check it out here. 

Eating organic can reduce exposure to synthetic chemicals that overtax your body’s natural ability to cleanse

eat fresh organic produce with every meal. Choosing organic food helps me avoid organophosphate pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. My health changed dramatically when I changed my eating habits and started filling my body with organic raw whole foods from all of the colors of the rainbow – leafy greens, red beets, orange carrots, purple cabbage, blueberries… as varied as possible! It is no accident that my health improved because there is ample scientific evidence that these types of foods help support the detox process and provide optimal health!

The absolute best thing about eating this way is that the food industry hasn’t adulterated your food with industrial chemicals that you need to detox from – artificial colors, flavors, chemicals, pesticides, additives, preservatives, or BPA and other harmful packaging materials. Meal planning and cooking at home with whole real foods is one of the best ways to stay alkaline, provide your body an abundant amount of nutrients on a daily basis, and prevent disease.

If you want help eating this way, I invite you to join the Food Babe Eating Guide Program. When you join, you’ll get hundreds of pages of my tested tricks and tips to make healthy eating mindless, and a monthly meal plan full of Food Babe approved recipes and guidelines to help you detox naturally every day.

You’ll also get exclusive how-to videos and access to live group check-ins with me, where you can ask me anything. I hope to see you there! Here’s where to join and download your guides

Watch out for commercial detox potions, powders and concoctions – make sure to research each ingredient carefully!

Of course there are people who will take advantage of the fact that our bodies are full of unwanted chemicals and will try to sell you some magic pill or potion for a solution. These people give the words “detox”, “toxin” and “cleanse” a bad rap. Remember to research anything you decide to put in your body carefully. 

If anyone tells you that detoxing is a “myth” or if you know someone who would love some tips about how to detox from all of the toxic chemicals in our lives, please share this post with them! 



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60 responses to “Does Your Body Cleanse Itself? Is Detoxing Really A Myth?

  1. I have been , for want of a better term “detoxing” for more than fifty years and am now in my eighties and believe me cleaning the inside of your body (system) is more important than keeping the outside clean and actually if eating correctly is quite simple. Food Babe, you offer some very important and valuable info . I personally thank you..

    1. Detoxing our body really matters. Results are amazing. And after changing my life and my family’s life I wanted to inspire everyone to make healthy choice. Because health is just a choice. That’s why I became a Health Coach.

  2. I live in Florida and people have very little concern over chemicals here. It’s live and let live. All of our communities are awash in carcinogenic RoundUp. People hire pest control companies and have the inside and outside of their homes sprayed down often, even when it’s against our community rules. Mind you, they never ask what chemical is being used and look to see its safety record. They just don’t care. As long as there is a weed, and an unwanted ant or bug, they want it gone and now! Many people have been chemically injured by pesticides, but this does nothing to stop people. It’s that ignorance or that, it can’t happen to me attitude. I wonder if Naled is being sprayed just in Miami, or all over the state? If this keeps up, I have to get out of here. My neighbor’s are already abusing me on social media for trying to bring an awareness of all the toxic chemicals in laundry products. These chemicals are entering my home and making me sick. When I complain, the abuse begins. My hat off to you, Foodbabe because you have to endure so many naysayers and detractors. Thank you for your major contributions and for bringing awareness and social responsibility to everyday people.

    1. Oh dear, that does sound terrible! People need to rise up against governing officials and the bad decisions that effect everyone’s health. I was just speaking about this earlier today with some people. It is overwhelming and people feel helpless and hopeless.
      You may want to look into ASEA. Redox signaling molecules help the cells detect damage; they then can repair and if they don’t or can’t repair they go into apoptosis and are replaced with healthy cells. Healthy cells = healthy body.
      ASEA is my best defense against horrid environmental toxins. ASEA allows the body to produce/ activate 500 – 800% more Glutathione, which is the mother of antioxidants.

      1. Thank you, Sandy. The problem is the apathy of the average citizen. They don’t care unless their health is suddenly compromised. I was severely chemically injured from moving into a new home with so many toxic building materials. I warned young friends who wanted to build new homes to be careful. They didn’t listen. They want new homes, understandably. But the health implications can be devastating as I can attest. So, they built a toxic home, and an autoimmune illness occurred in the husband. Not sure about the new baby or the wife because the issue of chemicals put a damper on our relationship. The majority of my community will attack if you bring up one chemical issue. They are enjoying themselves and don’t have time for “negativity”. Why do people think it’s ok to eat pesticides, spray them into our communities, vaccinate the hell out of kids, and then expect nothing to go wrong? It’s mind-blowing. I want to educate but getting verbally abused doing it is taking its toll on me. I think I’m just going to concentrate on getting myself well, and forget the rest.

    2. John, I feel your pain! People just don’t get it. They won’t connect the dots when it comes to the fact that our bodies are very efficient self-healing machines, that, when you bombard it with toxins at some point, the body will produce disease. But people blame the body. They don’t want to take accountability for their behaviors that cause much suffering of the body. People want to look at you cross-eyed when you try and educate them. They think we make this stuff up. It’s sad, because we have to suffer for their choices and more and more we’re getting caught up in that web of ignorance! I wish you the best. I think you should definitely move!

    3. Tomatoland is a great book that really opened my eyes to what it really means to be part of our ‘food industrial complex’. I have had a working knowledge of basic chemisty and viewed a lot of the push for organic food and clean eating as either fads or deceptive sale practices from the likes of ‘Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About’ from know charlatan Kevin Trudeau. This book goes into what the tomato industry does to keep this simple fruit looking pretty but at the cost of taste, nutrition, and intense human suffering from the farm workers. Florida is allowed to use methyl bromide a known tetracycline which means it effects your genes including the haploids or sex cells. It’s why an activist looking into labor conditions found two female tomatoe pickers birthed babies without any arms or legs!!! Who knows what has been swept under the rug beforehand.

    4. John, I moved from South Florida to Santa Fe, NM and what a difference! You are right about Florida! Just walking down the street and getting a whiff of neighbors’ laundry made me ill. Walking into a store made me ill. I find that here in NM even though the chemical sensitivity I’ve endured is still there (public restrooms and the detergent aisle in the grocery store remind me), it’s nothing like south Florida. And, in Florida I too was ridiculed when I spoke up. People are blind and can’t even entertain the idea of giving up their beloved Roundup and household chemicals. That’s why they abuse, because they can’t bear to change and they really and truly are blind.
      Regarding detox, glutathione helped with the chemical sensitivity, plus keeping the gut clean with probiotics and alkalizing. We sensitives need to make detoxing a constant daily practice. I stopped eating inflammatory foods too, such as grains and beans, and practiced talking to my brain about freaking out when exposed, and not letting myself be so enraged at ignorant people (that’s inflammatory to the body as well). The mind work can be very, very effective for us. It’s a huge challenge for me to not feel victimized, but I work on it because of the defensive and tensing chemicals it creates in our bodies. Overall, best remedies I’ve come up with is eating organic, glutathione, vitamin C, lemon and alkalizing food, anti-inflammatory food, developing communication with my brain (hypothalamus, amygdala that send messages to the rest of the body to freak out at the chemicals), becoming emotionally stronger (feeling more personally powerful and valuable), and getting out of south Florida (would Gainesville be better?). Miami won’t get better, and you will be constantly assaulted by chemicals and ignorance as long as you’re there. Note all the car fumes as well…
      My warmest prayers to you as you recover. You are not alone!
      I join you in saluting Food Babe for being a voice for all of us. Thanks, Food Babe! Love the work you do on our behalf! Keep making the public noise about toxins!! Thanks too for your suggestions, and to the other commenters too with their good ideas. This information is life-saving and I’m very grateful to all of you.

    5. Having recently moved to Florida 1 year and 8 months ago, I can truly say I can’t wait to leave for this reason. Complete disregard for health and environment due to overuse of toxic chemicals, pest sprays, etc…it’s quite sad, actually.

  3. Vani,
    Cilantro is a great heavy metal detoxifier but it must be taken with chlorophyll. Cilantro pulls out the metals but it needs something to which to bind in order to leave the system…and that is chlorophyll.

  4. Vani,
    You need to start talking about vaccines. Vaccines are loaded with toxic chemicals and it’s causing so many health issues. Thanks!

    1. Right on! Jersey Girl! You said it. I know several people, including family members that have been injured by vaccines.

  5. Wow Vani, this is great stuff! I just finished reading “Food Forensics” written by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and he definitely has proven that much of our food, even organic, is tainted with heavy metals, agricultural toxins, industrial waste, and Pharmacological waste, so continuous detox is not only a good idea, it may be critical for our long-term survival. Thank you very much for spreading the word on this vital issue. Love and light to you, Vani!

  6. Hello 🙂

    All of this information is fantastic. Some of the population is fully aware of these topics listed, others, not so much. Bring the awareness !

    Most of everything we come into contact with in our daily lives has some type of “unhealthy ” stigma attached to it. Our car toxins, food packaging(plastic is everywhere), home off gassing, air quality, etc., the list goes on and on.
    As to not be neurotic about my daily life and what my family comes into contact with, we do the very best we can for ourselves and the planet.
    My concern is for the planet and its resources being pushed to the max,i.e. deforestation for palm oil,(also known as glycerin)animal species becoming extinct, overfishing, chemical/pesticides leaching into the earth and our waterways, and a whole heap of other worldly issues.
    It comes around full circle.
    All life is impacted.
    Do the best you can. You will learn along the way.

    1. On a side note, many people should look into getting a blood test for heavy metals. Many people have a high heavy metal content and are completely unaware. Short term memory loss, aches/pains throughout the body, fatigue are just a few byproducts of heavy metal overload.
      So, they might need to pursue a metal detox with dietary changes,etc.
      All the best!

  7. Some people do not absorb toxins as others do,some suck them up like a sponge.
    People with the gene mutation MTHFR have trouble detoxing big time..!!

  8. It seems you going from ridiculous to sublime. Eating healthy food is essential but unless we have been poisoned or been in an extreme condition, the body is constantly performed detoxification, liver kidneys lungs. A perfect system. Too much fuss & obsession seems toxic to the mind, also breeds self-righteous elitism re food

    1. Deborah, t’s not fuss when you’ve been poisoned and in bed disabled for 8 years. 50% of the population are poor methylators, i.e., their ability to detoxify everyday chemicals is compromised by a genetic anomaly, if you will. So, when you say, “fuss”, not so much for the 50% who become ill when they develop toxic overload. I wish someone had fussed enough to tell me, uh, to warn me that it was possible to experience chemical injury while moving into a newly constructed home. Unfortunately I am a poor methylator. My body had toxic overload and as a result, my nervous system and brain were damaged. People should be educated. If they choose to ignore the warnings, then so be it, but everyone should have the right to know what is on their food. Moreover, this country needs to stop marketing dangerous hemicals as if they were water and then abusing others when they bring this to the attention of mainstream society.

  9. Vani,

    I love what you do and the movement you have started. Great article. You mention how companies sell “magic detox drinks” or concoctions to “help” people detox. This is a topic that drives me crazy because I feel like people are constantly trying to push those products to people whom unfortunately believe it. Nothing can be better than real food or fresh smoothies and juices to help detox. I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe research on some particular companies that push their protein powders and magic detox drinks. I’ve had close family fall for the lies that those companies push despite how many times I’ve explained how they can’t compare to real food. I wish it was a topic people talked about more. Thanks again!

  10. Everyone interested in detoxing or healthy foods needs to check out a new book coming out by Anthony Williams the medical medium called life changing foods this guy has the best information on foods that I have ever read please Google it and check it out for yourself this is life changing information thanks for reading this

  11. IT’S now being recognized the importance of the digestive system and that your health may all start there.

    You should look into this.

  12. Hi Vani
    I am not intimidated by the negative comments on detoxing coz I have testimonies on it.

    They complain coz they dont know anything about it or just dont want to try it for whatever reason they have.

    I really thank you for what you are doing for the people. It is time we start enjoying the foods that God created for us to enjoy in the first place. Every food that God created had a purpose and you are just proving that.


  13. Monsanto’s GMO’s , Chlorine & Floride , Pesticides , Chem Trails , etc…… it’s all part of the big plan by Pharma and the “so called ” Elite. to keep the Population Down.

    Big Pharma loves the corrupted foods that we buy in the local Kroger Grocery store or whatever chain store you shop for foods. The corrupted foods get us sick and they sell us Pills and Treat us for Cancer , etc. It’s a Win Win for Big Pharma and our Corrupt Politicians that allow Monsanto , Bayer, etc to sell the farmers chemicals that kill and sicken the population. It’s all about $Money & Control of the population.

  14. Love reading your posts Vani and admire what you are doing for American citizens.
    I drank lemon juice as you described for twenty years or so and then read how it can damage tooth enamel. As my two front teeth became slightly yellow, I stopped in case this was so. Seems opinion is divided on this issue. What are your thoughts?

  15. Vani- you’re the ‘expert’ with the inverted commas. Calling real scientists ‘experts’ as you do in this article is a little cheap and consciously used to discredit their genuine scientific areas of expertise. They really do know more about biology and the human body than you do, as evidenced by this and many other articles you’ve written. Detoxing really is done by the liver and kidneys. Can’t you just let this one go?

    1. No I can’t – because I know your liver can’t work efficiently to “detox” if it is being filled with toxins – we have to support our organs to do their job – and an abundance of certain fruits and vegetables help us do this. I also know that toxins are being stored in our bodies and it’s up to us to aid our organs to eliminate them.

      1. GO VANI!!!!!! Don’t let this one go!!! She doesn’t need to know EVERYTHING about human biology as people who study it, she just needs to understand the basics. She gives better advice than most MD doctors do in helping to support a healthy body. She, like so many people are seeing now, see how sick our population is and wants to help people to improve there lives. This article is just one of many she has written to help do that.

        This was an excellent article. If our bodies did all the work for us then no one would ever get sick. Everything in life needs support from something. Our bodies are no different. We are burdened with so many toxins that our livers and kidneys can only do so much and thus we must take action to support them in their jobs.

        GO VANI GO!!!!!

      2. Well said. Don’t let this one go! We have to inspire people to make healthy choices because society brainwashed us to control us. We need to restore our freedom.

  16. Not to steal your thunder Vani, but you should also be encouraging people to check out the wisdom of those who’ve come before us, professionals who have dedicated their lives to nutrition and all aspects of a better life .. Google the names Dr. Bragg and/or Jethro Kloss … just putting into practice their common sense could keep you going for years.

    If all the information available seems overwhelming … not to worry … life is a marathon, not a sprint … Try just a couple of things to improve your health, any results you have (good ones) will spur you on to do more.

  17. We are of the earth, and water. If we put pollutants and toxins in our land,air and water, our bodies become polluted. Our bodies are a product of their environment. If we want a healthy body we must create a healthy planet.
    I run a wellness spa and clients regularly utilise our detox therapies to support their health and improve their energies, however, I wouldn’t make a dime if it weren’t for the fact that humans ARE feeling the effects of this ongoing pollution and their internal toxicity.

  18. I just wanted to point out that of course some of these ‘chemicals’ are going to show up in human urine tests. That’s one of the ways that the body gets them out of our system. That urine contains them is just proof that the natural detoxifying abilities of the body are working.

  19. Morgan Spurlock, the creator of the movie Supersize Me, has a show on CNN called Inside Man. The episode on toxins just aired last week. He visited a place in Florida where residents live in a hyper clean environment due to severe allergic reactions to toxins. Yes, toxins due show up in the bloodstream. He had a a baseline blood test and then after undergoing various detoxifications had another blood test. Some levels went down, some stayed the same and others were elevated. Bottom line, it isn’t so easy to remove toxins from our bodies. It’s worth doing everything you can to avoid a toxic system. Thanks Vani for everything you do. Maybe you could team up with Morgan Spurlock for an episode!

    1. Rachell,
      In 2010, I attended “The 39th International Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference” held in Vancouver B.C. Medical Professionals and Researchers from all over the world attended this 3-day conference. there were 15 presentations. Dr. Elson M. Hass, M.D., “The Detox Doc” gave this presentation:
      “Orthomolecular Detoxification for Inflammatory Conditions”. Later, I found/bought his book called “The New DETOX DIET; The Compete Guide for Lifelong Vitality with Recipes, Menus & Detox Plans”. I highly recommend this.
      I would like to CAUTION everyone…(as do experts like Dr. Elson):
      you don’t simply delve into this or that detox program and then suddenly…stop, desist… People can and do spend a lot of $ -they go to detox destinations, or enlist in a program and then stop short… The danger of this is that the toxins your body has been housing (for who knows how long!) are starting to emerge from their hide-outs and they begin to enter the blood stream (and you can and often do feel weak/sick when this occurs-which is normal). These toxins need then to be safely ushered/flushed out of your body. If you stop mid-steam, then these toxins will reside in your organs and this can cause serious damage-as you, most likely, have overtaxed organs that need to be detoxed and revitalized themselves. I took time off from teaching (world languages) and had recently become a nurses delegate so as to research health/wellness and preferred practices. I was thus able to attend the conference at a reduced fee as student/researcher. As I now subscribe to physician’s newsletters, I have learned of a safe product that can used by anyone…it was designed by a doctor to eliminate toxic metals and pesticides-but does not deplete your body of other valuable vitamins/minerals your body needs (i.e. magnesium, zinc…). It is called PectaSol Detox Formula (and if you are worried that the seafood you are eating may have mercury contamination, just take 2 capsules before you eat your meal). It is put out by Advanced Bionutritionals (1-800-791-3395). You can start anytime-without risky side-effects as it has the PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin, the only chelator of its kind proven to work in human clinical trials…to safely usher out toxins; it even excretes cadmium…
      As I am, like all of you, busy and into a lot of things, I ordered this product as I can use it anytime…and not worry. If I forget to take it; or if I take it-say for a month-and then pick up later, that’s just fine. I have ordered this for our adult children. Another product I highly recommend (again, put together by a medical professional) is called Dr. Cutler’s LIVER & KIDNEY CLEANSE-Natural help for overworked organs; TRUE HEALTH puts this out: (1-800-746-4513).
      This is also a SAFE product.
      When I was close to 60, I learned I had an autoimmune condition called Hashimotos Thyroiditis, so I have “upped” my self-care game-plan considerably-and our whole family benefits-Yes! I am 71 now & feel MUCH better!
      I end with this additional bonus: we all know NASA spends a lot of $ on making sure their people in space are well cared for-especially by providing the safest/best water. We, the tax-payers have spent a lot of $ on this research; so we should benefit, right? Right! The same NASA water-system that takes toxic tap water and makes it into an alkalizing health drink is now available for the public…many choices here. I purchased the pitcher one, The Ion Carafe (like a Britta). This plastic pitcher is free of toxins-i.e. safe plastic; the filter filter-outs toxins of all sorts plus adds alkalizing minerals. It needs to be changed out-say-every two months or so; and the filters do cost a bit more than Britta filters; but your end-product…well, here is the name of the article from HSI (Health Science Institute) that says it all: “NASA technology turns toxic tap water into health-restoring drink”. If you ask, you may be able to get 10% off-certainly if you are a repeat customer. (1-800-319-6776). I also order these for our adult children.
      In ending, I ask you to ponder this:
      Our cells-to do their herculean tasks- need simply 4 things daily:
      *clean, high-nutrient food
      *good cell communication (please no toxic thoughts!)
      *and best cell exercise-try mini-trampoline as this stirs up, shakes up the lymphatic system so it can cleanse-out toxins
      And remember, if we are nutrient deficient, our bodies become sponges for toxins.
      Victoria Jager Kenna
      Washington State Registered & Certified Nurses Delegate-active
      Modern World Language(s) Professor-ongoing “sabbatical”

  20. Vani – Thank you for your article! You’re right, today we are bombarded by toxins. I personally know how damaging toxins can be on one’s health as I was severely impacted. It’s taken me many years to reverse the damages. Like you, I am passionate about informing others about minimizing toxins. If people know what to watch out for and make some lifestyle changes, they can not only survive, but thrive in today’s environment! Keep up the good work of educating everyone!

  21. I am one of your followers, including Robyn Obrien , the Erin Brockovich of the GMO movement for labeling. Even Erin is in on it as well as the contaminated water issues going on. I do muscle testing, ( see DR Bradley Nelson book called “the emotion code”) The body is basically a computer running programs all day and muscle testing is basically tapping into that computer ; Lie detector test and biorhythms already show energy. changes. I can muscle test food, herbs esp in bottles , cause the body wants good food and picks up on the energy of our food, good or bad. Love what you do and support it and teach it. Not much money in it, main job is nursing.

    1. Muscle testing doesn’t work on everybody. I test strong while holding a piece of Sara Lee cheesecake in my hand — there is not one molecule in it that’s good for me.

  22. Excellent ‘heads up’ on toxins and how the body can detox/heal itself, if and only if, through organic foods and the proper amount of water daily. . . Exercise and educating yourself are vital. It is no secret how the government is only big business and the welfare of the American public is not within their scope of corruption. Their last stunt on selling out was the passing of the Dark Act during an election year. . . campaign money under . . . .! Ionic Foot Bathes, fasting, saunas, light and sonic therapies, homeopathic imprinter. . . are other possibilities. The key is to educate yourself and ask questions… A note to the wise is that if it sounds too good to be true, . . . usually it is! I have been in the healing arts for decades. Listen to your intuition when making a decision. Ask questions. . . One comment on juicing.. Juicing is great. I believe that smoothies are better. Why? Removing the pulp, fiber, pith and seeds etc . . as done with juicing, will lesson the concentration of nutrition available. Secondly, if He created said fruit that contains pulp, fiber, pith and seeds . . . there is a reason/purpose for it. Research is and has been revealing new findings all the time on what is really inside fruit and veggies. Keep up the good fight day by day and share as much as you can with your community. Great job Vani and army!!!!
    p.s. ‘Nobody makes an apple like Him!’

  23. This information is super helpful. I always feel like I should be taking daily supplements to help with detoxification, but looking at your list of foods, I am feeling pretty good about doing it naturally. I am also going to start drinking lemon water like you outline. Thank you for the tips and advice!

  24. Detoxing with the right water the most healthy and utilized by your body every thing happens in water if a cell does not work properly to bring in nutrition and get out the waste then you will not experience optimal health read The water puzzle and the hexagonal key by Mu Shik John . check it out Kangen water and nutrition is helping so many people

  25. Many beverages, including bottled water, are packaged in a plastic bottle.
    Is there a significant difference between drinking water from a plastic bottle and pouring water from a plastic bottle into a glass before drinking it? Have you found any info on this?
    Thank you for the reply. Do continue with the helpful research. Never mind the people who put blind trust in gov’t & industry biased scientists.

  26. Please inform me where I can find a source of affordable filtered water that does not come in plastic bottles. Thanks.

  27. I didn’t have time to read all your sources, but the first one I checked for Chlorella doesn’t suggest it as a treatment, merely as a live organism it will take up Mercury. If I eat Chlorella, is it still alive in my muscles and bones? Seems pretty scary if that’s the case, and how does the Mercury get out of the body once the algae have absorbed it?

  28. I just love Vani, she is awesome with all this research she does to help all of us stay healthy & informed.
    I’ve been researching health products myself for over 10 years. There are 2 edible minerals you can take called Terramin & Zeolite pure, these will bind to all toxins and safely eliminate from your body. I have taken both, since I live in California, our government has banned Zeolite from our State (can you believe that), I take Terramin now, which is just as effective.
    BTW: Vani thanks for that incredible deal on Nutiva protein, I usually get it at Costco, this was a great buy (I stocked up).

  29. I’m very interested in detoxifying. I need to understand the actual mechanisms involved. How exactly does eating something REMOVE anything from your body’s cells? I understand how chemicals (nutrients, etc.) move into the circulatory system from your digestive tract, but I’m unable to find anything that adequately explains how eating certain foods can remove anything from the body.

    Do these foods that bind to toxins move from the intestines to the bloodstream, then to the cells, where they bind with the toxins? Then do they backtrack from the bloodstream to the intestines so they can exit the body?

    Any links to peer-reviewed scientific articles would be appreciated.

  30. How criminal is this? How can these doctors and media personalities sleep at night? What will they say on their deathbeds when they look back on their life and say, ” in my one and only life here on earth, I spent my life poisoning people, reducing their quality of life, killing their loved ones, I spread suffering and misery, so I could make more money!?!?”

  31. Definitely picked up a ton of information from the article, but I think I got even more from the comments. You guys are awesome. I found at least a couple of books I should look into and some healthy cleanses and minerals I should try as well. Very fufilling post and page.

  32. I continually see people who (obviously) have breast implants talk about avoiding toxic chemicals in cleaning products and personal products, etc but don’t they realize that they have a toxic stew of “bags” in their bodies that are leaching over 40 toxic chemicals into their bodies constantly? Formaldehyde, epoxy resin, heavy metals, just to name a few – are all contained in the casing of the implants, whether or not they are filled with saline or silicone. The shell is the same regardless. When will these health promoting individuals finally come clean about getting these out of the body. Not to mention these women breastfeed their babies with these toxic bags in their breasts! Blows my mind that people can promote a healthy body and breast implants.

    1. Sorry last sentence was supposed to say that it blows my mind that people can promote a healthy body and have breast implants.

  33. Hi there,

    I understand the importance of detoxing but water is huge concern. How do I get my family off of drinking water from water bottles and using another alternative thats inexpensive? Any suggestions on a better water supplier out there? Should we use a filter? Are there any good filters out there? Food babe can you help clarify? And thank you for all you do.

  34. You’ve written an excellent article, full of wise, essential information. Very well done. May I please make a personal observation? What is the professional goal you want to achieve? Is this simply an interest that you have where you just want to help people achieve better health? Or is this a career path you’ve chosen for yourself where you’d like to really get involved in the industry and make a real difference on a larger scale?

    If it’s the former, I think you’re doing a fine job and encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing! I realize this article is already 4+ years old and I have no idea what you’re doing today. However, if this is a professional pursuit for you, which it appears to be, I would sincerely and humbly offer some food for thought.

    To be direct, I would seriously consider changing the name “Food Babe” for many reasons. It’s not professional. It’s not a name people who are ill or diseased are going to take seriously, spend much time looking at, spend any money with (other than a possible one-time purchase), or give much credibility to. It’s a narcissistic name. Something a young girl would choose on YouTube or Instagram because they want to be trendy and are pursuing “influencer” fame. Quite frankly, it’s childish, ridiculous, and impossible to take seriously. Are you looking for the “OMG u r AMAZING!” audience? If so, the name fits and I wish you much success! Or are you looking to help real people seeking real solutions who will look to you with trust? “Food Babe” does not instill trust.

    Please know that I’m NOT trying to troll you or be negative. I could have very easily dismissed you altogether and left without a word. But I took the time to leave this comment because I’m impressed with what I read and sincerely believe you could go far in this field. But Food Babe isn’t cute in your 40’s and 50’s. Do you really want to deal with “re-branding” yourself later? Do you believe enough in yourself to not use a gimmick? If this were just a YouTube channel, I would give you a thumbs up and leave. But you’re a speaker, a writer, and you sell products, too. Not just cutesy t-shirts but products people ingest. That REQUIRES confidence from people. How would you feel if you went to a doctor and her name badge said “Medical Babe”?

    You’re having to fight against an old system of propaganda from decades of greedy people with alternative motives from government, Big Pharma, Corporate America, Monsanto, supposed “science,” and even from the “organics” industry. Do you take this seriously? Food Babe? You’re so much better than that. Again, I wouldn’t have taken the time to leave this comment if I didn’t see the possibilities in you. Best wishes.

  35. Hey Mark,

    Great article to read on the detoxification. I’ll definitely recommend my friends to read this too. Keep writing more stuff like this in the future.

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