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Invite: Feeding You Lies Book Launch Party On February 18th

I’m celebrating the launch of my book, Feeding You Lies, and you are invited! You’ll get to meet me, get your book signed, get a Truvani gift bag and try some of the best organic kombucha in Charlotte.

Here are the book party details…

When: Monday, February 18, 2019 at 7:00pm

Where: Lenny Boy Brewing Company, 3000 S Tryon St, in Charlotte, North Carolina. They’re the first Certified Organic brewery and kombucha producer in the Southeast and have amazing organic craft beers, sours, and wild ales.

UPDATE 2/7/19: Ticket sales for the Charlotte Launch Party are now closed. If you wish to attend the party, please contact [email protected]

If you can’t come to Charlotte – tell me where you’d like me to go next in the comments below – maybe I will add a stop to my book tour just for you! 




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28 responses to “Invite: Feeding You Lies Book Launch Party On February 18th

  1. Just to clarify, if i want to attend and bring my husband, i need to order two books to have two tickets to get in, correct?

      1. Hi Leslie……I think Food Babe should come to South Tampa FL! Lots of healthy active people here I think would appreciate the opportunity to attend a FB party:)

  2. Hi, a fan from the beginning. I’m a Girl Scout leader for two Troops in Charlotte. We are working on snack badges for my younger troop and we are studying food more in depth for my high school girls. I would think it would be So awesome if you could come and speak with our troops from the Girl Scout Hornet’s Council from Charlotte. You would make such a big impact on the next generation of girls in this area. That would be my leader wish.

  3. I’d love to attend! If money wasn’t an issue I’d fly up there! But please come to Orlando FL someday!

  4. Hi Vani!
    I’m all the way in Southern California & sadly I won’t be able to make the trip but I would love it if u came out this way to the San Bernardino County, California area. I seen u at a book signing u did near L.a. when u had your first book. U are such an amazing & beautiful person for doing what u do! Keep up the beautiful work! Hope to see u out here! Love ya girl!

  5. I work all the time and have a young daughter so it would be nice if you could come somewhere close to me. I am in Virginia. Near Roanoke or even Richmond would work. That kind of vicinity. Thanks so much for what you do!

  6. Come somewhere in Texas!!! Tyler preferably, but Dallas would work….. I “might” even be able to make it to Houston.

  7. Hi Vani. I’m in Stockton, CA….that’s like an hour from Sacramento. I would love to attend your party, but things are pretty busy around here. You are a great leader and very inspirational. Thank you for your work to change the world, to make it better and a healthier place.

  8. Come to Ocean City, MD!
    You are an inspiration. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to making us all aware and able to make healthier choices.

  9. Question: If I order the book from Park Road Books, and check the “pick up at store”, will the book be available at the signing party at Lenny Brothers? How will I know if I was one of the 1st 150 people to pre-order and therefore, am able to come to the party? I do not live in Charlotte, and it will be an 1 1/2 hour drive, so I need to know whether to select “pick up at store” or ship the book.

    1. Hi Laura! As long as you have filled out the form above to RSVP to the party, Park Road Books will bring your book to the party. You can write in the Notes section of Park Road Books order form that you will be attending the party. Your receipt/order confirmation from Park Road Books is your ticket into the party, so please print it out and bring it with you. Can’t wait to see you there!

  10. Thank you for championing the cause…you are a true inspiration! Is there a schedule of your upcoming book tour destinations? Would love to see you in Charleston, SC!!!

  11. Hi Vani,
    Please come to Sumter, SC. Only 2 hours from Charlotte. I have been a fan of yours for several years. You are a brave and beautiful soul. Keep helping us with your commitment to health. XXOO
    Jeni Martin

  12. Austin, TX is a great place for a book signing meet and greet! The store book people is a local staple here that hosts many authors. Would love to meet such an inspiring person!

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