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Monsanto Caught Ghost-Writing Pieces Published In Forbes

There are a couple breaking stories that I want to make sure you know about…

Newly released emails show how Monsanto infiltrated a scientific journal and persuaded them to retract a published study which revealed tumors on rats who were fed GMOs and Roundup. This has been coined the “Seralini Study”, which Monsanto has attacked since its initial publication in 2012. Over the years, many people have been misled to believe this study was a farce. This is one of the reasons why the dangers of GMOs coupled with Roundup continues to be questioned by the press and public. Monsanto will do anything to cover up the health risks of using their chemicals.

The website Forbes just ended their relationship with writer Henry Miller after discovering that Monsanto ghost-wrote his article that was trying to downplay the cancer risk of Roundup. Forbes took the article down from their website yesterday but you’ve got to wonder how many people it misled since that article was up for over two years. Nowhere in the article did Miller disclose his relationship with Monsanto, nor the fact that they wrote for him! Monsanto admitted to the New York Times, “Our scientists have on occasion collaborated with Dr. Miller on other pieces” – so this wasn’t an isolated incident. Miller has been writing pro-GMO articles for Forbes for over 10 years. Who else at Forbes is hiding conflicts of interest like this? I have my own hunches on that.

This is a good reminder to be our own health advocates and pay close attention to who is writing what we read. Look into who they are, who funds their work, and what types of claims they’ve made in the past. This is something I do when reading health-related articles – and in today’s age of political and industry propaganda and manipulations, it is imperative that we all take this step.

And lastly, the “fact checking” website Snopes gets caught making untrue statements again..

After I outed the website for trying to squash the lab results showing Roundup in products like Cheerios, Stacy’s Pita Chips and Ritz Crackers, a member of the Food Babe Army forwarded me a copy of an email response they received from Snopes (I’ve highlighted the interesting parts in red):

See my tweets to Snopes here and here… feel free to retweet them! It’s awful that a “fact checking” website like Snopes would make such defamatory statements about me and what we do here at Food Babe.

As you can see, there are some serious detractors that do not want the truth about our food to be heard and these are just a few examples. It’s thrilling for me to see these relationships exposed, and I’m working on a HUGE project on this topic that I can’t wait to reveal to y’all in coming months.

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P.S. Earlier this week I asked you to share one ingredient that you NEVER eat – and got hundreds of responses. Make sure you chime in here!

“The truth always finds its way out, even years and years and years later. The truth always prevails” ~ Tyler Hamilton

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3 responses to “Monsanto Caught Ghost-Writing Pieces Published In Forbes

  1. That’s a rather discourteous response on the behalf of For the record, I can’t remember Food Babe ever peddling “expensive supplements.” So much for fact-checking…

  2. This is of no surprise to me. I have been researching food for years, and have come upon many resources that have caused me to doubt most things that the ‘authorities’ say concerning our food. You are doing the right thing by exposing the truth. Keep helping all those who want to listen about our food, gmo’s and Monsanto.

  3. I just read this article published by the Washington Post. It is more proof that Monsanto is stifling adequate testing of its products to the detriment of us all, and particularly the farmers they are supposedly trying to help:

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