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How To Save Yourself From Dreaded Post-Travel Bloat!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I travel a lot and spend a lot of time in airports. Although I love traveling for both work and pleasure, I hate most of the food found at airports! There is so much processed food, GMOs and the meals are loaded with a ton of sugar and sodium! That’s why I love to bring my own food with me when I am traveling as much as possible. It’s crucial to stay hydrated and keep your circulation going strong so you don’t retain a lot of water and experience that dreaded bloated feeling after a long flight. 

In this short video I show you my go-to wrap that’s really easy to make, super tasty, perfect for traveling and will help with that dreaded post-travel bloat. When I open this wrap up to eat on the plane, people always ask me where I got this amazingly delicious and nutritious food! Make this wrap before your next flight – It’s sooo much better than the options at most airports. Don’t get caught with your Food Babe pants down and always have food with you! 

Watch me make one of my favorite travel food recipes:


Food Babe's Airplane Wrap
Serves: 1
  • 1 organic sprouted whole grain wrap (or brown rice wrap)
  • 1 teaspoon dijon mustard
  • ½ avocado, sliced
  • 2 romaine lettuce leaves
  • ¼ red bell pepper, sliced
  • 2 organic sandwich pickle slices
  • 1 shredded carrot
  1. Spread dijon mustard on your wrap.
  2. Top it with avocado slices, lettuce leaves, peppers, pickles and shredded carrot.
  3. Wrap it up and seal in a piece of parchment paper.
For traveling, I recommend putting the parchment-wrapped sandwich in a clear plastic bag along with an ice pack. This should easily get through airport security.
***Please choose all organic ingredients if possible***

More tips for bringing food on a plane:

  • Don’t wrap your food in aluminum foil, as the TSA will probably stop you and it could delay your travels!
  • Make my In Flight Ginger Tea which is great for circulation – recipe here
  • Pack a large empty water bottle and fill it up after going through security and before you get on the plane. It’s important to drink a lot of water! 
  • Bring along some fresh fruits and veggies, such as apples, bananas and avocados. Just wash them at home or in your hotel room before you put them in your bag. 
  • Check out this extensive list of healthy travel snacks to bring on board. 
  • I have a lot more tips for you in this post along with a list of recipes that pack well for traveling.

Do you know someone who needs healthy travel tips? Please share this post and spread the word.




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101 responses to “How To Save Yourself From Dreaded Post-Travel Bloat!

  1. When I fly I take a insulated mug for my tea. Once you are through security you can get hot water from Starbucks for sure and probably other food vendors. I have offered to pay but it has been free so far.

  2. Just was curious as to why you peeled your carrot so much if it is organic. I would think just a good scrubbing would be good enough.

    1. I always get the loose organic carrots that are so muddy and dirty 🙂 Just peeling them a little to get the good stuff!

  3. Why did you peel the carrot? I’d just wash, grate & eat. The wrap looks very tasty. Yes we are very lucky to live in the Bay Area. It’s a great place! Can’t beat the weather either. Today we had 70 degrees.

  4. This is a great video offering a wonderful alternative to unhealthy airport food. Enjoyed the demo! Love it’s simplicity and tips on how to carry on thru security. A sure one to try for my family!! Great humor, too, Vani! ❤️

  5. If I can ask, what brand of wrap do you buy. I use Ezekiel and they are just a little bit hard and they tend to crack a little. The one in the video did not seem to do that when you rolled it up. Thank you.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your tips! I have been really stressed about wrecking my routine when I’m traveling! I have a lot of international travel planned soon and this is just what I needed to stick to my healthy diet!! Xo-Shalini

  7. I am a heart person and take blood thinners and diabeti want can you tell me don’t eat greens at all

  8. Dear Vani the Food Babe,
    I love, love love your fight for good wholesome organic food!
    I am surprised, however, to see you peeling the carrot. I have heard that 70-90% of the nutrition is right below the peel, not in the peel but just below. So when one peels, much of the nutrition is peeled away. “Peeling is Stealing” is an apt adage.
    Please keep u the awesome work. You are one of my heroes – or is it, “heroettes?!”

  9. Thank you, thank you for this great idea. I do typically bring my food with me into the airport if I need to eat during the flight. But I will more often then not, pick up something (like a sandwich) from a restaurant or bring a baggie of fruit and nuts. But this is sooo much better and so portable. Good to know about the ice and aluminum foil, too. Thanks!

  10. I’m flying low cost airlines this Friday where I won’t be able to buy anything decent or healthy to eat. Really loved this wrap!! It sounds tasty!!!!

  11. Vani,
    Thank you so much for this tip. I will definitely be using this recipe not only when I travel but for lunch sometimes as well. Thank you for providing the video which makes it so easy to see how quick and easy it is to prepare. When I travel I ALWAYS pack my own food and snacks. I even pack food for people that visit us so they have a healthy snack for the plane. Thanks for all that you do. Keep up the excellent work!!!

  12. Wonderful! I travel a lot for work and was trying not to eat at all to avoid the not so healthy travel food options out there but this is a healthy, organic and delicious alternative. Thank you Vani!

  13. Thanks so much
    Traveling tomm will definitely make this
    I am always on the go so this is a quick to go meal
    Next hmmm breakfast and snack ideas please

  14. I try to pack a light, healthy snack that won’t (if possible) be questioned by airport security (like the last time). I almost missed a flight going home as a result of that.

  15. Thank you so much. I love all your ideas. Can’t wait to try this the next time I travel The last time I traveled I ate my salad before checking in. Then was stuck with nothing but G.M.O’s and Fluoridated water to choose from. Just wondering if you know if the food is radiated when going through the scanner? Love you! Keep up the great journey.

  16. I am a single-eater and love these easy, healthy and simple recipes. Thanks for all you do–I am always inspired after reading your blog!

  17. Hi Vani… I loved this video! Last night was our “sandwich night”, so I made the wrap for my dinner after dreaming about it with my mouth watering all day long, lol! I did use an Ezekial (brand) sprouted grain wrap, and like one of your other posters stated, those do get a little dry and tend to crack, so I will be looking for the Food For Life brand for next time. Also, since I am not vegan and this was my dinner… I added two slices of Applegate’s organic deli chicken (because they are thin and small) and a slice of Rumiano Family (brand) organic/100% grass fed Colby cheese as well! Instead of potato chips as a side to my “sandwich” meal, I had some homemade organic popcorn (gmo free of course!) that I make with organic coconut oil, and “pasture” butter (from Organic Valley), with a little bit of Celtic sea salt (from Selena Naturally). The dinner was amazing and the idea came from you, so thank you my friend… I plan to have this wrap (without meat and cheese for lunch, with meat and cheese for dinner) OFTEN! 🙂

  18. Thank you for these healthy tips for traveling. I’m a flight attendant and always love healthy alternatives to eat while in my trips . And also proud to say the airline I fly for offer organic and gmo alternative snacks and meals.

  19. Foodbabe, I was wondering if you go through the scanners at the airport? I am finding it harder and harder to opt out, without a medical note. Should we be concerned about walking through security at an airport or is eating right helping with any damage we would get?

  20. Hi Vani,
    Wondering if you have any suggestions on preparing food items when traveling with kids (9 & 12) who are picky eaters? Unfortunately, my awakening didn’t occur until after that already had years and years of the standard processed stuff and have found it challenging to get them to try and eat differently. Do you have an article or book on this?

    Does the ice pass security?

    What do you do for the return plane ride?

    Thanks for all your using your special gifts to change the world!
    Angel Blessings,

  21. I’m totally new to the good food eating scene, and I never had any problems with bloating on flights, but my husband has had tons- like it’s been so bad that we thought he was sick sometimes. Now I know why- he’d always eat a burger and fries before the flight while we wait! He would drink tons of water but it would still cause the gas and stomach rumbling.
    Next time we fly I’m going to make this for him and see if he does better.
    But he’s sensitive to avocado’s, what would be a good alternative, would lean chicken breast for example destroy the purpose of the wrap Food babe?
    And thanks for fighting for our food and health! I think it takes an amazing person to stand up and publically fight like you have, and for that I consider you a hero! 🙂

  22. I found it useful as I frequently travelled long flights. Keep your good work, will stand with u to minimize/avoid using such toxic processed & gmo foods from our meals

  23. Drinking tea helps a lot – especially “detoxing” teas such as matcha. After and during a flight it’s good to stay hydrated too since the airplane air is very dry. Matcha helps give you a nice boost of energy too! (great for jet lag!) 3 Leaf Tea carries several varieties.

  24. OK.. so that works for your outbound flight…what about coming home?… what if you are doing several days of travel… as a flight attendant i struggle with making good choices… i bring most of my own food for the 3-6 days that i am out.. we don’t have refrigeration and re-icing my bag is a constant… food goes through a roller coaster of temps so needs to be stuff that does well in that environment.. (hard boiled eggs.. veggies.. nuts… pickles… fruit… i bring roasted chicken cut up and then really try to maintain decent temp in my bag.. but oh well it’s a risk).. then when i get to the hotel i PRAY for a fridge in my room… and then when you have one.. you PRAY it doesn’t freeze all your veggies and ruin them. … if my trip takes me out of the country when re-entering the US we have to discard ALL our fresh fruit and veggies and raw nuts… so now we are back to the mercy of the AIRPORT FOOD!!!!…. why can’t a company open up a Fresh Grocer in every major airport in the country???… and sell at REASONABLE prices… (no $12 iceberg lettuce salad)….. if the airport food doesn’t kill me i am sure the BPA lined water cans that i drink 8-10 of day will…. (our drinkable water on the plane comes in cans)

    Thanks for all your dedication to improving our food supply!

    1. I buy organic ones – sometimes from my local farmers market, sometimes the ones at whole foods – make sure they don’t contain any artificial food dyes!

  25. Yum! Thanks so much for the video. It looks delicious. I bet it would also be good with hummus instead of mustard.

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