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Why I’m Never Spending Another Dime On This Holiday Gift!

As I was online holiday shopping, I came across several “edible” gifts that made my head want to explode. These are gifts that I now refuse to buy or eat for that matter. There’s no way that I’m going to send unhealthy, disease-promoting gifts to people that I care about. There’s nothing that I value more than my health and the health of my friends and family. After seeing all the advertisements and mall kiosks for this junk, I knew I had to write about these so called “gifts.”

Now, please don’t call me a scrooge or yell “ba humbug” at me for sharing this info…I’m only the messenger!

Holiday Gifts That I’m NEVER Buying (…again)

I’m embarrassed to say that several years ago I used to buy gift baskets from Mrs. Fields Cookies for some special occasions and as holiday gifts. My college girlfriends even would send me them during hard times like when I had a romantic breakup or before exams. As much as I love cookies, once I found out the truth I never spent another dime on their products. I got the complete list of ingredients in their holiday gift baskets and let me tell you, they are filled with ingredients that let’s just say, Santa would call really naughty!

Mrs. Fields Holiday Gift Baskets make the NAUGHTY LIST! 

  • Partially Hydrogenated Oils – Mrs. Fields uses margarine and partially hydrogenated oils as a substitute for real butter in their cookies. While their cookies contain some butter, partially hydrogenated oils take a front seat as one of their main ingredients. These oils are the primary source of artificial trans fat in our diet, which have been shown to increase “bad” cholesterol and decrease “good” cholesterol, leading to heart disease. As reported in Scientific American, “It took decades for scientists to realize how deadly trans fats could be, partly because the food industry and the cardiovascular prevention community dismissed concerns over adverse effects on health, but the evidence continued to mount”. Finally in 2013, the FDA tentatively determined that partially hydrogenated oils are no longer GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) due to these health concerns, so no one should be eating these oils – even during the holidays!
  • Mono & Diglycerides – This is another (somewhat sneaky) source of harmful trans fat.
  • Soybean Oil – This oil is heavily processed and almost always extracted with the neurotoxin hexane, a cheap byproduct from gasoline production. It’s also high in omega-6 fatty acids (which the American diet is too full of) increasing the risk of inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) – Your body doesn’t process HFCS the same as regular sugar (sucrose), and excessive high fructose corn syrup consumption has been shown to increase the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Enriched Bleached Flour – This is the worst type of flour because it’s been stripped of fiber and nutrients, and comes from a heavily hybridized wheat crop, which may have been pre-harvested with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.
  • Parabens – Mrs. Fields cut-out frosted holiday cookies include methylparaben and propylparaben as ingredients. You may have heard about these ingredients in cosmetics, shampoo and lotions, but not realize they are in food too. Parabens have been found to be endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are linked to breast cancer (sources: 1234), and reproductive problems. This ingredient made the EWG’s top 12 dirty dozen food additives – which means it’s one of the worst food additives in existence!
  • Genetically Modified Ingredients? – Several of the ingredients used by Mrs. Fields typically come from genetically modified (GMO) crops. When we called Mrs. Fields customer service and asked whether they use any GMO ingredients, the agent did not seem to understand what we were asking. They have not responded to email requests. I will update you here when (and if) they respond. These ingredients are often derived from GMOs and can be found in Mrs. Fields holiday gifts: Sugar, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soybean Oil, Mono & Diglycerides, Soy Lecithin, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Canola Oil, Fructose, Xanthan Gum, Cottonseed Oil, Glycerin, Food Starch.

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Don’t give the “Gift” of junk food. 

Other holiday food gifts, like the ones by Hickory Farms are just as bad. Their “Signature Beef Summer Sausage” is made from non-organic beef that was likely raised on growth hormones and antibiotics, and cured with sodium nitrite which has been shown to create cancer causing nitrosamines. Their “Turkey Summer Sausage” takes it a step further with the addition of hydrolyzed corn protein, a form of hidden MSG. The Hickory Farms “Holiday Treasure Chest” also comes with Peanut Brittle Popcorn” containing partially hydrogenated oils (trans fat) and high-risk GMO ingredients like corn syrup, cottonseed oil and sugar. When asked if these ingredients are derived from GMO crops, Hickory Farms essentially told us they didn’t know: “To the best of our knowledge none of our products are not genetically modified. However we can not verify whether or not our products are genetically modified”.


Although it’s healthier to give a fruit basket as a gift, keep in mind that most fruit gift baskets are made with fruit that’s not organic. Many “holiday” fruits, like pears, apples, strawberries and cherries are considered the “dirtiest” produce contaminated with pesticide residue. So, always make sure that it’s organic. We called up Edible Arrangements, a fruit basket company, and they said their fruit generally isn’t organic, but each location sources fruit locally and will sometimes have organic produce. The only way to get an organic fruit assortment from Edible Arrangements is by contacting the store that’s making your gift basket and asking them if they have organic fruit available. Some of their baskets, such as the “Peace & Doves Festival” come with fruit dipped in white chocolate that contains partially hydrogenated oil (trans fat). You’d really be better off just creating your own gift basket with organic treats that you pick out yourself. And just an FYI – Harry & David has organic fruit gifts available online too.


Now for the good news, and an alternative worth getting!

I’ve been searching far and wide for the best holiday gift companies and found America’s Best Organics where you can create your own organic gift basket online or choose one of their combinations. I’m really excited about supporting this company because they are all about creating baskets that promote health, wellness and sustainability. Their baskets contain organic products and other eco-friendly items, made by American companies. They clearly list all the ingredients on their website – which isn’t something I generally found when researching other gift basket companies and is very helpful when shopping online.


This is a great present to send to someone you may not see over the holiday season but want to send a gift. They have great vegan, gluten-free and pet baskets as well – and all prices include the shipping cost. My team has worked with this company to bring you a special discount just for the holidays!

For a limited time Food Babe readers get 10% off of their purchase with the code “FOODBABE“, and you can check America’s Best Organics baskets out here. 

Please don’t give toxins and poison to your family and friends this holiday season, pick a gift that promotes health rather than takes it away. If you know someone who could learn from this info, please share it with them! Who knows, maybe they’ll send you an organic gift basket during the holidays! 




P.S. Looking for more healthy holiday gift ideas? Be sure to check out the Food Babe Healthy Holiday Specials HERE.






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103 responses to “Why I’m Never Spending Another Dime On This Holiday Gift!

  1. Points well taken. Please consider doing the same for Girl Scout Cookies, which are now being marketed by the scouts on line as well as door-to-door. I can’t believe that organization sells such un-wholesome junk!

    1. I was a GS leader for years (before I learned about nasty “food” ingredients) . I always thought it ridiculous that only 50 cents per box actually goes to the troop. I want to support scouting, but refuse to buy the cookies so whenever I see a booth, I give them a $5 cash donation – all the money goes to the troop. I ALWAYS appreciated cash donations.

      1. This is a fantastic idea! I always want to help, but never want to buy anything that is offered!

    2. One of the hardest things I’ve seen lately is one of my friend’s 14-year-old daughter, who has severe Crohn’s, eating an entire sleeve of Thin Mints WHILE SHE WAS GETTING AN IV INFUSION of scary immunosuppressant drugs. Bizarrely, diet is not part of the standard protocol for treating Crohn’s, a digestive disorder.

      1. Seriously! What is wrong with parents not monitoring what their children with Cronhs eat!! For God ‘s sake, it’s a digestive autoimmune disease! Food is such an important part of the healing equation!!

      2. I understand that carrageenan can cause crohn’s disease. It is in most dairy products, many candies, and just about any other food. Daisy sour cream does NOT have carrageenan in it. I buy nothing that has this ingredient in it!

      3. Treating Crohn’s, digestive disorder: I am told that MMF will correct this condition as well as many others. ( . Here are a few calls that you can listen to: TESTIMONIAL LINE: 760-569-7229 / Pin: 110# …..-….. Ref: 24# – & 25# – & 23# – & – 24# – ) This is brand need and my family has had amazing results.

      4. Excellent advice for natural treatment for Chrons can be had by following Jini Patel Thompson. Google the name. Cornerstones for recovery are nutrient dense foods especially BONE BROTH.

      5. (to Scott Cameron) … you may “believe” in your multilevel marketing product, but as former formulator in the nutritional products industry, no multilevel marketing products are worth the expense as they are very overpriced. I checked out the website and nowhere does it have the ingredients for the MMF product. In my opinion, if you can’t list what’s in it, I won’t waste my time trying to find out. I can analyze your products ingredients and tell you what it’s about without having to believe your testimonials. I’m surprised in this day and age that anyone would be interested in overpaying for a product just because some doctor is taking credit for the “design.” In my experience, few medical doctors know much about nutrition much less active forms of nutrients in supplemental form. Yes, there are differences in dietary supplements, but I will confess that all multilevel groups I’ve ever checked out are after a downline and not really that interested in whether the product is really going to make an impact on health. That’s because most companies do NOT put efficacious amounts of nutrients. Their premise is that a little bit will provide health benefits, but I believe a person needs the established amounts as tested for efficacy. I would never believe in the nutritional products sold multilevel because of what my experience and knowledge has taught me. Just my 2 cents. I don’t agree with you trying to peddle your stuff here.

      6. To Shirley, I believe you are mistaken. Carrageenan has not been implicated as a causative factor in Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s is a chronic inflammatory condition where the immune system is attacking the intestinal tissue, although it doesn’t appear to be an autoimmune disorder. Ultimately, the “cause” of Crohn’s disease is unknown, although there does appear to be a heavy genetic component… About 70 genes are thought to be involved.

    3. I agree, I never realized how much toxic junk was in girl scout cookies. They sell them in our schools in the spring and I want them banned!

    4. I agree on the Girl Scout cookies 110%. My Mom was a GS leader and we had cookie overload at our house. I was addicted to the Thin Mints for years as my sister had to sell them. And here we are 20+ years later and they STILL have trans-fats in their cookies (along with other unhealthy ingredients). Unbelievable that parents of girl scouts haven’t revolted against what they’re children are encouraged to sell!

    5. I know!!! My daughter is a girlscout and it pains me to buy them!! I donate them. I don’t want my family to eat them.

      1. To disgusted. Whatever!!!! Don’t tell me not to talk. I am doing something about it… I don’t feed it to my family! Go away!!!!

      2. MJL, YOU won’t eat it, but it’s okay to give it to others as you don’t give a *** about their health, do you? It’s time that groups like the Girl Scouts find another ways to make money beyond donations, but feeding junk that is harmful to everyone’s health is no way to do it. It shows a lack of caring for anyone else’s health. But then we all probably know that food manufacturers really don’t care because they want to addict our palates and make money at the cost of their customers’ health. So too bad for whoever you “donate” the *** cookies to. It would be better to make healthier choices for gifts and donations. Talk all you want. I find it amusing.

  2. Do you know which essential oils are extracted using hexane? I have searched for some information but haven’t found squat yet. TIA

  3. I just discovered America’s Best Organics last week and have since suggested it to multiple people (in the hope that they haven’t ordered from elsewhere yet). It’s a great idea for a gift category that seemed a few decades behind the (transparent) times.
    If you can influence those you do business with to make better food choices along with your own better food choices, you’re really helping to make the world a better place.

  4. On another note: I bought some ShopRite (store brand) Organic Chicken Stock, thinking I was doing something special. To my dismay, I found not only “Organic Cane Sugar” as one of the ingredients, I found “Yeast Extract”! Who puts sugar in chicken stock? And organic does not go along with MSG (the yeast extract), in my book.

    It also said “Organic Chicken Flavor”. What in the world is that?

    I should have read the label first!

    1. There is a fantastic new book by the Weston Price Foundation called Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World. The book explains why these cheap, suspect ingredients are added – they’re a low cost substitute for the umami taste of real, mineral/collagen rich bone broth, a traditional staple that carried generations through harsh winters.

    2. Organics foods in stores still contain upto 30% of any chemicals within them. Its a marketing ploy tk mislead buyers. Its all in the ingredients, not what is advertised. I know, i’m fructose & lactose, in 3 yrs ive only found about 8 safe foods. Its terrible. But its the same in generic meds, toothpastes etc…. Yet I can eat all the foods in other countries, so I buy online now & ive actually been saving $$$. I don’t require as much food, because there is no fake/chemically made sugars in home cooked meals(unlike in US), so I’m not filling up on sugars. And most the time S&H is free… Check it out!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the gift idea’s, those frosted cookies look delicious and you sure can’t go wrong with some good ole meat and cheese from tried and true Hickory farms for the holidays!

  6. Aside from the dangers of edible arrangements food, the two corporate owners send their profits to fundamentalist terrorists groups. Look it up. Terrorist training. It’s public.

  7. I never liked the edible arrangements. glad I never bought them for my family! Unfortunately my sister would send them to my mom so much! I sent her a link to this hopefully she stops!! =)
    thanks Vani!

  8. Unfortunately, any thing processed should be avoided, in general. I remember Mrs Field cookies way back in the 1970s…I bet they were pretty simple then. But what happens is that the one home roots brand gets bought out by a bigger, profit hungry company that cares less about the source of their ingredients.

    Better by a massage for someone you love! Or make the cookie yourself!

  9. This problem is not limited to the big-name brands, like Mrs. Field’s. Last year I bought some rather expensive specialty Christmas cookies from my neighborhood German bakery who imports a lot of stuff from Germany. I was shocked to discover the huge list of ingredients on the package of Nurnburger Lebkuchen. I posted a photo of the ingredients lable on churnyourown (just search for Lebkuchen). I’d love to get your perspective on that list of ingredients.

    1. I’m a Brit in the US. So when I found certain products from England, I jumped for joy. And cheaper than my birth country.
      3 yrs ago I found out I am Fructose & Lactose, 2 food disorders. It has solved the last 17yrs of being ill so much(been in US 23 yrs). I have to read every ingredient, every time I go shopping, cause food companies are known to change ingredients on us. Even weekly. Believe me, it sux. Reading every ingredient before buying.
      Cadbury’s is a British chocolate company, ok so they were bought out by an European company, but Cadbury’s chocolate in the US, smashing(meaning, overjoyed). I research a lot of companies, foods, ingredients, as I have to, so I can eat without being in pain. Literally…
      Cadbury’s in the US is made by Hershey’s NOT Cadbury’s at all. This explained why it doesn’t taste creamy.
      Cadbury as many European chocolate companies do is, sells part of their name, NOT the product nor ingredients here in the US to American companies like Hershey, Nestle, Mars, etc…. As the case of what you bought, would have different ingredients from your ‘other’ country. As American ingredients are banned or illegal within Europe.

  10. We always get those butter cookies from Denmark in the big tin. I think the ingredients list is pretty good, and not really lengthy. Have you looked at those ingredients b/c they are so popular at Christmas! I always feel if I get it from Europe it is better quality than US, sad I know. I guess homemade is the BEST, but not always possible. Thanks for the info on this story!!

    1. They do not come from Denmark nor are they made in Europe.
      I’m British & I love British or European chocolates, which is very different to American chocolate. I have 2 food disorders since being in the US, I suffer dearly.
      I found Cadburys chocolate here in US, but the chocolate isn’t the same, which at one point was a British company but was bought out by an European company.
      Cadburys chocolate is made by Hershey s in the US, explains why it doesn’t have that European taste. What happens is, these European countries/companies sell a part of whom they are, like Cadburys to Hersheys, but not the ingredients just the name. Its one of many tricks of the trade among our food companies, even here in the US. The cost of them Denmark cookies in England are what we consider generics, they are an off brand to the real thing. Yes they are sold in England too.
      The cost would be a dead give away in Europe, as good cookies(biscuits) are very spendy, unlike here in the US. The real Mccoys are in the margin of $25 a tin. Anything less says its the generics, this is usually a dead give away(price). Just like with Olive oils, most are generics in supermarkets, due to the costs. Real olive oil is very spendy, a quart is about $30 a bottle. Go on Amazon, check prices for your cookies in Denmark….. Research & the net are our friends……

      1. Thanks for the info. It does make sense as to why they are so reasonable on price. I cannot believe they can say “made in Denmark ” when its not true. That makes me so upset. You really cannot trust a word they say on the label anymore.
        I was wondering if you could tell me the brand you suggest? Thanks

  11. Vani —

    You are such a Holiday gift! Thanks for having our back.

    One question: Currently, I am avoiding ALL Soybean Oil (love the GMO OMG! documentary). But, is ORGANIC Soybean Oil OK or still a no-no because of the overall manipulation of the soybean over time?

    Stephanie Bavaro, GREATful Woman

    P.S. I look forward to our GREATful Woman Talks! next year! 🙂

    1. Fortunately organic soybean oil is not extracted with hexane… It’s still not the healthiest of oils, and is one of the most popular oils restaurants and grocery stores use. It’s pretty hard to avoid it, unless you eat 100% at home. I would limit it as much as possible where you have a choice!

      1. Thanks Vani and Rex.

        I will stick to what I was already doing and leave soybean oil (actually all soy products) out of my food plan completely, understanding there may be some if I eat out. My instinct was that all soybean oil was unhealthy (including organic).

        Thanks for the confirmation. I do love my cold-pressed organic avocado oil (and of course organic coconut oil for so many thing!!!).

        Hugs and happy holidays! — Stephanie

    2. Being that I have a health problem with my thyroid because of consuming Soy bean oil, I would say take it out of your diet, I did. The Thyroid needs as much Iodine as it can get but Soy blocks Iodine from getting to the Thyroid which causes health problems. Soy either GMO or Organic is not good for anyone. It’s a cheap protein used by the food companies and farmers use it to feed animals, along with corn, and alfalfa, all GMO !

      1. doTerra oils are the purest that I have found so far. (Aromatherapy student).

      2. Also on hypothyroidism which I have: I take a kelp supplement and use Lugol’s iodine solution which I paint on the soles of my feet before sleeping, as our feet have the largest pores it absorbs really well and gets into the blood stream avoiding the GI tract.

      1. Yes, that’s why I think what is being promoted is not that great. Even though they have “Organic” in their name, they sell non-organic stuff. It’s kind of sad.

  12. So scary to think that all those years growing up eating Hickory Farms gift baskets for the holidays! And those cookies! EEww!

    1. Miles – I know what you mean! I would eat all the free samples at the mall kiosk too. GROSSSSS!!!!

      1. I stopped eating them too. I use to eat them many years ago ..not now ..not at all thanks vain….things like that are really not needed in our diet…it’s better for us if we stay far awY…

      2. Vani,

        Isn’t true there is no way to produce sausage or bacon without Nitrates? The best one could ever do is find a grass-fed product, but it will still have some form of nitrates in them. I personally love cured meats and bacon. I typically buy brands that only list 1 or 2 preservatives in them like Sodium Nitrate and/or Sodium Erythorbate. I know that these ingredients are sourced from GMO beets or Corn (probably), but I only eat this as a holiday treat and never go over board with it. Thanks for all the insightful information. Holiday Hugs 4 U!

  13. Vani, you are always the best at providing organic alternatives…THANK YOU! That is why we continue to subscribe to Food Babe!!! Anybody looking for a healthy change and needs a place to start, Food Babe is the way! Thank you Vani.

  14. Speaking of soy, and other crap ingredients in holiday fare, ALL of the Whole Foods baked goods I have looked at lately, contain garbage like soy, soy lecithin, canola oil etc.., in fact, (and unrelated, sorry) even the prepared “garlic green beans’ (fresh green beans) at the Whole Foods deli, include SOY and WHEAT! When I asked about it, I was told that soy and wheat are in the ‘garlic sauce’ the green beans are tossed in. What a great way to ruin a harmless green bean. In fact I have found soy, wheat, canola oil etc…in MOST of the prepared foods sold by Whole Foods, which is really disappointing…what gives?

    Anyway, Happy Holidays Vani, and keep up the great work, your mission is among the most important of our time!

  15. At a time when we see questionable items and practices around the term “Organic”, it takes even more time and due diligence in vetting food when attempting to only participate in that realm. Why then would anyone even participate in the packaged food world, especially knowing all the gotchas involved?

    Stay organic, stay clean!

    1. To buy organic food I made sacrifices elsewhere: I don’t own a TV so I don’t have monthly payments going out to cable companies. My phone is ” pay as you go” so no contract every month. I don’t smoke, not a regular drinker, I buy items of furniture on eBay or from thrift shops, all of these things add up. I can grow some of my own food too. If you have a garden, a deck or even a window box, you can grow something too. I hope this was helpful.

      1. Hi Sally, great tips for saving money. Can u tell me about the kelp supplements and the ????? Painted on your feet at bedtime. Thanks Dot

      2. The kelp supplement I use is from holland and Barrett and it’s pottasium iodide that I paint on my feet at bedtime, it stains when wet, feet look orange/yellow but in the morning will be pink after absorption, if they are still yellow you are getting enough of it. Hope that helps, I bought mine online.

    2. marco – What price is your health worth? I look at eating healthy, incorporating as much organic as possible, like buying health insurance. I buy as much as I can from farmer’s markets and feel good knowing I save money, support local farmers and am not supporting large corporate groceries. It’s a win-win!

  16. Keep up the good work and a happy and healthy holidays. Signing up my sister in Ct. as she is the one who started me eating healthy. Get my vitamins from Allergy Research, and no I’m not a salesman for them but look them up if you want the best with no fillers.

  17. Thank you Vani for all this information. This way we can make a intelligent choice when we put food in our mouths and of our children!

    God Bless you,

  18. Parabens in cookies is quite a surprise. What is the function of the paraben in a cookie?

    Get real cookies from a local bakery. If you don’t have one, try Zingerman’s Delicatessen, you can order from them online. Or bake them yourself 🙂 That was you control the ingredients 100% and can make your own choices. Most people I know would rather have a few homemade cookies than a bucket of store-bought ones.

    As for Edible Arrangements, most “chocolate fruit drizzle” has something in it to resolidify it after it has been melted and dripped over the fruit or whatever. Stick to the fruit-only arrangements.

  19. Thank you for this awesome information
    Crazy how these companies are putting hidden poison in foods
    Steering clear from all

  20. Out of curiosity, why don’t you highlight dairy ingredients as potentially bad as well? Most dairy cows are fed a GMO diet – some are even supplemented with leftover dye-filled (and GMO-filled) holiday candy to fulfil their caloric requirements, as it’s cheaper per pound than corn! I know for a fact that the dyes transfer through the milk, since my girl will randomly have the same neurological reactions to non-organic dairy as if I fed her something with dye in it.

      1. Right… so why aren’t dairy ingredients highlighted as potentially harmful/to be avoided? She highlights anything else that *might* be GMO, like natural flavors, anything from soy or corn, etc. Dairy almost certainly is GMO, like corn and soy and (beet) sugar.

    1. I totally agree with you here, although for me more of interest to research on too. I’m Lactose besides Fructose. I guess my Q would be, why is everything GMOs just based on food products & not everything that is GMO. Being they will affect us all the same way. Although being Lactose I’m not suppose to have butter, yet everything else is so more harmful for my uses(mayo, mustard, miracle whip, all GMOs/Organic or not…..). I presently buy Kerrys although like anything from another country I’m sure its made in the US too, like Cadburys is made by Hershey, only in the US……

  21. Where I live 100s of 1000s of acres are dedicated to growing the mono-crop Christmas trees & the same amount of acres are actively & daily being deforested for this purpose. They log, burn & remove all vegetation. The trees & ground are saturated with harmful chemicals & fertilizers. I witnessed workers in full hazmat suits coating trees with spray this Summer. If you still must have a once live tree for your holiday, I would wash your hands after handling & keep your pets & children away from it. Also, fyi, “Christmas tree lot” scent comes from a can & always has been a trick of the trade. Peace.

  22. I am offended by this post. You call other people shills, but this post denounces other companies while promoting one that gives you a cut of sales.

    You are a hypocrite, only in it for the money. The fact that anyone believes your intentions now are entirely altruistic is utterly incredible. Even if you did originally set out to inform others, now you are a business set up solely to make money from the rich and gullible. You should be ashamed.

    1. If you are “offended” (which I highly doubt), you can move on to something else.

      And if Vani makes a few bucks showcasing healthy food, so what? Newsflash: that’s her job. As someone who makes a living researching about how food corporations are intentionally deceiving and poisoning people, I fully support her. She does work which the supporters on this site fully appreciate. And if it makes her a decent living, that’s even better.

      Go troll somewhere else.

    2. I get what your saying, yet FOOD BABE does know her stuff too, whether you believe or not, that really ain’t your issue. I don’t think you should be looked down on for what is your opinion, we all have opinions & are entitled to express them.
      Healthy foods can be a vast area, what is healthy to you, may not be to me or someone else. There are so many illnesses caused by the foods in the US, yet so many don’t realise many of these poisons are also in our generic medicines, toothpastes, juices, even ORGANIC FOODS has upto 30% chemicals in them, that are factory handled(YES REALLY), ORGANIC FARMERS have to be certified & also be tested. There is no farmer going to be 100% Organic, not in the US. Most average between 90 to 97%(97% if lucky). When one uses the land(or your garden) to grow crops, its not Organic. Unless in the US. All other countries, organic is inside a greenhouse , clean air, no rain contamination, nor from wind etc…. Land or garden growing, is not Organic foods.
      Not when the land is contaminated by wind, air, rain, snow, etc… How on earth can it be Contaminated free. ????
      Research, inquiring, asking & living with 2 food disorders where I have to read ingredients EVERY TIME I SHOP, because food companies change the ingredients depending on products being sold. Its the name of the game. Its not about you & me, its all about $$$$$.
      As it is with anyone in a business. Some care more than others.
      Did you know the US stopped importing the healthier forms of sugar into the US in the 70s, even RAW & ORGANIC sugars have chemicals in them. I buy my sugars from England, these chemicals are banned or illegal in all other countries, just not here.
      Apples, are healthy for most people, not for me, nor are Organics foods are not because they have chemcials I cannot have. Doesn’t matter if they are Organic or not, they are unhealthy for many with food disorders. GF foods are unhealthy unless you have Celiac, as its a form of medicine for those with this disease. Its unhealthy for me, as it still has as much in chemicals as regular foods. Ive only found 8 safe foods, in 3 yrs, in the US, It sux. This includes fruits, veggies, milk, eggs, bread, nuts, etc. I buy most of foods outside the US as no other country poisons their people like here. Only the US uses deadly chemicals in everything, not just foods. That is the nice thing being British in the US, I know what I like outside too, but I also buy german, & foods from India. You don’t have to just buy in the US. I actually now spend less money buying outside the country, s&h is usually free & I don’t need as much food, cause ive erased the chemicals & the #1 item of addiction used in the US(Fake sugars/addiction). Which no other country uses in their main meals(even home cooked meals) is sugar….. ….Research is your friend & its FREE.

      1. Can you share some if these foods you buy and from where? I was just curious as I battling an autoimmune illness. Thank you

      2. Hi how are you? Fine I hope. Can you give me the websites that you use 2 order groceries from Europe. I have allergies galore I eat healthy, I have cut out a lot of things that I used 2 eat. Thank you & take care of yourself.

    3. To unbelievable you are the most shameful scum dirtiest hypocritical vomit post a pic of a GMO sick animal contradicts your logic for your post so basically you approve the poison in the world food supply.
      Feed that waste to you and your family.

  23. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. If anyone thinks pre-packaged cookies and sausages are going to be healthy they’re a lost cause. And Food Babe is an idiotic site for posting the obvious and trying to make a big deal out of something that is not. “Oh, no! Not the cookies and sausage! Now I’m going to die tomorrow!” Tell us something we don’t know instead of bashing companies that are a holiday tradition for many Americans.

      1. A cookie during the holidays isn’t sacrificing anyone’s overall health. Maybe you’re dumb for assuming I meant over indulging on cookies. I’m sure at the holidays you eat only kale chips and raw nuts…idiot.

  24. Wow thanks for sharing!! I always knew these gifts were full of artificial ingredients but it’s always a good reminder to read up on it.

    I definitely won’t be buying any of these. Only the ones you’ve mentioned were better.

    Have a good holiday Food Babe!

  25. Vani, the cookie recipe you provide as an alternative also contains parabens. These are naturally occurring in Vanilla. Please learn chemistry.

  26. I also found out the hard way about gift foods; I got some chocolate dipped strawberries (from Sherry’s Berries) and after reading the horrible ingredients I will not eat them. I emailed the company and told them to get the transfats out of their chocolate. (and of course the berries weren’t organic).

  27. These Christmas goodies contain more bad stuff than regular. Holiday goods need to be made starting in the summer time to be able to make enough stock.

  28. Thank you, Vani, for the link and discount code to America’s Best Organics! I ordered gift boxes for two family members who both live a long distance from me, and are important to me. I hope they enjoy the organic goodies and will try more organic foods!

  29. This is a good one Vani!

    For something like FOREVER have I noticed that some of the worst “foods” out there are those given as gifts or gift baskets around the major holidays. Between the stuff that was made mostly of chemicals, to the questionable quality of the fruits and vegetables, these items indeed belong on the wall of shame for not offering people REAL food.

    I live for the day when all this crap is out of our food system and not buried in our landfills to then poison the water and aquatic life!

  30. What I don’t understand, as a woman who is living on very little money, and supporting a child, WHY does it cost MORE to buy nutritious, non-chemical foods as opposed to junk food full of chemicals?! I have autism spectrum disorder and I believe my behavior as a child and diagnosis were DIRECTLY linked to my diet consisting of canned soups, bread, pop tarts, pizza pops, you name it…

    People tend to think of food as fat vs thin, that’s what I was taught. I was told that corn flakes were healthy because they are “fat free”

    What about cognitive health? Isn’t this just as important as physical health? No wonder there are more diagnosis of AD/HD and autism, it is all the crap they put in our food!

  31. I bet these monsters don’t eat nor feed their families these evil rubbish wannabe foods. Action speaks louder than words these magicians and witches still doing toxic-o-ween 24/7 366 days a year are outright cursed.

  32. Merry HO HO to Yo and Youse…Thank you for standing on guard for ,”we.”
    Vani, have been trolling the wwnet and you should be proud to know, if you don’t already, that the high paid hack talent is busy writing tomes to defame you. YOU ARE DEFINITELY DOING SOMETHING RIGHT. Quackbusters , main quack Stephen Barrett who claims to be a psychiatrist but cannot get licensed even in his home state, and called a quack by his claimed wanna be profession.. There are more, so self described, truth about medical science twits having a go at your credibility. When I was interning decades ago I was looking for authoritataive books on Maternal Deprivation to help with a paper I was researching. The head of the forensic department told me I was wasting my time because all of the good practitioners were too busy practising psychiatry to write books.
    I long ago reached the point that only the opinions of my personal relationships, the family people who love me, matter to me. The rest who make false allegations and judgements, that’s their problem.
    When it reaches criminality, as I believe it did in some of the disgusting comments aimed at you, they need to be taken seriously and silenced legally.
    The very best to you in your professional and personal lives. You’re a,” general ,” who leads from the front of the corps. Good on ya !!!!

  33. I have been following Vani now for around 3 months. Her hard work is right up my alley. I have been reading labels for many years and it outrages me that the stuff they put in our foods are even legal! It should not be. I recently read a blog of a young girl who had ovarian cancer and the doctor prescibed her HRTs to stop her periods because they felt for her to have a period would cause her more weakness! OMG are you kidding me! HRTs are cancer causing! This poor young girl was on megga medications- she finally lost the battle. How heart breaking! I believe she could of been saved. We tend to look towards the medical field as some kind of relief and believe they are going to cure our diseases, We get a majority of these disease because of All the crap that is allowed in our foods, enviroment + air quality, personal care products etc… I too have comm itted the rest of my life trying to help educate people- I tell them to educate themselves and pick there own poisions, don’t let someone else do it for you! In Good Health To You!

  34. I ordered from Americas Best Organics website. I ordered 2 gift boxes each $36 before taxes from this company to give to friends for Christmas. So some days when I received it, I only received one box. I then looked inside the box to see what items they put in and two of the items had expired dates….an Amy’s chocolate bar and a granola. One expired in October and the other expired in September. They even included a coupon box in which some of the coupons had already expired!

    So I did call them and told them about this and the lady had me send them a cell phone picture of the expired items in which I did send to her. I also told her that one of the boxes were missing and to please send it to me along with the two new items that have NOT expired.

    They did send it to me and I received everything that I paid as well as the two replacement for the expired items.

    If you guys order from this company, make sure you look through the box and make sure the items are not expired. I will never order from Americas Best Organics ever again.

    I realized that the items in these gift boxes / gift baskets are items that you can buy on amazon or a health food store. If you buy an empty gift box or an empty gift basket and paper stuffing from a craft store ….you can create your own gift basket or gift box by adding the candy items yourself. You will save a lot of money this way and you control what you put in the gift basket. This company charges a lot of money for these gift boxes and on top of that can’t even get realize that two items they had put in where expired.

    I suspect that maybe they had some expired food items and wanted to sneak it through to the customer hoping they would not realize this. So buyer beware and if you buy from them…check the items because some might be expired!

  35. There’s a lot to pick apart in this post, but I’ll just focus on one: your statement on mono- and diglycerides. I have to wonder about your credibility when the only source you cite is one that you’ve been quoted in! Are you not aware that all dietary triglycerides are broken down to diglycerides and then monoglycerides during digestion? Monoglycerides and free fatty acids are absorbed in those forms because di/triglycerides are too large to diffuse through the plasma membrane of the enterocyte. They are then re-esterified into triglycerides…which requires the formation of a diglyceride, first. So…all of these are things your own body actually metabolizes and/or produces from any dietary fat source.

  36. Sure,I eat organic for the most part. But I also like to eat out (and in rural MN we don’t have access to organic restaurants). I also like to give and receive edible baskets. And I know NO ONE (except you) that would complain about receiving such a gift. I mean come on, it’s not like your going to sustain your family on Hickory Farms sausage.
    Please, find something more productive to do with your time. And be nice

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