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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

If you have some friends or family on your list that would love a gift that can help them stay fit and healthy in the new year, I have some amazing last minute gift ideas for you! 

Give the gift of health. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your family who is interested in their health and what’s really in their food. The food industry doesn’t want you to read THE FOOD BABE WAY but I do! I know the information in this book will be a catalyst to a whole new level of health for anyone who reads it. This book will give you and your loved ones the tools on how to live in this over-processed world – how to shop, what to buy and over 75 recipes! Get it here on Amazon.


Other last minute gift ideas:


  1. Food Babe Annual Eating Guide Membership ($119.88) – What could be a better gift than a year’s worth of meal planning and organic recipes! This gift is great for busy parents, friends, and family members who are living an organic lifestyle or trying to make the transition. All the details about the program are here, and just go here to purchase a gift membership by entering the recipient’s name, email address, and delivery date. This is a digital guide, so you don’t have to wait for shipping, so it’s perfect for a last minute gift! 
  2. Back To The Roots Growing Kits (Starting at $19.99 – 10% Exclusive Code) – These three super affordable growing kits make indoor gardening simple and get you hands-on with your food. Anyone can use them, even if you live in a dorm room or apartment, and they are perfect gifts for kids, families, foodies & chefs. Check out their Garden-In-A-Can, Mushroom Farm, and Water Garden here, and take 10% off your purchase with the coupon code FOODBABE10. See more details here!
  3. Alter Eco Baker’s Gift Set ($17.99) or Deluxe Holiday Gift Set ($49.99) + 15% Exclusive Discount Code) – Alter Eco Chocolate is sustainable, fair trade, organic and non-GMO project certified. Their chocolates do not contain added fillers like “soy lecithin” and other additives you find in typical popular chocolate brands. They also support mandatory GMO labeling, and I like to support companies like Alter Eco that are doing the right things. Every single candy bar flavor I’ve tried so far is delicious – but their Dark Coconut Toffee bar is one of my favorites! Check out there Baker’s Gift Set and Deluxe Holiday Gift Set and use the coupon code FBGIFTS15 to get 15% off your purchase
  4. America’s Best Organics Gift Baskets (Starting at $34.95 + 10% off exclusive code) – This company is all about creating gift baskets that promote health, wellness and sustainability. Their baskets contain organic products and other eco-friendly items, made by American companies. They also have have vegan, gluten-free and pet baskets. Their baskets make a great gift if you are not 100 percent sure what to buy someone or you have someone in your family who loves to try new organic products. You can take 10% off your total order when you use the coupon code “foodbabe” at checkout here
  5. ThinkSport Yoga Mat ($39.99) and Insulated Water Bottle (Starting at $15.99)ThinkSport is an awesome company that has made it their mission to create products that do not contain nasty chemicals. Their products range from water bottles, to lunch containers to eco friendly yoga mats. Their insulated water bottles are great for traveling or to bring to the gym and they are double insulated so you can keep hot or cold liquids in them and they also don’t sweat! These would go along perfectly with a local yoga class pass. Get 10% with the code at check out: FOODBABE10
  6. FlipBelt (Starting at $25) – This is a must-have workout accessory that holds your keys and phone so that you can have a hands-free workout! You can also wear this under your clothes when you don’t want to haul along a purse and just need a few things with you. It’s perfect for those on your list that enjoy hiking and bike riding. 
  7. Polar Heart Rate Monitor (from $74.99) – Not knowing how hard you are working in the gym is a big mistake if you are serious about getting in shape and continuously trying to challenge yourself to see results. This is one of the best tools I ever bought to keep me in the best shape of my life. Having this watch on my wrist is a constant reminder to make each minute count when I am working out.
  8. Adult Coloring Books (Starting at $4.99) with Colored Pencils (Starting at $6) – This is a gift for a fit mind! I highly recommend using an adult coloring book for stress relief. Once you start coloring, all of your worries, to-do lists, and anxieties vanish. You get recharged and it is so much more effective than sitting on the couch watching TV.
  9. Workout Passes (Starting at $5) – Buy one or buy many… yoga, spin, and barre classes are the perfect gift to give someone who’s been wanting to try a new exercise program or for a loved one who already loves taking classes. The physical benefits of exercise are just the icing on the cake. Imagine awakening fitness in someone who has never tried a new class before?

If you see something on here you’d like, send hints to your loved ones by sharing this post with them! Happy Holidays! 




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9 responses to “Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. Wanting to give a water filter as a gift the kind you fill up from the kitchen sink and store in the fridge. Do you suggest a certain kind? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Gave my brother-in-law the Back to the Roots Mushroom kit last year and he LOVED it, he still raves about it. I’m hoping my husband gets me the water garden ~ I’ve certainly dropped enough hints!!! Last year he got me a shrunken alligator head from Florida. I didn’t even want to touch it and now I’m afraid to open packages from him. And no, that wasn’t a gag gift. It’s like, dear if you want a alligator head for your desk at work, then go buy one, but please, not for Christmas. Creepy!!! Really want the fish in the water garden!!!

  3. Vani
    I love everything about your work but I can’t see how organic Gatorade is any kind of victory. It’s smoke and mirrors played by the Pepsi corporation. Still a very bad product anyway you look at it.

    1. Yeah – I agree that it probably still won’t be healthy… but at least people will have an option not to consume GMOs, artificial sugar and artificial food dyes. Any organic products are better for the environment too. The less synthetic toxic pesticides, the better!

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