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See what’s inside my new cookbook Food Babe Family (Sneak Peak!)

My new cookbook Food Babe Family will hit bookstores in just a few days…Eeeek!  I can barely wait another second for you to have this book, because it is truly LIFE-CHANGING.

To prove it to you, let me give you a sneak peek inside of Food Babe Family, chapter by chapter so you can see for yourself what you’ll find inside! 

Food Babe Family is MUCH MORE than a typical cookbook. We actually considered publishing it into TWO books, because it’s jam-packed with so much information. This book has all the tools and information on how your entire family can eat real food, easily and effortlessly, along with over 100 family recipes.

It’s like two books in one!

Here’s the table of contents:

In the first part of Food Babe Family (85 pages!) I show you how to raise your children to love real food, how to buy the healthiest food for your family, what to do at home to make it all work, and how to navigate the over-processed food in schools, restaurants, parties, events, and while traveling.

The second half of this book provides over 100 delicious and simple recipes to make the process of feeding your family even easier! Because I believe that no one should have anxiety when feeding their children.

Let’s look at each chapter in more detail…

Chapter 1: Raising Children to Love Real Food

You’ll see a day-in-the-life as I prepare food for my children. I dispel some great myths we have been fed about feeding children and the real reason why some kids hate vegetables. I give you the rundown on what to look for in baby food and packaged toddler products along with a list of the brands I recommend. When your kids are in school, you’ll love the Mix & Match Lunch Ideas Chart and real-life lunch box examples that map out how to effortlessly pack healthy lunches for your child. 

Chapter 2: Buying The Healthiest Food For Your Family

I’ll take you on a virtual trip to the grocery store, where I’ll show you how to avoid misleading labels on packages and how to choose the healthiest snacks and drinks for your family. You’ll know how to quickly spot B.S. marketing, so you won’t be swindled. 

I also break down the Terrible 10 Ingredients In Children’s Food. You’ll see what makes these ingredients terrible and what specific products they’re found in, with brand names! You’ll also find the Best and Worst Beverages for Kids, which are ranked into four categories. I explain why each drink landed in each category, so you’ll easily be able to choose the healthiest drinks for your family.

You’ll get a huge list of the best packaged food for busy parents, which are the go-to products I keep in my pantry to make quick meals. Everything from nut butter to bread to pancake mix to tortillas. You’ll see exactly what brands I buy! I also share why I don’t buy Veggie Straws or Goldfish Crackers for my kids. This section might surprise you!

This is where you’ll also find Processed Food Swaps, healthy alternatives for your favorites like Honey Nut Cheerios, Little Bites Mini Muffins, Pizza Rolls, and Go-Gurt. There are both store-bought and homemade options to help you!

Chapter 3: What To Do At Home

Now we bring it all together so you know what to do at home to help foster a love for real food in your children. This is where we get into the real nitty-gritty of how to incorporate real food and healthy habits into your daily life. I’ll show you how to make Real Food FUN for your kids. We’re competing against multi-million dollar food brands like Kellogg’s Fruit Loops, so we’ve got to have some tricks up our sleeve, right?

I delve into what to do if your child is “Picky” and how to encourage your child to try new foods. This includes my tried-and-true 5 Ways To Help Your Child Love Green Drinks – which is a great way to get more vegetables into your child’s diet.  

You’ll see why it’s a great idea to involve your kids when you’re preparing meals and ways to make it fun and rewarding for the whole family. I’ll also show you why eating together is so beneficial – and in many ways that you’d never expect! I give you my best tips for making it easier to have this special time together on a regular basis. 

Chapter 4: Navigating The Overprocessed World We Live In

We’ll delve into how to navigate the world we live in with your child, despite it being full of processed food temptations like M&M’s, Pepsi, and Doritos. I’ll show you how we handle birthday parties, the food in school, holiday candy, eating in restaurants, and what we do when we travel and go to events. You obviously can’t be with your child all the time and everywhere they go, so it’s very important to also teach them strategies to use when faced with food decisions and challenges as they venture out on their own.

Now, let’s move on to the RECIPES…

Can you believe how much you’ve already gotten in this book?!? The first part that we’ve covered is just the beginning…

In part two you’ll find over 100 of my family’s favorite recipes. This is what we regularly eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. I’ve also included a section on lunch boxes, which breaks down exactly what you’ll often find in my daughter’s school lunches.

Chapter 5: Breakfast

Here’s where you’ll find our favorite & fast hash browns, muffins, french toast, and overnight breakfasts. There’s a variety of savory and sweet, so there’s something for everyone. I even share my recipe for cookies that are healthy enough for breakfast!

Chapter 6: Drinks, Smoothies, and Milkshakes

Smoothies are the best fast food, and every parent needs an arsenal of quick smoothie recipes to make when you’re busy. I also share how to make homemade sports drinks so you never have to drink awful Gatorade again! 

Chapter 7: Lunch Boxes

Here you’ll find the easily packable recipes for lunch boxes that are in heavy rotation in my house such as Pinwheels (3 ways!) and delicious Taco Cups. 

Chapter 8: Kid Snacks

This is where you’ll get recipes for healthy pizza bites, hot pockets, and even homemade “Goldfish”! The effortless dips that I share make it easy to get your child to eat more veggies.

Chapter 9: Soups and Salads

You’ll see the perfect way to make veggies flavorful, so add these to your meals every chance you get. The warming Ginger Chicken Soup is a must-have for when anyone is feeling under the weather, and my kids go crazy for the Ultimate Veggie Pasta Salad that packs in the healthy veggies with tons of flavor. It’s perfect for a backyard cookout!

Chapter 10: Mains

Here’s where you’ll find my family’s favorite main dishes. I like to keep cooking simple, so these recipes have short prep times for speedy meals made with real food and healthy ingredients. You’ll find our favorite Home-Baked Pizza, that the kids love to help make, and our No Fuss Stir-Fry that cooks up in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

You’ll love our incredible Mexican Casserole and Veggie Fajitas that will chase away any cravings you have for processed Mexican food. You’ll even find copycat recipes for Chick-fil-A Chicken Nuggets and the Fast Food Burritos we like to stash in the freezer for busy days. 

Chapter 11: Sides

I’ll show you the quick way we make broccoli at home the our children just gobble up, plus our favorite sides like Marinated Beets and Thai-Style Rice. This is where you’ll also find a copycat recipe for Chick-Fil-A’s Waffle Fries to go with those Nuggets in chapter 10! 

Chapter 12: Desserts

Now this is where the real fun happens with our favorite ice-cream treat that puts Baskin Robbins to shame! Plus incredible Homemade “Oreos” without the nasty artificial ingredients and copycat Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookies that are a zillion times more yummy than what Little Debbie is trying to sell us. These recipes will show you how to indulge in treats with real food. Your kids will never miss the processed cookies and cakes from the store! 

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P.S. Watch the video to see my favorite parts of the book (plus what it was really like behind the scenes during the photoshoot!)

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