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Watch: Food Babe Talking Food Industry Exploits on The Doctors Show

Last month, I had the opportunity to film a few episodes on The Doctors Show. I talked about a popular cake mix, new FDA nutrition labels, something hidden in food that makes you eat more than you should and much more! All 5 segments are below – click to watch.



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Getting to go on this fantastic show and national TV to share the truth is one of my favorite things to do. It’s so amazing to have the opportunity  to get the word out about the #FoodBabeArmy’s work.

Please thank The Doctors Show here for having me on. I have another segment coming up soon on a very popular Summertime drink – so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for your love and support.



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51 responses to “Watch: Food Babe Talking Food Industry Exploits on The Doctors Show

  1. Dear Vani.. I guess I’m completely confused about you promoting anything supported by Livestrong!!!!! I was excited to see what you you had in store for sunscreen,, but was then surprized to see the sunscreen was made by Livestrong!!! Anyone in the health industry is aware that the majority of their products are not good… Maybe we should have the sunscreen tested through Mike Adams.. The Health Ranger…,, his lab will give us the true skinny on it….

      1. Bert’s Bees has an all natural sunscreen that is awesome! chemical free and you do not get even a hint of pink!

  2. Hi Vanie! Just finished watching all your segments on the Doctors Show and I must say, you rock girl!!! We love you to pieces, you carry yourself with so much grace and intelligence and I can hear the passion in your voice! You have opened my eyes for the first time in my life and I have made an entire change to my diet because of the knowledge you teach us! I love sharing your tips and I am so glad there is someone like you out there for us! If Europe has their goverment protecting their food, you are that equivelant to us! So proud of you and I pray you continue to save us from our disasterous food choices by informing us and helping us make these changes! Love ya!!!-Jennifer P.

  3. Hi vani! I watched your segments on doctors and it felt so good to hear you tell the facts about what’s in our food! People have laughed at me for years for having so much passion about what goes in my body and now those same people are asking me how to get healthy! I feel good that a shining light which is you is a voice being heard. I ordered your eating plan a couple weeks ago and I’m so excited waiting for it to arrive. Thank you for being such a great inspiration in my life. I battle with lupus and now I don’t feel alone in my quest for health.

  4. So happy to see you, the Food Babe, on mainstream TV. Enjoyed you very much on John Robbins’ Food Revolution! Thank you for all you’re doing for all of us.

  5. Great videos Vani! Always excited to hear you speak on food topics. So glad you got airtime to share your knowledge. Best in Health.

  6. Next time you have a huge audience, suggest that they watch Earthlings or The Ghost In Our Machine . Or perhaps the lovers of animal parts could go to Mercy For Animals and have a look at the investigations.
    Perhaps if we took a non-human-centric approach to what is healthy to eat and considered the animals who suffer every second of every day around the world, it would be a higher reason to give up eating them. Meat is such a lowly word and looking at them as “meat” rather than a dead animal that once was a living, breathing, sentient creature, is shallow. Know that they all were/are terrified, traumatized, intelligent, aware creatures that are forced to die for products that make us sick. It’s not about us.

  7. You go Girl!!!! your the voice for us all!! and the more people who hear the more will know what’s going!! Don’t ever Stop doing what you do!! you were fantastic!!

  8. I loved exploring your website but one problem is that I can’t hear what you were saying in all your video clips because I’m deaf. 🙁 Can you make closed captions on those for me? I really wanted to learn more from you everyday that I really enjoy it alot. Thank you for sharing. <3

    1. Julie – I’m not sure I can do that with the videos I don’t own…but will keep this mind. Thank you so much for commenting!

      1. Thank you so much for your kind response. God bless you. 😀

      2. Food Babe, you (or anyone for that matter) could make a transcript to go along with the videos. I don’t believe there are any laws against that. Hope this helps!

    2. Suggestion: Contact The Doctor Show to add all video clips to be close captioned on its website.

  9. Thank you so much for educating the public and sharing so much information with us. This video clips are awesome. I am sending my clients to your website!

  10. Such a great job on exposing the toxic ingredients to the general public. So many still have not a clue. Exposure is crucial and knowledge is power. Way to go!

  11. Thank you Vani for all the hard work you do and all the great info you share with us… you have changed my life for the better! I wanna be a part of the #FoodBabeArmy 😀

  12. Hi, Vani. I am not sure if you know the actual reason for the approval process of chemical substances in our “food” supply but it really has little to do with a backlog of research.
    In just the case of Aspartame alone it is widely known that Donald Rumsfeld, a former CEO of Searle Pharmaceuticals, was involved in the production and approval process of this toxic substance by the FDA. It seems Rumsfeld found that “revolving door” from Searle to the FDA and then on to the White House. This is how toxic substances are introduced into our “food”.
    From everything that I have read and understand it is profit ( as well as an intentional design to cull ) that is the motivation for creating such harmful, toxic substances. I think once we begin to be honest with ourselves we can then begin to look at these people with honest eyes and hearts.
    The Donald Rumsfelds of this world are criminally insane. They are, by any standards, sociopathic and a force of destruction. I would be wary, at this point, to even place faith or trust in “organic products” as my son recently found out that rotenone ( A naturally occurring compound isolated from the Derris root ) has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease and is used in the organic industry.
    This compound might be used only in the UK…but…who the heck cares if it was the UK, Zimbabwe or Timbuktu?? We are ALL family and should be concerned for everyone’s health.

    Anyway, Is it not time we all start speaking truth to power and stop promulgating untruths? I know that I am tired as hell protecting these people who create our policy and dictate our lifestyle choices.
    In no way is it a mistake or oversight that these chemical toxins are in our “food” supply.

    1. Jamie, Thank you for outing just one of the villains involved in our country’s food catastrophe. It is all about Big Business and the political connections these people have. Bottom line….. it is one group that is doing this to America and people need to be aware of it. Thank you!!!!!!!!

    2. The bottom line unfortunately seems to be the money makers, I question whether these people that make these substances and put them in our food, consume these products?

      1. I, too, question the same thing. I would say that those who create the toxins probably do not eat the crap, but, having said that, I also think that they do not care if extended family members are injured or killed by their products. Watching the documentary ‘ Thrive’ I was surprised that even the heirs to the PG&E fortune were oblivious to the corruption in their own industry. They lamented the many family members that they lost through cancer.

        When I see the likes of Elizabeth Wettin-Windsor, David Rockefeller and that mass murderer, Henry Kissinger, still walking, talking and scurrying about, I wonder what they must be consuming to give them such longevity and mental acuity? It certainly is not the processed foods, steroid and antibiotic injected animals, or chemical laden fruits and vegetables ( that are the staple of every ‘underclass’ ) that these entitled wankers consume…surely?
        But, then again, I have noticed that the poorer one’s pocket the less chance of ever being able to purchase toxic laden “foods”.
        In the 70’s, due to an ever unstable “economy”, my parents were forced to provide food for their many children by growing their own produce. We were healthy and never went without a meal and actually had put away copious amounts of food for the winter! It is the ‘modern’ diet, the one that a few profit from, that is the bane of our existence. So, while the uber wealthy and entitled may dine on non-genetically engineered vegetables and pure, unadulterated dairy we do have the same choices. It is called “purchase power”.

  13. I couldn’t play for some reason, I kept hitting play and it stopped after less than a second. Love your work Food Babe, please keep it up.

  14. I hope you get to visit the show more often and educate the public in these matters that are extremely important for the health of the US population that a lot of people seem to not know. Information is power so I hope you get to spread the word in a larger scale from now on. The food industry can’t resist for ever!!
    Great work!!

  15. OK Food Babe I thought you were more savvy than what you espoused on the Doctors. I have told tooo many people about your site so please make sure you get your information correct. The problem is NOT the FDA!!!! It is the politicians that people vote for WHO CUT THE FUNDING FOR THIS TYPE OF WORK. Please look into who the politicians are….. and perhaps list their names so people know that their votes are the reason our food is killing us and destroying the health of our children. Remember there is a group out there that does not like government interaction…that is the only reason that we have this problem today. Looks like the Europeans have it all over the Americans. Sadly this group does not get it! Our children will pay in the end. Makes me want to cry.

    1. Hi, Collideb. You are more than welcome! For those of us who have information that could help others it is our responsibility to tell what we know;without remuneration, applause, or accolades for speaking truth to power.

      Our profound issues of injustice, corruption and vice goes far deeper than “political” affiliations. In all honesty, there is no Republican or Democratic parties. They exist only to divide and to keep enmity between the waring factions.
      I would look into the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. These are the true ruling “parties”. Those that seat these private and unelectred councils are from the royal blood lines that are at the heart of the banking, military, religious and political “industries”. They literally rule the world. We are operating under a complete and utter criminal system that, at the heart of this system, is an unadulterated hatred for all that is decent and good.
      Many of our ex presidents are/were involved in pedophilia, drug trafficking and assassinations. John Perkins gives a riveting expose on his part in bribing and threatening world leaders in complying with “Corporate” policies/interests. His book, ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ is a must read for every soul on planet Earth.
      I also recommend Edward G. Griffith’s book, ‘The Creature from Jekyll island’ as well as any books by David Icke and William Cooper. Watch the interviews of Charlotte Iserbyt and Norman Dodd.
      There are many, many more brilliant researchers that are in the process of outing these sinister subhumans that take delight in our ignorance and suffering.

      And, you are right. Our children do not stand a chance in the face of such an insidious and corrupt system. I, too, feel as you do.
      Vani is doing a tremendous job in challenging these monolithic goliaths…but…in the end all that they do is a mere appeasement. Be sure that these subhumans are quietly creating new methods of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical death. They give the appearance of acquiesing…but for a short time.

      My advice to all good and loving souls is to get out of this system as fast as you can. Get your children out of their “schools”. Raise your own, healthy food and live a much simpler and sweet life.
      I say many a prayer for all of us.

      1. Wow! I should never watch tell a vision and type at the same time!

        “There ARE no Republican or Democratic parties”
        “Those that seat these private and UNELECTED councils”

    2. Honey, I’m afraid it’s your thinking that requires expanding. The FDA is the issue AND the politicians. They are one and the same, as is corporate America and our government….they are the 1%, the richest folks in America, because they make the laws for one another, they invest in those companies and they write laws which allow those companies to profit beyond what is reasonable, they all scratch each others backs. The same folks move back and forth between private and public sector jobs, and they all went to school together, they’re all buddies…it’s the same people who are making our laws that are running the big corporations and vice versa. The FDA is just a tool for the top 1% to make money… same as the FCC, and the EPA, ad nauseam. The top 1% run Wall street and they run our government…they ARE Wall street and they are our politicians and top government officials. FCC commissioner recently proposed to allow the telecom industry to start charging businesses for faster internet access…screwing over grassroots and small biz. Well guess what industry the FCC commissioner used to work in? Yep- telecom, he was a CEO. And our Supreme Court? Judge Thomas ALWAYS votes in favor of Monsanto, Guess who he used to work for? Yep- Monsanto. Just 2 examples of a system that is beyond corrupt and NOT in favor of regular people. So, blame the FDA AND blame the lawmakers, because they’re all one in the same.

  16. Vani keep up the great work! You are making a difference. I have been sharing your site with as many people as possible to show my support in what you are doing. You go girl!

  17. Hi there. This is not meant to be a criticism–just more of curiosity because it is something I try to incorporate as I attempt to make healthier lifestyle choices for myself, holistically. I notice that the “food babe” wears bright colors and a lot of make up. Are there any toxins in the products you consume BESIDES food that are harmful (from a global perspective)? For example dyes in the brightly colored clothes you wear, treatment of factory workers, factory conditions or the factory pollutants that are created from many clothing manufacturers that sell brightly dyed clothing. I realize you need to have a certain “look” to be marketable to the average American audience (such as the typical viewer of shows like Dr Oz) but just wondered how the over all choices you make as a consumer come into play, after all… most (if not all) of the choices we make as consumers eventually connect to the food supply. Thanks in advance!

    1. One step at a time. Foodbabe is fighting the good fight for our food. Nobody is perfect and toxins are everywhere… impossible to to exist on earth and NOT be exposed to toxins. It would be wonderful if some of us would do at least half of what Vani does for the good of all. Maybe you should consider being the ClothesBabe? If it’s your passion, then go to war on the clothing industry, fight the good fight there while Vani battles the food system… if we ALL were to choose one small issue and tackle it, so much more could be transformed all that faster…… WarriorBabes unite! 🙂 #FoodbabeArmy

    2. If you go to her shop and under For Your Beauty you will find the make-up products/skin care/hair care that she uses daily.

  18. Vani, thank you for the links as I don’t have tv or cable anymore. You are wonderful! You know that we don’t take your work

    1. Oops the line got cut off….. For granted (last two words on post above).:-)

  19. Dear Vani,

    Hi! Hoping and praying you will be able to respond to my comment. It would mean so much to me. I am looking for some answers and more information. You mentioned something at the end of the 1st segment that caught my eye. My name is Maria, I’m 47 years old, and suffer from severe asthma. I have to take three inhalers every day, have two nebulizers, and usually have to run back to my asthma doctor for steroids every 6-8 weeks. I feel like a 90 year old woman and sound like a squeaking rocking chair most of the time. I suffer from asthma symptoms every day, it effects the quality of my every day life, my marriage, and my work. Is there any hope for me? I feel so discouraged and frustrated by this. I can’t even take a simple walk without having to stop and take a puff of one of my inhalers. Did you used to suffer from asthma too? Were you on inhalers too? Do you have any idea what ingredients in food MIGHT be encouraging these asthma symptoms? Could you PLEASE be so kind as to share with me? I would LOVE to learn proper nutrition, lose some weight, be healthy, be able to breathe better, and NOT have to be so dependent on inhalers and nebulizer. When you get a chance, I’d LOVE to hear from you. Hoping you will see my post and be able to respond. I know you are NOT a doctor, but I’d really love to hear what worked for you. Thank you so much!

    Maria In Mass

    1. Dear Vani,

      THANK YOU for all you do!! You are doing an amazing job and helping a LOT of people! Dr. Jim Sears is a big supporter of the whole food nutrition product Juice Plus+. JP contain 25 nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables, picked at the peak of ripeness, juiced (peels, leaves, seeds and all!), and slowly dried into a powered form. It is NOT a substitute for fresh fruits and vegetables, but a catalyst to help improve health and help get your body to crave MORE healthy foods. The best part is that there is medical science that proves it works!

      I’m wondering if you have looked into it and would recommend it to your followers? Feel free to email me for more information!


      1. Sorry Maria, that was supposed to be for Vani! But you should definitely check out Juice Plus. I know a lot of people who are no longer on their asthma medication due to the nutrition they’re getting from this product. Please feel free to privately message me and I can send you some information.


  20. Loved all of the segments! Great job! Thank you for doing all of the research and for sharing it with us. All your hard work has really helped me make better choices for myself and for my family. I am sincerely grateful to you, Vani.

    PS- I loved listening to your interview on the Food Revolution Summit, too!

  21. Hello, I’m a vegetarian and have been using Jeannie Prebiotics 100% No Animal Content Gelatin-free Dessert. it does have some artifical colors but wondering if you could tell me if it is good or bad…

  22. I love this girl , She is a female me. I have been telling people the same stuff for years. There is no grey area people. There is a line in the same you are either with us or with the companies that are killing us. Every time you buy a food product. if you buy garbage you give more money and power to the big companies . They pay more political figures to keep the chemicals in are food. They make it harder for the small companies to produce healthy food The FDA is a joke . Micheal Taylor is in charge. Monsantos go to guy.. Thats like putting the biggest drug lord in america in charge of stopping the flow of drugs into the country..LOL

  23. Dear Vani,

    THANK YOU for all you do!! You are doing an amazing job and helping a LOT of people! Dr. Jim Sears is a big supporter of the whole food nutrition product Juice Plus+. JP contain 25 nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables, picked at the peak of ripeness, juiced (peels, leaves, seeds and all!), and slowly dried into a powered form. It is NOT a substitute for fresh fruits and vegetables, but a catalyst to help improve health and help get your body to crave MORE healthy foods. The best part is that there is medical science that proves it works!

    I’m wondering if you have looked into it and would recommend it to your followers? Feel free to email me for more information!


  24. You know the reason you can always get enough time to express the message across in a show like that is that advertisements with little value to our lives take president to air time. how sad. Vani , should I cut my veins now or should I just let our food do it for me ?


  25. Wow finally in the main stream! This is awesome! Next GMOs!!!!!! Who’s brave enough to have this little debate of GMOs on their show???

  26. This year I’ve noticed a lot of talk about European brands being different than u.s..
    What would you suggest as the top ten U.S. brands to avoid. Last year we stopped eating any thing with orange / yellow die. Goldfish crackers etc.

  27. I am very happy to have found you here from looking up healthy miso. I have signed up for your news letter, which I will happy to see. I just have one major question, as I have been doing research on these subjects for years and asking this same question myself. Maybe you can start a ball rolling. My question is, why isn’t the AMA held accountable for allowing these GMO’s poisons to perpetuate themselves into our environment???? They stand by and do nothing but
    obviously reap the benefits of a sick and toxic, nation/world. It makes me insane to think about it!!! They are kissing the pharmaceutical companies asses everyday and our children and elderly are dearly paying for it. Please use your powers that be to ask this question to make them accountable. I would really, truly appreciate it if you did.

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