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The Shocking Email From Monsanto: Why I am submitting a FOIA request

I’ve always said that food and chemical corporations work with public university scientists “behind closed doors” to manipulate the public—and now our movement has irrefutable PROOF. But first, let me start at the beginning…

When our movement got big companies to change, Dr. Kevin Folta, from University of Florida appeared on the scene. Every time we made headway on an important issue, Kevin Folta, who claimed to be an unbiased scientist, was there to refute our claims and throw some ad hominem attacks. Here are a few examples (many more are documented at the end of this post):
“The fact that she is able to mobilize this army of blind followers who reject science and follow her words, to smear and harm the reputations of companies that are doing nothing wrong.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015
Kevin M. Folta, the chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida, described Ms. Hari’s lecture at the university last October as a “corrupt message of bogus science and abject food terrorism.” – quoted in New York Times, 3/15/2015
“There’s something that dies inside when you are a faculty member that works hard to teach about food, farming and science, and your own university brings in a crackpot to unravel all of the information you have brought to students.” — Folta’s Blog, Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014
My intuition and common sense knew that this guy HAD to be connected to these corporations in some way, but he kept denying any connection. And I believed he was causing irreparable harm to our healthy food movement because the media believed that he was an unbiased scientist. 


This week an unprecedented major investigative report was published in the NY Times about how the chemical and food industries work with public university scientists to advance their agendas to the public. Hundreds of emails have now been revealed between University of Florida Professor Dr. Kevin Folta, Monsanto, the biotech front groups, and their PR firm Ketchum after a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request was submitted by the nonprofit group U.S. Right To Know.

folta nyt article


Why would Monsanto work with a public scientist in the first place? 

Some powerful entities in the chemical and food industries have a financial incentive to try to discredit us in the work we have all done together and now we know how they are using public scientists like Dr. Kevin Folta as sock puppets to advance their message. We’ve come a long way in our food movement and things are finally starting to change –  people are getting healthier and the food industry is responding to us, but why is someone like Dr. Kevin Folta on a mission to stop our progress? 

Newly discovered emails reveal that Folta received a $25,000 unrestricted grant from Monsanto, and even wrote to a Monsanto executive, “I’m glad to sign on to whatever you like, or write whatever you like,” and “I promise a solid return on investment.”

However, Folta previously denied ties to Monsanto, here are 9 different examples:

Not only was Folta repeatedly dishonest about his ties to Monsanto, but on “several occasions” according to the NY Times, Folta took word for word answers and commentary from Monsanto’s PR firm Ketchum to use as his own words. Previously he claimed he never used the text written for him by the PR firm Ketchum.

Monsanto sells Roundup, the chemical that is sprayed on the majority of GMO seeds. The main ingredient in Roundup was recently classified as a probable carcinogen. They are in panic mode trying to repair their image and will do anything to confuse the public. 

Folta attempted to derail my speaking event at the University of Florida. He has also been interviewed by major media outlets such as The Atlantic, NPR, and the NY Times acting as an unbiased third party source, telling reporters he has no financial ties to Monsanto or the biotech industry all while acting as the ringleader and chief of my critics. 

Monsanto thanks Folta for attending my talk at The University of Florida

One of the emails discovered by showed Lisa Drake, an executive at Monsanto cheering Dr. Folta on after he attended my talk at his University last fall. Dr. Folta wrote a blog post attempting to discredit my talk including a false accusation that I refused to answer questions from the audience. (FYI – Here’s the photographic evidence of the long line of teachers and students that I answered questions from.) I still find it bizarre that if he wanted to ask me a question so bad that he didn’t stay to meet me face to face. Instead he spread dishonest information about my talk all over social media, in forums and on his blog, acting more like an online troll than a distinguished science professor. 

Monsanto Folta

Seeing this email sent shivers down my spine and left me with a lot of questions. First and foremost, my talk was not about the dangers of GMO foods, it was about the story of quitting my corporate career to become a food activist sharing examples of major food companies changing their policies. Who wrote that paragraph summarizing my talk that Lisa Drake referenced? Why was a Monsanto executive sending this message to Folta? Did they ask him to attend my talk? Are they paying him to attack activists like myself? At the time I had no idea why this professor was so aggressive towards me but now it’s starting to make sense.  

I’ve tried to explain to various reporters in the past that many of our critics are part of the larger entrenched food and chemical lobby that doesn’t agree with having more transparency (labeling GMOs) or doesn’t want to remove the controversial chemical additives from our food. The reporters have always said but what about the “public university scientists” that have no ties?

This investigation finally begins to explain that. 

Why I am also submitting a FOIA request

In light of this email and the incredible amount of reputational damage Dr. Folta has waged on me personally and our healthy food movement (see a sampling of his public comments below), I am submitting a formal request to the University of Florida to have all documents and correspondence released to the public from Dr. Kevin Folta regarding my name Vani Hari and Food Babe. 

I believe obtaining these correspondences will serve the public in greater transparency on how the food industry uses “independent” third-party scientists and professors to control science and deliver their PR and lobbying messaging.

I’ve often wondered why companies like Monsanto go through such great lengths to stop transparency about GMOs… If their food is safe, why don’t they want to label GMOs? Why would they pay public university scientists to advance their message?



Quotes from Kevin Folta:

Folta calls me a crackpot, accuses me of food terrorism, blackmail, villifying farmers and compares me to a dog.

“Vani is very good at marketing herself and telling people what they want to hear. She is very good at playing into the current popularity of vilifying farmers and large-scale agriculture. But really, she’s her own company, and she’s the spokesperson.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015

Kevin M. Folta, the chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida, described Ms. Hari’s lecture at the university last October as a “corrupt message of bogus science and abject food terrorism.” (Her fee was $6,000.) Dr. Folta added, “She found that a popular social media site was more powerful than science itself, more powerful than reason, more powerful than actually knowing what you’re talking about.”. – quoted in New York Times, 3/15/2015

“She really conflates the science. If anything, she’s created more confusion about food, more confusion about the role of chemicals and additives.” – NPR, 12/4/2014

“To have someone like Hari go out and make up nonsense that only digs into public opinion against these technologies is really frustrating for us.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015

“That’s not healthy activism or change based on science. That’s coercion, fear mongering and (yes) terrorism to achieve short-sighted political non-victories in the name of profit and self-promotion, ironically the same thing she accuses the companies of.” — Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014
“Luckily, Starbucks didn’t fold… Otherwise, Hari would have blackmailed them too.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014


“Vani Hari would be spreading her corrupt message of bogus science and abject food terrorism here at the University of Florida. Oh joy”. – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“Responding to the Food Babe is like telling a funny joke to my dog at a party. Everyone there gets it– except for the dog. She just tilts her head to one side and looks at me like I’m stupid.” – Response to the Food Babe. This is Boring, 3/19/2015

“There’s something that dies inside when you are a faculty member that works hard to teach about food, farming and science, and your own university brings in a crackpot to unravel all of the information you have brought to students.” — Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“If this is a charismatic leader of a new food movement it is quite a disaster. She’s uninformed, uneducated, trite and illogical. She’s afraid of science and intellectual engagement. She’s Oz candy at best.”- Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“What if Hari were to take a long look in the mirror and decide that while scaring people into boycotts and book buying pays the bills, the legacy associated with it is embarrassing. Time will frown on Hari, and it already is happening.  While adored by internet fans, scientists, physicians, the food industry, farmers and science fans see her clearly as the empty information vessel she truly is.” – The Value of Vani, 12/12/2014

“Her discussion was a narcissistic, self-appointed attack on food science and human nutrition. There is a vein in my head that pulses when I hear someone deliberately misrepresent science for personal celebrity, and it was pounding.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“I was really proud to see that the student audience was not buying it. Throughout her presentation that was about Hari in the spotlight and “me-me-me”, students got up and left. She left gaping pregnant pauses where previous performances got applause– only to hear nothing. Not even crickets.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“While microphones stood ready in the audience to answer questions, there was no public Q&A period where a scientist that knows the research could publicly challenge her false assertions.”- Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“I guess I’m just angry because I didn’t get to lock science horns with The Food Babe. I would have liked to have asked a few questions that she could never answer.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“I listened to her talk about herself and provide lots of false information to my students, and waited for the opportunity to ask dismantling questions from one of the two microphones in the room”. – A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“She did not take questions from the audience. The event ended and the audience left”.- A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“She was paid $6000 for over an hour’s time to promote her brand and spread her filth.  Now scientists and educators have to fix it.” – A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“As we attempt to illuminate products, technology and method to feed a growing population, Hari’s shameful resistance to reality needs to be met. We’ve done that, and I’m proud of the push back…” – The Value of Vani, 12/12/2014
“Recently I’ve given a number of talks and interviews where I’ve been described as the “guy that stood up to the Food Babe”. While standing up for science is important, I’d rather be described as the guy that changed her mind because I took the time to teach the facts.” – The Value of Vani, 12/12/2014
“I cannot think of someone so clueless that thinks she’s so clue-full. The bravado to manufacture completely wacky statements is beyond arrogance, and to criticize students who approach her from a scholarly evidence-based point shows she’s fully subscribed to her own deception.” – Vani Hari’s Kooky Response to Critical Students, 1/26/2015

Folta discredits Food Babe campaigns to remove controversial chemicals from the food supply:

“Bread is a foam. Even culinary experts will tell you. It was a perfectly safe food additive for years, until she came along and decided that Subway bread was essentially a yoga mat.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015
“The fact that she is able to mobilize this army of blind followers who reject science and follow her words, to smear and harm the reputations of companies that are doing nothing wrong.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015
“Safety always has to be the number one concern. And an understanding of safety is contingent on an understanding of the chemical in question. But she lacks the scientific prowess to be able to tell when something is truly a threat, and when something poses no threat.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015

Additional Evidence: Folta denies any ties to Monsanto on his blog:

“In another thread she encourages those curious to call the university, because “a certain professor who promotes Monsanto… has spread a lot of nonsense”. Again, she speaks from no evidence, leveling false allegations against a public scientist that only wants her to back her claims with science.  How do I ‘support Monsanto’?”- A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“She also took the liberty of making a false association between a public scientist and university professor to a company that does not exist, purely to discredit him. Here are two clear falsehoods that Hari stands by.  Why anyone would take any advice from her, ever, is beyond me.”- A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“Of course, she ties me in with Monsanto. Blatantly false. But since when does she need evidence before making a claim?” – Vani Hari (Food Babe) and Silencing Critics, 12/7/2014
Folta’s personal email to Food Babe (3/19/2015):  

“I work as an independent, public scientist. Companies have no control of my research, my results or my opinions.”

“You’ll also see from my publications that almost all of my funding comes from public sources, like USDA, NSF and NIH. I’m not a “Monsanto scientist” as you’ve suggested. My only “industry funding” is for strawberries– a strawberry industry of family farmers that grow a nutritious fruit. Yes, I answer questions on GMO Answers. I am not paid, I’m grateful for the forum, and if you gave me a page on Food to answer questions the answers would be exactly the same.”

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515 responses to “The Shocking Email From Monsanto: Why I am submitting a FOIA request

  1. Hmm, let me see- when it comes to food, do you choose SCIENCE MADE or
    NATURE MADE? The answer is obvious and so who is right and wrong here.
    As long as you keep speaking out the TRUTH , you will have enemies. You got
    a lot of guts Vani, and please know that your supporters of the TRUTH (not because YOU say so, but because WE too have educated, commonsense, experienced minds of our own) will walk beside you every step of the way to win this fight for the right to have access to NATURE MADE, REAL FOOD for good health, or SCIENCE MADE, CHEMICAL LACED PROCESSED FOOD for illness and disease. Again, answer is obvious. So why don’t they get it? Oh yeh, that’s right- money.
    So then, the real question is-what is more important, HEALTH or MONEY?
    That answer has always been obvious.

  2. You are awesome. You are informative and I believe in you! I understand you. I totally follow you and your beliefs. It’s just another rock in the path, kick it aside and continue on! Blessed Be.

  3. You go Vani…I choose to Not eat or drink poison!
    do you choose SCIENCE MADE or NATURE MADE? The answer is obvious and so who is right and wrong here.
    As long as you keep speaking out the TRUTH , you will have enemies. You got
    a lot of guts Vani, and please know that your supporters of the TRUTH (not because YOU say so, but because WE too have educated, commonsense, experienced minds of our own) will walk beside you every step of the way to win this fight for the right to have access to NATURE MADE, REAL FOOD for good health, or SCIENCE MADE, CHEMICAL LACED PROCESSED FOOD for illness and disease. Again, answer is obvious. So why don’t they get it?
    So then, the real question is-what is more important, HEALTH or MONEY?
    We know it’s all about money With Monsanto….look in the dark act they are trying to get passed! If there’s nothing wrong with GMO , And why are they trying so hard to hide it?

  4. First of all, Vani, you have no clue about what an ad hominem is. It is appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect. This is what you regularly do, not Dr Folta. He merely called you out for being exactly what you were.

    Secondly you are abusing the FOIA by using taxpayer money to retaliate against a respected scientist who has already been entirely transparent. In fact, you are the one that is not being transparent in the least bit. You fear monger in order to sell a product and when faced with scientific fact you block anybody that introduces science to combat your pseudoscience. You receive money from organic companies and unlike Dr Folta who received money that only went to scientific outreach, your money goes straight into your pockets. It doesn’t go to outreach, it doesn’t go to a cause, it goes to your personal vacations, your huge brand new house, and other personal luxuries. You are not being transparent, unlike Dr Folta.

    To top it all off your fear mongering is having a noticeable negative effect on your own followers. It’s called orthorexia, and I’m seeing more and more comments on your page that indicate that this is the result of you. What’s even worse is that when somebody expresses a question on your page that indicates orthorexia, your assistant posted your article that can only make them fear more food. This is sickening and you should be ashamed of yourself but I doubt you are. See, your followers think that you care about them because you appeal to their fears, but all you care about is the money that is going into your pocket. It’s shameful.

    1. Loretta – You are so far out in left field, you’re not even in the ball park. You don’t get it. Eating foods that contain a chemical that has links to cancer is not wise. Covering up the reality is less wise and causes those who do, such as Folta, to lose credibility. Keep it up.

      Are you married or related to Folta or someone within Monsanto?? Seems like it. Another sheep.

      Keep promoting and eating crap; see where that gets you. Good luck.

      1. Vani,
        You are a brave amazing woman. Anybody defending Monsanto at this point is probably working for them on some level.

    2. Sadly, in spite of nearly ALL the respected scientists / physicians warning us of the dangers of GMO and increased use of Roundup etc to us, to the environment and to biodiversity… we still need to deal with willful ignorance at best or corrupt individuals at worst ,spewing their ‘Monsanto’ lies. Thanks Food Babe for taking a stand. We need more FOIA applications to the usual anti-science suspects to highlight the millions Monsanto are pouring into hiding the science!

      1. Loretta, give it up. These low information folks don’t understand when we try to talk science. I’m sure they have not looked into the science or they would know Vani is a fraud.

    3. Did Dr. folta pay you for your post? The science is clear and readily available. Vani may not have a bunch of initials after her name. But she can read and understand the studies that support her positions. It is not that hard to sort out the truth from science fiction. Maybe your brain is fried from eating processed crap you defend as okay food and that’s why you’re so vitriolic in your post. Go somewhere else, we don’t want you here. Bye bye.

  5. Love you to pieces Vani you’re the source that opened my eyes 2 1/2 years ago and supported me in losing 89lbs thus far. I’m a raw juice non GMO organic buying, non processed Queen at this point! Stay the course, I’m WITH you. To whom much is given, much is required. #Praying4yourcall

  6. Hi Vani. You hit a nerve! This “professor’s” reaction is fear-based. Obviously, you are a target and the reason for that is because you are peeling the food and chemical industries like an onion…one layer at a time. Folta, a professor? How amusing. Please continue to research, reveal and educate the general public professor Hari. As far as I am concerned, it should be your wall the science degree should be hanging from. As far as we know, Mr. Folta may have purchased his degree much as he has “purchased” his grants.

    A devoted student,

  7. U rock Vani.. I love and support you! I like the part where he thought you looked at him like he was stupid.. Lol. Well.. He is! Anyone who believes that GMOs are safe is I guess politely said..stupid!! Keep going!!

  8. Vani-

    When you’re receiving FLAK you know you’re over the target. Those murderous greedy control freaks will do or say anything to keep their big money poison food racket going. You go girl!

  9. The reason you are being targeted, is because you are making an impact. Have you heard of Codex Alimentarius? Monsanto is part of this horrendous global food standard, which is included in the U.S. safety food laws. Coincidence?

    For ANYONE to think that Monsanto is an ethical/honest/transparent company – are just fooling themselves.

  10. Vani:

    I’m incredibly proud of the work you do for all of us. Kevin Folta should be ashamed of using his doctoral training to make money dishonorably through his association with Monsanto.

  11. Oh my, why do they keep trying to cram this poison down everyone’s throats!!
    When my husband became ill with cancer, we read everything we could about food….. How could we change the diet to help with the healing process? We. became so aware of the damage chemicals can do to the body..Unfortunately he passed, but the knowledge I gained and continue to learn is so important to ones future health..Keep working and spreading the news, Vani!! Good job!

    1. It’s never nobody. If all paid-for science is tainted, then all science is tainted by somebody. Or do you expect scientists to not take home a salary?

  12. I canNOT believe the hatred that some people have for one person who is doing her very best @ doing all the research & leg work for others so that we know enough to eat sensibly, therefore being healthier! She’s the rare person who will find out about different chemicals added to the foods we eat, & share her findings w/others. It seems she wouldn’t be given the “time of day” if she didn’t have some very important & truthful information to share w/the public. Why IS Monsanto so threatened by such a person as Vani??!! Probably because the proverbial “cat is out of the bag” & they have finally come to realize that they aren’t fooling so many people any more. The more the truth comes out, the less money they will make. The public NEEDS to know exactly WHAT they are consuming & not be misled by false advertising & OMITTED advertising @ the expense of ours & our children & our childrens’ children for generations to come. It IS so true what has been said for SO many years….”You ARE what you eat.” Our family, for one, does not want to promote illness in our bodies by ingesting known carcinogenic or harmful ingredients into our bodies. Why would anyone??
    Keep up your great work, Vani! We DO very much appreciate your hard work & dedication to helping us find out about additions to our food & being able to enjoy healthy, nutritious. w/no bad chemicals added…. (as God intended,) food!

  13. Dear Vani … My wife and I love your website and the insightful information regarding the poisoning of our food. I submitted the link for this article to DrudgeReport and hopefully they will get your information into the mainstream. By coincidence, today there is an article on Drudge regarding Monsanto losing a court case in France over the poison in one of their weed killers. Keep up the good work!

  14. What more can I say with all of these knowledgeable and supportive comments – except tremendous thanks for doing what you do, Vani, for standing up to not only these large corporations who try to hide behind the size of their organization, but also standing up to the opponents who are using their educational degrees to discredit you when in fact THEY have their own agenda with their connections to these large corporations. You go girl!!!
    Thanks for your newsletter, your book – I have shared so much with others, the charts, the ingredients to look out for, recipes…..thank you!! Ginger

  15. I think “LORETTA” is on Monsanto’s payroll along with the “respected Scientist” that she is defending. All part of the AGENDA of big agra to make themselves richer while we get sicker. You GO Vani!

    1. My thoughts exactly when I read “Loretta” ‘s post. It had the flavor of some of the remarks that the professor wrote (some of which turned out to come word for word from the marketing office of Monsanto!) in his criticisms of Vani. And we know big corps are not above using every sly tactic like that that they can! They have the big bucks to pay shills to do this dirty work and since money is their bottom line, they do whatever it takes!!

  16. Just saying the I’m standing behind you!
    I made sure our local public library ordered your book “The Food Babe Way”!
    They now have it cataloged and available for check out!
    It’s on the New Book display!
    Of course, I read it. Fantastic!
    Keep on, you do have a silent majority behind you!!!

  17. Thank you for your courage! You are amazing and brave! These companies are ever so manipulative and corrupt and because of your work and many other they are getting desperate which is a good sign in a way it mean tides are turning!

    Keep up the good work!

    xx Nicole

  18. Vani, I am absolutely thrilled with Monsanto Folta connection which proves your point. However, I am concerned about the many damaging acusations which have been made against you. Getting some heavy guns on our side could be very helpful. Can we get qualified food/agricultural scientists & chemists who know the dangers of GMO and other toxins used in our food to back our cause? Surely Europe must have quite a few as so many of our foods are banned there. Fight fire with fire

  19. Thank you so much for this article and for all you do in educating the public. These companies poisoning our food need to be stopped!!!!!

  20. It truly is sad to see how many people you have brainwashed, all in order to line your pockets.
    You are a crackpot. That is why you are constantly called one. Don’t like it? Quit blowing smoke up the public’s ass with things like dihydrogen monoxide being bad for you. God forbid water be called by it’s chemical name.

  21. This is beautiful!

    I love it when evil is exposed to daylight to whither.

    Follow the money… find the head of the monster and slay the beast!


  22. We’ve got your back Vani and you’ve got our total support. You’re only one of a few that we can count on to keep telling the truth and nothing but the truth. Our health and the health of the future world appreciates all that you do. You’re the only one that makes sense, with all of this corruption and money and lies going on. The truth will win!!!

  23. Has anybody stopped to realize that if you are all correct about Kevin Folta, then a scientists was paid by a science company to communicate science?

    That is scary

    Everything I’ve ever seen from Kevin Folta is in line with the overwhelming mainstream scientific opinion. Nothing that contradicts what the WHO, NAS, CDC, EFSA, Royal Academy of Sciendce, AMA and many other say.

    I mean, even if all he did was parrot Monsanto’s words verbatim who cares? Shouldn’t you focus on the message? Who cares what the bill was, or who the author was. Attack the messenger. But it’s easier to attack the messenger. Which is ironic when you seem to claim that Vani has been unfairly attacked ad hominem.

  24. I might regret submitting this question as it may be viewed as a “dumb” one but I’m going to ask anyway, What does Science have to do with our food supply
    other than picking the first apple off the tree and making sure it is safe for us
    to consume or use, or figuring out natures miracles out of curiosity? (And not replicating it with synthetic chemicals that our bodies do not benefit from. It was perfect to begin with!) I’m not against Science and Scientists, as they have discovered, proven and revealed so many things that may have benefited us., But I don’t think that they (but not all) or anyone else should be disapproving, transforming and/or contaminating our naturemade, nutritional food supply which helps us to maintain a healthy existence. Am I missing something? (Please don’t say brains smarty)

  25. I can’t belive all this stuff actually happens this is all so new to me and it’s shocking and scary

  26. it is absolute truth that you know you are winning when the bad guys are screaming. Please don’t give up, we are with you!

  27. I am appalled at the lengths that Monsanto and its bought scientists go to try and convince people of the safety of eating chemicals and pesticides in their food when anyone with a lick of common sense can determine that it can’t possibly be good for you. Keep on trucking Vani, we are with you.

  28. I fully support what you do and might offer to suggest enlisting other scientists to join you in your fight against Monsanto. I fear that the media, who just LOVE these “cat fight” scenarios might focus on the fight and not the message. Remove the name-calling, personality-bashing and keep the science true. In any good research, use good studies, well-respected resources and try to keep the emotional stuff to a minimum as it just reduces “street cred” of the message.

    Please note that I am a former R.N. and now a dental-hygienist. I speak mostly as a concerned consumer and appreciative fan of yours. In most science, facts rule. I support you and hope you know that for every one person that writes you there are thousands that respect you and are supporting you. Good luck!

  29. My daughter was a flight attendant and travelled to Europe a lot. She noted that the food there is very fresh and taste so much better than our food. Keep what you are doing to make our food healthier.

  30. Keep fighting the good food fight! You are awesome! Keep kicking butt!!! We are with you Vani all the way! Until we kill Monsanto and can finally return to natural grown food!

  31. Thanks Vani and Food Babe gang for putting this together. This man is, at the very least, plain rude and unsuitable to have any decent conversation with.

  32. I love it when the Industry SHILLS are on the prowl. They rarely provide any REAL FACTS. All they do is try to discredit people by putting them down with personal attacks and bad language, and they like to nit-pick at specific simple mistakes or comments that people make [that are actually irrelevant] . They TRY so hard to look so smart, but the FACT is… they only make themselves look so bad. I really enjoy reading their posts on this message board.

    Mr. Shill O’Meter

  33. Vani?….Just hand the Ole’Mad Scientist his band-aid and Tissue! “He has not changed any minds that follow you”! Stay Strong….

  34. Oh, Vani, I am brand new to your “army” , I am already a huge fan, and want to state my personal thoughts……we, as Americans, love the ostrich approach to most things, bury your head so you don’t really see…we love our little bubbles to stay in tact, and are reluctant for change, or anything that threatens life as we know it. Today ( Sept 11th) is the PERFECT day to remember there ARE bad people out there, who lie, cheat, and use propaganda to besmirch the good people. As much as we don’t want to think it, conspiracy theories are quite REAL, they do exist, and the all mighty dollar will always be number one…. How sad, that human lives are sacrificed to line corporate pockets? In my humble opinion, those in control are NO DIFFERENT than Alquida in their view toward the lives of Americans…and most are right in our government…..kept fighting the fight Vani…you can sleep well at night knowing you are doing the right thing!!! God Bless!!! Jen

  35. You hit a nerve of truth, of course they will attack, be ready. I wonder how many chronic diseases they have and the medications they all are on? Me, not one, and I like that way, thank you!

  36. seems like you’ve rattled a few cages. I have to smile that Folta, and Monsanto, are under a very bright light of exposure. …you’re my kind of crackpot. thank-you-very-much. keep up the great work.

  37. Dear Vani

    I just called Budweiser today and their Customer Service representative stated that they had conflict with you publishing information of the use of Polypropylene Glycol aka Anti Freeze in their Beer.

    Is this still placed into consumers beer?

    can you

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