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Do You Trust Snopes? You Won’t After Reading This.

The big players in the GMO and agrochemical industry – Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta, DuPont – are engaging in an extensive public relations, advertising, lobbying and political campaigning to make sure that genetically engineered crops (GMOs), and the chemical pesticides they require, continue to proliferate in the U.S.

To improve their public image, they are attempting to manipulate everything we see and hear about GMO crops and pesticides in the media and on TV, the internet and print articles – using propaganda-laden commercials, “mommy-blogger” articles, farmer endorsements, hired operatives to change Wikipedia, and front group websites. The biotech industry is feeling threatened, and their profits hang in the balance. They are trying to silence the truth

We now have evidence that the website is being manipulated by the industry too. But first, let’s examine what Snopes really is…

A lot of people trust the website and use it to fact-check things they hear on the internet. For no reason whatsoever, this mom-and-pop website has been put on a pedestal as if they are the be-all and end-all of truth on the internet.

Facebook recently teamed up with Snopes, allowing them become an arbitrator of fake news circulating on their network, essentially elevating them as an authoritative source of information. I find this development alarming on many levels:

  • While there is some fake news on the internet, this opens up the possibility that op-ed’s and independent journalism will get labeled as “fake news” if Snopes doesn’t agree with an opinion.
  • Articles can be deemed “false” if Snopes conducts sloppy fact checking. When it comes to the topic of food, it is imperative that everyone understands that this field is rampant with corrupt paid-off scientists and front groups that are working to protect profits of corporations at the expense of our health. You can not always trust information coming from self-proclaimed independent experts, and sources must be vetted extensively. 
  • We all have the ability to use critical thinking skills while reading news on Facebook or any other online platform – and should determine for ourselves what is false and what is the truth – instead of relying on the work of websites like Snopes to do that for us.
  • Everyone should feel empowered to seek out the truth on their own. Especially when it comes to our health, we need to be our own advocates and investigate the food that we are eating. 
  • This is treading too close to the line of censorship and can stifle our freedoms to express our ideas. 

Is Snopes a credible and authoritative source of information? 

  • Snopes now has a hired team of suspect fact checkers who collaborate to debunk falsehoods that are trending on the internet.

The recent series of events below demonstrates how Snopes has been influenced by Monsanto into manipulating the public opinion about the dangers of their bestselling product, Roundup weedkiller (aka glyphosate).


Monsanto has made BILLIONS off of the weedkiller Roundup (aka glyphosate) along with their Roundup-Ready GMO seeds, but sales have been plummeting since the truth about this toxic product is coming out. They are doing everything they can to keep those profits coming in! 

Food Democracy Now! and The Detox Project conducted a report showing how this popular weedkiller is present in many popular American foods and when my blog post went viral (Millions of views!), Snopes came out with an article claiming that it was a “MIXTURE” of truth and fiction. 


Snopes suddenly changed their assessment to FALSE about 24 hours later:


Did the facts really change? Why would they call this information FALSE?

When you compare both versions of Snopes’ article, you see that they edited it to suit a narrative that fits Monsanto’s agenda – it’s outrageous!

It’s as if Monsanto edited it themselves and sent it off to Snopes for publication. Entire sentences and paragraphs were removed that were hurtful to Monsanto. Important data was removed entirely. The wording was changed to make the findings of an independent FDA-registered laboratory seem less scientific or credible…


The data about how Cheerios and Stacy’s Pita Chips were found to have MORE glyphosate than the level permitted by the U.S. government in drinking water (700 ppb) was completely removed! Apparently Snopes believes it’s not factual or important to mention that some foods were found to have more weedkiller in them than even our lax regulations allow…



In this first revision, Snopes makes a huge mistake in stating that the World Health Organization’s International Agency For Research on Cancer’s (IARC) finding that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans was “overturned in March 2016”, which is NOT TRUE…


IARC’s 2015 assessment has NOT been overturned, this is just what Monsanto dreams would happen. In reality, the team of international independent cancer scientists at IARC who made the finding that glyphosate “probably causes cancer in humans” are defending their decision, while being attacked by Monsanto with their lobbying group attempting to cut off IARC’s funding. The 17 independent scientists at IARC came to an unanimous decision that isn’t muddled by industry ties, and Monsanto is trying to shut them up.

The subsequent 2016 Joint FAO-WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR) is not reliable as the scientists on the panel have a giant conflict of interest in working with ILSI Europe, a group funded by Monsanto, CropLife, and big food companies, along with a board of trustees comprised of industry execs from Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Nestle and others. Snopes is WRONG to say their finding is the “current consensus amongst the world’s regulatory agencies”. That’s the industry-funded view! 

A large body of peer reviewed research links glyphosate to cancer, reproductive problems, liver, kidney and skin cell damage, antibiotic-resistance, and more – but Monsanto doesn’t want the world to know the truth. The industry has a long history of of concealing health risks about their products from the public.

“Historically, the same thing happened with tobacco, the same thing happened with asbestos, the same thing happened with arsenic. It’s not junk science.” ~ Aaron Blair, PhD, MPH, internationally renowned epidemiologist and the author of more than 450 scientific papers, who spent thirty years at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Blair led the IARC panel

After Snopes realized their mistake, they revised this section of their article YET AGAIN for a second time…

Which just goes to show they don’t properly research the facts before publishing stories! 


Snopes completely removed their inquiry into the possibility that Monsanto has influence over the FDA and commentary about the potential harm of glyphosate to humans…


Monsanto has a long and sordid history of infiltrating the government and our regulatory agencies such as the FDA and EPA.

The FDA has been caught having closed-door meetings with industry representatives several times in the past. There is evidence that Monsanto met with the FDA specifically to discuss glyphosate residues in food in 2016:

In April of this year, Monsanto’s international regulatory affairs manager Amelia Jackson-Gheissari emailed FDA asking to set up a time to talk about “enforcement of residue levels in the USA, particularly glyphosate. ~ Huffington Post, September 2016


Monsanto also had secret talks with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about glyphosate and are trying to hide the documentation from the public.

“The plaintiffs’ attorneys say at least four specific documents they have obtained are clearly in the public interest and “illuminate that one of Monsanto’s chief business strategies is its secret and untoward influence on EPA.”Huffington Post, January 2017

Likewise, the industry group CropLife (which represents Monsanto and agrochemical companies) tried to stop the EPA from convening their scientific panel to review the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate. Read their August 24, 2016 letter to the EPA here. (The meeting took place in December, and the EPA’s findings have not yet been made public.)

Yet, my post was called “unsubstantiated”…



Who is really speaking the truth here? Who is distorting the facts? Why is Snopes helping Monsanto bury this story? Remember: Snopes makes all of their money from advertising.

Advertisements on Snopes website for Monsanto/Bayer:


The Shocking Revelation! Why Snopes Changed Their Article To “False”…

It was brought to my attention that after Snopes first called our piece a “MIXTURE” of truth, Monsanto’s operative (aka Kevin Folta) swept in and started bullying the reporter at Snopes into changing his article to claim that the information we presented was “FALSE”.

Kevin Folta tweeted Snopes and their reporter (Alex Kasprak) multiple times, again, and again, and again, and again, until they agreed to listen to him…


Kevin Folta is the scientist that has been widely discredited in the New York Times for his secret dealings with the industry and Monsanto.

He is NOT independent and works right along with Monsanto executives, industry consultants, and lobbyists to spread their propaganda…


Here, Kevin Folta solicited for and received a $25,000 grant from Monsanto to help them with their “3rd party approach to developing advocacy”.

In other words, this is how Monsanto quietly paid Kevin Folta to advocate for them…




Kevin Folta will now gladly point you to his funding page in an attempt to show that he is “independent” and “transparent”, however it shows he receives funding from…

  • The American Seed Trade Association – self described “advocates for the industry” led by corporate executives from Bayer, AgReliant Genetic, Dupont Pioneer.
  • In 2016, he was paid a $5,000 honorarium by the Florida Agrichemical and Fertilizer Association – an industry trade group for makers of pesticides and herbicides, of which he claims the funds are used to support his “science communication outreach program”. How is this outreach “independent” again?

For more on Kevin Folta’s connections to Monsanto and the industry, READ THIS:

It’s apparent from this series of events that Snopes edited their article to be favorable to Monsanto at the request of Kevin Folta.


Just as I had reported, Monsanto is scrambling to bury this story and Snopes is just one channel that they are using to make people believe that any story speaking negatively about Roundup and GMOs is false. This is a dirty fight and Monsanto’s propaganda is in full force. This Snopes piece is all marketing. Marketing for Monsanto! 

We contacted Snopes, but they refuse to correct their story: 

Snopes response to Food Babe: “The change in rating was mainly the result of my narrowing the focus of the claim to the alleged conspiracy to suppress residue data. This was in response to criticism from ‘both sides’ about a lack of clarity my original approach took. The issue with the FDN study, of course, is that its methods have not been peer-reviewed or even made public, outside of the fact that the report states the tool was an LC-MS-MS in an FDA-certified lab… My approach is to take the totality of these data, which argues that at environmentally relevant concentrations there is no harm through diet, while allowing that debate still exists within the the scientific community. That remains my position.”

After all of this… Kevin Folta admits that the glyphosate tests that we reported on were 100% CORRECT

That’s right. He contacted Anresco Laboratories and found that their testing was done 100% correctly and obtained honestly. In fact, in his podcast he admits he should have contacted them first. Yet Snopes still calls this report FALSE. Isn’t this ridiculous? 

Read Anresco Laboratories test results here and the statement on the validity of their testing here

Food Babe Army CALL TO ACTION:

1.  Contact Snopes here and tell them that their article about glyphosate in food is spreading misinformation propagated by discredited scientist Kevin Folta and should be retracted. 

2.  Spread the word that is NOT to be trusted. Share this post now! 

If you have friends or family that use Snopes as a factual source of information, please share this post with them! This is how we cut the legs off of Monsanto’s propaganda machine. We need to expose who Snopes really is and what they stand for. The truth will set you free!



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125 responses to “Do You Trust Snopes? You Won’t After Reading This.

  1. Clearly weed-killer is not fit for human consumption, and chemical agriculture also ruins the soil structure as well. In Kauai Monsanto grew multiple crops of corn, causing dust storms and loss of topsoil, ruining the environment which depends on tourism, as well as wrecking soil health.

    1. You’re right, Maggie. Despite Monsanto’s loud and strident claims over the last FORTY PLUS YEARS, the weed killer glyphosate is not fit for human consumption. And yet it is in almost every thing we eat. Because it isn’t just used as a weed killer, it is used WORLD WIDE to purposely ‘kill’ a food crop just days before it is harvested. This practice has been sold to farmers both large and small as being a great way to increase yields, make harvesting more predictable and efficient and still provide weed control without having to plow. It is sprayed on wheat, oats, barley, soy, corn, sugar cane and many more. And because the USDA, FDA and EPA have never questioned Monsanto’s claims that glyphosate is harmless to humans and animals, there is no way for a consumer to know if the flour, cornmeal, oatmeal, sugar or other staples they buy contains glyphosate unless it is certified organic. Or the grower is local or open enough that consumers can verify for themselves whether or not that particular crop has been sprayed with glyphosate. Once you go beyond the basic, minimally processed staples even the certified organic label isn’t a glyphosate-free guarantee. Our commercial food system is a horrible, gruesome train wreck that those we’ve trusted to protect us refuse to even acknowledge. But don’t lose heart. There is HOPE! We need to support Vani and others like her who are trying to expose this deadly mess. We need to stop buying suspect food and start questioning those we’re buying food from. ASK if their product contains anything sprayed with glyphosate. If they can’t (or won’t) give you an immediate “absolutely not” don’t buy it. There are more and more farmers and ranchers out there who are striving against huge odds to raise and grow healthy, poison free food. Seek them out. Support them. Not only by purchasing their food but by standing up for them against the bullies in government agencies and their friends in the corporate world.

      1. Thank you, Vani for all the most informative info. I only buy organic. also organic and/or grass fed meat, but also eat less & less meat now. Seafood also, should be only wild caught, which is only what I buy. Is our president up on all this true info., if not he needs to meet with Vani!

  2. If this information is coming from the U.S., you have a chance for snopes to have integrity when publishing their information..If there is corrupt foreign investors & lawyers pushing bad laws through, we can only protect ourselves by boycotting their product and our government placing a ban on glyphosate as a high risk health hazard and making a law which bans it in food products..

      1. Are you kidding me, the President? That guy is a propaganda machine, the only result would be for him to hand it off to yet another well-funded operative of collusion in order to BURY THE TRUTH EVEN FURTHER!

        He INVENTED “fake news”, and creates it personally on a daily basis.

        Open your eyes, and stop drinking the Kool-aid.

    1. “you have a chance for snopes to have integrity when publishing their information”
      My goodness, please wake up from your great slumber, our nation is being attacked from every position, yet somehow you defend a part of this?

      1. Correct. Snopes and Wikipedia are omnipresent in any major web search. They push gov propaganda and a leftist agenda as fact on purpose. In their defense their workers are lost sheep. Searching for the truth. It’s easy. Just take the opposite stance of anything they post.

  3. You are so good at this. I’m glad the public is apprised of the attempts to water down the truth and add fictitious allegations to discredit the real sources.
    I already know the truth and have been aware for years. My cousin worked for Dow in the agricultural changes to hot house vegetables and GMO food products.

    I eat all organic and cook everything from scratch. I no longer suffer from allergies at all, although for most of my adult life I can attribute them to food.
    I wish you would do a piece on the affordability of organic food. Most people look at it like it’s a premium and consider their good health a forfeit for the investment. I eat less and the cost of my food is less than if I bought processed.

    I continue to educate my friends, relatives and the general public through social media and blogs. I appreciate all you do and I enjoy reading helpful information you publish.

    1. Trish,
      I’m curious how I can buy and eat all organic for cheaper than buying processed? I grow much of my own in the small space I have, and I can/preserve as much as possible, but since I live in Michigan, it’s a very short summer growing season. (Although it’s getting longer every year – thank you, fossil fuels…)
      Truth be told, I’d love to be able to afford organic produce all winter long, but when I compare prices at the local grocery stores, it just isn’t financially possible. Whatever your secret, please let me in on it! I beg to be educated!

      1. to Maggie: I’m not going to lie, organic food is expensive but long term is wort it. I eat only organic and I prepare all my food since 4 years ago, my weight is back to when I was a teenager (I’m 40), my skin is great, my asthma and allergies disappeared, along with my severe heartburn, I’m not longer taking 3 pills every day, and what is more important, before the diet I had kidney stones and ended in the hospital, and had pain on the back an bladder infections all the time.
        All that is gone when I changed my food. My biggest bill every month is for food, but I think I’m worth it. Eating fast food is cheaper (short term) but the damage is doing to your body is going to make you pay later in doctors and hospitals. Also if you eat process food you will always be hungry. I eat huge salad every day with spinach, apples or strawberries, nuts, seeds, homemade dressing is delicious, I also eat burgers but only grass feed, may be one time a week, and chicken another day a week. most of my diet are salads with homemade dressing with olive oil, a lot of nuts, seeds, beans. I eat way too much and I thank every day God that I’m able to afford that. I don’t buy many clothes any more in exchange, its a matter of what is more important to you long term.

  4. The EPA’s claim that glyphosate has low toxicity is rubbish. Low toxicity compared to what, cyanide, ricin? In that comparison, yes because cyanide and ricin are acute toxins, killing rapidly, while glyphosate and Roundup are chronic toxins, meaning small doses over long periods of time produces cancer, organ failures, NHL, obesity, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and many others. Parts per trillion concentrations of glyphosate behave as endocrine disrupters. Glyphosate, patented as an antibiotic, applied to the soil kills beneficial bacteria preventing essential mineral uptake by crops. It also is a metal chelator, bonding with manganese and iron, preventing use by the body during digestion of food, while delivering those minerals in a way to be neurotoxins. Glyphosate as an antibiotic in the human gut kills beneficial bacteria, causing leaky gut syndrome and auto-immune diseases. Finally, glyphosate is a synthetic analog of the essential amino acid glycine and replaces glycine in cell protein syntheses which causes mis-folding of the proteins, eventually causing cancers and organ failures. All this happens over time, maybe 10, 20, and 30 years of consumption of small quantities. Monsanto’s original studies in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s showed these effects after 24 months in lab rats, but hid the data with the complicity of the EPA in a callous disregard for human health. All studies are done for only 3 months, corresponding to 7 – 9 human years consumption, which do not show the problems or show very little problems, which are usually dismissed as not biologically meaningful. This company and the complicit EPA should be charged with criminal endangerment and sentenced to jail.

    Jealously guard the clean organic brands and be watchful for attempts by chemical companies trying to contaminate organic and non-GMO crops. Be aware that the Freedom Caucus in the House has proposed scrapping the National Organic Program and the National Organic Standards Board as one of about 250 regulations to eliminate.

    1. There’s hundreds of lawyers suing for people over roundup right now and winning. I think some Americans have finally woke up! Do a search. It’s a shame, but I’m so happy people are finally coming to their senses.

  5. Thank you for the great information. I just read the China report by T. Colin Campbell and he talks at length how these corporations are in bed with the government agencies. Some of the USDA members are former ag ,meat,dairy,egg and chemical company executives. Like my friend Bob Brinker says we have the Best Government money can buy.

  6. The peer-reviewed journal IMCJ (Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal) just published an article in the February/March 2017 issue indicating a connection between the herbicide glyphosate found in products such as Roundup™ and many other commercial herbicides (weed killers) and the presence of autism. The article is also available at

    The complete title of the article is “Elevated Urinary Glyphosate and Clostridia Metabolites with Altered Dopamine Metabolism in Triplets with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Suspected Seizure Disorder: A Case Study” and here is a link to that article:

    William Shaw, Ph.D. of The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc in Lenexa, KS found very high amounts of glyphosate in urine samples of each of the triplets. The amount of glyphosate in the urine dropped dramatically after implementing a diet of only organic foods, with improvements noted in the functioning of the children. The two boys of the triplet set have autism while the girl of the triplet set had some other medical problems but does not have autism. The study’s finding is significant because previous studies have shown that the rate of autism in the United States is highly correlated with the increased usage of glyphosate.

    The study is also significant because it demonstrates a potential mechanism by which glyphosate could cause brain damage. People are exposed to high amounts of glyphosate when they consume genetically modified foods that are engineered to survive the toxicity of glyphosate. Weeds that are not genetically modified die when exposed to glyphosate.

    It was previously thought that mammals, including humans that lack the enzymes that weeds possess would not be subject to glyphosate toxicity. However, recent research has found that glyphosate also kills beneficial bacteria in the environment and in the intestinal tracts of farm animals and humans. Glyphosate kills these beneficial bacteria by the same mechanism that it kills weeds. Pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridia and Salmonella lack the genes that kill the beneficial bacteria and proliferate in the soil and in the intestinal tract when glyphosate is present. This factor was of importance in the two boys of the triplets since both of them had elevated values of markers in the urine that indicated Clostridia overgrowth. These markers may alter brain metabolism and brain development by the inhibition of the key brain enzyme dopamine-beta-hydroxylase, which is responsible for the conversion of dopamine to norepinephrine, important neurotransmitters in the brain (neurotransmitters are molecules that transmit signals or messages in the brain). This inhibition of dopamine-beta-hydroxylase leads to the overproduction of dopamine which may be toxic and cause brain damage at high concentrations. Some drugs used to treat autism like Risperdal™ block the effects of excessive dopamine.

  7. Vani,

    Thank you, I appreciate all you do. It makes me mad what
    Big agie gets away with.


  8. I love you.

    Both for your snipes article and the one that inspired it.

    Go, SiStaR, go! ???

    Many blessings on your path ??

  9. You got my attention with the beer and the food and then I got to thinking….Not to be gross, but the label on a box of tampons, also includes polypropylene and polyethylene, and women are also using these products–daily. That can’t be good! We are always at the mercy of these companies as well, like on a monthly basis. Are these chemicals good to include in such a product? Why not, just cotton? Can we do something to change this? What do you think?

  10. Why not cotton? Because it is also glyphosate infused. Look for organic cotton tampons IF THAT IS POSSIBLE. Remember when we experienced “Toxic Shock Syndrome” years back? The poisoning goes way back and I can’t help to believe that the toxic “syndrome” was contributed to it.

  11. Nature always knows best. Man-made anything is a problem! Even in the bible, it states :-

    Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
    Genesis 1:30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.
    Genesis 9:3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
    Psalms 104:14 He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth;

  12. Thank you…first we read organic may not be organic, now this about snopes…is nothing sacred. I’m thankful you are keeping tabs on what’s going on, it is overwhelming!

      1. Then why haven’t you figured out that Trump is fake and the biggest liar ever?

  13. I don’t see how people can be so easy to manipulate. Monsanto has been nothing but evil…since their agent orange days and continue denying their glyphosate is killing people, insects and animals. Then we have snopes, discrediting all reports about Monsanto as false…how can they even sleep at night siding with a corporation whose ultimate goal is to control and kill people. Money will make one do the most illogical things. I’m glad you did that extensive article food babe because the people need to know the real facts!

  14. Abe is completely correct, so I see you cut him off, a typical Trump trick to cover Trump’s lying ass.

  15. Hi everyone, I’m a huge wildlife advocate and 100% vegetarian 95% vegan. And I’ve been trying to change everything to help out our wildlife and insects. I’ve known for years what pesticides and weed killers have done Nd the doing to us. If it wipes out insects and kills fish and wildlife. What do people think it’s doing to us? We have wipes out most of our pollinators thanks to Bayer, Monsanto and dowel. Our butterflies and bees are dying at rapid rates because farmers spray everything. They have to hire new keepers to pollinate their crops now and the new keepers tel all farmers “ if you’re using any pesticide or weed killers. It’s a no go. It’ll kill our bees”
    They’ve wipes out milkweed, but there’s been a turnaround and milkweed is being planted at rapid rates to host the monarch butterflies. Please everyone stop using all garden pest killers and weed killers. It’s okay to have weeds. Most weeds support wildlife and pollinators like clover and dandelions as well as poison ivy. I know that’s a tough one if you’re allergic to it, but here in the cold states a lot of wildlife uses it as food in the winter. Please research helping the bees and you’ll learn a lot about people and what we’ve have done to ourselves while trying to wipe out bugs and weeds. We’re killing our selves slowly and sometimes quickly and making Monsanto’s and Bayer billionaires. As well as helping lies likes Snopes be spread and helping their wealth.

  16. Comment Dr. λ, Creator of Variables, Binder of Variables, Applicator of Terms, inferrer of Types, Checker of Types, β-Reducer of β-Redexes says:

    I almost think that anyone who relies on authorities that they can not personally confirm are trustworthy (i.e. by being intimately familiar with them) for their “fact checking” deserves to be duped.

    Especially if your authority is just a liberal old woman and her cat as is the case with

    Letting other people “fact check” for you is basically asking them to think for you and decide for you what you should believe. Beliefs are very important and letting an old woman and her cat decide what you should believe and therefore what kind of person you will be is ludicrous.

    No, I do not trust

  17. Oh I think I love you. I swear it is so good to see someone fighting back and standing up for what they believe in. It gives me hope. Previously, I had come across some of this information, but you put the icing on the cake, grabbed a megaphone and shouted it from the rooftop. Critical thinking should not be a hypothetical word used only when convenient. Thanks for making my day.

  18. I haven’t dug into this post yet, but I just wanted to get this off my chest before I start… I didn’t like Snopes from the first time it was linked to me. It was so long ago I can’t give a detailed explanation of why, but I disagreed with their result, felt that they were severely lacking in what information they looked at, it all sat with me wrong. Fast forward years later and I see Snopes in my search results, click it for “curiosity” since I already know I don’t trust their work, and I see a comment about something marked casually with “needs debunking”.

    “Needs debunking”
    lol. No. You don’t take something and go “Okay we gotta debunk this!!!” if you’re serious about your research. You can look up ANYTHING and debunk it if you want to, since that is what you are trying to do. It’s very hard to not find some way to point the narrative in your favor, as long as you’re willing to work it… It’s so annoying and I can’t stand that kind of behavior. They’re all very holier than thou, too, so scientific and smart and the rest of us who don’t agree, so silly and uninformed 😉

  19. Snopes & wikipedia are sell outs like everyone else. I’ve seen 1st hand stories change. For instance Obama’s parents & birth place etc. I personally saw on wiki & when I pulled it back up to show someone else the photos were different & all the info changed. Its like you have to screen shot everything in your life these days or it can change right before your eyes. I am not into politics so that is not a shot at Obama but the people should know the facts. Oh well. With all the chemicals they are feeding us & trailing thru our air; when they suggest we might be crazy, we almost believe them.

  20. I’ve never really trusted snopes. Anyone who sets themselves up as an arbiter of truth gives off the stench of arrogance. Even wikipedia has been accused of astroturfing and having a very small group of editors that control most of the pages on their site and it’s very difficult to make changes. People need to learn to think critically. That used to be emphasized back in the day in school, but seems to have fallen by the wayside. Humans are easily corruptible, so you should always keep that in mind when reading studies and articles.

  21. Conservatives and gun owners have understood for years that Snopes is in the bag. Contacting Snopes and complaining is as useful as kicking the Tar Baby. Just ignore Snopes and move on.

    1. Are there any valid fact checking websites that you know of? I’m not exactly sure why but it seems to me that conservatives don’t seem as concerned with citing sources as liberals. Perhaps I’m wrong and if so I’d like to be enlightened.

  22. This is what I just wrote to SnopesIf you care even a little about the welfare of others omit to publish what causes you conflict of interest, but do not publish the opposite because this way you become as guilty accomplices as Monsanto corporations that inevitably and without a doubt are committing an ecocide and a universal genocide. We already know how powerful money is, but life and behavior with true humanity should be more important. his article on glyphosate calls into question its entire integrity.

  23. Hi, this article is very interesting. Thank you for all the detail. Could you please show me a link to the Snopes articles you refer to. I went to their site to see what their position is now. I can’t find the articles you refer to and screenshot when I search Glyphosate.

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