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Staying Healthy in Charleston, SC

If you have never been to Charleston, SC – definitely add it to your bucket list. It’s one of my favorite American cities and is one of the those places I love to visit over and over again – the beautiful streets, southern hospitality, sea breeze, and the FOOD!

Earlier this Summer, I took a fun trip down to this charming town that is infamous for it’s good ole’ heart clogging cuisine and rather unhealthy cooking methods. I tried my best to stay on good Food Babe behavior despite that I was attending a bachelorette party where all hell could break loose! Here’s how I managed to keep it all together…

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Charleston Place Hotel is the place to stay if you want the best location in town that is right in the middle of everything and walking distance to all the hot spots. The rooms are gorgeous with incredibly comfortable beds, especially if you get upgraded to the club level. Our room had an awesome station for coffee and tea making and a fridge to keep things cold. I brought down a few parfait porridges in a cooler that I stored in the fridge for breakfast. The hot water kettle was of course used for my daily habit of hot water with lemon and cayenne first thing in the morning. It’s something I do even if I am on vacation and make a point to stick to.

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Being on the club level meant that we had access to complimentary food and drinks all day long. They serve breakfast, an afternoon tea and happy hour appetizers. This was hard to resist – especially when the champagne was flowing. Luckily at breakfast, they had a wide variety of fruit that I definitely indulged in daily.

IMG 3781IMG 3623
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The hotel has a fully equipped gym, pool and spa. I used the gym one day to do a quick 3 mile run (it was way too hot outside!) and then the other day I checked out Blue Turtle Yoga and Charleston Ride Spinning – both are within steps of the hotel, making staying active incredibly convenient. Working out on vacation keeps me sane when I am eating more than I normally eat. The girls on the trip didn’t join me but they appreciated my dedication.

Charleston Place goes out of their way to make you feel exactly at home – even if you want a Hari Shake or a fresh green juice that isn’t available on the menu. The Thoroughbred Club on the first floor of the hotel is the place to be. One of the things I’ve learned from traveling is that you just have to ask and you really can get whatever your heart desires. I love hotels that have juicers – every one should!  I seriously can’t wait to stay at the Charleston Place again to take advantage of all the healthy perks this hotel has to offer…I absolutely loved having my juice and smoothie recipes made to order for me everyday.

IMG 3791IMG 3799IMG 3794IMG 3797

One night we dined at Alluette’s Holistic Soul Cafe. This place is definitely off the beaten path and no one I knew had ever gone here before, but the reviews were just fabulous. I had never heard of “holistic soul” food before in my life and was so curious to experience it. Alluette’s takes southern favorites and makes them “holistic” and more healthful by carefully choosing all organic and natural ingredients. I got the “fried” shrimp – (that wasn’t really fried), french fries (that were actually baked), homemade ketchup (no high fructose corn syrup tomato heinz here), and cole slaw (made with vinegar, not mayo). I ate every single thing on my plate and it was divine. Fresh baked vegan cookies were served for dessert before a long night of dancing out on the town. I was very impressed with this place…It feels good eating at a restaurant that takes such pride in their ingredients.

IMG 3629
IMG 3630IMG 3649IMG 3639
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Over Saturday morning, I visited the Charleston Farmers Market twice. Once after working out to get a quick carrot ginger juice from the Juice Joint and then again for lunch with the girls after some serious pampering at the spa. This is one of the best farmers markets in America. Any place where you can get fresh juice, roti with fresh organic local curried vegetables, gazpacho, organic kimchi and hot fresh beignets – is SPECIAL. I will be planning all of my future trips to Charleston around visiting this market. I could have stayed there for hours, basking in the sun and looking at all the gourmet foods and buying fresh farm fruits and vegetables. All the girls agreed – our best meal the whole weekend was here at the market.

IMG 3697IMG 1543IMG 3703IMG 3715IMG 3719IMG 3721

Dinner at Husk was a must for our last night. This is a place we’d all heard about and were beyond excited to try especially for it’s commitment to local cuisine. When you walk in there is a giant chalkboard full of local farms and establishments Husk uses to source their ingredients. It is rumored that the chef doesn’t even use olive oil, because he can’t find a local source. The quality of ingredients was immediately noticed. My favorite dishes were the South Carolina melons tossed with a honey black pepper vinaigrette and the heirloom pole beans with shaved onions and lemon. The girls dined on pig ear lettuce wraps – that I couldn’t bear to try. However, I appreciated the fact they use the whole animal when developing the menu. Dessert was AMAZING – a rich chocolate espresso cake served in a mason jar with layers of icing.

IMG 3746IMG 3755IMG 3757IMG 3762IMG 3764IMG 3768

Blackbean Co was our last stop before going home. This cafe serves mostly organic cuisine and 80% of their produce comes from a local south carolina farm. The salad I ordered was the perfect nourishment for the 3.5 hour ride home – made with organic tofu, blackbeans, roasted tomatoes, mango salsa, and mixed greens. I don’t eat tofu often, but I’m glad I got it this time because it was very flavorful and marinated just right. I made sure to ask if it was organic too, this is super important because you don’t want to be eating genetically modified tofu.

IMG 3801IMG 3807

In the future – I’ll be more inclined to visit Charleston without worrying too much about where I am going to eat and what I’m going to do to stay fit…I can see many repeats of this exact itinerary in the future and I just can’t wait!

Thanks for coming along on the ride….Do you have any favorite healthy spots in Charleston you’d like share? I’d love to know!


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14 responses to “Staying Healthy in Charleston, SC

  1. I love Charleston!! Such a fun city and friendly people!!! I’m so glad you were able to eat at Husk!!! They were booked for a week when we tried to get a dinner reservation. I’ve heard great things about the chef!

  2. I am a native of South Carolina, Columbia to be exact, and I’ve always loved Charleston. Isle of Palms and Black Market Minerals is my go-to’s whenever I’m there. I’ll definitely visit the spots you mentioned!

  3. Next time you come, FIG is a must for dinner! For a quick healthy breakfast or lunch on the way to the beach (Sullivans or IOP) there is a place over the bridge in Mt Pleasant called Puree…all organic veg/vegan restaurant offering juices, smoothies and amazing food. The owner is super nice as well. Last but certainly not least, the Co-Op on Sullivans Island offers a great selection of local produce, healthy eats and awesome coffee. Love your blog and so glad you enjoyed Charleston!

    1. I def recommend Puree! Our friends own the cafe – Bryant and Jenan! Wonderful friends and beauutiful people!

  4. Charleston is one of my favorite cities to visit as well. I’m so glad to know about these restaurants to try for healthy local choices. I usually go for the same choices each time. I guess I just need to visit more often or stay longer so I can eat more!

  5. This GMO nonsense is so arrogant and elitist. Norman Borlaug won the Nobel Peace Prize for developing GMOs because he helped over a billion people not starve to death. You should go over to India and Pakistan and tell those people directly why they should starve to death because of your nonsense beliefs.

    1. Hey Katy,
      I do not exclusively eat non-GMO products…But I avoid them whenever possible…
      I think labeling should be required to indicate that we are eating a GMO product so we could choose for ourselves…
      There is a lot of info that GMO’s are highly allergic and has made people sick….
      On another note…The main GMO producer Monsanto is an extremely nasty evil company that bribes it’s way into the food chain…Even if there was blatant PROOF that some GMO’s were deadly and toxic… that information would be suppressed…. Much like aspartame…

  6. For healthy anything, go meet Tom Noble of Books, Herbs, and Spices. He is incredible! A true blessing.

  7. In Charleston today for work and had the chance to try Black Bean Co…YUM! So glad for the recommendation. I’m a vegetarian and always looking for good choices when I travel for work (which is often, and in the Southeast, which can be challenging from a fresh food persepctive!).

    We met a few weeks ago at my dermatologist’s office…I was with my 3 year old son. Keep up the good fight!! I meant to tell you when I met that I coin your phrase ‘vote with your dollars’ all the time. Especially when people give me a hard time about buying organic, non-GMO, etc. I just tell them it’s my right (as it is their’s) to vote with my dollars!

  8. I just found out about your site (from Carrie Vitt of Deliciously Organic) and I didn’t realize we are so close – I’m in Greenville, SC, where we have some wonderful organic farm operations, and a downtown Saturday Market where many of the growers bring locally organically grown veggies. I love Charleston and I’m going there at the end of July with friends, so we’ll have to give some of these great places a try – if I can convince them to do so! Hope one day to catch you somewhere in the area when you’re speaking.

  9. We just went to Charleston this summer too and ate at Black Bean Co. thinking it was healthy. We got wraps and I was so surprised that the tortillas were white and filled with white rice! I was expecting whole grains, guess I should have asked.

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