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Cookbook Giveaway + Recipe: The 10 Day Detox Diet By Dr. Mark Hyman

  As you may know, Dr. Mark Hyman is a practicing family physician and the director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He also wrote a very thoughtful foreward for my book that came out in February! When we met last year, we instantly connected.  A few years back, Dr. Hyman wrote one of the best health … Read More

This Is For Everyone That Still Eats at McDonald’s (Even if they won’t admit it!)

Someone recently asked me what I think the worst ingredients are at McDonald’s and my first thought was… “Um, where do I start?!” The 37-page ingredient list for McDonald’s reads like an encyclopedia of nutrition-less, additive-filled, processed food. It should be pretty obvious that I don’t eat at McDonald’s (and many of you may not either) but I still have … Read More

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