Travel Food To Pack Before You Go

It’s officially the start of the summer travel season, so I thought it would be appropriate to share the list of my favorite travel food, including the food I recently took with me on my trip to Asia.

A lot of the items below you can find at Healthy Home Market, Earth Fare and/or Whole Foods. I’ve provided links to where you can find these items on the internet too, which is my preferred method to buy things so I am not always hunting around for the items I love at multiple stores.

Please note – this list assumes I won’t have a kitchen while traveling and won’t be cooking. If I were going to stay somewhere with a kitchen, this list would include more cooking essentials and I definitely wouldn’t be using so many ziplocs!

Travel Food To Pack Before You Go

Non-Perishable Goods:

IMG 1265

  • Suzie’s Thin Crisps – This is my travel cracker of choice – doesn’t crumble and has a nice crunch. They are made of easily digestible spelt flour and flax seed.
  • Navitas Naturals Power Snack – Amazing superfoods snack that I highly recommend with no refined or added sugars. All the flavors are delicious, especially the Cacao Goji. I took these on my scuba diving trip every day because they wouldn’t melt and were perfect for instant energy.IMG 1207
  • Q’ia Superfood Cereal – Superfood made easy. Delicious bites of buckwheat groats, chia seeds and hemp seeds mixed with almonds and cranberries. SO YUMMY.
  • Quick Oats – I made pre-made ziploc packs of organic oatmeal (a mixture of rolled oats and quick oats) and ate them almost every morning in Borneo. It’s the perfect breakfast when your options are limited.
  • Cinnamon – For the oatmeal.
  • Dates – I love snacking on dates, but these are also one of the ingredients I have to use in my oatmeal. I add one chopped date to oatmeal before I add hot water. The date slowly dissolves into the oats, naturally sweetening it, once the water is added. I prefer this method of sweetener over other liquid or crystal versions, because dates have antioxidants and fiber.
  • Prunes – I know I’m not 70 years old, but I love prunes. They are chewy, sweet, fill you up and keep you regular on vacation (I know a lot of people who mention this problem all the time!)
  • Figs – My candy of choice. I could eat one stuffed with a walnut every single day!
  • Raw Walnuts – For figs, other homemade packs of trail mix, and to top off oatmeal.
  • Himalayan Raisins – Toppings for oatmeal (my husband loves these) and for trail mix.
  • Raw Almonds – For snacking or for trail mix.
  • Goji Berries – For trail mix or just to eat by the handful. I seriously have a goji problem!
  • Golden Berries – Just to eat….these are nature’s little sour patch kid, aren’t loaded with sugar and have 5 grams of fiber per ounce.
  • Numi Teas – Assorted Variety – My favorite teas at the moment and I always take my own organic tea wherever I go. (You know this, if you’ve ever dined with me before!)
  • Yogi Teas – Assorted Variety – I love the decaf green and ginger versions.
  • Cranberry Tea – Reducing water retention is always easy by drinking this tea – especially after consuming over salted food while traveling.
  • Seintenbacher Alligator Gummies – My junk gummy candy of choice. It’s Non-GMO, Vegan and I LOVE Alligators.
  • MacroBar – My husband’s favorite bar at the moment, try the Granola with Coconut.
  • Mary’s Gone Sticks & Twigs – Pure addiction. I’d rather eats these than any other salty chip on the market.
  • Brad’s Raw Chips – One of the best “good for you” chips on the market. Raw and all whole foods – no gluten, sugar or added chemicals.
  • Sprouted Wheat Pretzels – The only organic pretzel on the market made with the ingredients sprouted wheat and good for you olive oil.
  • Go Raw – Coconut Cookies – Crunchy cookies that don’t crumble and contain no added or refined sugars.
  • Kur Delights – Little individually wrapped delicious bites of goodness! (get 10% with code: FOODBABE)
  • Go Raw – Carrot Cookies – My favorite flavor of Go Raw.
  • Eden Farms – All Mixed Up Trail Mixes and Nuts – Small packets that easily go in carry on bags.

IMG 1240

  • Alter Eco Chocolate  – The best chocolate on the market. I love the mint and the quinoa varieties.
  • Panda Licorice – Chewy just like a twizzler, but sweetened with molasses.
  • 2 Mom’s in the Raw Nut Bars – My favorite “treat” bars on the market.
  • Seasalt – For topping an impromtu avocado and tomato salad.
  • Cayenne Pepper – For Habit # 1IMG 1152

Less Perishable Goods:

  • Lemons – For Habit #1, and to squeeze on avocado, tomato salad.
  • Avocados – I took 3 with me on our hike to Mt. Fuji. I love eating one with a sprinkle of sea salt and a slice of tomato.
  • Tomatoes – For the avocados.
  • Oranges – Juicy fruits are great hydrators for long plane trips.
  • Apples – Because they pack well.
  • Bananas – To combine with almond butter.
  • Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water – I keep mine cold by filling up a zip lock with ice after security.
  • Ezekiel Sprouted Bread & Tortillas – If I take these, I will pack a cooler to keep them fresh until I arrive at my destination.
  • Manna Bread – Delicious hearty bread. The banana walnut is my favorite.
  • Pre-cut veggies – carrots, celery, peppers, zucchini, squash, peapods, etc. – Because I love veggies and I sometimes get bored on the plane and need to munch.

READER FEEDBACK: What are your favorite travel snacks? I’m always looking for new ideas! If you know someone who is traveling soon or needs real food travel snack ideas, please share this post with them.

Safe Travels,

Food Babe

P.S. Remember these pictures below? This stash lasted us the entire 3 weeks we were in Asia and we ate almost everything. Talk about good planning.


IMG 1109IMG 1105

IMG 1103IMG 1098

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  1. Heather

    I love this site and all of these travel tips! My husband has a trip coming up tomorrow and I came here to make a shopping list for his 3 leg journey. Seoul to Tokyo, Tokyo to Houston and finally Houston to San Antonio. I just had a question about the Theo bars I see in your picture. I am a HUGE fan of Theo chocolate and I wish more people had access to these amazing chocolate bars. Did you visit Seattle for them and how did you find out about them? Would you be able to make a list of all the chocolate bars worth consuming, ones without soy lecthin? For now Theo is the only one I will eat!


    • jackie (to Heather)

      You can get Theo bars online at

    • Katie (to Heather)

      Visit The chocolate is fair trade and fantastic! I’ve ordered it online, but I’ve also been able to find it pretty many places. Whole Foods generally carries it.

    • Joy (to Heather)

      Another good chocolate bar company is they are non-GMO, no soy and sweetened with raw honey. I prefer the plain dark bar but they have Wild Spice, Mint, Blackberry Ginger and Maca as well.

    • Angela (to Heather)

      I ordered several items listed here but was very disappointed with the Mary’s sticks and twigs ..they contain SOY ..I don’t understand why you would recommend this product as a healthy snack?

      • Angela (to Angela)

        And sorry this was not meant to reply to heather I was trying to leave a comment to the foodbabe post

  2. Jenny

    I love this! I am a Home Health Nurse and live out of my car. It is so hard to try to eat clean and GMO free when having to eat things that have to be cold. Also things that are easy to eat while driving. Thanks!

  3. Kat

    If I could only convince my kids to eat it!!

  4. Christina

    I also bring a care pack in case of illness while I’m traveling. Alternating all of these are good for combating anything from stomach issues to colds…viral or bacterial. They are antimicrobial, antiviral, antibiotic.

    ~ dehydrated garlic slices and thyme leaves (all organic of course) to put in broth.
    ~ small jar of local honey, ginger, cinnamon blend
    ~ Traditional Medicinals Cold Care Tea (with elder and linden…Not they Gypsy Cold Care)

    • Denise (to Christina)

      and grapefruit seed extract to take a little every day to prevent those little digestive and intestinal nasties.

      • Charles Roys (to Denise)

        What do you not like about Gypsy Cold Care? Or, should I read the label in my kitchen and figure it out?


  5. Tina

    Super 4 snacks by LesserEvil! Made with quinoa,lentils,white beans, & chia! GMO free,gluten free,dairy free, etc

  6. Sophia

    I will have to look for some of these for my husband. He is deployed on an aircraft carrier and I’m sick of sending him junk but it’s so hard to find good, non parishable snacks!

  7. Trish

    How do you get the fruit through customs? Don’t they give you a hard time?

    • Bonnie (to Trish)

      You have to check what each country will allow. Ususally, fruits and vegetables are not allowed, due to contamination reasons. I have found that sometimes nuts are not allowed either. Read the country’s customs details before buying up too many of these things for a trip.

      I am in Australia right now, my first out of country trip since starting to follow Food Babe this year, and their grocery store has a great selection (except organic fruit/veggie variety). I have travelled frequently to South America also, and would be much harder to find good foods per her guidance, so I tend to pack more customs allowed foods instead. If you know you have time to grocery shop, and you know that you can’t get it through customs, just plan to buy things there and only bring the amount you would eat before getting off the plane. I had to eat 2 bananas before deplaining in Australia, and I needed to eat before the trek through customs so it worked out perfect.

      Now if you are travelling in the USA, you hve the luxury to purchase them all and bring them without worry.

  8. Erin Sizemore

    Alter Eco chocolate is THE BEST! So happy to see it on your list!!!!

  9. Emma

    For my Cali road/camping trip I took last month I packed almost all of our food. One of the best things I did was pack steel cut oats, almond milk, peanut butter, cacao powder and bananas. Soaked them overnight with the almond milk and didn’t worry about cooking breakfast in the a.m. and got to start our hikes super early. Chunky monkey overnight oats!

    • Michelle Read (to Emma)

      Would live to have this recipe!

    • Kelsey (to Emma)

      Hi Emma, when you soaked your steel cut oats over night, did you still cook them in the morning partial? I have seen several recipes for steel cut oats, but none that just called for soaking them. I would love to have this recipe. Thank you!

      • Emma (to Kelsey)

        I did not cook them in the morning. They were a little bit chewier than if cooked like I do them at home or if using rolled oats, but I actually liked the texture. You could cook them some if you wanted to cut down on time, but I honestly didn’t even think of that!

        -1/2 c. oatmeal
        -1/2 c. -3/4 c. almond milk
        -1 tbsp. peanut butter (I didn’t really measure, just eyeballed it with a spoon)
        -1/2 banana

        Before bed, combine the oatmeal, almond milk and peanut butter in a mason jar or other container. Let sit overnight. Add the 1/2 banana in the morning before eating. BUEN PROVECHO!

        Try it at home first to see if you like it before committing to it on a trip. It was seriously the healthiest, easiest, most satisfying and cheapest breakfast. I try to stay away from bars as they contain a lot of sugars and other additives.

  10. Aloma

    I do that all the time..a mom of twins, I’m always packed and ready to roll…thank you foodbabe. are the best!

  11. Meaghan

    Thanks SO MUCH for these recommendations Vani!!!! My boyfriend and I are planning to travel a lot in the next few years, on road trips and while we are teaching in Asia :) Where did you go while there? Thanks again, and please keep sharing great info like this!! xo, from a friend in Canada

  12. Jill

    LOVING all of your ideas & blogs since finding you last week! A travel must for us on every flight is instant miso soup packets.

  13. Stacie

    Thanks for some more ideas.
    A few I like are: organic active greens food bar and dr . McDougall’s split pea and black bean soups. Perfect for the plane bc you just add hot water. They have a good amount of protein so they can be a meal. Much better than options at an airport.

  14. Carrie

    How were you able to get all of this on the plane? I was told last time I traveled that I couldn’t bring a lot of food with me by the Airline. I did bring some, but am curious if you had any problems with that. Thanks.

  15. Nagore

    I take “Nature’s All Food” dry fruit when traveling overseas. It’s USDA Organic, gluten free, raw, vegan and nothing but fruit. Is yummy and my toddlers love them. We use them as a snack or with the oatmeal for breakfast.

  16. Lysanne Bevington

    I really enjoy salty snacks vs sweet. One of my favorite snacks especially for car trips is beanitos. And they are non-gmo verified.

  17. Christina engel

    Love all your great advice about eating healthier. Especially when traveling. As a parent of a child with Peanut and Tree Nut allergies I would really appreciate you suggesting that people don’t pack ANY nut products to eat on a plane or train. While nuts are great for most of us, they can cause severe reactions in more and more people.

    • MHB (to Christina engel)

      I couldn’t agree more! My daughter has a severe peanut allergy and I am always panicked to fly with her!

  18. Joan

    Love these ideas, but I have no idea how you manage to bring raw fruit and vegetables on an airplane to eat. My husband and I traveled in the continental US two years ago and had to literally throw unopened boxes of crackers etc because no food was allowed unless it was purchased at the terminal after going good through security. I am going to use these for kids and road trips!

    • Diana (to Joan)

      Wow! I have never heard of such a thing. I work for an airline and you can take any food that is not liquid. Where was that? I would’ve talked to a supervisor. Fruits and vegetables are perfectly fine unless you’re going international. Like Vani says check the website for customs restrictions. Bummer that happened to you.

    • Mabel (to Joan)

      That’s NEVER happened to me. I take food on airplanes all the time–cheese, crackers, etc.–and they’ve never done that. You must have gotten a lousy untrained TSA person.

  19. Kyle Anne Uniss

    Nice! We are gluten free and are embarking on an across-America road trip. Nice to get some healthy, GF ideas from this list!

  20. Julie

    I take apples, bananas, nuts and gluten-free bars because I have celiac disease. I’d love for you to suggest healthy gluten-free convenience foods, like the snack bars. I like the Kind bars. Having to eat gluten-free has led to eating whole foods and looking out for GMOs.

  21. Alisa

    Thanks for the great list! Can’t wait to try some of these! :)

  22. Bobbie

    A hand full of raw nuts in single serve baggies eaten with a piece of fresh fruit does it for me every time. I don’t fly a lot but this is good for a road trip. Also, most breakfast cereals can be portioned into small baggies and eaten as a snack.

  23. Don Duncan

    Hello – just came across this product – it’s great for traveling – Jerky Mix! The meat is hormone and antibiotic free (likely not organic or grass-fed completely), the fruit is all natural as well (no pesticides) and includes walnuts, pecans and Goji berries (Extreme Beef or Turkey) Great for traveling or an active day away from home.

  24. Andreas Skiadopoulos

    Love this site. Wish they would expand a bit for European audience.

  25. Carla

    I love all of these ideas, but am wondering if I am the only one who is anti-plastic bag ? Any suggestions for things other than plastic baggies ? I use wax or paper bags from whole foods for snacks or the fabric ones, but when we travel I really can’t use those options because things could go stale. I have tried mini mason jars, but not as easy to travel with. I worry about the chemicals in baggies and I don’t like when the foods taste like plastic. I cringe putting organic foods in plastic. Any suggestions ?

    • Lorajean (to Carla)

      I am anti plastic as well, but I think that it is what you do on a daily basis that really matters. I usually transport food and beverages in heavy duty mason jars but An occasional vaca with plastic bags for convenience sake is unlikely to cause long term damage. Also, You can purchase reusable (non bpa) plastic bags. Target carries them and sometimes you can find them for cheaper at TJ Maxx”)

      • Carla (to Lorajean)

        Thanks for the comment. I have to remind myself that it’s what we do daily that matters most. I worry sometimes that I’ve crossed the line and am getting paranoid about chemicals so I like when people remind me to real it back in. I will look for those bags you mentioned . Last year I picked a bunch of blueberries and wanted to freeze them and was sad when plastic was the best option. I always prefer glass but it just doesn’t make sense 100% of the time.

      • Carol (to Lorajean)

        I always put my blueberries in small brown paper bags first, then ziploc bag, as they freeze very well that way and don’t stick together. You can always then reuse the plastic bay many times

      • John (to Lorajean)

        Isn’t plastic made from petroleum chemicals? BPA free doesn’t mean much when your food is up against a strong plastic chemical odor in a Ziploc. Smell one. I got sick when I did. I refuse to have this on my food. It’s NOT fanatical to expect to have toxic-free storage for food. More people should be upset and speak out against the plastic chemical issue. We live in a chemical society, true, but if more people protested, these companies would give us chemical-free versions. I’m not putting my food into something that made me sick when I smelled it. No way.

    • Michaela (to Carla)

      Maybe you could put the food in the bags you usually use and then put that bag inside the plastic one? This would keep your food from actually being in the plastic.

    • Kelly (to Carla)

      I use reusable cloth bags that are lined and have a zipper. Very environmentally friendly, Same size as baggies, cute cloth designs and washable. Check out for TONS of options.

    • John (to Carla)

      No you’re not the only one! I bought some Ziploc bags @ Costco. We got them home and I opened one of the boxes. I smelled something really strong and suddenly I was getting very sick. I have MCS. Those plastic bags were saturated in toxic plastic chemicals!! (Petroleum)? From that day on, I said, “no more plastic in this house, ever!” I couldn’t believe the overwhelming smell of chemicals. And we feel like that’s ok. to pack food in. NO WAY!!! Others can say that you can’t be a fanatic about everything. Bull! This is un-acceptable. I’m NOT packing my food in a Ziploc against strong petroleum chemicals. Period. So, I’m with you! ;-)) I have yet to find a non-toxic alternative so I just freeze things in glass.

    • Barbara (to Carla)

      Bans on “one-use plastic bags” are being instituted in some states, and some stores do not offer them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe “one-use plastic bags” refer to free plastic shopping bags consumers receive at stores, not one-use plastic packaging, which seems to only partially addresses “the plastic problem” in our environment. And, now that consumers will not take home a bag to use for garbage, they will be forced to purchase commercial plastic garbage bags. Correct me again if I am wrong to assume this is a great boon for the plastics/chemical industry. As consumers we are left with few choices. I wonder if anyone out there has any ideas for non-plastic bag garbage disposal. We began accepting plastic bags when incinerating garbage stopped because of air pollution. We shunned paper bags at that point because we were trying to save trees. Some great minds need to put their heads together. How do we get our garbage into the garbage truck or to the dump without plastic bags?

      • Rachael (to Barbara)

        I buy biodegradable plastic bags to put my garbage into. A little more expensive but being broken down so much faster than your average plastic bag. That is why they are no longer available for free. As they take so long to break down.

    • Sharon (to Carla)

      Try these…. I make them and wrap our food in them. I want to sew up some little bags but am yet to try if this will work. I also use them to cover food in the fridge rather than use plastic wrap.

  26. GiGi Eats

    What a phenomenal list! I adore it. I would add NORI sheets to the list and I also love bringing pouched or easy open cans of seafood packed in water or olive oil.

  27. James D. Overland

    Having not been able to travel abroad yet, how easy is it to travel with your own food overseas?…I mean, is it allowed into different countries? (I can’t even go into certain places here at home with my own food eg., casinos, etc)

    -Future Traveler :)

  28. Marilyn

    Buy a bag of almond meal from Trader Joes or make your own. Pour about 1/4 to 1/2 cup into pint size baggies and seal. Roll these up and put into a larger bag for transporting . Ready for breakfast or a snack? Take a banana and cut into bite size pieces. Drop a few pieces at a time into a almond meal filled baggie and reseal. Shake Shake Shake until every piece is perfectly coated. Repeat until you have a beautiful collection of almond coated banana bites. Eat as is or put on ice cream.

  29. monettex

    I LOVE tea! One thing I want to point out about Yogi tea is their tea bags are treated with epichlorohydrin, so if I brew their tea I remove it from the bag and brew like loose tea, but it is kind of time consuming, so I just choose others brands like Republic of Tea or Traditional Medicinals which I know are not treated.

    • monettex (to monettex)

      When I check online now I find an article that says organic Yogi tea does not contain epichlorohydrin, so maybe things have changed… I had emailed them about a year or maybe year and a half ago, and they told me they did contain it at that time.

    • Kal (to monettex)

      I’m a little confused about the Yogi tea myself. Wasn’t that brand one of the teas that contains “natural flavors” aka beaver butt? It was from the post about what’s in your tea? Maybe the decaf and ginger that she likes don’t have natural flavors in them? I’m just surprised she doesn’t drink one of the three tea brands she recommended to us in that previous post. Just wondering~

  30. Holly

    love your site, going to Kenya on Mission next month and will definitely be using your list here for snacks to pack.
    Also….love the pink ear plugs! I never go anywhere without my ear plugs!

  31. Andrea

    My favorite on the go snacks include Nick’s Sticks ( and Paleonola ( Both are perfect if you are Paleo or gluten free. Best of all, they can be ordered online and delivered to your door.

  32. Jackie

    I’m all for eating healthy, and while at home (australia) I take stuff with me on a day to day basis to avoid takeaway foods, but taking all that food to Asia? Really? Having porridge for breakfast when there is so much local food? Skip the white bread and oily omelette offered in the free hostel breakfast, and head out to the street and dine with the locals! Or go to the markets for bananas and other fruits, nuts, and explore whatever local delights are available. Ok, so I had one bad experience with MSG, and had my head blown off a few times by chilli (!) but had some amazing food in all kinds of environments. At home I avoid gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar etc, for health, energy and hormonal balance, but over there I had several chai teas a day (caffeine, dairy and lots of sugar!), naan and chapatti breads, fried street foods, etc etc, never got sick, lost 3 unwanted kgs, and had hardly any hormonal headaches……maybe I was just having a great time, and not stressed at work. We can get a little too hooked (myself included) on eating the healthiest possible food, but a big part of travelling is trying all sorts of local cuisine. Don’t miss out!

  33. Stan

    I get regular reports from FDA which include findings when “inspections of facilities are visited. Sky Chefs preparation area (I think in San Francisco) was visited they found that the likes of sandwiched containing certain ingredients that must be declared on labels were omitted. Some passengers are allergic to many of the ingredients. CONSUMERS BEWARE!

  34. Jenny

    I do not purchase Eden Foods products. Completely anti-American and anti-woman company. As a food BABE you should not feature their wares on your blog.

    • kat (to Jenny)

      Absolutely, I was shocked to see Eden on the list. I deliberately avoid that brand, I won’t support their right wing ideology.

      • Brenda (to kat)

        I agree your list should be edited to exclude any and all Eden Foods products. My feeling is if you do not, your site loses any reliability. AS said above, they are anti-american and anti-women.

    • Kathi Daugherty (to Jenny)

      After reading your comments, I researched Eden Foods’ stance myself. I’m happy to support them and happy that Food Babe has continued to purchase their products. I’m proud to support the FREEDOM we all share to make our own decisions.

    • Barbara (to Jenny)

      Thank you for your post about Eden Foods. I was not happy to hear of Eden’s employee health care coverage policy either, because I have liked their products. Now I do not purchase them. I have found alternative brands for the items I used to buy. I am not happy Food Babe advertises their foods. How can a website that proposes a healthy lifestyle, and is anti-agribusiness, chemical, and drug companies that have been poisoning our environment and our bodies at all ages, support a food company that does not provide equal rights in health care? We either support good health for all, or not. Our money is a powerful vote for equality, and sometimes the only voice that is heard is the sound of profit. I would rather do without than buy Eden products.

  35. connie curtis

    Hi Food Babe,
    I was looking for the cooler that you had on your site that you recommended. I cant find it. What cooler do you recommend and where can you buy it? I remember because you said you check it in as a bag.

    Connie Curtis

  36. Larry

    Hi Vani,

    Just one comment regarding the Go Raw cookies. In my experience they have a tendency to get rancid fairly fast. I have even opened them in the store before buying and instead of being crisp they are chewy and not as tasty. Just a heads up.

  37. Bec Morgan

    Really? You have to be 70 years old to enjoy prunes?

  38. Sharon

    Target sells BPA free disposable bags. It is their store brand. I think Glad bags are also BPA free

  39. Mandy

    Quality selections but not all that doable for families on limited incomes..? Besides the oats and certain produce… Idea for future post..? Thanks Food Babe – I do find you a valuable resource.

  40. Sue

    Disappointed to not have the word “gluten free” even mentioned.

  41. Jill

    Re: gluten-free, many of the foods she listed I believe are GF. Not the bread (Ezekiel is not and don’t think Manna is, but nuts, fruits, Mary’s Gone Cracker, some of the cereals I bet. You can get gluten-free oats, gluten free organic non gmo candy, gluten-free protein/health bars, pretty much anything…so you take her ideas and adapt them to GF if needed. So many nTural things are gluten-free so it makes it easy such as avocados, fruits, veggies, but butters… there truly is a plethora of healthy gf packaged foods out there. Having Food Babe approved GF snack items is a good idea too and understand why you want them. Cheers to all!. Great list FB!

  42. Jill

    Previous post… But butter, lol! Meant to say nut butter!

  43. Joe 'Tesla' Kennedy

    Sweet – what a great list. Thank you!

    I’m going to be passing this along to the future Mrs. Kennedy. As we were forced to remember this past weekend, it is much more difficult to eat clean while traveling.

  44. Chelsea

    I’m traveling to Thailand in two weeks and have been facing the “what to eat” scenario as all us health conscious people do….. but was a little worried to find a recall on the Green Vibrance!!! It sounds like a great product (I’ve used Healthforce Vitamineral Greens before) and was curious about this but just thought I’d pass that along for peep’s safety. :)

    Guess I’ll stick with Healthforce for now!

  45. Barb

    Travel from Canada into Hawaii is not so simple. I’m hypogycemic and have allergies, so all these TSA restrictions are quite upsetting. No fruit, no veggies, no meat, no frozen stuff unless its rock hard, and you can’t use those gel packs either. If you take any food at all, it has to be in its original packaging and unopened So much for taking anything homemade. Luckily Hawaii has lots of healthy food stores to shop in, but that travel day is not fun. It’s a long haul to Hawaii.

  46. Neal

    Thank you for all the awesome travel suggestions! I actually found my favorite at Starbucks, of places, it’s call “That’s It” and it’s nothing but organic, non-GMO fruit…that’s all. They’re super yummy and about $1.25/ea if you buy in bulk. Great on-the-go snack. :)

  47. Mikki B

    To Lorajean, Try the snack bags from Blue Avocado (no I am not affiliated). I have been using their bags for at least 3 years now. Reusable, washable and I can keep cilantro in my frig for 2 weeks using these bags. They now make a waterproof one for those foods that need….well a better seal.

  48. Pamela

    For everyone who questioned taking food out of the country. I traveled to Korea last summer (2014) and had no problem. For the plane trip In my carry-on I took almonds, chocolate, apples, sunflower seeds. Anything that wasn’t liquid. I had no problem. In my checked luggage I packed a box of gluten free rice cereal and homemade (gluten free) cranberry bread, and a few other things. We bought rice milk in Korea. This took care of breakfast and snacks. Every other meal we ate out or at our son’s home.

  49. Dana

    My son loves all of the Go Raw cookies and crackers. The lemon super cookies and ginger snaps are delicious. They’re really not “cookies” but suffice as a tasty, crunchy, sweet treat without refined sugar (organic dates do the trick). I keep them in the car for after school excursions. They don’t look so appetizing but they taste yummy.

  50. Linda Spina

    My all time favorite for ANY time that I am traveling is my Juice Plus+. I get this foundation of the essence of 30 fruits and veggies every day. So easy!


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