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Kickin’ Kale Juice

Kale is one of the most powerful plant foods in the world. It is one of the things I would take with me on a deserted island. 1 cup of kale contains 190% of your Vitamin A, 90% of your Vitamin C, mega doses of B6, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, and Potassium. Kale protects your eyes from the sun, preventing cataracts. The enzymes released from kale go in to your liver and trigger cancer fighting chemicals that literally dissolve unhealthy cells throughout your body. Animals with tumors are given a diet of kale and their tumors actually shrink. These are just some of the benefits!

Juicing kale unlocks even more power because your body is able to absorb the live enzymes and nutrients immediately without having to digest it.

So here it is – This is my everyday recipe for kale juice – I drink some combination of this on most days of the week – frequently switching out different types of kale. The fresh ginger adds a nice kick!

Hope you enjoy this and make it a habit that will bring radiant & wonderful health to you and your family!

Kickin Kale Juice

Food Babe's Kickin' Kale Juice
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 1 bunch dark lacinato kale or curly kale
  • ½ bunch celery
  • ½ bunch cilantro or parsley
  • 1 cucumber with ends removed
  • 1 lemon with peel removed
  • 2 inches of fresh ginger root
  • 1 green apple (optional for added sweetness)
  1. Wash all vegetables thoroughly and place into a large bowl
  2. Juice each vegetable in this order โ€“ kale, cilantro/parsley, celery, ginger, cucumber, lemon
  3. Stir mixture before serving
  4. Clean juicer immediately
Makes two 15 ounce servings โ€“ Sip slowly and drink with intention immediately after juicing. Can be stored in an airtight container for up to 12 hours (Some live enzymes will be lost). ***Please buy all organic ingredients if possible***


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164 responses to “Kickin’ Kale Juice

  1. I love looking at recipes like this! I love the options that are certainly coming my way. I so want to change my diet and start to eat healthier again. Thanks for having this up …

    1. Raw kale is great but not good for people with thyroid disorders. You may want to mention that. No raw cruciferous veggie is healthy for thyroid problems and can make it worse. Great blog though!

      1. It’s definitely true for people like me, with Hashimoto’s. Thanks for pointing it out Sam.

      2. Yes, this is true. I have hypothyroidism and have to stay away from raw broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc. The worst offender is soy. Soy basically neutralizes the medicine I take for hypothyroidism. Soy is in so many things you wouldn’t believe it!

      3. It’s hard to find good, green juice recipes without thyroid offenders! Have to stay away from raw spinach, kale, cabbage, etc. I usually use cukes, celery and parsley or cilantro as my green base. Any other suggestions for hypo-thyroid afflicted?

      4. I have graves desease and had RAI done 3 years ago. I have to take Synthroid but I also green juice with Kale and other raw cruciferous veggies daily for the past 6 months. I have noticed positive changes which includes more energy and better sleep cycles. It might be noteworthy to add that I take Synthroid before bed time on an empty stomach and green juice in the mornings so as not to interfere with the medication.

    2. To all of you with Thyroid issues please try this drink!

      1/3 bunch dandelion greens

      2/3 cup parsley

      3 celery stalks

      2 inches fresh ginger knob

      1 apple

      1 lemon

      *3 parts this mixture to 1 part pressed coconut juice


      Dandelion greens have more protein than spinach and are a complete amino acid!
      Fresh pressed coconut has good fats and protein.
      Parsley is loaded with Vitamin A, folate, and Vitamin C and will boost the immune system.
      Ginger works to remove inflammation from the whole body.
      Celery is a great source of magnesium, which helps balance hormones.
      Lemons are a strong antioxidant and help alkaline the body.


    1. I’m going to make it in my Blendtec and strain the pulp through a nut milk bag. Supposedly you get less pulp with a blender?? It probably needs to be a high powered blender though, like a Vitamix or Blendtec. Maybe there is a better way than what I just described. Interested to hear other responses!

      1. You can definitely do this, but you’ll need to drink the juice right away because the high speed action of the blender oxidizing the vegetables faster than a juicer.

    2. You could, and then just strain the pulp using a nut milk bag or fine strainer. If you choose this method, you must drink your juice right away because the blender oxidizes the vegetables.

      1. Why would you strain this? I drink a smoothie most mornings

        – alternating between kale and spinach weekly
        – one or two of banana, apple, pineapple
        – coconut milk
        – 1/2 to 1 thumb of ginger. I love ginger.
        – sometimes any of the following may be added: chia seed, grapefruit seed extract, flax seed oil.

        I throw it all in the Blendtec and drink it down, no straining. Aren’t you removing valuable fiber by straining?

      2. I totally agree with you on the fiber issue. Why would we want to throw it out? Fiber is the stuff we are all trying to eat more of. People are even talking about putting the pulp on salads and stews on this blog. Really? Just leave it in the smoothie for goodness sake!

      3. Both blending and juicing allow excellent absorption of nutrients. Juicing may get fresh nutrients more quickly to your cells because there’s nothing to digest. MOST IMPORTANTLY, ADD HEALTHY FAT, OR EAT A FEW RAW NUTS, OR YOU WASTE ALL THOSE FAT SOLUBLE VITAMINS, MINERALS AND ANTIOXIDANTS.

      4. I am wondering about the person recommending adding fats. I understand the green smoothie revolution recipes specify not adding fats or anything but I am thinking of mixing it up (pun intended) with my green smoothies. I don’t have a juicer so I might try straining the green smoothie as suggested.

    3. I bought a black & decker Cyclone blender for $24. It works almost as good as expensive models and is a good start for those on a budget.

  2. What kind of juicer do you use for green Juicing? Especially to get the most of the greens?

    1. I have a crazy machine called the Norwalk. But I recommend the Hurom Slow Juicer for home juicing. Good Luck!

      1. What about a “Jack Lalane” juicer. My husband bought me one a year ago and I barely use it… I’d hate for $100. to go to waste. I can’t wait to try this recipe.

      2. I have the stainless steel Jack lalane juicer and it works great! Dont give it up for another brand especially it works.

      3. I have a Jack LaLanne (plastic) and it’s great! Give it a shot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You mentioned being able to do this cleanse without a juicer.. can you explain? I do not have a juicer but would REALLY like to do this.

  4. I can’t get two 15 oz servings rom this recipe, or any other recipe you’ve shared. What am I doing wrong? I use an Omega masticating juicer. I usually get only one serving, but sometimes not even 15 oz.

    1. I have this same juicer and the same problem–I thought I would get more juice from all of the produce I am using

    2. I have a Champion juicer, which I believe is similar to the Omega. I refereed the pulp a few times to extract more juice… Works great. And the. I eat the pulp with a spoon later (I know,,, that’s odd but I enjoy it and need the fiber!)

  5. I recently discovered your blog and can’t stop reading!!! Thank you for all of this valuable information. Question: Why strain the juice after making it in the blender? Is there a reason to not ingest the pulp other than texture? Thanks!

  6. What do you do with the leftover pulp after you juice? I love fresh carrot juice, but then there’s enough pulp left over that I can’t even use it all on salads, etc. Seems a waste.

    1. I love eating it with a spoon — especially with pomegranate seeds added! Or you can use it in eggs.

  7. For past year have been making protein drink for breakfast – energizes me and do not get hungry for 4 hours! I use my old Osterizer blender (650 watts) and put in: l cup of water, choice of fruits (usually one banana), 2 fistfuls of either fresh baby spinach or kale, 2 heaping tablespoons of choline cocktail (vitamins and minerals) (can be purchased at Vitamin Shoppe or healthfood store), l tablespoon of flaxseeds and blend away. Recently have been adding chopped celery (to lower blood pressure). Very filling and delicious.

    1. I really need to try this recipe. I am getting hungry about 2 hours after drinking the juice I make. I am wondering if I am using too much fruit. Maybe vegetables have more staying power.

      1. I have a cousin going to school for nutrition and there is something she was learning that said you shouldn’t mix fruit and veggies in one “juice”. Having an all veggie one gets processed differently than a mixed one. May be something to consider!??

  8. In one of your posts you mention acid vs alkaline balance and that alkaline is much healthier. What about the acid in lemons and limes? I understand they are really good for you. Any comments on this?

    1. Lemons, limes and grapefruits are acidic but are alkalizing for the body. They are great for you, so drink up!

    2. I have experimented myself how eating lemons including the peel fixes any acidity from any food that I have eaten. I eat almost two lemons a day, thin sliced with some sprinkled brown sugar on top. They are alkalinizer for my stomach. It feels just great. Better if you squeeze them a bit, so they’re less sour. That’s my everyday crave. It fixes hunger, thirst, and my sweet tooth at the same time.

  9. I’ve noticed in your juice recipes(which all sound amazing), that you specify an order to the ingredients.. Why is this? I can never remember and always throw things in all haphazardly in no particular order.. Thanks for all your info!

    1. Since most juicers use a filter of some sort, I have found that doing the leafy greens first and the water based vegetables last help get the most juice out of each serving. It’s not a necessary tip – but I’ve found a significant advantage to doing it this way. Good Luck!

      1. Have you heard of a vitamix juicer? You drink most or all of the fiber is that not good? Is not earlier to take in as much of the produce as possible or is hard to digest?

  10. Under SHOP you recommend the Breville juicer 1000 watt. What about the Breville 850 watt is it still a powerful juicer? My husband and I are new to juicing and the 850 is half the price on Amazon but we don’t want to take the risk of buying a lower one.

  11. I have a question… We finally have a juicer and want to start juicing.. but it seems like to juice you need to buy so much produce. We already buy tons of fresh produce but that’s to eat…. what’s needed for just two servings of juice is just so much to me! It seems like this would be very expensive and also time consuming as you’d have to be constantly at the store buying more produce? Am I right?

    1. Hi Essie, it does take a good amount of produce to make the juice. Maybe try juicing every other day if you feel that the cost is too high and you are having to go to the store too often. You will probably feel so good that you will want to start drinking it everyday anyway! Good luck!

  12. I love your blog and your juice recipes are awesome. I’ve come across many articles that discuss the dangers of juicing and they all seem to mention the risk of ingesting harmful bacterias. I’m not sure how drinking raw juice is different from eating a salad..or any raw piece of produce (in terms of exposure to these bacteria). Any thoughts?

    Thanks! =)

    1. Yes, same risk as eating any raw fruits or vegetables – just make sure you wash everything well- juicer, produce, hands, countertops, etc.

  13. I make one similar every morning but add in spinach, romaine, leave the skin on the lemon and add 1/4 avocado for a creamy texture and to incorporate good fats!

  14. Hi Food Babe,

    I love your blog!! Do you think this juice would still be ok if the lemon was omitted? Is there another fruit or vegetable I can replace the lemon with? I have acid reflux disease and I have to avoid all citrus fruits or just acid in general.

    Michelle ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi Michelle – you can just leave it out and it will still be great!

  15. I make this same juice all the time. The only thing I do different is omit the cucumber. Love it!

  16. Someone said if you have thyroid problems, not to use the kale juice. Does that apply if someone has no thyroid, mine was removed 30 years ago, and am taking synthroid.

  17. This is by far the smoothest green juice recipes I’ve tried. I omitted the lemon and ginger since I make a fresh ginger drink every night. I did however, add 2 Fuji apples for sweetness.

  18. I noticed several questions about kale in juicing and its effect if the drinker has thyroid issues – no answers have been provided – can you address this issue?

  19. I love the ninja blender, You can make so quite a few various points with it, and it’s truly easy to thoroughly clean lead to you just get the blade out then place it in the dishwasher. I seriously appreciate the containers it arrives with cause you can do more like solitary servings of smoothies, or you can make dip. If your obtaining this for juicing, I’m not sure how very well it will operate for that due to the fact it will make additional like a smoothie, not a quite liquidy juice. In any case, I consider it’s a good option for building wholesome foods. Ninja BL660

    1. Ninja BL660, I have to totally disagree with your opinion about the Ninja. When I first started blending/juicing I was using the Ninja as I could not afford a higher priced one at the time. I hated it! The smoothies were never smooth & creamy as they should be. I purchased a Vitamix last year & finally have the most amazing smooth not chunky smoothies ever. Anyone looking for a good blender if you are serious about your smoothies, the Vitamix is totally worth the investment! No comparison to the crappy Ninja!

  20. I love the ninja blender, You can make so many different things with it, and it is seriously straightforward to thoroughly clean result in you just get the blade out then place it in the dishwasher. I truly love the containers it comes with trigger you can do a lot more like solitary servings of smoothies, or you can make dip. If your obtaining this for juicing, I’m not absolutely sure how well it will function for that since it will make far more like a smoothie, not a incredibly liquidy juice. Anyhow, I believe it’s a fantastic choice for making healthy foodstuff. Ninja BL660

  21. I just made fresh juice and now have the pulp simmering in water on the stove. When finished I will strain it and put it in jars and refrigerate. I use it for any recipe calling for broth (this way I know what s in it). It is another way to use your healthy leftover pulp. You can put in in jars or freeze it! One other thing, I empty the pulp in the pot before I juice any fruit for my juice. Health and hugs~~~

    1. I’ve seen many juicing recipes that call for a ‘stalk of celery’. That would be the entire ‘bunch’! The individual pieces are actually called ribs.

  22. Hi, Vani, jill from SC…we just got a Breville compact juice fountain, but I don’t get anywhere close to 2 15 oz servings from this…is that the best I will do with this juicer, or is 1 bunch different depending on where you get it?

  23. I take
    1 cup of kale
    1 avocado
    1 lemon, juiced
    1 lime , juiced
    2 tsps. of chia seed soaked for 10 min first
    2 tsp. flaxseed
    of course all organic ingredients .
    Got to try this.

  24. Do I really have to peel the lemon? I pick from my own organic tree, and have seen different information on different sites.

  25. CILANTRO = G’ACK!!
    (Ahem, sorry)

    These smoothie recipes look great!! Trying to get back to the green living style. Difficult w/a non-supporting husband tho. ๐Ÿ™

    BUT! I have two juicers and a Ninja blender. Unfortunately I broke the top so…
    To AMAZON I go!! ]]]————>>

  26. Whoa! I think i put too much Ginger in…it tastes spicy hot. All i can taste is Ginger..hahahaha. Oh well, it will fight inflammation really good today in my body. Thanks Vani!

  27. Help!! Why juice in this order (so I will better understand processes) aaaaand…. why clean juicer immediately …? I have been leaving juicer uncleaned/using all day …cleaning once at end of day…this is no good????? Really respect/value your position… please advise!!

  28. That’s the one I’ve been doing almost every morning for 2 months. Sometimes instead of apple I use pear and it’s so delicious .. It has helped me in loosing 13 pounds and feeling energetic every day. To make the most from the greens sometimes I blend them with a bit of water and later add them to the juice, so Idont discard anything from the leaves.

  29. There’s a wonderful easy to wash juicer in Amazon from Breville for $99. Just enter Breville juicer.

  30. This might help clear up a couple of things about juicing and smoothies. No matter whether you drink a smoothy or use a juicer the most important thing next to using organic fruits & vegetables is to chew the juice before swallowing. If you just drink it down you are missing the first part of the digestive cycle which is your saliva. For more info go to Jay is known as the father of juicing. He’s in his 90’s, is a cancer survivor and is just plain amazing. I bought his one of a kind centrifuge and masticating juicer called the PowerGrind Pro. Much better than the Champion that I used for years. You can see him on YouTube. Happy juicing.

  31. HI! I got a Professional Ninja 1000 watt blender for Christmas. Can I use that for this recipe? Thanks!

  32. I am fully aware of green juicing with thyroid disease which I have however spinach smoothie everyday for 4 weeks made me feel great

      1. I would like to know the same thing. I have a Vitamix and I love it. I really hate to have to buy a juicer since I have spent a ton on the Vitamix. Food Babe, can I still make all of these awesome juices you make? Also, if I can, is it possible that it would have the same or better nutritional value? Thanks!

      2. I am new to green juice as well and only have a blender, but I make my own nut milk, and for that I have nut milk bags (very small mesh so absolutely no pulp gets through) and I used that to make her Lemon Lime Juice today and it was PERFECT! I can’t handle the pulp and this was perfect. Tasted like a margarita! Hope that helps.

      3. Just buy a nut bag. Pour your blended veggies into and squeeze! Wha Laa! Juice with very little clean up! I have a $$$Hurom juicer and still use the nut bag more often!

      4. Hey guys. Don’t know if anyone already told you. But you actually get way more nutritional value from just throwing everything into your vitamix and “juicing” that way, rather than using an actual juicer. All that pulpy stuff left after using an actual juicer is full of really great nutrients, that you don’t have to miss out on when you use a vitamix. I’m a Biosystems engineer and I’m still constantly trying to figure out how certain chemicals break down and are processed in our bodies. Happy vitamix juicing!

      5. I use my blender , start with a cup (add more if it’s to thick as you go) of water or juice and then follow the list in her recipe , leafy greens first, if you use bananas or avocado it will be last, to make it smooth blend for several minutes , some ingredients in small pieces can be frozen .

  33. I would like to start making my own juice. Do you have a favorite kind of juicer that you could recommend? Thanks!

    1. We bought the Bellville elite juice extractor and love it. It was on the expensive side($299) but you get what you pay for. This machine will last a lifetime.

    2. I bought the nutribullet, and it is worth the $99. comes with two blades, one will mill nuts. other is for juicing. easy clean up. found at Target.

      1. Like Denise, I got a nutribullet a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it! There is a recipe book that has lots of different kinds of smoothies, but I just make my own. Throw in a handful of spinach, kale or other greens and about the same amount of fruits. Top with a super boost such as chia seed, flax seed, hemp seed, and/or gogi berries, and blend. Delicious and so healthful!

    3. Here’s two cents from a couple that makes juice 2-3X a week.

      Buy the Hurom:

      Yes, it’s pricey but here are the practical advantages over less expensive models:

      1. A stopper cap keeps the juice circulating in the juicer until you’re ready to drain the container
      2. A filter is provided so you filter out much of the pulp (you can still keep and use / drink it) before you actually pour the juice into your glass
      3. The juicer has the ability to make other types of juices (almond milk, etc) and can handle wheatgrass with ease

    4. My husband and I juice daily and recently purchased the Omega 8006 and are IN LOVE! It’s a masticating juicer and the speed of the motor doesn’t heat up killing wonderful enzymes in your fruits/veggies. The kids have been loving the ‘ice cream’ that can be made as well (frozen bananas and berries). It juices greens really well which was a big selling point for us. AND you can make pasta with it. The possibilities are endless. The 15-year warranty is a pretty big perk as well. Happy shopping!

  34. We picked up a juicer about a week ago and have tried a couple of different kale recipes.. What I haven’t done is to add cilantro/parsley. Great idea! Will give this one a shot in the next few days.

  35. I am on day 4 of a juicing fast and I am in LOVE with your kickin Kale recipe. I love your site and I refer to it often. Even my husband is a convert. Thanks for being so passionate you are a household name around here!

  36. Hey Food Babe,

    1. When are you leaving your husband? 2. More importantly, why do you remove the skin from the lemon (or lime) and the ends off the cucumber. 3. I keep this stuff.

    Let me know! Thanks! Keep up the good work! I hate your husband1

  37. I am sooooo stoked to try this recipe, i just ordered my first juicer, this gonna be a definite first of many recipes for me ,thxs ๐Ÿ™‚

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