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They just banned this chemical in Europe, but it’s still used on American food.

Have you ever traveled to Europe and noticed how different their food is compared to America?  I’ve had friends tell me…

“I can eat bread only when I’m in France”

“I lost 10 pounds eating whatever I wanted while in Europe, but came home and gained it right back”.

{At the Arc de Triomphe Paris, France}

It’s true – most of the processed food in America is AWFUL and it’s not just the ingredients they use.

Our food is filled with things not on the label… like pesticides, hormones, and drugs that aren’t in the food in Europe.

Why is their food so much better?

Europe takes a precautionary approach towards food safety (1). This means they are proactive in banning chemicals that MIGHT harm people. The U.S. takes the opposite approach. It does not ban chemicals from our food supply until they have been PROVEN dangerous – which can take a very long time because it’s filled with industry influence or people have to start dying from long term exposure – as was the case with trans fats (2). This makes Americans literally the lab rats while the food and chemical industries rake in the profits at the expense of our health.

Just last week, Europe banned the most popular fungicide used on American farms (chlorothalonil) due to human health and environmental concerns (3)

They banned it after a scientific review found it possibly causes DNA damage (which can lead to cancer) and also to steep declines in bumblebees. This fungicide is used on wheat and barley crops, as well as some fruits and vegetables. The USDA has found residues primarily on cucumbers, celery, summer squash, peaches, and berries in recent years (wheat and barley haven’t been tested for chlorothalonil) (4).

The good news? This fungicide is NOT used on organic crops and the USDA hasn’t found residues of it on organic foods tested (4).

This is yet another reminder why organic food is a safer choice… We may not have a choice as to what chemicals farmers are allowed to use, but WE DO have a choice in what food we are willing to buy.

In my latest book, Feeding You Lies, I show you simple ways to avoid the chemical onslaught on our food, despite all of the lies on product pages like “natural”, “healthy”, and “diet”. You’ll see how to protect yourself from unhealthy foods that cause weight gain and health problems down the road. It is now available in bookstores everywhere (and currently at about 44% off on Amazon!!!!).


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5 responses to “They just banned this chemical in Europe, but it’s still used on American food.

  1. It’s so terrible how messed up the food industry in the US is. It’s been way too long, and within the next 10-15 years things will probably still be the same.

  2. Thank you for bringing awareness to these important topics. I’m going to read your book and plant my own garden so I know exactly what my family is eating.

  3. I learned some years ago to look at every food label, and having moved to the UK last year from America, it is refreshing to find UK ingredients to be far more natural and less cryptic. No high fructose [found in just about everything in America, even savory things!], no hydrogenated oils [Yes!], no artificial coloring [how refreshing]. I can only assume that in America, the big corporate money and stockholder returns outflank truth to the consumer. Perhaps one day, Americans will “follow the money” and wake up to many of the primary causes of obesity, diabetes, and many other health issues, and hold their elected politicians accountable. One can only hope.

  4. The FDA has been captured by the companies they are supposed to regulate. For example , Michael T-shirt was the deputy for food. Previously, He was a Monsanto Vice President.

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