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Love Your Skin With This Simple Treatment. You’ll Be Amazed At The Results!

Our skin is our largest organ, so it’s crucial that we not only take good care of it, but love it too! It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, and actually I believe that it’s best to keep beauty treatments simple and reduce the amount of potions we put on our bodies.

I know from my years of skin issues, the majority of my problems were related to my diet but sometimes you can do something on the outside of your skin that can really make an impact and this simple treatment does just that! 

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I’ve been doing this ancient Ayurvedic technique for years and it’s something I’ve wanted to share in a video for a long time. I use it about three times a week to rejuvenate my skin and stimulate my lymphatic system. This method also helps make skin glow and keeps it soft without needing to use very much moisturizer.

This technique has also been known to improve the appearance of cellulite (temporarily), increase circulation, and unclog your pores. It’s like a spa treatment, without the expensive spa! 

In this new Food Babe TV episode, I show you exactly how it’s done and why it’s so great for the health of your skin… 

Check it out here:

Video notes & extra tidbits…

The dry brush that I use is the Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush, and it’s very affordable! You can get it here on Amazon. (They have smaller gentler ones for your face available here too).

I dry brush from my toes to head, doing my stomach last on completely dry skin before bathing. After I’m done, I hop in the shower and use a mild soap (like this Pure Olive Oil Soap) to cleanse my body. After I’m done showering, I moisturize my body with organic sesame oil, olive oil or coconut oil mixed with a little bit of body lotion.

If I’m not dry brushing, I sometimes like to put on oil before I shower. If you’ve never tried this, you must, it’s magical for your skin!!! You put the oil on, and bathe and cleanse as normal but when you come out your skin will be silky smooth and you’ll barely need any moisturizer. This method protects your skin from the over exposure of harsh chemicals that could be present in your water.

Having great skin is possible when you pay attention to what you eat and take care of it with simple techniques like these.

Do you know someone who could use a little dry brushing in their life? If so, please share this video and post with them!



P.S. What’s your favorite natural beauty secret? I would love to know in the comments below.

P.P.S. This works for men too! Mr. Food Babe has his own dry brush too! 🙂 



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59 responses to “Love Your Skin With This Simple Treatment. You’ll Be Amazed At The Results!

  1. I have been using only pure jojoba oil (The Jojoba Company brand) on my face as a moisturizer for 2 years now and have had great results. My acne has disappeared and my skin is so much smoother and more hydrated.

    1. I’m getting that Jojoba because at 35 I can’t take both acne and wrinkles. Bleh. I would said my best natural skin care beauty secret is avoiding white sugars! They just seem to make my face puffy and cause breakouts. And of course eating lots fresh fruit and veggies! Your skin just makes such a difference in your self-esteem to!

  2. Growing up in India, I would take regular weekly oil baths which would mean soaking head to toe in sesame oil and or coconut oil and shampooing it off. It is intended to reduce the body heat according to Ayurveda and has a miraculous cooling effect on the body. I still practice this on my kids and I have them use oil on their skin before bath. My son’s eczema has drastically improved by using olive/sesame/coconut oil before bath and cleansing with a mild colloidal silver soap. My daughter recovers quickly from overexposure to pool in the summer and has glowing skin and healthy hair restored with this routine.

    1. Thank you for sharing Mathangi! I too used to have very bad eczema, not anymore thanks to these techniques 🙂

      1. wow i will try this! thanks for sharing..
        i find digesting coconut oil too cooling for my system… would it be the same if i put it on my skin? I do love sesame oil on my body and it too i find digesting it is too something for me, but love some flax seed oil, and olive oil..

    2. Hello I want to know can I buy coconut oil from any super market like: Wal-Mart.And can I put it all over my body . Will it help with acnening .
      Thank You

      1. Hi Mary, I buy coconut oil that’s cold pressed and extra virgin usually – from Nutiva (I have seen Walgreens, CVS and many stores carry these), Vita Cost, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and even Costco for Fall and Winter months as I use a lot…I put it from my scalp to the bottom of my feet! Even today for my daughter’s bug bites from camp – we did a coconut oil soak and washed her body off with a mix of chickpea flour (called besan in Indian stores), turmeric powder paste instead of soap.

  3. I’ve been using Pangea Organics skin and body care for about 7 years. I found them when I was pregnant and looking for non-chemical, paraben and phlalate-free products (no icky stuff). I’ve been hooked ever since. They smell great (only essential oils used as fragrance), are eco-friendly and work wonderfully and are made in the USA. I cleanse, tone and use the facial cream and balancing oil that I mix together, and every few days I use the facial scrub which I adore. The body scrub is the best! Smells good and so moisturizing. I’ll have to try the dry brushing before the shower now and add to the glow! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Is dry brushing safe during pregnancy? Do you use the oil that’s for your body on your face too?

  5. Do you use equal portions of coconut/olive/sesame oil? My 2 yr old has eczema that has been flaring up this summer and I’m looking for some natural ways to treat it.

    1. Becky look into making a homemade salve and avoid soap. Shea Moisture has a liquid soap/shampoo for very sensitive skin sold @ target in the baby department, it is the best!

      1. Becky, My son has battled Eczema since birth and I too at times. He is 11, an active Tennis player, avid scout and we live in the US East Coast – we have managed his eczema well owing to this skin regimen and avoiding all artificial ingredients and processed foods. . I don’t mix the oils necessarily. I rotate them – every other day. If I were to pick the best oils of the three – I would urge use of coconut oil, olive oil more frequently and sesame oil less frequently (once a week). Plus Coconut oil is anti fungal, antiviral by nature. I would also check your child’s blood for any allergies to Sesame/Coconut as well. I typically slather on the skin before bath – set a timer on for 5 minutes, let him soak it in by gently massaging the eczema areas and gently cleanse it with olive oil soap like Vani said or the colloidal silver soap (they are very mild). I have seen this work through the years as a mom and it has never failed me!

  6. Been dry brushing daily for 30 years; no doubt of it’s therapeutic benefit; including health of the lymphatic system.

  7. ive heard about the benefits of dry brushing but I also heard that it releases toxins so it isn’t good for women who are pregnant or nursing, but great for Everyone else. Any truth to this?

  8. i use your recommended treatment often. I also add a few drops of real pure essential oil., such as Frankensense or grapefruit. These essential oils are not the fragrance kind you buy for perfume. They are wonderful and my skin has never looked better also. I love to share with women how beautiful we can look without all the hype of chemicals that we are being slammed with. I my essential oils along with coconut and avocado oils are my perfect beauty regimen. I even use in my hair

  9. Hi Vani!
    I exfoliate often with a handmade scrub that I turned into a business 🙂 It has helped my skin tremendously and my friends’ children with eczema! It’s easy to make – with 7 organic oils and organic sugar. Coconut oil and vitamin e are amazing healing oils. It’s I would LOVE to send you one if you send me your mailing address. Keep up the good work taking rubber out of bread and bringing awareness to those unaware! You’re doing amazing work!

  10. I like to use sandalwood essential oil mixed in with my coconut oil. It has SPF 20 and smells like a forest 🙂

      1. Hey Vani -there are several types of face brushes on Amazon. Which brand is softer and better for your face?

  11. Vani,

    What kind of moisturizer to do you use on your face? I’m curious, since I’ve been having a really hard time finding just the right organic product.


  12. Hey Vani
    I starting using organic shea butter oN my body which has much better results for my thin skin but because of its clay like form would you recommend adding olive oil?

  13. For the past 15 years or so, I have used NO soap on my body at all (except my “pits and parts”, of course!). After washing my hands well, I simply wash my face with water, rubbing gently to clean it two to four times in a row, depending on how much exposure to dust and dirt I have had in a day. My skin is soft and unwrinkled and I am 65! In the shower, I gently scrub my whole body using lightly rough “shower gloves” and start at my feet and end with my neck and face. I use a light hand and body lotion over my skin after the shower and on my face before bed.

    Easy peasy!

  14. Food Babe, do you know anything good for rosacea? I started using distilled water to wash my face instead of whatever it is that is in our tap water and noticed a positive difference. I also tried twice a water and apple cider vinegar solution followed by aloe gel for a few minutes and then rinsed with the distilled water and noticed a difference. I had seborrhea dermatitis on my scalp behind my ear; I put organic coconut oil on it just once and it never returned! Perhaps this is because it is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. My podiatrist wanted me to use petroleum jelly to moisturize my dry feet, yuk! So I told her I would use organic coconut oil and it worked just fine. But I no longer put it on my face as the large molecule clogs my face pores and causes a negative reaction.

  15. I dry brush, and use coconut oil and goat milk soap. I need a new brush though, so great link. I really want to change my shampoo and hair conditioner though – any recommendations?

  16. Hi All….for those asking about specific products.,,if you go under the “shop” tab on, it lists all the products that Vani uses. Hope that helps!

  17. Good! But your skin glows from certain foods and a little sunshine, mostly. Certainly mild brushing won’t hurt, however.

  18. I’ve heard of dry brushing but isn’t there a certain way you have to do it or it can hurt you? Something with the heart!!! I also would like to know what moisturizer you use on your face and body!!
    Thank you!!

  19. I love love love dry brushing I have done it almost 20 years now!!! It is awesome as for skin care I created a vegan skin care system that works and rocks!!!

    Also my daily go to for face cream is Coco Whip

    Or you can make your own system oxox but like food babe I would never dream of putting chemicals in or on my body 😉

    FoodBabe Army ROCKS!!!!!!

    Thanks Food Babe

  20. Hi Vani!

    I just recently been reading “The Food Babe Way and can’t tell you how much is already changing my life! My husband and I read it together at night he even loves it too! Could you please tell me what kind of skincare use on your face? Like what kind of face wash do you use? Also what kind of deodorant do you prefer?
    Thank you kindly!

  21. The dry brushing is a great idea which I will try. I appreciate what you’re doing, Food Babe. I have learned a lot! Thank you!!
    I have found a wonderful company that uses pure aloe vera as the first ingredient in ALL of their skincare, and includes many other great ingredients for a complete skincare program. It is called L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL. I’ve been using it since 2008. You can actually get free samples for just the cost of shipping. Check it out here:

  22. im so proud of your determination and passion to help all humans for the better. your honest and a real good help to all of us. we need more people as educated as you to stand up stand out and continue putting the truth out there. the light will always over power darkness. you rock.

  23. I’ve been using coconut oil on my skin and hair for the last couple of years. The color isn’t coming back to my hair (yet), but I don’t have split ends any more and it’s soft. My skin is soft and the age spots have gone from the backs of my hands. Not too bad for 73!

  24. Not sure where to put in a request for an investigation but I am so curious about your take on Juice Plus. So many people I know are promoting Juice Plus products and we tried it for the kids but didn’t notice any significant changes. Seemed like candy to me. Anyway if you get a moment, check it out. Thanks!

  25. Vani,
    I’m curious about what you’d advise me to use on my skin…especially my face. I’m 66 years old and definitely
    NOT into plastic surgery, etc.! I do have dry skin and would like to nourish it in the very best way possible. Thanks so much for your advice!!

  26. Frank’s body scrub is the best! I dry brush and use it in combo a few times a week. It only has natural ingredients and it does wonders on your skin! Also, coconut oil is my go to lotion. aAvocado, olive oil, and coconut oil all make great hair masks.

    So happy to see people excited about natural beauty care 🙂

  27. However, if you know you’ll be doing this more than once, you can often save money by buying a “package deal” of several oils.
    You will be surprised that this perfume does not cost much and is
    very affordable. I think at my thirteenth birthday party I hired a beautician to do my and my friends’ makeup.

  28. Absolutely LOVE dry brushing!! I had no idea they had facial ones. Thanks so much for all the info Vani!

  29. Hi Vani! Just wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts. We will always be supporters of your work. As avid “label readers”, we hope to influence the next generation through our 4 year daughter who points at lollipops and other candies and soda and says “This is yucky momma”. We are praying for you and your continued success.

  30. I like your video and want to try this asap. Do you know what is the best way to get rid of pigmentation. I have around my and cheeks and no matter what I tried, it still there! Thank you very much!


  31. Since you’ve mentioned body lotion in this post, which is the best lotion that you recommend?

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