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Is Oatmeal Healthy? The TRUTH About Oatmeal

There’s a lot of chatter going around right now about oatmeal. If you are confused, let me help clear it up. People are saying oatmeal is the devil. That oatmeal spikes your blood sugar. That oatmeal is not healthy. And that you shouldn’t be eating it for breakfast. But here’s the TRUTH about oatmeal:   … Read More

Energizing Lunchtime Smoothie Recipe (Fast Food That Rocks!)

I couldn’t wait to share this with you because this smoothie ROCKS! I’ve been making this energizing green smoothie for lunch on most days lately and it makes me feel absolutely amazing. It’s full of nutrients, anti-inflammatory ingredients, protein, collagen, and healthy fats – it makes the perfect balanced lunch.  Another reason I love this … Read More

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