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The Only Bar is here. A Truvani snack bar with real organic ingredients (and amazing taste, too). Finally!

Ever since we launched our small company, Truvani, I have wanted to make a snack bar that I would be happy to eat.

You see, I’ve always been the type of person to reward myself at the end of a long day with a little treat.

It was a ritual. I’d grab my favorite cup of tea and a treat. Then, I’d sit on the couch and enjoy it. It was a little “me moment” that would help me unwind from the day.

The problem?

Sometimes I would eat a piece of chocolate. Other times it was another snack that would feel good in the moment…and horrible later on.

I needed something better, and that’s why I set out to create something better. I wanted a snack bar. A snack bar that I could happily eat at the end of a long day and feel good about.

I only had one question: “What Makes A Great Snack Bar?”

I had 3 rules:

Rule #1: You Must LOVE The Way The Snack Bar Feels

Ever eat a snack bar that seemingly saps all of the wetness out of your mouth, as if you spent an eternity in a desert?

Or worse, a bar that’s so sticky you feel like you need to wash your hands immediately after eating it?

This is not okay in my book. You see, I believe you should love the way the bar tastes and feels. It shouldn’t leave you with any unpleasant side effects like dry mouth or sticky fingers. NOT OKAY!

Rule #2: You Must Love The Way The Snack Bar Tastes

Feeling aside, a snack bar should taste great.

Some other bar companies just get it so wrong. They’re either too hard, or too soft. Too sweet or not sweet at all.

And in some cases, it feels like a chore to eat them. NOT OKAY!

Rule #3: You Must Only Use Ingredients Found In Any Normal Kitchen

When I’m eating a snack bar, I want the ingredients to be found in my kitchen. I don’t want to see weird additives… or soy lecithin… or anything like that.

I want ingredients I could readily recognize at the organic market. And stock in my home kitchen.

This was the hard part. Manufacturers these days can’t help themselves. They want to add all sorts of junk into their food to make their lives easier… NOT OKAY.

Simple, right?


If you look at some other bar companies, they get it SO WRONG.

This is one of the reasons why I knew Truvani had to do it better…

It took us 2 years to get it right and today is the day!

Truvani is proud to introduce our first snack bar, The Only Bar

Our first flavor is Chocolate Love and I know you’ll love it.

What makes The Only Bar so special?

Look at the ingredient label. We used 6 simple ingredients. Each of which are ingredients you can find in any normal kitchen.

It’s a tasty combination of almonds, dates, maple syrup, cocoa, and cacao nibs. Plus, a dash of sea salt.

Natural flavors? Highly-refined sugars? Soy lecithin? Or other cheap fillers? HECK NO! The Only Bar is made with amazing ingredients. It’s also USDA Certified and has non-GMO ingredients.

The best part? Or maybe it’s the worst part…

It tastes so good you’ll want another one.

And not only does The Only Bar taste amazing, but it’s:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO

And no refined sugar. No artificial flavors. No sugar alcohols. No gums. And no brown rice syrup.

That’s the real deal.

This bar took more than 2 years of development. It wasn’t easy. Every time we wanted to create a bar, they would tell us: “you need this weird ingredient” for some random reason.

After a year, we almost gave up. “Maybe it just isn’t possible…”

You see, one of the main issues we had was “holding the bar together.” The available ingredient options were just… not up to the Truvani standard.

Sometimes they weren’t organic. Other times they were highly refined sugar syrups. Then, one day, someone on our team recommended we try Maple Syrup.

And it worked.

The bar stayed together. It tasted great. We knew we had a winner on our hands…but, we got hit by a big surprise:

You see, when you add Maple Syrup to your bar, it has to be listed as “added sugars” on the nutrition facts panel.

This is a weird labeling requirement. Added sugar was meant to expose companies adding sugar to their product, outside of the sugar found naturally occurring in the ingredients.

For some reason they decided to label Maple Syrup as an added sugar… even though Maple Syrup is found in nature… which has sugar in it naturally.

We argued about this back and forth with the team. “Should we cancel the bar because of the “added sugars” labeling requirement?”

Luckily we didn’t. We knew we made this bar with ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. We knew we were doing the right thing. We knew that our customers would understand…

So, we moved forward with it. And it’s worth it. We may fight this weird label law at some point, but for now… we can just eat the bar with a smile on our face!

The Only Bar by Truvani is made with 6 simple ingredients our customers love: almonds, dates, maple syrup, cocoa, cacao nibs, and a dash of sea salt.

So, if you’re ready to enjoy a snack bar without having to worry about nasty ingredients…order Chocolate Love, the first flavor of The Only Bar today!





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