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Pure Magic – Four Seasons Explorer

The last few days upon the Four Seasons Explorer have been complete MAGIC! We had the best dive of our lives yesterday – my head did not know where to turn to look. There was so much action that as soon as I surfaced, I screamed – “OMG – I am in the documentary “Planet Earth”!!!   I can’t wait to show you what we saw – we have so many great pictures and videos to share with you. Until then… I’d like to share one of the other magical experiences – “Dinner under the Stars”

This night all started with a hand written note we received in our cabin from our Cruise Director, Zoltan. This is what it said:

Needless to say, this was an extremely inviting personal touch.  We received our sarongs shortly after – The sarongs are part of the typical local Maldivian attire and were beautiful.

After we got ready, we headed over the main deck to board a small boat over to a deserted tiny island to have dinner. When we looked up at the sky from the ocean, we saw the moon and the stars, the weather that night was absolutely perfect. After about a 5 min boat ride, we arrived on a deserted little itty bitty island. My mouth dropped open in disbelief. The beach was gorgeous! It was Pure Magic!  We had no idea, the Four Seasons staff had been working all day on this island to make our experience so special.

Arriving on the island:We were immediately presented with a welcome pre dinner cocktail and delicious appetizers:

The Four Seasons Explorer crew really impressed us!  They thought of everything to make the perfect ambience.

Our dinner table and seating completely made out of sand:

Candle tables made out of sand:

Little flowers and plants leading the way to the table:

Before we sat down, I sneaked over to the grill to see what was smelling so good!  Of course, it was asparagus, one of my favorite grilled foods.

It was very tricky getting into the table, you didn’t just want to stomp your way through to your seat or you could risk collapsing the whole set up!

These photos were taken without the flash to help really feel the mood of the night…As we dined underneath the stars, we had very lively conversations with new friends all from different countries we met on board…One question I asked to each person was “What is your favorite fish!?” My husband replied Oriental Sweet Lips… Nice one. 

At the table, there were 5 different types of salads to choose from – Heaven for me!                             

I choose them all and ate my little heart out! While we were eating, these little suckers were EVERYWHERE!   We were scared they were going to nibble on our toes…My husband was on the the outside of the table, so he kept a close watch for all of us.

Before the wonderful dessert of fresh strawberry cheese cake – We had a huge feast. I was so caught up on in the moment that I didn’t take any other pictures until dessert came. Oops.  We were presented with lots of food straight from the grill as it was prepared – Prawns, Grouper, Lobster, Lamb, Beef, Chicken, you name it, they brought it. For the veggie lovers, like me, they had the asparagus pictured above, corn on the cob, potatoes and a delicious ratatouille grilled sandwich. 

On the boat ride home, everyone was all happy, giggly, a little tipsy, very full & so satisfied!

Thank you Four Seasons Explorer staff for making this one of the most memorable dinners of our lifetime!



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5 responses to “Pure Magic – Four Seasons Explorer

  1. I had to pinch myself to see that my imagination was not running wild! This trip seems to beat all the trips you have had so far! Have fun and come home safely.
    Mom and Dad

    Are those little crabs? You know how I can’t stand any crawling creatures!

  2. Absolutely phenomenal!! What an awesome experience you and Finley are having. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a magical experience! Thanks for sharing it! I thought the crab looked cute, almost cartoonish! I hope he didn’t nibble on anyone’s toes.

  4. just wanted to say that i love your blog! i stumbled upon it somehow. originally from charlotte (bf lives there), but in grad school right now at the A!. i totally miss fav spots in QC (ie. earthfare, cowfish) so it’s fun to read your posts 🙂 🙂

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