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Emails between the EPA & Monsanto now revealed (The contents are sickening!)

I have made it my life’s mission to raise public awareness about what’s really in our food, how it can affect our health, and how a handful of large corporations are poisoning us for profit. These corporations use big bucks and unethical tactics to influence regulators into playing their game to keep Americans in the dark about the dangers of their products.

We should be able to trust that the food we buy is safe, but when the people in charge of that are working to keep unsafe chemicals on the market – we have a huge problem!

Along with so many of you and fellow activists, we have been spreading the truth about GMOs and hazardous chemicals used in conjunction with them like Roundup (glyphosate). This weedkiller isn’t just used on GMOs but on 70 different food crops in the U.S. – it’s in practically everything Americans eat. So, if glyphosate is causing cancer and other diseases, I want to know about it and get it out of our food – don’t you?

Stating the obvious: Monsanto makes billions off of Roundup sales, so they don’t want anyone to question its safety. Some never-before-seen confidential documents just released in a court case against Monsanto give us a glimpse into how they are working to influence the EPA (who is in charge of determining whether they are allowed to sell Roundup anymore) and undermine any efforts to ban its use. These documents show what many of us have known and suspected for quite some time… Monsanto is manipulating scientific research and has gotten some EPA officials on their side who seem to be helping them cover-up the health dangers of Roundup so they can keep it on the market.

Keep in mind… Monsanto and the EPA both do NOT want the public to see these internal emails! Why do you think that is?

While Monsanto is being sued in California by dozens of people who claim Roundup caused their non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, Monsanto had to provide over 6 million pages of internal emails and documents to the court and attorneys, and marked the majority of them as “confidential” so they’d be hidden from the public. When the plaintiffs asked the court to make the records public, both Monsanto and the EPA objected. The judge didn’t agree with their objections and threatened to sanction Monsanto if they continued trying to seal documents and found it in the best interest of the public to release them for all of us to see,“even if Monsanto doesn’t like what they say”.

The public interest group U.S. Right To Know is publishing these documents in their entirety on their website here. This is just the beginning and more are coming out. 

Here’s what we have uncovered in these documents so far…

  • Monsanto was in private talks with a top official at the EPA, Jess Rowland, who was in charge of evaluating the cancer risk of glyphosate for the EPA. Rowland was allegedly helping them stop another federal agency from investigating whether glyphosate causes cancer and told a Monsanto employee, “If I can kill this I should get a medal”. Rowland also signed off on the mysteriously leaked and deleted EPA memo which found glyphosate “not likely to be carcinogenic to humans”, which Monsanto touted as proof the EPA finds it safe.

  • Long-term EPA toxicologist Marion Copley accused EPA’s Rowland of playing “political conniving games with the science” and making decisions based on his “bonus” in favoring pesticide makers (such as Monsanto). Dr. Copley went on to allude that other EPA staff have conflicts of interest and may be taking bribes. She asserts that Anna Lowit (still at the EPA) intimidated staff to change their findings to favor the industry. Dr. Copley also stated, “It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer.” 

  • A Monsanto employee proposed they could “ghost-write” portions of a scientific report and then just have hired scientists “sign their names so to speak”. The EPA would later use this report evaluate the safety of glyphosate. The reason they would do this is highly unethical – to make the report appear to have been prepared by independent scientists, when in reality Monsanto wrote it! This begs the question, how often do they do this? An email suggests they ghostwrote this report presented to EPA regulators in 2000, although no Monsanto employees are listed as authors.

  • Way back in 1999, Monsanto buried the findings of their own scientist (Dr. James Parry) who found glyphosate is genotoxic and recommended further testing. Internal emails show that Monsanto employees questioned whether Parry had “ever worked with industry before”, “hoped that it didn’t cost too much” and that they should hire a different expert who would be “influential with regulators” and help them with “outreach” efforts. Ha! They only want to hire scientists who will make findings in their favor to deceive our regulators.

  • Monsanto knows other compounds in Roundup such as NNG and 1, 4 Dioxane are toxic and can cause cancer as they acknowledged this with each other in emails mentioned in court docs: “If you talk to Kerry [Liefer, an EPA employee], I wouldn’t push the NNG issue too hard — don’t want to draw attention to the toxicity of our product”.

  • In another 2015 email, a toxicologist at Monsanto hinted that Rowland would be retiring from the EPA and that he’d be useful for their “ongoing glyphosate defense”. This just further shows that Rowland was in Monsanto’s back pocket all along and is a key player in helping them achieve their mission.

They are feeding us lies and these secrets are poisoning us!

Most Americans are eating glyphosate every day… No matter how healthy we eat or how much we try to protect ourselves from it, this weedkiller is being used on most major conventional food crops and is so rampant in our environment that it is contaminating virtually all of our food. It’s been found in honey, cereals, meat, drinking water, breast milk, infant formula, chips, cookies… the list goes on. Our government agencies (FDA and EPA) know this and are allowing corporations to poison Americans for profit. It’s truly disgusting! 

Monsanto is stooping to corruption to continue selling their poisons. Everything from seeking to keep their correspondence with the EPA secret, to intimidating scientists at the WHO International Agency on Cancer (IARC) who found Roundup’s active ingredient glyphosate “probably carcinogenic”. A large body of peer reviewed research links glyphosate to cancer, reproductive problems, liver, kidney and skin cell damage, antibiotic-resistance, and more – but Monsanto doesn’t want the public to know the truth!

Glyphosate should be banned worldwide and consumers have the power to make this a reality. Here’s our ACTION PLAN:

  1. Choose to buy only certified organic food and products. This will hit Monsanto where it really hurts, their bottom line! Their best-selling products like Roundup and GMO seeds are banned on organic farms. If all farms were organic these products would bite the dust! This is voting with your dollars and is the most effective way to force change.
  2. Share this post with everyone you know! Expose their corruption. They should be shamed for this! Especially if you know anyone who is still eating non-organic food or using Roundup around their homes, make sure you get this information in their hands.
  3. Ask your favorite companies to test for glyphosate and get certified. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if the food you buy contains glyphosate? I have an exciting announcement! The Detox Project just launched a new “Glyphosate Residue Free Certification” program and will begin labeling products that have been tested and are free of glyphosate. I’ve partnered up with them to help spread the word – They are working with food manufacturers and grocery chains, so that soon we will see labels like this on some products – send this link to your favorite companies and ask them to go glyphosate free.

Everyone deserves to know exactly what they are eating and have access to safe, affordable food. My job will not be done until this is a reality. I’m so happy to have so many of you by my side and I know we can make this happen!





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95 responses to “Emails between the EPA & Monsanto now revealed (The contents are sickening!)


  2. We should also be targeting these executives and government officials for arrest.

    But if they could do this with GMO they will do this with anything. Your safest bet is private accreditation or Organic labels.

  3. How much can we do now since EPA is being dismantled and will be shut down when Pruitt is done eliminating all it’s regulations?
    And Trump voters wonder why Dems dislike them? We told them Trump couldn’t be trusted! Where were you when Pruitt was up for his hearings? Did you call your Senator and tell him/her to vote no for the Secretary?

    1. I find your remark halerious when all of this mondonsanto flew through both houses when all the democrats ruled and obama was president Ed but somehow this is trumps fault.

    2. Robin O’Connor, I would think that as dirty as the EPA/Monsanto relationship is, one would be glad to see them go. Regardless, this goes way back. As is mentioned above, their actions are clearly deceitful and have done nothing to protect consumers, and in fact, likely harmed them. Many in the EPA are connected to Monsanto or Bayer or DuPont. This confirmation that Monsanto knew all along is a sickening hallelujah for many of us who have been saying it for years.

    3. @Robin – You do realize that Trump is aware of the corruption and collusion happening within the EPA and other agencies and this is EXACTLY why he is cutting EPA funding by 31%, right? This is a GOOD thing. The agency that is supposed to protect the health of Americans and the health of our environment is knowingly using our hard-earned tax dollars to pollute our health and pollute our environment. These issues were not created under Trump as both Stephanie and Peggy pointed out. Trump is actually working on solving these issues. I encourage you to look into Trump’s views a little deeper, beyond how the mainstream media portrays him. You may be pleasantly surprised 🙂

      1. Regina, so you think he is cutting the EPA because of corruption?? It has nothing to do with his world view? His view on Climate Change? His pick for head of the EPA, which by the way, was suing the EPA and also doesn’t believe in Climate Change?? COME ON. Get with it. The media doesn’t portray him unfairly. It is HIS WORDs, HIS TWEETS that make him look bad. Unless the media is writing his tweets….This is not Trump’s fault just like the Economy being on the rise is not Trump’s doing. However, cutting the EPA will not have a positive impact regarding this story. How is that helpful? Cutting it by 31%?? By the way, he also is trying to cut Education by 19%. Genius move. But I am sure Regina, that he has a good reason for that as well. Oh yeah, that’s right, he needs to bolster our Military by 54 more BILLION!! What a joke

      2. Reply actually to Ryan, not Regina.

        It’s interesting that you would defend an agency that is very clearly showing motivation to HELP Monsanto.

        While I do not agree that climate change is fake- I believe it is quite real- I also believe that both sides of the debate have profited heavily for pushing a certain narrative.

        Blanket statements like “cutting education,” are misleading. You don’t provide the entire context. Money is being diverted to provide more individual choice. As a person that lives in an area with poor schools, I do not want my sons education decided by his zip code. Nor do I feel the federal government can make better choices about how to dispense education than the local municipalities.

        The reason (one) that Republicans don’t like Democrats is that they present sound bites as whole stories and lave out the parts that would provide explanation for the action. They editorialize everything and over-dramatize even more.

      3. Instead of cutting the EPA Trump could have nominated someone that could have given credibility to the EPA. Instead he chose to nominate Scott Pruitt who has sued the EPA numerous times and chose to side with fossil fuel companies instead of the health and safety of the American people. Trump sees regulations put in place to protect the health and safety of Americans and environment as a burden to the profits of corporations. Regulations that affect his businesses and their profits as well. Trump has numerous financial ties to the fossil fuel industry.

  4. OK I suspect that we w ill soon see people from the EPA and Monsatan going to jail…..

  5. This is EXACTLY why Trump is cutting the EPA budget by 31%, yet the media will tell you it’s because he doesn’t care about the health of Americans and the health of the Earth… Not true!

    1. Same thing going on with the CDC, FDA, and vaccines. Those things are POISON. No wonder U.S. kids have the highest infant mortality rate and are the sickest in the world. 48 doses of 13 vaccines by age 6???? That is INSANE. Hep B ( disease of junkies and hookers) within 24 HOURS of BIRTH??? IN….SAN…I….TY.

      1. Easy there on the assumptions around Hep B being something only sex workers and intravenous drug users have Tactical111. I’m no pro-vax at all, but please be informed about your gross generalizations.
        Here, read this and get educated. While I completely agree that Hep B vaccine would be better saved for older children, challenge your assumptions here:

      2. That’s what I’ve always said! Hep-B at birth? Is the baby an intravenous drug user or flagrant promiscuous homosexual with 40 lovers a week in gas station bathrooms already?

  6. Now Monsanto is teaming up with the same company that brought you Zyclon A, which of course they made undetectable and called Zyclon B which was used to kill millions of people…

  7. Wow if anyone grabbed copies of the information that was contained on the linked website that had published the documents. Please let me know. I grabbed 2 documents. But before I went back for the rest of it. The original site is gone. Or I am at least blocked from seeing it. I was doing research into it. I’m am investigative journalist for a political website. I need this evidence. Thanks.

  8. Remember the old expression “you are the bomb”. Well you are! This is an amazing find. I will be sending the link to my favorite food companies, one of which used to be Quaker Oats until I found out about their preharvest glyphosate spraying. I guess that explains the gut ache I get after eating their oatmeal. Speaking about bombs, please be careful. You are a national treasure, and we need you. You are up against some very evil and powerful entities.. Keep on keepin’ on!

  9. Could you please change your font on your computer. It is really hard to read what you write. Everything all seems to run together. Really like your site, though.

  10. Is there a website or other resource that has the addresses of the monsanto employees who stormtroopered the presentation in Hawaii, also the top 100 people in monsanto management & operation, and top 100 investors?

  11. I was employed by the USEPA for 16 years in the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Programs Branch of the Water Division in Region 5 in Chicago before being terminated in December 2016 for blowing the whistle on superiors violating the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) for allowing pollutants to be discharged from water reclamation facilities into the waterbodies within Region 5 jurisdiction. Furthermore, I was given a Letter of Reprimand in 2014 for providing a response to a colleague’s email regarding NPDES and climate change. I was told that I was making malicious and unfounded statements against supervisors, colleagues and public servants.

    No supervisor or higher level supervisor including the Acting Assistant Administrator (AAA) ever requested from me or my union steward any documentation supporting my unbiased scientific position pertaining to the issued of pollutants being discharged from water reclamation facilities or climate change (commonly known as “atmospheric geoengineering”). About 2-1/2 months after receiving my termination letter signed by the AAA, I received a glowing letter of commendation from the EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy praising me for my for all my hard work that I did for 16 years to protect human health and the environment.

    I want to make this abundantly clear, the EPA did not terminate me, it was the multinational corporations who terminated me because the track record specks for itself. The EPA is no different than the FDA, CDC, Agriculture and any other regulatory body, they are all controlled by the multinational corporations. Some may speak of the revolving door, well it is more like archways between government and industry because they know where all the bodies are berried and provide whatever scant or fraudulent data for approval. Many of these same individuals who are providing the scant or fraudulent data sit on the approval boards of these regulatory bodies. Therefore, it is a foregone conclusion as to what the outcome is going to be. If an employee who is viewed as a problem, the problem must be eliminated. I will continue to speak out against the EPA and what is or is not occurring at the EPA based solely upon my experiences during my 16 year tenure, as well as my own research.

    I know from where I speak because I hold advanced degree in Chemical Engineering from California State University, Long Beach and advanced degrees in Mechanical and Energy Engineering from the University of North Dakota.

    Please note the following books by (Ex-EPA employees):

    1.) “Science for Sale” by David L. Lewis, Ph.D. and

    2.) “Poison Springs: The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA” by E.G. Villianatos, Ph.D.

    Happy reading.

    Best regards to one and all.


    1. Michael DOC davis what can the general population do to protect themselves from polluted air ( chem trails, geoengineering), water and soil? united nations and military are involved.

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