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Lunch With Dr. Mercola

Food Babe and Mercola

When I got an invite from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s team asking if I’d like to come visit their headquarters, meet Dr. Mercola and have lunch with him… I pretty much squealed in excitement like a little girl. was one of the first natural health websites I visited when I started my journey into organic living years ago. Dr. Mercola has been a brave pioneer in educating the public (and me) about the many flawed practices of western medicine and harmful chemicals in our life. He’s not afraid to tell you the truth about what’s really going on in the food industry and that’s why I love him.


Dr. Mercola has a full service medical clinic right outside of the Chicago area and has been treating patients there for several years. This is where I met him for an hour long interview. His interview of me will air in a couple of weeks on his site, but until then I wanted to give you a sneak peek into my visit…


Dr. Mercola is extremely nice, genuine and down to earth –  so cool, considering he has the largest natural health website in the world. His dedication to helping people heal naturally was completely apparent in his demeanor and character that I witnessed first hand. The interview was a breeze and I felt like I was talking to someone I had known for years. (Well I guess I have, in a weird kind of stalker way – ha!)


After the interview, I met several people that make happen. It was cool to be around so many like-minded people at once!  During a tour, I got to check out the full service gym employees have access to during the work day. They even have a personal trainer and yoga instructor on site (uh… amazing, right?).  My favorite part of the tour was seeing the sprouts that Dr. Mercola’s team grows right in their office. Every kind of sprout imaginable was being grown in a room with a large window in trays stacked up on shelves…


There were some interesting experiments going on in the room. Some sprouts were being grown with vortex water and some with regular filtered water. You might be wondering what the heck vortex water is, well this was my first time learning about it too.


Makers of vortex water machines claim that the structure of water is important to get the most health benefits from drinking it. For example, they use the analogy of carbon in coal vs. a diamond to illustrate how something with the same chemical makeup can look and feel totally different. Now I haven’t been drinking vortex water regularly to tell you about whether or not there are benefits but Dr. Mercola’s team is actually conducting research and testing the sprouts for the vitamin, mineral and enzyme content and I’m sure will be reporting back to us on the results.  If you’d like to learn more about vortex water – check this post out here which gives a more thorough explanation. 


At lunch we talked about a lot and his team gave me some really great advice on something I’m working on now (details coming soon!). Learning about Dr. Mercola’s eating philosophy was fascinating. I was pleasantly surprised he and I are aligned in the way we think about food… Mostly plants, lots of green juicing, a little meat, not too many grains and really good fats – like raw grass-fed butter, coconut oil and avocados. I also learned that Dr. Mercola has a sweet tooth and loves his raw cacao and makes a special dessert with coconut oil to enjoy almost daily.

Meals are provided to the employees at Dr. Mercola’s office everyday and there is an onsite juicer! Wouldn’t it be great if all corporations did this for their employees? Could you imagine the increase productivity and the elimination of the 3pm slump if everyone ate this way?

For lunch we had a HUGE amount of sprouts, kale salad, green juice, vortex water, fermented vegetables (they also make in the office – watch this video to see how) and a couple of ounces of meat.


After lunch, I felt completely energized… it was by far the best office lunch I’ve had in my life. I’ve always loved sprouts and try to eat them weekly but after noticing the huge burst in energy after eating this many of them at one meal, I’ve been incorporating them into my daily routine. We are even starting our own sprout garden at home too so we can have access to them all the time. Sprouts have an enormous amount of live enzymes compared to uncooked fruits and vegetables, the vitamin content is through the roof and they increase the alkalinity of your body (remember, an alkaline body avoids diseases like cancer). And the best part – they are SUPER cheap to grow and make living organically more accessible to everyone.

I hope you enjoyed my recap… Thank you Dr. Mercola and your wonderful team for the incredibly warm hospitality and an overall excellent day. I simply can’t wait until my next visit…

Food Babe

P.S. If you know someone who loves Dr. Mercola or wants a glimpse into how he and I eat, share this post with them… I hope this will inspire more people to eat more plant based foods.

7/7 UPDATE: Here’s the link to the full video interview – it’s an amazing piece, I’m totally blown away!

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63 responses to “Lunch With Dr. Mercola

  1. We are all so happy you hooked up with Dr Mercola. After years out here in the alternative health scene we have all found him to be the best. The supplements he has on the site are top notch!

    Jacqueline Babe
    313 610-9057

  2. Just wanted to say congrats to your lunch and meeting. Both my wife ( and I live near their office and are big fans of his. Did he happen to mention if there was a restaurant nearby that he eats at? He wrote about one a while back but never gave the name…

    Good stuff and great site Vani!

    By the way, started following you because of 100 days!

    1. If you check out, Dr. Mercola has a article on planting and harvesting your own sprouts.

  3. What a powerful duo! So glad you two had time with each other. Both of you are such such fantastic and accessible sources of information and support for people striving to live better, eat wisely and make sense of the avalanche of supposed (and often conflicting and special interest-serving) “health” information that people are bombarded with. I’ve been following Dr. Mercola for many, many years as well. He has ALWAYS been a pioneer- and unafraid to A) go boldly against conventional wisdom and B) change his mind and position when new and better research becomes available. I think you both have these admirable traits of integrity in common. Congrats to both of you on what I’m sure was a very fruitful day!

  4. So much to learn! I envy you folks living close to such a great resource!

    Thanks for sharing, FoodBabe… I’ve learned so much from this site in the short time I’ve been here. Look forward to reading more every day!

  5. I have known about Dr. Mercola for years and have followed his advice for a very long time. I have recently discovered you a few months ago and just love to see the amazing things you are doing to bring awarness to the healthy lifestyle community! What a cool treat it was to see you and Dr. Mercola team up right as I have discovered you-it was meant to be! Thank you Food Babe for your diligence! You rock!
    P.S. My kids love your smoothie and juice recipes 🙂 I’m raising em’ right! Haha!

  6. That’s so very cool! I’ve followed his website for quite a few years now. He is always looking for the truth – just as you are! There are many issues I wouldn’t have been aware of years ago if I hadn’t discovered his site. What a great day you two must have had, and I’m sure he learned a few things from you as well. And by the way, FoodBabe, I think I have those same shoes in that very same color! (Moda?)

  7. I would love to visit Dr. Mercola’s headquarters!

    Did you taste a difference in the vortex water from filtered water?

    I had to think that if all corporations would feed their employees awesome food like Dr. Mercola does, then employees would not only function at optimal capacity, but they would be less likely to visit a doctor as well, due to the fact that they would most likely be healthier 🙂

    What company do you purchase your sprouts from?

  8. I heard that broccoli sprouts were full of bacteria and therefore should be avoided. What kind do you eat?

    1. Hopefully she will soon but for now…here is some great info!

  9. I am a huge mercola fan and credit him with inadvertently saving my life (I wanted to get healthier, tried his eating plan and lost weight not even trying and found my own breast cancer!) He is always way ahead of the curve and I am constantly saying to my family “See Dr. Mercola has been saying that for years!!! Love your website and posts. Keep up the good work! We need to clone you to keep the industry on its toes!!

  10. What does the fermented vegetables taste like, I tried femented tea once and that was awful.

    1. The most common fermented vegetable (or a VERY common one) is sauerkraut. You cannot use the ones bought in stores because they are usually dead – meaning all the friendly bacteria have been killed. So it is basically cabbage and salt and no fermentation.

      If you’d like to taste real good and real healthy sauerkraut make it yourself. Go on Youtube and see a video. Two ingredients – organic cabbage, high-quality salt (Celtic o pink Himilayan). Ferment for 4-30 days and BOOM you got a great superfood.

  11. Awesome post! I also would LOVE to see more on your sprout garden. I’ve sprouted grains and sunflower seed in jars but never until they are little green sprouts. Whenever I can make to long trip to TJ”s I love to get the pea sprouts. The only spouts I can buy around my town are poor quality alfalfa sprouts. Oh imagine a tray of pea sprouts. I Look forward to it!!! I don’t even know where you get the peas to sprout- regular dried peas? I’ve had good luck sprouting sunflower seeds in a jar and then dried them to add to nut butters, but I am excited about the idea of sprouting them until green to add to salad. Anyone interested in fermenting vegetables- its easy! Best accomplished using pickle-it jars and there are blogs out there with great recipes (pickle me too). I make lacto-fermented sauerkraut using red and green cabbage and add grated carrot. Its simply delish! I also make up a big jar of LF garlic cloves and as I make other ferments I add garlic cloves and the juice they’re in to garlic it up (wink-haha). Oh my beets are very good too- I add whole cinnamon stick and allspice berries- NO SUGAR I’m tellin you. Try it. Its exciting to discover and create such healthy things for yourself. Like drinking green juice in the sunshine. You know what I’m talking about. Thanks Vani!

  12. How exciting. I’m reading his book right now and I’m loving it! So happy I found you Vani through 100 Days.

  13. WOW!!!! I’ve been following Doctor Mercola for about 10 years and YES! he is amazing! I’m jealous! I would love meeting with him!!!

  14. I’ve been a fan of Dr.Mercola/and his website for a few years now. I get his daily posts about health topics and love them. It’s really opened my eyes about alot of food/health topics. I was very excited to see you had met him.

  15. What a wonderful experience! I am so glad to hear that he is the real deal. Thank you for the inspiring story and the info. on sprouts. I am right now growing sprouts in my house for our garden, but never thought to eat them as sprouts. I never knew how easy it is and am inspired to try eating them. What sprouts do you recommend growing? Thank you!

      1. Do you believe everything he says? His vaccine and medicine views are too much for me. If I had listened to his advice on a recent trip to Africa, I could have put myself in danger. I got a few shots and took malaria medicine. The risk of getting malaria,polio, yellow fever, tetanus, etc. was not worth it to me. Too many people are following his advice and we are seeing a rise in whooping cough and babies are dying because of his quack advice on vaccines.

      2. No one is opting out of vaccines because of what one man is saying/writing about. Nor is anyone’s child dying because of him either! That is an ignorant comment at best. You do what you think is best and let other families decide the same as well. There are countless amounts of research and information out there for each person/family to make an informed decision. To blame Dr Mercola on this is just lazy. Where did you get the information that recent deaths and diseases are due too vaccine decline? I would really love to know.

  16. I’ve been absent from your site for a bit (busy times) so I have to say “Welcome Krista”! Not sure if I missed a post about Food Babe getting an Assistant but I’m sure that means your blog followers are growing! That makes me very happy! I know I tell everyone that asks how or where to start changing the way they eat to check out your blog & FB page 🙂 Will definitely be visiting Dr. Mercola’s site!!

  17. I am fairly new to healthy eating. But have been doing Organic food for a year but never ate sprouts ever in my life but i am interested now due to wanting to improve my health. Foodbabe how do you grow sprouts and eat them. Do you have a detailed article on how to grow them and eat them. Also this may be silly but i hear about fermented fruits and veggies what’s that and how is that differn’t from buying and eating Organic Fruit and Veggies and whats the difference between fermented sauerkraut and regular sauerkraut.


    1. Hi Ray – Dr. Mercola recommends this site for how to grow sprouts. It really is quite simple. I have done it before but I need to start doing it again.

      I think this article gives a good explanation of fermented foods. You have to find raw sauerkraut to get the benefit of fermentation – you can find it at a natural food store. It is so delicious too!

      You can order great fermented foods from this on-line store also.

  18. What kind of sprouts are those?? I went to Whole Foods today, in search of som – but was unsure of which kind to buy…..there were lots of different varities.
    Thank You!

  19. What kind of sprouts are those? I went to Whole Foods today, as I wanted to pick some up and give them a try – but there were so many different varities, I was unsure of what to get.

    1. The sprouts on her plate are sunflower sprouts but any kind of sprout is great! Just try different ones and see what you like.

  20. I just want to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to you for your efforts in food activism and for all the wonderful information you circulate on your sites. I’m a new mom, and started to care more about living a healthful life when I was pregnant. Fast forward a year, and I am learning so much and incorporating wonderful new, healthy habits that I’ve learned from you and other “granola” sites. 😉 Since I make my child’s food and am still breastfeeding him between meals, I’m constantly researching food ingredients, their health and medicinal qualities to keep his first meals in life as nutritious as possible, and to make my milk as nutritious as possible. It’s people like you who educate and inspire me to make life-long changes for both my and my family’s health. You are making such a huge difference in so many lives… keep up the amazing work! 🙂

    1. Thanks Miya, sounds like you are doing an amazing job also!

  21. For “on the go ” nutrition, get the best- Moringa by Zija. No herbicides, artificial ingredients, only pure Zija, made from the Moringa Tree is TOTALLY Gluten Free

    Zija’s Moringa oleifera is nature’s “miracle tree”. It’s packed with 90+ verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.

  22. I like Dr.Mercola, but his marketing drives me crazy. I get minute info after digging through reams of sales spiel…please don’t go over to the Dark Side, Vani!

    1. Seriously? I’ve been getting Mercola’s daily newsletter for years, and the featured articles are usually full of info, with the occasional link to one of his products. He does sell products, but those sales pages are separate from his articles. is a big site and I’m sure it takes money to keep it going, so I don’t begrudge the fact that he sells stuff. And since Mercola donated a million dollars to the Prop 37 anti GMO ballot measure, it’s obvious that he puts his money where his mouth is.

      1. I didn’t know that he had donated to that, Joe! Incredible!!! You’re so right… putting your money where your mouth shows a lot.

  23. I love your website. Lots of good information. I just discovered your site from Dr Mercola’s daily email. I’ve been a follower of Dr Mercola since his inception and I find your information complements his. Where can we get a Vortex machine for water? I didnt see a link. Thanks much and keep up the Great Work!

  24. I would love to know what Dr. Mercola makes as a special dessert almost daily!
    (‘I also learned that Dr. Mercola has a sweet tooth and loves his raw cacao and makes a special dessert with coconut oil to enjoy almost daily.’)

    1. I’d love to know the recipe as well. Pretty please!? Coconut Oil and Raw Cacao are two of my faves…

  25. I was visiting your website and came across a mcdonalds advertisement. I think it’s funny and hypocritical that you advertise for them.

  26. When I called Mercola’s clinic to make a appointment with him. They said that he hasn’t practiced there in several years(seeing patients)…
    How sad…

  27. Wow. You truly have to be subhumanly stupid to buy that water mixing nonsense. Having a fundamental lack of even high school level Chemistry is not something to broadcast about yourself. What’s next an air ‘mixer’ so you don’t end up with too much of the nitrogen component? Can I charge you $500 for a special ‘fan’? Truly idiotic.

  28. Wow. You truly have to be subhumanly stupid to buy that water mixing nonsense. Having a fundamental lack of even high school level Chemistry is not something to broadcast about yourself. What’s next? An air ‘mixer’ so you don’t end up with too much of the nitrogen component? Can I charge you $500 for a special ‘fan’? Truly idiotic.


    Better get your vortex water quick!!! Regular water kills!!!

    For those not realizing it it was sarcasm. There is no alternative medicine, if it works it becomes regular medicine. there are thousands of scientists ( who are not there to sell anything on a website to anyone ) working hard to find what actually works. Once its proven its part of western / regular medicine. Thats why leeches and honey are back for wound treatments.

  30. Food Babe, I have been trying to live a heather lifestyle for years now! You have inspired me even more! I have a grocery list long of completes.. my latest problem “lower back” follow your juicing anti – inflammatory regiment!! Thx
    . A

  31. Sprouts are very easy to grow. It only rakes a few days to get them going. Healthy Home Market Iin Charlotte, or most Health Food stores have a variety of sprouts available for sale. All you need is a jar and a sprouting lid. The directions are on the back of the seed packets or there are many online resources available to guide you. I have done this dfor years. Very simple and cost effective too.

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