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Fast Food – The Quickest Organic Burrito You’ll Ever Make

My latest investigation has left me with Mexican food on the brain. When the craving hits, I never go to one of those fast food burrito places like Qdoba, or Salsaritas. It’s easy to stay away from these places knowing they use GMOs, food additives and other very questionable ingredients. Besides, it is far too easy to make a tasty 100% organic burrito at home and in a flash. A few amazing store bought ingredients mean I don’t have to make anything from scratch either. I can have a fresh burrito ready in a matter of minutes or pull one out of the freezer. (If I am lucky my husband hasn’t eaten the whole stash!)

IMG 4110

The main ingredients I use in my burritos are stellar even though they are store bought. Fast food burrito chains can’t even come close to this level of nutrition and quality.

Here are the details:

  • Field Day Organic Salsa is by far the best tasting salsa on the market. I love to make my own salsa, but I always have a jar of this on hand for emergencies. The salsa is super tangy, fresh, contains no added sugar and can be purchased in 3 different spice levels – mild, medium and hot.
  • Food for Life Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas are the only tortillas you’ll see me ever buy at the store. They are hands down the best on the market and contain zero additives and no cheap fillers. These tortillas are even more nutritious than the ones you can make from scratch at home with whole wheat flour because all of the grains are 100% sprouted whole and not processed into flour. 
  • Eden Foods Black Beans is one of the only organic no salt added and BPA free canned beans on the market. Eden Foods is an outstanding brand, one that I fully support and always keep in my pantry when making beans from scratch isn’t an option. 
  • Raw goat cheese is my favorite cheese to melt inside my burritos because it’s easy on the digestive system and hasn’t been pasteurized preserving all the beneficial enzymes, bacteria and nutrients.


It took me less than 7 mins to make 6 burritos. Here’s how I did it. Get Ready, Set, Go!

IMG 4111

Food Babe’s Fast Food Burrito
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees (if you want to eat burritos now)
  2. Place tortillas on top of parchment paper lined aluminum foil (this is an important step – you don’t want your food to touch the aluminum foil or to stick)
  3. Place ¼ cup of black beans on each tortilla
  4. Sprinkle chili powder on top of black beans (1 to 2 shakes)
  5. Add about a tablespoon of onion on top of beans
  6. Top each burrito with one tablespoon of salsa
  7. Shred raw goat cheese and top each burrito with a handful
  8. Roll and wrap each tortilla tightly
  9. If eating later: store burritos in a ziplock bag in the freezer until ready to use
  10. If eating now: pop burritos in oven on a rack
  11. Cooking time varies: fresh burritos take 10 mins, defrosted burritos take 20 mins, and frozen burritos take 30 mins (of course a microwave would be faster – but I do not use microwaves)
  12. Serve with avocado, romaine, sour cream, lime wedges and/or more salsa

IMG 4112

Please note: You can also make large burritos using the larger version of the Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas. I like making the smaller ones though, because I can eat one, two or even three based on my hunger level. The smaller ones are perfect for kids too and faster to warm up!

IMG 4116

Raw goat cheese is so fluffy when it’s been freshly shredded. Delicious!

IMG 4102

Remember to put some unbleached parchment paper between your food and aluminum foil when cooking just to be safe there isn’t any leeching of toxins at high temps. IMG 4106 IMG 4121

Having a bag full of burritos in the freezer is a godsend for busy days. Hope you have as much fun as I do making them. I wonder if anyone will beat my 7 min record 🙂


Food Babe

P.S.  Check out our Meal Plans for Health Program that will help you plan more meals like this!

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191 responses to “Fast Food – The Quickest Organic Burrito You’ll Ever Make

  1. Love making homemade burritos, but this is a great, fast burrito to pack for kids’ lunches…thanks FoodBabe!!

  2. You may want to check out the high iodine levels found in Eden Foods beans from the kombu added. I know you said you usually make your own from scratch so maybe it’s not a huge issue, but I think it’s something people need to know about to make their own informed decisions.

    I was really disappointed when I learned about the iodine issue. I cook our beans from scratch because I’m cheap, errr, thrifty, but it’s disappointing to know there isn’t a “safe” alternative for nights you are in a hurry or just being lazy. 🙂

    1. Meredith, I mix dried beans and water & let them cook all day in my slow cooker. Drain and throw in the freezer for those busy nights. You can cook up a bunch this way with minimum effort. 🙂

      1. I do that exact same thing. In my freezer are 3 gallon sized ziploc bags. Black, Pinto, & Navy beans. I measure them right from the freezer bag and throw them in my cooking dishes. They take up a lot less room too. In the past year our family really has started to eat beans at least once a day and the cans were taking up way too much space. 🙂

      2. Lori, how do you keep the beans from sticking together in order to measure them out of the bag? I get tired of packing little bags, not to mention having to pay for all those little bags. Thanks for the info!

      3. I know what you mean, kinda like when you freeze pureed veggies and such, but mine no way to that.

        After they soak, I drain, and let drip dry a little, then dump out onto a clean dish towel, put another on top for just a sec just to grab any large amounts of water. Then dump them into the bag. There really isnt any water to ice up inside the bag. Sometimes there are small clumps of like 30 beans, but they just crumble when I pick up the bag. I never measure them out in little tiny bags. I also reuse the bags too!

        Here is a link to a photo I just took of a few things from my freezer to get a visual. I am new to Google+, so I hope the link works. 🙂

      4. I’ve never done this but would like to try…how much water to beans do you put in your slow cooker?

        Thanks in advance!! 🙂

      5. I usually put about half a crock pot of beans & then add water almost to the top. It’s not very precise, but it works. :). Just keep an eye on it the first time you do it.

  3. I have never thought to put pre-made burritos in the freezer for later. Genius!! Perfect for a busy weeknight. Question for you – You mentioned in the instructions that you don’t want your food to touch the aluminum foil. Is foil harmful to cook on?

    1. It may cause an increase of incidence of alzheimers disease and a host of other memory problems.

      1. oh geez, And Im already a mess memory wise. I am going to have to start watching out for this.

  4. Wow! I love this idea for homemade burritos – especially about freezing them for later! The one thing that stinks is that we live in a small town so I don’t have access to all these awesome, preservative-free foods. We have 3 grocery stores in town and only one regularly carries organic products. I am going to see if I can at least find the black beans or tortillas… I’m shooting for an 80% real burrito, which apparently still puts me way ahead of Chipotle or Moe’s 🙂

    1. I’ve found that if you request specific items from the grocery manager, they will order them for you as long as their supplier carries the items you like. You may want to try asking–it can’t hurt, right?

    2. It’s SO easy to make your own beans. I soak a big batch and cook them up, then store them in single serving jars in the freezer so they are ready to go just like a can would be. And you can buy the tortillas online at but it looks like you have to buy in bulk. They do freeze well!

      1. Thanks for the tips ladies! I will see if the grocery store can get the tortillas at least and I am going to totally try to make my own beans! I have made pinto beans before in the crock pot – they were Ok, but maybe black beans will turn out tastier 🙂

      2. Wow, the Ezekiel tortillas are $38 for a twelve pack? Is that for real or am I missing something?

      3. Never mind, they are only $3.22 per pack on that site, that’s what I’m talking about 🙂

      4. Yeah it works out to about 54¢ per wrap. They are $3.99 for 6 at Whole Foods so if you can afford to buy in bulk it’s a better deal. They are often found in the freezer section so if you want to buy the 12 pack it would be fine to freeze them until you’re ready to use them. 🙂

    3. Try or open, they have a lot of food items and they are lower than the store many times.

    1. Hi Jill,

      I buy the Ezekiel wraps at whole foods – they have them in the freezer section with the rest of Ezekiel breads…best choice of wraps out there!

  5. Did you happen to figure out the prices? I was just at Whole Foods this morning and on my next trip will pick these up. I am sure these are cheaper than the premade Amy’s ones. 🙂 Thanks for doing this!

  6. Just wondering if you have aluminum free foil? You’re contaminating your food if not. Do you know any good substitutes for foil? I personally only use it as a last resort. Thanks for the info on Chipotle. I usually only eat there on occasion when traveling. PS. I have found that Fat Flush tortillas hold up and wrap better than Ezekial.

    1. well, sorry i scrolled too fast and you do have a good suggestion for the foil issue. does the parchment paper really help?

    2. Thanks for the rec on Fat Flush tortillas. I’ve had issues with Ezekial breaking and not wrapping/rolling nicely. 🙂

      1. Really? I’ve been using them for years – and they are just fine rolled up. Where can you get the Fat Flush tortillas?

  7. Read your post on 100daysofrealfood….not I cna show by husband that I am not the only one who believes Chipotle is not as “healhy” as they claim to be…Thanks for being so blunt and honest!

  8. Thanks so much for this easy and delicious recipe and the information about Chipotle! I thought Chipotle was the one healthy place left to eat, especially for kids. That’s very disappointing, but not surprising.

  9. What is your method for using the frozen burritos? Do you thaw them or throw them straight in the oven? Just curious about the texture of the fillings too. Thanks for any info you might share.

    1. Yes – I just throw them straight into the oven from the freezer. They work great. My husband had two at lunch today 🙂 I don’t add the toppings until I am ready to serve, they wouldn’t freeze as well.

  10. About the goat cheese…isn’t it hard to shred because it is a softer cheese? I guess you could freeze it for a bit and then shred it?

  11. I’m going to cry over chipolte!!! I need a kid friendly version of fern!! As a working mom, sOmetimes I need a break from the dishes!!!

  12. For me, extra iodine is a good thing…..everyone needs to find what’s right for their individual needs.

  13. I’d love to know what the estimated price tag for these is. I agree these sound better, but after the Ezekiel tortillas and the goat cheese, I’m thinking these are not a bargain meal.

  14. Well, our food budget for a family of five on a teacher’s salary is about $125 a week, so $14 for one main dish–albeit a pretty complete meal, is on the high end. I do this type of meal frequently, but I short cut it a bit with regular cheese (I don’t care for goat cheese), homemade tortillas, and crockpot beans, but I guess that kind of takes the “fast food” out of it. I’m always looking for meals that are low-prep and affordable AND real, which is a tricky combo. Great recipe though. 🙂

    1. I am with you this can still be a quick meal, I just do it all on a weekend afternoon and then they are ready for the week.

  15. Finally!!! Someone that is truly writing the truth about the foods we eat. I have to admit, I am a carnivore, and I don’t always eat the healthiest. But, I am working on it. I finall started reading labels on store products. I refuse to buy any product with high fructose corn syrup written anywhere in their ingredients list. I am looking at carb content as well as sodium levels.

    That’s a good start, eh? Can you put me on you email list for articles in the future?

    Thanks. Live on.

  16. Been buying Eden beans, etc. for thirty years…where did you get the name Eden FARMS?? I looked at the can in the photo and it says Eden. Don’t confuse your public! Good job with being the squeaky wheel…thank you!

  17. I went home and made these last night since I didn’t know what to do for dinner and I already had most of the ingredients. They were delicious, especially with a little homemade salsa! Super easy and handy to have in the freezer. Thanks for caring about us and sharing your yummy recipes.

  18. I made some great burritos this week also which included alfalfa sprouts, avocado, tomato, cucumber and red onions wrapped in an Ezekiel tortilla spread with hummus. The pre-made frozen burritos is a good idea for quick nights. Oh and I also found it kinda hard to wrap the Ezekiel tortillas when compared to the traditional…

    1. It’s parchment paper that hasn’t been bleached. You can get that at most natural food stores. Good Luck!

  19. These look delicious. Would love to take them for lunch but the only way I can have a hot meal at work is by heating it up in a microwave. And I really, really love having a hot lunch most days. Can you forgive me for heating these up in the microwave? 🙂

    BTW, I love this website. It’s been really helpful in my transition to a more healthy, clean and organic lifestyle. I fell off the bandwagon this summer (sooooo many family and friends birthdays, weddings, babies and being involved in so many of them just made it very difficult plus working too much), but I hope to enthusiastically get back on soon and lose some more weight.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight. Peace.

  20. Thank you so much for all that you do!
    I am now in LOVE with the Food for Life Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas! I have passed them by in the store time and time again, not anymore! These are GREAT!

  21. Just made these for dinner tonight and have 6 in the freezer ready to go! What a great idea, and sooooo super tasty! The whole family loved them! I added a mix of sauteed organic vegetables (green pepper, onion, beet greens, and zucchini), some brown rice and used colby jack cheese. Love that they are way more manageable than a Chipotle burrito and that they’re way better for you too! : ) Thanks!

  22. loved this recipe, but the burritos did not stay together- the wraps broke a part so easily!

  23. I agree about the iodine, I actually take an iodine supplement because I’ve been fluoridated all my life, and it supports the thyroid among other things.

    Thank you so much for the burritos recipe!! This will be a weekly for us now. I’m going to get ezekiels in bulk because I am getting tired of making my own, though they are DELISH

  24. i loved (and hated, ofc i wish it wasn’t true!!) your article on 100days about your investigation of moe’s and chipotle, and think you should repost it here. i wanted to quote it (yet again) but when i came to your blog here and did a search it didn’t come up, so i might not have found it if i hadn’t known to dig a little. hate for anyone to miss out on this info, especially if they eat mexican as often as i do! 🙂 just a little fyi, and thanks millions for all the great work you do!

  25. My boyfriend and I made these last night. We had a burrito factory happening in our kitchen. We put them all in the freezer for lunches and quick dinners. All the ingredients worked great. Made our own black beans and salsa which took us a little longer. Love knowing that we made great organic burritos that are chemical and gmo free! Thanks! They are delicious!

  26. Love this recipe, but have a few questions…where do you buy the raw goat cheese? I am in CA and haven’t seen it anywhere (even Jimbo’s, our local health food store). Also, do you feel trader joes homemade corn tortillas are ok? ingredients are corn, water, baking soda and lime. thanks!

  27. Made these for dinner last night and they were great! I’m having some for lunch now but had to microwave them. Don’t hate me, we have a mini, college size fridge for our “kitchen” at work :/
    I love Ezekiel products but cannot find the tortillas in the frozen section of any store near me, so I substituted with Rudy’s spelt tortillas. I also couldn’t locate raw goat cheese so I shredded a mild white cheddar but I’m a huge fan of goat cheese so I’ll have to try that next time.

    I stumbled upon your site after doing some research on the “healthy” pop chips, which are anything but. My husband and I have gone organic recently after being ignorant for so many years and have made a concerted effort to eat healthier. Your site is awesome and provides a plethora of great tips, recipes and so much information! I get lost in reading everything 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work !

  28. Just made these tonight for the first time – awesome!! Thank you for your blog, you’ve changed my perspective, I’ve made a number of changes because of you!

  29. sound amazing. I bought all natural goat cheese that has been pasteurized but could not find raw goat cheese. there are not any health food stores nearby 🙁 I hope that is ok

  30. The “fast food” burritos were OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD! I added a little fresh cilantro and the avocado… I will be making these all the time. Thank you, Food Babe!

  31. I forgot to get parchment paper but have old fashioned waxed paper? Will this work for a one time pinch or is the waxed paper bad to use for health reasons?
    Thanks and I can’t wait to try this recipe!!

  32. Made these today for lunch…used the Ezekiel sprouted corn tortillas instead (all I had on hand) – DELISH!! Even my 2-year-old daughter ate two of them!! Thanks so much for all the great recipe ideas!

  33. I LOVE ezekiel bread and while I don’t each much bread, if I do (and I don’t make it myself), it is going to be Ezekiel. That being said, I HATED their tortillas. I have a VERY high tolerance for healthy hearty foods, but I could barely bite into these. Any tips for making them more palatable? The flavor was fine, it was the rock-hard and very tough texture I couldn’t get past… just taking a bite was a real jaw work out! I’d love to give these another try!

  34. This is great info! I do feel like you’ve been really gunning for Chipotle lately, though, which I don’t really get. They are not perfect by any means, but when you look at chains like Taco Bell, it seems like they are still a healthier choice. They also seemed very responsive to your questions on their site.

    I’m not attacking you. I’m just puzzled as to why you seem to be really going after one of the few chains that seems to be making an effort to not be completely unhealthy.

    1. It’s because it literally almost took an act of God for them to release their ingredients – if they follow their mantra – they should tell you what’s in their food. Have you read my full investigation? I definitely did not choose to pick on them….

      1. Okay. I did read your investigation. I admire your passion on the topic, but they are far from the worst case scenario and I just feel like I’ve been reading a lot about them here over the past few days.

  35. This looks real good and will try it soon! Only one complaint is the use of aluminum foil. I thought cooking with aluminum is a big no no and is linked to degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s! Since my mother died of the disease, i stay away from this stuff. I dont even use aluminum pans or non-stick coatings to avoid the off gassing.

  36. Thanks for the idea! I have a pregnant-picky tummy so I made some tweaks to make it happy! 🙂 I have to eat like every 3 hours so this is just perfect. I subbed chili powder for cumin powder, red onions for yellow and from scratch flour tortillas. It smells great so I’m a fan already!! 😀

  37. For an even healthier vegan version, forget the cheese and include some nice brown rice and perhaps a spoon or so of that lovely ‘cheezy” sauce made from cashews and nutritional yeast. There are so many options for burritos! Go crazy and make some up! Sauteed green or red peppers and mushrooms really add a nice flavor dimension.

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