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Relaxin’ in Koh Samui

Our second day at the Four Seasons Koh Samui has been nothing short of relaxing…well…with the exception of one little incident.

Started the day with exactly what I do back home – Habit #1…Yes, I even brought my own bottle of cayenne pepper with me!

IMG 1152

While my husband took a dip…I practiced yoga before breakfast.

IMG 1154 IMG 1157

We headed to Lan Tania at the resort for breakfast… wouldn’t it be amazing to look out to this every morning! IMG 1074

IMG 1170

I got my wish – tons of exotic fruits available for me to indulge! This one is called Rambutan – it is closely related to the lychee, a little tougher to peel, but certainly worth it.  Rambutan has gallic acid, a compound that attacks free radicals in your body and is regarded as an aid to cancer. Isn’t it amazing that wonderful sweet delicious fruit has this type of power?

IMG 1182

Later I had some of their homemade yogurt, homemade granola and more delicious fruit – papaya, dragon fruit, jackfruit, mango and pineapple. I haven’t had yogurt for breakfast in a very long time! I am a bit of a yogurt snob and only prefer to have it homemade (my Mom makes the best!)… and this yogurt almost exactly the same!

IMG 1178

Because they have a ridiculous assortment of every jam imaginable – I had to try some.

IMG 1185

I slathered coconut jam on one of these whole wheat croissants. Which lead to eating three more. Whoops. Full confession here… When the chef comes out with a fresh strawberry (hot!) version, then chocolate version and to top it off with a chocolate peanut butter version, a girl addicted to croissants can only help herself to all of it! Seriously, I think this is going to be a problem for the rest of my stay! You have to commend my effort trying to start with the “healthy” whole wheat version, right?IMG 1184

The rest of the morning was filled with a gorgeous uphill trek of the entire property and then followed by a swim at the main pool down by the beach…

IMG 1199

I was so full from breakfast, I couldn’t even entertain some of the tasty treats offered by the Four Seasons staff. This cute lady came by serving fresh grilled corn, guava, dragon fruit and sweet potatoes to everyone by the pool and beach. I loved the offerings! Whole fresh foods – and no junk! Can’t wait to try these another day…

IMG 1201

We ended the afternoon at the spa. My husband I chose the couples’s Siam Fusion massage.  All I can say is WOW. 2 hours of pure bliss. I loved how the treatment started with a foot rub in a bath of fresh herbs – keifer lime, turmeric, ginger, and lemongrass…. all natural fresh ingredients (note: no chemicals products! yeah!).IMG 1207 IMG 1208

Followed by the most amazing thai and western massage. I feel asleep many times.

IMG 1205

After our massage, we had another animal encounter… if you read my previous post about how this property is situated right in the middle of the jungle – you’ll understand. The spa treatment rooms are all individual huts that are very private, you basically get your own little cottage for relaxing before and after with a nice shower and other amenities. When we opened the door to leave after our treatment, our therapist had us rush back inside because he noticed a swarm (huge swarm!) of bees had decided to locate right outside of our door!  My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief – and of course giggled at the whole incident. We were held captive in our cottage until the maintenance crew tried to fumigate the area. This did not work. So they literally wrapped us up in sheets with only our eyes poking out so we could run through the swarm of bees!  We thought the whole situation was HILARIOUS and the travel story priceless!

I guess the amount of bees on property makes it easy for the Four Seasons to serve fresh raw honey straight from the comb at breakfast… ahhh it all makes sense!

IMG 1188

For lunch we went back down to the Beach and dined at Pla Pla.  I had the tomato gazpacho – which was divine! Perfectly light and refreshing.

IMG 1214

Followed by a salad and a slice of margarita pizza. I LOVE when pizza has thin crust.

IMG 1215 IMG 1217

For dessert – I have a habit of asking the waitstaff which one is their favorite and I always pick that. The staff’s favorite was the yogurt whipped cream mixed with hazelnut crumbles, fresh passion fruit and mango marshmallows. WOW.  I would have never picked this and I’m so glad we tried it. I’ve never had whipped cream made out of yogurt… have you? I’ve love to try to make this back at home.

IMG 1218

We skipped dinner as we slept right through it!  As I am writing this – I think we are finally over the jet lag.

We have a big day planned today – lots of fun in the sun, paddle boarding and monkeying around with Nicole later tonight!

Hope you find time to do something fun today too!

Food Babe

P.S. If you have sent me a personal email or left me a comment in an older post in the last couple of weeks – I just want you to know I’ll be responding as soon as I can. There are so many important questions and/or comments, and I want to take the time to thoughtfully respond so I can provide you with the most information as possible. Thank you for being understanding for the delay and for reading this blog – I love you all!

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9 responses to “Relaxin’ in Koh Samui

  1. Wow, gorgeous gorgeous photos. It looks like an absolutely wonderful vacation! The food looks simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Kristen – Thanks for stopping by! The food has been getting even better. Can’t wait to share my favorite eats in Koh Samui with everyone.

  2. Thai massage is simply marvelous! Enjoy the eastern hospitality and the exotic sea! Think about some values you will be bringing home from your stay in the far east!


    1. Hi Mom… Hope you and everyone are doing well! Mmmm… Wonder if I can hide some dragonfruit, guavas, and longan in my bag for you to have when I get home 🙂 Love you!

      1. It is a Bad idea because I will be deprived from the trip to the East!

  3. that place looks amazing!! OT- but do you track how much protein you get in a day?

    1. Hi Gillian – You are too sweet! Thanks for sharing our adventures with us from afar.

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