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Weekend Wrap Up & Questions Answered

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Hope everyone had a fantastic, sunny and bright weekend! There have been quite a lot of questions as of late on my Facebook Fan Page about some of the specifics around my eating, juicing, and smoothie habits….So before I start a recap of my everyday eats… I’d like to share these questions and my answers for all of you to benefit from… here we go…

1.  Do you juice fast every morning or do you eat a breakfast of solids and then drink your juices later in the day? Just curious about the lightest foods to heaviest foods principles and wanting to make sure all of these organic (expensive!) green and orange juices i make are easily digestible.

It depends.  First off, I always try to drink my juices on an empty stomach – whether it be first thing in the morning, after a workout, or later in the evening before dinner.  I make sure It’s been at least 2 hours since I ate last.  The reason for this is because I want to immediately absorb the energy from the juice upon consuming and don’t want this energy absorption to be slowed down by food that is digesting in my body.  I prefer to have my juice earlier in the day, especially after my workout – but sometimes this isn’t possible because of my schedule or if I have or haven’t juiced recently. The key point to remember here is to drink juice on an empty stomach and wait at least 20 mins before consuming anything else. I also agree with the philosophy of eating lighter foods throughout the day and heavier foods at night. I’ll be doing a post on this sometime soon where I will go in more detail about why.

2. Do you suggest this recipe for a healthy smoothie – 
, almond milk
, yogurt, and 
spinach? What about peanut butter?

This combination looks good to me, as long as the yogurt is certified organic. The reason I say this is because conventional dairy products like yogurt has been hijacked with growth hormone and antibiotics. Growth hormone is a proven carcinogen, as well as the protein “casein” that is already in yogurt. This is why I don’t  include yogurt in my everyday diet – I may have it once in a while with Indian Food or while traveling.  (My mom makes her yogurt fresh from organic milk.)  Because I have it in extreme moderation – If it were me – I would substitute a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds, flaxseeds and protein powder in this smoothie vs. the yogurt or peanut butter.

I posted this photo on my Facebook page – with the caption “The amount of liquids I am taking to work, is getting ridiculous” and it got a slew of questions –

IMG 0607

3. How much of what did it take to make that green?

The bodum jar is a Hari Shake (check recipe here) and the small ball jar is Kickin’ Kale Juice minis the apple (check recipe here).

4. What is that stuff in the other jar?

Chia seeds mixed with protein powder.

5.  I wondered why you make your Hari shakes without protein?

I sometimes have a Hari Shake before lunch or as a snack. But I only do protein powder after I workout, so making the Hari Shakes without protein – I feel like I have more flexibility on how I want and when I want to drink them. I also like the Hari Shake’s taste better on it’s on without protein.

6.  How does your juice hold up nutrition wise – how do you preserve the enzymes?

To answer this question – it depends on what kind of juicer you have.  If you have a typical home juicer (not cold press) that is either a centrifuge or masticating juicer, the general guideline is to drink the juice as soon as it is juiced to get the most amount of live enzymes from the juice. You can store left over juice for 12-18 hours, as long as you put the juice in a glass bottle and fill it to the top (if it doesn’t reach the top – you can add filtered water) and screw tight and refrigerate.  You will lose some enzymes this way – but it’s minimum and worth the compromise.  You can even take it a step further by putting the glass jars in a cooler inside the fridge so no light can penetrate the juice further degrading it.

7.  Have you heard of larabars? Are the all natural like they claim?

I am not a fan. They are bit too sugary for me. I can buy some dates and nuts and eat them plain – or stuff a fig with some walnuts a lot cheaper than buying a lara bar. I personally, think real food tastes better than the mushy bar in a wrapper. Also – they are not certified organic. If I buy something in a package, I like it to be certified organic, so I’m confident there is no genetically modified ingredients and other toxic by products used during processing. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t eat one if it was an emergency – they are definitely better than a snickers bar.

Ok I think I got most of them – There’s one more submitted by a reader about how to survive and eat well on the road.  I’ll be creating a post all on its on for that one!

In the meantime – please feel free to keep the questions coming here in the comments or on my Facebook Fan Page.

Time for Everyday Eats….

Yesterday morning I woke up had hot water with lemon and cayenne, some Vitamineral Greens and a big bowl of fruit and green tea…. All before my workout.

IMG 3099

After my workout – I quickly showered, so we could get on the road to Florence, SC to celebrate my father in-law’s birthday.  On the way – my husband and I both had a green juice from Luna’s Living Kitchen Luna’s Living Kitchen (MY FAVORITE EAT IN & TAKE OUT SPOT in Charlotte)

IMG 0638

I also had a skinny witch (veggie burger wrapped in a collard leaf) in the car ride… and my husband enjoyed the hummus with cranberry walnut bread.

IMG 0639

When we reached Florence, I made a big dip made with tabbouleh I picked up from Earth Fare’s Deli, mixed with fresh tomatoes, garlic, avocado and cayenne pepper. The whole family chowed down and the bowl was gone in no time!

IMG 0305

We spent the afternoon chillin’ and drinking good wine.  This one here was an organic malbec we picked up from Earth Fare.  It was 10 bucks and not bad at all. I am a Bordeaux fan and like my wine deep red and dry… Anyone out there know of any good organic wines that fit this description?

IMG 0316

We had dinner very late into the evening… I helped by making a side of sweet potato fries…

IMG 0325

My father in law picked out a gorgeous piece of grouper for me to have, while everyone else dined on burgers.  It was seriously some of the best fish I have ever had. Cooked to perfection.  He also grilled up some gigantic asparagus… Dinner was so delicious and very healthy!

IMG 0328

For dessert – My sister in law made my father in law’s favorite dessert – Key Lime Pie.  We adorned it with lots of embarrassing musical candles…

IMG 0330

IMG 0333

After we had dessert, the whole family got a little rowdy  – We decided to prank call my father in law’s twin brother, Uncle Henry, at the stroke of midnight. I cried laughed throughout the pranking, my in-laws are hilarious.  It was very very fun! (Sorry Uncle Henry – We love you and Happy Birthday again!)

In the morning, I had a screaming headache (which is now gone – thank goddess).  Probably due to something I am not used to eating (pie and ice cream!!? no way) or drinking (wine – lots of it – yes this was it)?!

Started my morning with hot lemon water (no cayenne this time..) + a travel pack of Green Vibrance Powder.  I love these individual packs to take with me on the go…

IMG 0343

My father in-law, had big bowls of grapefruit waiting for us as we awoke… I had one these and it was so refreshing…

IMG 0338

And made a bowl of oatmeal mixed with dates, raisins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, while everyone else enjoyed bacon – Many people probably wonder how I can opt for oatmeal with the smell of fresh bacon in the air. It’s a hard thing to do.

IMG 0339

We had a leisurely morning, reading the paper and talking about the news… For lunch before we hit the road back to Charlotte, I made an arugula salad, mixed with left over tabbouleh and avocado while everyone else enjoyed BBQ sandwiches.  I also snuck in some Mary’s Gone Sticks and Twigs and one of the two left over Chocolate Goji Sea Salt Drops too (unpictured) – Oh and my father in-law loved them. Yeah!!!

IMG 0346

We are back home now, I’m headed for Hot Yoga and I have no idea what’s for dinner… I really need to start recipe planning again. I’ve been super lazy about this.

Hope y’all have a great Sunday night and rest of the week ahead!


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14 responses to “Weekend Wrap Up & Questions Answered

  1. The tabbouleh salad looks amazing….so you picked up the tabbouleh and added those ingredients? I want to make this wk.
    I was thinking the same about meal planning I have been lacking lately. Need to get back on track.

    1. Yes – the tabbouleh salad is one of my favorite go to ready made foods from the Earth Fare Deli. It’s made with organic bulgar wheat and olive oil vs. some of their other deli foods that are less nutritious. Since the tabbouleh is already dressed, all you need to do is add other other ingredients to it. For the dip I made, I did add a squeeze of lime to add a little more zing… Today I used the last of it, mixed with sprouted lentils and steamed broccoli – it was very tasty and a perfect lunch!

      Now… what am I going to make for dinner tonight?!… ahhhhhhhhh! 🙂

  2. I love the Earth Fare Tabbouleh salad, and what a great idea to mix it with avocado! I very rarely buy from their prepared section, since most of the meals we eat I make with local foods, but that is a good one when in a pinch (which happens much more often this time of year when it’s slim pickings at the farmers market and I’ve gone through a fair bit of my food canned from summer’s bounty!).

    I do like the Cashew Cookie Lara Bar to keep on hand in my car, and especially for hikes. It is really hard to find an organic granola bar/protein bar that is not filled with sugar. I like Lara’s Cashew one because there are only two ingredients (Cashews, dates), no added sugar, and it meets my 5 ingredient rule. I have never tried any of the other flavors.

    Of course, in my ideal world I would always have one of my homemade, healthy, granola bars on hand, but that’s not always the case. And as you said, it’s better than a Snickers! 🙂

  3. aahhh… I love everything that you do!!!
    I’m an indian myself and currently a college student who is always trying to live a healthy lifestyle. After I get my career, I wish to live the healthy style you do. I enjoy your posts. Keep it up!!

    Btw, def not a nutrition question- but what boots are those that you are wearing in the picture on this post>?? They are really cuteee!!! Please do let me know, I would love to get a pair myself 😉

    Keep rocking!!
    xoxo from NY!!

    1. Hi Amrin! I’m happy you found me! I really love fashion, but for some reason I don’t like blogging about it 🙂 Those boots are at least 4 years old – I got them at Macy’s on super duper sale! They are Ralph Lauren brand and my favorite, most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. My husband took me to Paris one year for Valentine’s Day…it was freezing! I walked all over the city with those boots, I’m talking 9 hours during the day, and my feet held up perfectly! Amazing, right? I’m sure RL probably has some updated ones somewhere… Good Luck!

  4. I just found your blog and I love it!!!! Thanks for all your research and for sharing your tid-bits with us! I really appreciated your recent post about what foods to take when traveling, so helpful! I was curious if you ever posted about timing of eating foods, lighter foods in the am and during the day and heavier at night?

    I’ve been doing your lemon water daily, and enjoying it! Thanks!

    1. I haven’t posted anything on that yet… but I will. It’s been a game changer for me as in terms of my energy levels!

  5. Okay great, looking forward to hearing your thoughts! I could use some more energy 🙂

    Love reading thanks!!!

  6. you mentioned good organic wines …. I am a sales rep in FL for AMG Organic Imports ….we have FABULOUS wines from Argentina and Chile – all are Organic and a few are Vegan friendly as well. Our Kaina brand is Organic as well as Vegan friendly (!/pages/Kaina-Organic-Wine/106485566043435 ) has a Malbec and Merlot as well as a Malbec with No Sulfites Added. Our La Parra has two great reds, a cabernet and a carmenere – both Vegan friendly as well as Organic … (!/pages/La-Parra-Organic-Vegan-Wine/171175029605078 ) and our Gozzo line – organic but not vegan – has a great cabernet and a malbec as well (!/pages/Gozzo-Organic-Wines/102617726441082 )

    Nationally our wines can be found at Total Wine and Whole Foods.

    Love your blog! I have been using alot of your juicing recipes 🙂 thanks!!!

  7. hate to have to write this………. but i feel compelled to warn you about eating grouper. try to steer clear from this fish as much as possible — Ciguatera Toxin disease comes from grouper- its very real & very scary. i know of someone who had this terrible disease & was just never the same again. a quick google search should clear up any questions you may have…

  8. I am not sure if I am putting my question in the right place, but I am wondering if you have a healthy substitute for graham cracker pie crust? And a chocolate or vanilla pudding recipe?

  9. I drink the lemon water and Cayenne Pepper in the morning.. The pepper seems to upset my stomach. Can I substitute turmeric for the pepper and drink with the lemon water?

  10. I read your recipe tightup tea in the recent Woman’s World magazine and have a couple of questions. First, I expected to find the recipe on this blog, but couldn’t. Second, everyone that tried it said it tasted good and refreshing, but the dandelion tea is so bitter it did not taste good at all. Third, is the total amount to drink in the magazine correct: 24 oz 3 times a day? That’s 72 oz of liquid plus more water. That just doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks for your clarification.

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