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This Is Disturbing, Whether You Eat Fast Food Or Not.

As you may know, I have been working with several consumer interest, public health, and environmental organizations for the last year, and also launched a nationwide petition, asking that Subway enact an antibiotic-use policy that prohibits the routine use of antibiotics in their meat. Over 36,000 of you have signed that petition, and I’m grateful that you recognize the importance of this issue (if you haven’t signed yet, please do so herethis is “one of the most pressing health threats facing the world today”).

Of course, if Subway’s suppliers stop routinely using antibiotics they would make a huge impact, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a MUCH bigger problem because it is rampant across the entire restaurant industry.

Even if you never eat here

There’s a critical new report on the antibiotics in our meat supply and I hope you join me in spreading the word.

Download and read the full report here: Chain Reaction: How Top Restaurants Rate On Reducing Use Of Antibiotics In Their Meat Supply, written by the experts at Friends of the Earth, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Consumers Union, the Food Animal Concerns Trust, Keep Antibiotics Working and the Center for Food Safety.

This “Chain Reaction” report and scorecard is the result of a survey of the 25 top restaurant chains in the U.S.

Each restaurant was graded on their antibiotic-use policies and practices – and the results are horrifying. Almost all of the restaurants, got a failing “F” grade for not implementing a policy. Many of them didn’t even bother responding to the survey. 

A total of 20 restaurants scored an “F” (complete list at the end of this post), and I’m not just talking about cheap restaurants like Taco Bell and Little Caesars. Even restaurants that many Americans think of as “higher quality” like Outback Steakhouse and Olive Garden got a big fat “F”. Millions of people are eating at these restaurants every single day and probably have no idea that their dollars are contributing to the superbugs epidemic.

I know that many of you don’t eat at these restaurants – or may not eat any meat at all – so I don’t want to go on without mentioning why this issue concerns every single one of us.


Even if you’re vegan or wouldn’t touch these restaurants with a ten foot pole, antibiotic-resistant bacteria can directly affect you. Here’s why:

Conventional animals are raised in large factory farms where they’re routinely fed low-levels of antibiotics (to prevent diseases in poor living conditions and to make them grow bigger) but the antibiotics are leaving behind stronger bacteria (superbugs). These superbugs are not just in their meat, but contaminate water, soil, and produce. A recent study even found that these superbugs are blowing in the wind! All of us can be infected (vegans and meat-eaters alike). The misuse of antibiotics and irresponsible practices in raising conventional farm animals is contaminating the environment that we all live in with superbugs that are resistant to modern-day antibiotic medical treatment (my own dad was affected by this issue). 

You may have heard that Subway has plans to ditch antibiotics, but they still got a FAILING grade.

Although Subway mentioned to the media that they have a goal to eliminate antibiotics, they have not clarified whether this would include all antibiotics in their entire supply chain and when it would be implemented. They haven’t made a real commitment by establishing a public policy with a timeline. Subway didn’t respond to the survey or to multiple requests to clarify their position, and have essentially closed the door on having an open conversation about this issue. They are joining the 19 other restaurants that got a big fat “F” for failing to have a clear policy on antibiotic usage.

What about the meat at the 5 restaurants that “passed” the survey?

I should make it clear that I still don’t recommend eating the meat from the few restaurants that passed the survey and that’s because they don’t serve organic meat. Meat that is sold organically can not be from animals that were fed GMOs or given antibiotics and other growth promoting drugs like these:

  • Beta-agonist drugs (like Ractopamine) are given to cows, pigs and turkeys for no other reason than to make them produce leaner muscles, so they have more meat (and less fat) on their bones. Ractopamine is also banned and restricted throughout Europe and China, but it’s reportedly still widely used in the U.S. where it isn’t labeled. This drug is inhumane and unhealthy for the animals and can cause them to be unable to walk or stand on their own. It’s given to the animals in the “finishing” stages before slaughter, and testing has shown that residues can remain in the meat and end up on your plate. In 2013, Consumer Reports found Ractopamine residues in about 1 in 5 pork chops and ground pork that they tested. 

McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Dunkin Donuts ended up with passing grades, yet they still could be using growth hormones and Ractopamine to raise their meat.

As the report highlights, there are concerns that they will increase the use of these drugs to replace the antibiotics that they were using to bulk up their animals. Also, McDonald’s is still allowing for the routine use of antibiotics for “disease prevention” in their beef and pork (which doesn’t prevent antibiotic misuse).

Chipotle has a better policy that prohibits antibiotics, hormones, and growth promoting drugs in all of their meat, however much of it is likely still GMO-fed (which they freely admit), and according to the report (pg. 12) only 25% to 50% of their beef is grass-fed. However – I am thrilled that they have gone non-GMO with the rest of their food, and am cheering them on for spearheading the way in this direction.

Along with Chipotle, Panera Bread was the only other restaurant to get an “A” grade because the majority of their meat isn’t produced with antibiotics and 80% of their beef is grass-fed. Panera also prohibits growth hormones and beta-agonist drugs (like ractopamine) in their meat production, however they don’t serve any organic meat. 

An increasing number of Americans want meat that is raised without antibiotics and are willing to pay more for organic.

The sales of meat not raised on antibiotics rose 25% from 2009 to 2012, and organic meat sales are the fastest growing segment of the organic food industry. So, what is holding some of these chains back from changing?

Here’s what we can do to nudge them in the right direction:

If all of the major restaurant chains in America stopped misusing antibiotics and improved animal welfare, their enormous purchasing power would shift the entire industry and that is why we are focusing on the largest chains like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, KFC, and Subway. The most effective act that we can take is to raise our voices and vote with our dollars.

Join me in contacting these restaurants that received a failing grade by visiting their Facebook page or calling their customer service. Ask that they eliminate routine antibiotics use from their supply chain and to offer grass-fed and organic options.

What else we can do:

  1. Contact McDonald’s (who received a “C” grade) and ask them to prohibit routine antibiotic use for disease prevention in their beef and pork. 
  2. Use the Eat Well Guide to find local restaurants that buy grass-fed and organic meat and support these restaurants.
  3. When you go out to eat at a new restaurant ask the manager about their meat sourcing and let them know specifically that you want meat that is grass-fed, organic, and not raised on antibiotics.
  4. Also support your local farmers that raise grass-fed and organic meat that’s not raised on antibiotics.

Last, but not least!

Share this post with your friends and family, even if they never eat at these restaurants! It is going to take all of us to change this, but I know that with our collective activism we can make it happen!




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17 responses to “This Is Disturbing, Whether You Eat Fast Food Or Not.

  1. Are you vegan yet? If not, why? Have you read the studies about the negative effects animal proteins have on humans, or how animal agriculture is wasting a huge portion of our resources? You have such a great voice for change, it would be great to see you spreading the vegan message about health, ethics and environmentalism. 🙂

  2. I’m confused at the why on the chart- the total possible points varies for each restaurant. It says that the number of points available for Chipotle is 34 but it seems like they should ALL be out of 36 points possible. I would love some further explanation on this.

    1. Jaime, this is the grading criteria they used:

      “Grading: The final grade awarded to companies is based on a
      percentage calculation of total points earned out of total possible
      points, not simply an aggregate point score. Because different
      restaurant chains feature different menus, the authors did not want to
      penalize those restaurants that exclusively or primarily offer only one
      type of meat (for example, chicken or beef), or do not serve a certain
      type of meat (for example, turkey). As a result, for each restaurant,
      we calculated a total number of possible points, based on that
      restaurant’s menu offerings. The percentage total then allowed us to
      more equitably compare restaurants to one another.”

  3. I think a lot of people who would never set foot in a fast food place are eating at other restaurants that are using meat that is just as bad as Subway’s. In our part of the country (Michigan) there are not a lot of establishments that serve organic meats, unless you go to Lansing or Grand Rapids. Sad but that’s the way it is.

  4. It will take a lot of restaurant boycotting to affect the bottom line so much that restaurants will pressure Cargill, etc. To change their animal husbandry practices.
    The animals have to be fed antibiotics just to survive their living conditions. Is there a way we can help you get right to the source?

  5. Hello Vani, I see plenty of Full Circle Foods products at the store latetly. The Brand name is simply Full Circle and their logo is a circle with colors and it says “return to a natural way of living”. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Organic crops are very limited and organic produce is hard to come by. Then all of a sudden these people start coming up with all kinds of supposedly “organic” products made with all or mostley organic ingredientes. Do you now anything about the company behind this Brand? Would you endorse their products? In their web-site there’s a section called Our Story. But they don’t really say anything about who they are or how the company started. How do we know their products are truly organic? What if the only organic stuff in their products is the word ‘organic’ in the package? This could be a biotech mafia operation. They probably thought one day, “eeyyyy we’ve created franken and toxic foods and now we’re gonna sell food to the greenies as well. Make a lot of money on both fronts, we just print the word organic in the envelope and no one is the wiser”. Please share your comments if you know anything about this brand and thank you for all the good work and for fighting the good fight. Gabriel.

  6. I buy gluten free, organic, range grass fed, free range and non gmo but still am getting waylaid…..I think we may be getting duped by some of our providers by lack of knowledge or just not telling the real truth in advertising or on verbal questioning.
    P.F. Chang has lost my business and I have just quit trying to go out to eat. Now the gluten free bakery I use is in question. All of these mentions restaurants and fast food places has been off my list for a very long time. Gluten free and chemical and additive reactions are not a fad for all of us and antibiotics should be made criminal ….except in use for critically ill must have to survive human patients.

  7. Does anyone stop to think that if there are medications like antibiotics, etc. in the meat there is even a higher rate of those drugs in dairy? Drugs go through the milk, not to mention the problems with casein acting like a Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor if the casein cannot be metabolized. When taken off casein and sugar 80% of Autistic or Schizophrenic children had all symptoms of either disappear. If you need any more information on that feel free to come to our website at

  8. If you don’t mind my asking, and I know this is going to be either deleted or go unanswered, but how do you suggest farmers treat diseases in farm animals? We as humans when we go to the doctor are prescribed antibiotics for ear aches, infection, and really any thing that could be potentially harmful to us. Yet you want us to let farm animals to die because you think that fast food chains are profiting off of their health.

    1. Maybe to clean up living conditions in a way that animals aren’t getting sick so much and only giving meds when they need it. It’s the mass use that is creating these so called super bugs. Just a thought.

  9. I understand McDonalds doesn’t use real meat, so of course they don’t get meat with antibiotics. These results are skewed as they don’t account for real meat.

  10. I guess anyone can create a food company in the US and knowingly feed products which are just under poison to trusting, unsuspecting people. We know the government can move quickly to enact laws like the ones they are going to put in place to get their cut of Fan Duel and Draft Kings money, but it takes grass roots movements, scientific evidence and years and years of telling people who are playing dumb things they already know to get a law in place to protect the people. Why are they just letting food companies make us sick and kill us and our children?

  11. Since I have been working at Panera (8 years) I have become more aware of issues involving better choices and of where the food actually comes from before they hit the stores I am also glad that Earthfare likes to put stores in same areas as Panera. Thank you for the information that you have been putting out. I have not eaten packaged foods for about 8 months and becoming more aware of GMO products

  12. I think it should be pointed out that an A grade doesn’t mean their food is safe. Chipotle has an enormous issue right now with E Coli. You can never be completely sure your food is safe unless you source, purchase, and prepare it yourself.

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