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Illegal GMO Wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese?

6/4/2013 Update: The New York Times Publishes Label – read full story here

5/31/2013 Update: In this video filmed on 5/31/2013, Flo who is a Food Babe reader, visited Tesco Extra in Ponders End, Enfield, North London to demonstrate there are boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that are imported into the United Kingdom from the United States that require these special warning labels to alert consumers of potentially harmful ingredients that Kraft is using in their products. This video further verifies that Kraft’s flagship product “Macaroni & Cheese” sold in the UK requires a warning label stating the product may cause an adverse effect in activity and attention in children and is made with GMO wheat. (Note: GMO wheat is illegal in the US.)

Watch here:

The information I just uncovered about Kraft Mac & Cheese is CRAZY.

It’s been almost 2 months since I hand delivered thousands of signatures to Kraft’s front door requesting the removal of artificial dyes from their Mac & Cheese. The people inside that I met with said they’d keep the conversation open and research my questions that went unanswered… but I haven’t heard a peep from them – not a word. Of course I’ve followed up via email and voicemail and baring an impromptu visit to their headquarters again – I’m not sure if they’ll ever willingly want to talk to me in the near future or any of the rest of the 288,000 people who signed the petition.

Kraft’s refusal to keep a conversation open doesn’t surprise me, considering their tone and the nature of my initial meeting at their headquarters. (You can read the full inside story of that visit here). They didn’t send out the people who make decisions to speak with me (like the head of Mac & Cheese) – instead Kraft sent their corporate spokespeople to discuss what I believe is a very serious issue. An issue that has been broadcast all over the World including countries like Mexico, Brazil, Canada, U.K., Finland, Japan, and in almost every city in the United States. This is an issue that has brought out the truth, thanks to several different media agencies who asked for a medical opinion about the harmful effects of artificial food dyes and who agreed there are risks associated with consuming them.

Their refusal to listen and change their products is all about money. Kraft cares more about their bottom line than the health of millions of children everywhere who they are selling the boxes of Mac & Cheese to.

It was just announced that Kraft’s CEO Tony Vernon made 49% more this year than he did last year. This fact kicked me right in the face. These are millions of dollars that could be used to stop the production of artificial food dyes. These are millions of dollars that could be used to improve Kraft’s product line for the safety of Americans. These are millions of dollars that could send a statement to us that Kraft really does care about the safety of their consumers (like they’ve said in their canned written statement already).

While Kraft has reformulated their Mac & Cheese for other countries using safer ingredients and natural dyes – they continue to exploit and feed Americans dyes made with petroleum linked to a myriad of diseases and GMOs.

But wait – you must be thinking – what?! There are GMOs in Mac & Cheese? And it’s not just any old GMO.

Kraft Mac & Cheese is made with Genetically Modified Wheat. 

Below is a picture of the warning label that is placed on a box of Macaroni and Cheese (the same one we buy here) imported into the UK from the United States. The UK and other European countries require a warning label if a product contains artificial food dyes and/or GMOs. This label has a warning for both! You must be wondering how the heck did I get this box of Mac & Cheese… this is where having so many wonderful readers across the globe is quite amazing. Someone actually sent this to me after I saw them post a picture of it on Kraft’s facebook page (Thank you Flo!!!). This box of Mac & Cheese is available and sold in a special imported “international food” section in a grocery store called Tesco. The box clearly states that it is from the US – specifically “Northfield, Illinois.”

On the label of Kraft Mac & Cheese there are 2 different warnings:

Warning #1: This Product May Cause Adverse Effects On Activity And Attention In Children (This warning label is required because The US version of Kraft Mac & Cheese has artificial food dyes yellow #5 and yellow #6 which are proven to be linked to hyperactivity in children.)

Warning #2: GMO Declaration: Made from genetically modified wheat. (May contain GMO) (This warning label is required because the US version of Kraft Mac & Cheese contains GMOs.)

Please note: It is uncertain at this time who places these warning labels on products once they are imported into the UK and this is something I am still investigating. I know it is not the grocery store themselves and not Kraft, but likely the importer/distribution company. 

Kraft Mac spelled correctly 2 with arrows

Kraft with Newspaper

2 New Pictures Above added on May 31, 2013
Kraft Warning Label

If Kraft is using genetically modified (GMO) wheat in their Mac & Cheese, it is SERIOUSLY ALARMING for a number of reasons.

  1. GMO Wheat is not approved by the USDA for U.S. Farming. So where the heck is Kraft getting this wheat to put in their Mac & Cheese?
  2. Last night in breaking news, it was discovered that GMO wheat had been illegally growing in Oregon. So this begs the question – is there illegal GMO wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese?
  3. The USDA is investigating the illegal crop in Oregon – Don’t you think they should investigate companies that are using GM wheat like Kraft too? (Contact the USDA here).
  4. If Kraft is not using GMO wheat grown in the United States, they could be getting genetically engineered wheat from other countries that allow the production, and are importing it into the US. It is crazy to think that a company could be importing a crop that is not approved for use in the US and putting it our products without labeling!
  5. There is only one other likely scenario for the GMO Declaration on Kraft’s Mac & Cheese. The farm land that wheat is grown on in the US is so contaminated from GMO crops like corn and soy, they have no choice but to declare our wheat genetically modified on the warning label when exported to other countries. This fact is very concerning if true and has dire implications for the entire farmland here in America.
  6. The labeler could have mistaken GMO corn for GMO wheat, but if that is the case, Kraft needs to confirm either way.

If Kraft is using illegal GMO wheat in Mac & Cheese – are they using it in the rest of their products too? This alone is reason enough to boycott this company – As if we didn’t have enough reasons before.

How To Vote With Your Dollars And Hit Kraft’s Bottom Line

Kraft is a food giant which used to be even larger before they split with Mondelez late last fall. Here is a list of major brands that Kraft produces now that you need to know to avoid. I’ve included some alternatives to check out instead…

  • Study This List & Share It With Your Friends and Family
  • Don’t Buy Any of These Products In The Future
  • Search Your Pantry and Fridge For These Products
  • Take Them Back To The Store and Get a Refund
Kraft Brands To Avoid Brands to Choose Instead
A1 Annies BBQ Sauce or make your own
Back To Nature Annie’s Branded Snacks and Mac & Cheese
Bakers Organic Baking Chocolate by Sunspire
Boca Sunshine Burgers or make your own
Bulls Eye Annies BBQ Sauce or make your own
Café Collection (Coffee Mate) Use real organic milk or almond milk, dried non fat organic milk powder works too
Capri Sun Squeeze Your Own Fresh Juice or Choose Whole Food’s or Trader Joe’s (FYI – they recently found mold growing in Capri Sun packages)
Cheez Whiz Just eat real cheese
Corn Nuts Stick to real nuts
Country Time Make homemade lemonade or choose Lakewood Juice
Crystal Light Ban this altogether – this stuff is not good for your health, try infusing water with fruits instead
Dream Whip Make real whip cream instead or go with Tru whip
General Food International Recipe for homemade creamer from Deliciously Organic
Gevalia Larry’s Beans or another organic coffee brand you like
Good Seasons Simply Organic has dressing mixes that don’t have harmful ingredients
Gravy Master Here is a recipe for homemade gravy
Grey Poupon Annie’s Mustard
Handi Snacks Mary’s Gone Crackers and Cheese
Jell-O Mama Natural shows you how to make healthy jello
Jet Puffed Marshmallows Vegan Marshmallows without artificial food dyes and corn syrup are available at Natural Food Stores
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Make your own or choose Annie’s Mac & Cheese
Kraft Cheese Organic Valley or local
Kool-Aid Just don’t do it.
Lunchables Make your own! Check 100 Days of Real Food for Lunch Ideas
Maxwell House Larry’s Beans or another organic coffee brand you like
Miracle Whip Spectrum or Veganaise
Open Pit Annies BBQ Sauce or make your own
Oscar Mayer Applegate Farms
Philadelphia Organic Valley, Trader Joes has organic cream cheese
Planters Woodstock Farms 
Sanka Choose organic coffee always
Tang Don’t do it! Consider adding some fresh OJ to your water instead
Tapatio Choose an organic hot sauce
Tassimo Professional Do not buy this coffee machine – choose breville or cusinart instead
Twist Lakewood Juice
Velveeta This stuff is gross, just don’t do it. Stick to real cheese – try Organic Valley
Yuban Larry’s Beans or another organic coffee brand you like

Please take the time to share this crucial information with your family and friends. We must keep the social media pressure on Kraft – they need to know that we are not going away or letting them off the hook for this madness.

Thank you for your continued support and good energy!

Food Babe

Kraft Mac & Cheese Box

If you’d like to call and inquire about this – here’s the UPC code on the box of Kraft Mac & Cheese sent to me with the warning label.

Kraft UPC

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294 responses to “Illegal GMO Wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese?

  1. To condemn every product that Kraft distributes is wrong. They certainly do not grow thw coffee used in Maxwell House or the Gevalia brands. I do not understand you condemnation of products like Crystal Light and other artificially sweetened products. There still is no one absolute shred of scientific proof that Aspartame is toxic. Any chemical compound in massive quantities can be deadly but these products are not used in that way. I have used Nutra Sweet or other off brands of Aspartame for over 12 years since discontinuing the use of sugar and have no ill effects from it. Some people have side effects from many different substances and if there were millions of people suffering any of these effect directly related to Aspartame’s use, it would then be a major health risk. I have suffered from a blood disorder for many, many years and my Hematologist agrees that there is no risk in the normal use of ANY artificial sweetener. If it bothers you, don’t use it.

    1. Bruce, I will go on the presumption that you are simply unaware that Aspertame is highly toxic, used as poison to kill rats, screws with your brain’s sugar regulation chemistry, and is one of the primary causal factors in the rise in obesity in the last thirty years. Please do some real research, with an open mind. Please.

      1. I believe that I mentioned that I am a cancer patient. I have discussed the use of “NutraSweet, with BOTH of my hematologists and their opinion is that it is safe.
        Any product, even anything organics, can be toxic when used in huge amounts that are not normal. If you want to save yourself from anything toxic, find a way to leave the planet. There are more artificially occurring chemicals and agents that are in ALL of our food.and water. I have used NutraSweet for years,,,I have no weight problem, I has not caused my Leukemia, I do not get headaches,etc. When I see absolute documented ,undeniable proof it is poison, I may consider stopping the use of it.

      2. Bruce, I wonder if you think you acquired cancer through eating healthy, NON-GMO, non-chemically processed foods, or if you can even remotely consider the fact that you choose to consume aspartame that may have attributed to it. Well, maybe not, since you seem to think drinking Kool-aid is ok!

      3. Bruce, you are brain washed by the big food corps. Think about it you are what you eat. You are eating fake chemically made sugar. Try a super real food like honey or real maple syrup. Remember you are a human being. Eat real things that our planet provided us to eat and drink(H2O).

    2. Wow..aspartame has NO ill effects…and yet you have CANCER. Sounds like a pretty freakin ILL effect to me. So, if aspartame, GMOs and other toxic chemical food additives didn’t cause your cancer, whatever do you suppose did? Satan?

    3. aspartame is toxic,no doubt!I’m a natural health professional for decades and this info came to my desk many years ago

    4. Hi Bruce. I’m sure you probably won’t even see this, but my opinion is that even if normal use is okay, then you should limit it. Aspartame could be very dangerous, and it is hard to avoid unless you don’t eat or drink processed foods. I think it is important to boycott all of those companies because all I can do is my best. Yes, there are still issues with organics, and no, you can’t avoid every bad thing there is, but you sure can do your best to make sure only the bare minimum gets into your body. I quit smoking about 3 years ago, and I will still breathe in other people’s smoke sometimes because they can still smoke, but I can control what I put in my body. If anything, the idea that you shouldn’t worry so much because you can’t avoid everything is faulty. It is BECAUSE there is so much out of our control that we need to take extra precautions. I live in an area where the pollution is so bad that the water is severely contaminated and the air quality is one of the worst in the world. Almost everyone here has asthma, and even healthy people are sick a lot. If more people cared and just did one little thing, like ride a bike to work, go one or two days a week without meat, or even quit smoking, it would make a bigger difference than you think. Awareness about these issues can only help us. Why not just go for the things you know for sure are safe, or are at least much safer?

  2. I am wondering why every food product that is distributed by Kraft is on your list. Coffee?? Kool Aid?? The biggest problem,,,Organic Foods are NOT all as organic as they are made out to be. I know apple growers and LARGE apple growers. Organic is what the spray doesn’t come directly into contact with. Plenty of over spray gets on EVERYTHING. They could not produce pure organic produce with any reliability of product quality. The things that are being done to increase our food sources are pretty much safe. I do not see people dropping dead after eating an Orange or a Cob Of ZCorn.

    1. You are very special, and require a kindergarten explanation, so I am going to give it to you! Simply because you do not drop dead instantly after consuming a product does NOT make it safe to consume! If that were the case, all of the corporations that manufacture them would go out of business. Consuming toxins in small quantities, over your lifespan, will definitely increase your chances of getting cancer, or other ill effects on your health. Do you not find it even slightly peculiar that the incidences of cancer have grown in astronomical proportions over the last generation?! Or have you just become desensitized to cancer, and just become blinded by the current thought of, “oh well, we’re ALL going to get cancer anyway”? How can anyone with any inkling of intelligence look at the cancer rates, and the incase of toxins in our daily lives, and NOT put “two and two” together? I cannot comprehend how you, after getting cancer, can STILL come to the defense of these toxic products, unless you are being paid by these corporations as their P.R. person, or to try and throw off any seemingly intelligent person who is still on the fence about these products! Do some REAL research, and look at documentation that is NOT biases or provided by the manufacturers of the products themselves.

      1. Monica, Have you also noticed that the age group of newly diagnosed cancers like Leukemia, MDS, and other blood cancers , is mostly “baby boomers”. Ever asked the question why? The answer is the fact that when us boomers were all born and growing up, we had the Nuclear Age beginning, test atomic bombs were being detonated all over the world, water was being polluted by the second 24 hrs a day, Toxic chemicals were being dumped in just about any place most manufacturers could find. NutraSweet is NOT causing the cancer in all of us. My MDS that led to my Stem Cell Transplant was not caused by NutraSweet. AS a matter of FACT, the cause of MDS is completely unknown at this time. And it definitely not the cause of mine.

      2. don’t blame people for their cancer . you can do everything right and still get cancer . to think you can control everything is illusion. not saying eat these harmful things but it seems people fool themselves into thinking they can control everything and there is a blame to be laid on people who get ill. I hate that attitude. good luck if you ever get sick .

  3. the uk person that was showing the box at the store didn’t prove nothing by not showing the words on the box it was not clear and out of forces

  4. Did the ORIGINAL Mac & Cheese use GMO’s
    or is this not truly ORIGINAL Mac & Cheese?
    False advertising?

  5. I really love what you’re doing! My challenge is getting my spouse and especially my 9 year old son onboard. My son has type 1 diabetes and already has restrictions on his diet due to having type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent). My husband loves junk food & it seems everyone around us eat a bunch of CRAP. I’m viewed as the person who isn’t NORMAL. When you’re an adult you don’t care as much about being different, but as a child you don’t want to be the weird kale chips eatng kid. He doesn’t want to carry lunch anymore, and you know how awful school food is. I already know that facts, fear and force don’t work to get people to change. I hope to eventually become a health coach and help families especially moms and their families get healthier and eat well on a budget. I’ve got to get my own famiy to buy in!

    1. Hi Kelsey – just keep at it. They are picking up information along the way even if you can’t tell yet.

  6. Food Babe are you sure Tapatio is owned by Kraft? The official website for Tapatio says it is still owned by the Saavedra family in Mexico and it not on Kraft’s list of brands or products. The label says Tapatio Foods LLC.

  7. You know how I know the GMO wheat label is a fabrication. I know this because there is no commercial GMO wheat produced. Therefore it is not in this product. It then follows that they wouldn’t produce the label. This site is giving me the vapours.

    1. Todd,

      I believe you are right. Wheat has not (yet) been genetically modified. It has been hybridized to death! The wheat we eat today is not anything like the wheat of 30 years ago. In fact it has 50% more gluten and 100’s of chromosomes it never used to have. Dr. William Davis in his book “Wheat Belly” explains the problems wheat creates today. Avoid it.

  8. Hi, I was wondering what sources you use or if this is all your investigation? I am writing a speech for my class about the importance of food labeling and I just needed some other sources and your blog always has great information!

  9. It’s a fake. Not only is GMO wheat not approved for commercial use, anywhere. Kraft doesn’t export the product to the UK.

    Why did this turn into Kraft bashing anyway?

    1. bruce,

      I lived overseas for four years.

      I can assure you kraft mac and cheese is in the uk. Therefore it is exported to the UK.

      I know because I ate a lot of it 🙂

  10. Wow .Stop Arguing and just go back to what God intended for us..use all the Natural Real Whole foods he blessed us with, that have NOT been altered , sprayed with Chemicals, added chemicals, flavorings, food dyes, colors, preservatives, or modified seeds.. The LIST goes on. Stay natural Organic real foods. It’s not Rocket science! DO NOT POISON YOUR BODY with anything unnatural. Why is anything else even an option! Thank God for this Web site and so many that are educating those who still believe our Government, FDA, Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA are helping us.
    Example~when in therapy after foot surgery, my 2 inch incision was healing at RAPID SPEED from Non Processed Organic HONEY. The Doctor and therapist were STUNNED..Asked how is this possible? I told them it’s Organic Honey…they BOTH said..”WE need to find a way to SYNTHETICALLY MAKE THAT BECAUSE IT’S TOO STICKY” But we all know THERE’S NO MONEY IN HONEY!
    Simple..go back to Natural.

    1. The reason why it healed was the antibiotics in the honey. Which can be artificially made. And there is money in keeping bees and producing honey.

  11. Applegate Farms is listed as a brand to choose instead. My experience with their organic turkey breast indicates that’s not one of their product lines that I’ll purchase again. Didn’t read ingredients until I got home. Found it has CARRAGEENAN. Also, 360 mg sodium per serving. Their mottos is “Changing the meat we eat”. Boy, I’ll say and it wasn’t cheap – $8 for 6 oz.

    Too bad I based my purchase decision on the glitzy packaging that included “no antibiotics used”, “humanely raised”, “no nitrites or nitrates used”, and “gluten & casein free”. Why they have to add salt and carrageenan confounds me.

  12. SNOPES.COM is a garbage website with zero legal or factual authority.
    SNOPES should be removed from the Internet because it is a fraud website.

  13. Hey everybody…. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GMO WHEAT! Do your research. DUH! There is GMO corn. There are GMO soy beans. But not wheat.

  14. oh.. your article has helped me a lot in knowing about illegal GMO wheat, I didn’t know this before. Thank you for sharing this valuable post.

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