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“I felt hopelessly addicted to food…” but not anymore!

How do we decide what to eat when we live in a world full of toxic food? All it takes is a little planning and action. Many of you are upset about what’s happening in the food industry and I don’t blame you. Upon reading my investigations and finding out the truth, you say:

“Tell me what I can eat!”

“That’s my favorite brand – oh no!”

“I was addicted to that!?”

“I just fed that <insert product> to my child this morning – what am I suppose to do now?”

Well, I have a solution and I want to make sure you know about it!

The only person who can control your health is you. I didn’t understand this growing up. Instead, I believed what everyone else around me was telling me. I looked up to several authoritative figures, organizations and companies and blindly followed them as many people do today.

The food industry and organizations like “Weight Watchers” told me I could eat anything I wanted as long as I checked the calories or points and fat grams. I followed their advice and found myself always in a struggle to maintain my weight. The advice left me with no energy and feeling hungry all the time.

I outsourced my meals to restaurants like Subway that told me I would “eat fresh” and lose weight like Jared if I ordered their sandwiches. I believed them and so many other restaurant chains that were serving me industrial chemicals instead of real food.

For so long, I looked to everyone else for answers. I didn’t know that everything I believed for most of my life would be turned upside down once I started to investigate this for myself.

My biggest lesson learned during all of this discovery has been:

I cannot outsource my health or my food.

As a result, I started to learn how to cook and how to prepare my own food as much as possible – and this is how The Food Babe Eating Guide Membership was born.

Over the last few years I have learned that this lifestyle is not for everyone. Not everyone is ready to take back control of their food and stop outsourcing it to corporations. Some refuse to believe what’s really happening to our food supply and that’s ok. But, what inspires me most is the people courageous enough to take back control and serve as the change we all wish to be in the world! Jennifer is a perfect example of that. 

Jennifer has been a Food Babe Eating Guide member for over a year now. When I learned about her amazing transformation, I asked her if it would be ok for me to share her story and letter with you. I love all that she has accomplished and she is the perfect example of what can happen when you take back control of your food. Obviously, I can’t guarantee these results for you with  this program, but this really embodies what can happen if you make a commitment to yourself and stop making excuses. Not only has she clearly lost weight (66 pounds!), but she now glows from the inside out and has changed her family’s life forever. 

Jennifer before after

Here’s what Jennifer has to say:

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my story with you and to thank you for all the hard work that you have done to help encourage me and many others.

Let me start by giving you a bit of my history. I have struggled with my weight in my thoughts and self image or actually being overweight most of my life. I have never liked vegetables. My diet mostly consisted of fast food hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, and pizza. When I would eat at home it would be boxed foods or some other version of fried and processed foods. I drank sodas and juices and very little water. I have always been an athletic energetic type of person. I was a cheerleader and a gymnast and so I managed my weight pretty well. I can say that looking back but when I was looking in the mirror at that age I always felt fat.

When I went on to college my activities became a lot more sedentary and the weight began to stick. I gained 20 pounds in the first six months. Fast forward through the next seventeen years and I was obese. I was one hundred pounds over weight and pre diabetic. I had abnormally high white blood cell count, plantar fasciitis, and heals spurs. My white blood cell count was so high and abnormal that they thought I might have leukemia. Upon lots of testing and emotionally fears, I found out that my white blood cell count had been high going back as much as 15 years. I could hardly walk because of the pain in my feet. I also had a nursing rash that I got immediately upon the birth of my fourth child. It lasted for two years. I could not get rid of it.

After two years I went to a dermatologist who said it was staff infection and I would need to take an antibiotic for two months. I had tried every diet. I had lost fifty pounds here and there and then gained it back. It was a cycle.

I felt hopelessly addicted to food. I felt trapped in the cycle. I was always worried about the longevity of my life for the sake of my children as well as my own.

Then in September of 2013 my dad was diagnosed with cancer. My dad developed diabetes at age 36, but he seemed to totally manage that disease. However, when he got cancer I was immediately faced with my fears. My dad is in construction, which requires a lot of physical activity and he has never been as overweight as me. So as I looked at him I saw myself but worse. It was like the hand of God empowered me to change in that very moment. And that is exactly what happened to me. My life changed.

I started learning about food. I had several friends who were on this journey as well. One friend, Hillary, helped me so much. It was very important part of this journey to have encouragement and accountability. Then one day my mom, Debbie, told me about FoodBabe. I was so excited and amazed by the information that she was giving. She was making such an impact in the world. She was making a difference.

I signed up for her monthly menus. I was so excited to have the meal plans and the shopping lists. She is very creative. One of the things that I like most about FoodBabe is that she is very realistic and neutral. In this journey it has been hard to find the “heathly” road. There are so many “healthy plans” . Yet FoodBabe is very practical and teaches you how to have spice in life without the chemicals. The food is tasty and enjoyable. It is beautiful to the eyes as well as tasting great.

I have really enjoyed many of her videos of how to make things, like coconut milk. I used to buy the So Delicious thinking that was the best choice. But once again FoodBabe showed me how easily I can make my own. I have read her book as well. And it is awesome. It is captivating and encouraging. FoodBabe is spunky and stunning. She is bold and courageous. She is educated and full of wisdom. Her guidance in this journey as been invaluable. She has an amazing ability to reach in to people’s lives and change them. She is reaching into the culture and changing it. She is reaching into the world of “big food” and changing it. She is arming “we the people” to make true change in health. She is changing generations to come. She is exposing the truth. She is beyond amazing in this journey of truth. I would encourage anyone to read her articles and get her menu plans.

As for me, I have lost sixty six pounds to date. I no longer have plantar fasciitis or heal spurs. My white blood cell count is completely normal. My nursing rash went away in the first twenty one days of eating an anti inflammatory diet with no antibiotics. I feel great.

I am not at my goal weight yet but I will get there. This is not a sprint. I have learned how to travel and live life all while choosing to eat healthy. My whole family is eating this way. I have peace now knowing that my children will be empowered and educated about food and what is actually in the food. My life is forever changed. Praise the Lord for true and lasting change. September will mark two years of this journey for me. I am still going strong and for the first time have no regrets!

Let me encourage each of you to take this amazing journey. You will never look back in defeat again. It is beyond worth it. Thank you FoodBabe for all that you do. I will forever be touched by your passion. Your passion is igniting a wild fire that is burning through the world making an impact on everyone!! My sincerest thank you!

You can be brave like Jennifer too!

This is just an example of the changes you might see when you develop the habits of a Food Babe! I want you to be part of this membership program too. When you join, you’ll get my Starter Guide that provides an in depth introduction to organic, healthy living. It is an all-in-one exclusive roadmap to staying motivated, tips and techniques for life’s many eating situations, and much more. This comes along with the Food Babe Monthly Meal Plan, which is a calendar of exclusive recipes and an extensive dietary regimen (you’ll receive a new one every month as a member). You’ll also get access to live group check-in’s with me, where you can ask me anything and we can spend time getting to know each other.

What are you waiting for? Join us here now!




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38 responses to ““I felt hopelessly addicted to food…” but not anymore!

  1. Praise God for Jennifer’s awesome story. Not only has she changed her story and her future, but it’s awesome that she’s actually changed her family tree. She actually changing her children future. And 4 kids Jennifer!! Good for you. Anyhow, I feel like God has put all the right foods on earth that we should be eating, it’s clear as day and we need to follow His guidance when we choose food. Real food. And yes, stop outsourcing to corporations who give us garbage.

    1. Quit praising God, God didn’t change anything, Vani did. You’re 100% responsible for your own life, no one is coming to save you.

      1. (to Ken)
        There’s nothing wrong with praising God. What you fail to understand is that God brought Vani to us. Once that happened, it was our free will to embrace everything Vani brought and continues to bring to us. Yes, Vani is here to save us, if you want to be saved. Praise them both!

      2. Praise God for people like Laura that will praise God for people like Jennifer and Vani. On the other hand, there’s Ken. Not content to just not believe, he feels compelled to cry any time God is mentioned. Maybe we can pray to God that Ken will grow the heck up and let believers believe and give it a rest.

      3. You make a very good point in this and the following comments It is very troubling and frustrating to see how most people respond to it…

      4. Thanks to Vani for guiding us back to the healthy eating habits we were created to have and away from greedy corporations. Praise Jehovah for giving her and each of us the gift of life and providing everything on earth that we need to live healthfully.

      5. You should praise God for the fruits, vegetables and grains that you’re so into … oh and the breath in your lungs that He gave you. One day every knee will bow and tongue confess that He is God. He is a good and wonderful, He created you for relationship, don’t be a fool and believe lies – you’ve awakened to some natural truths about what real food is, why not wake up to some spiritual truths and stop spending your life insulting people for their choices

      6. That’s right. God didn’t change anything. That was Monsanto and man. Let’s see where the food came from. After the creation of man, Genesis 1:29 says; ‘And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.’ It doesn’t say anything about Monsanto or GMO’s . Like it or not, God created the food we need to properly sustain our bodies. Man has corrupted it.

    2. Fan of FB
      That’s your opinion, just like the guy who scores a touchdown and gives God credit instead of his teammates. People like you are the reason we are oppressed and taken advantage of by our controllers. You enjoy your slavedom and I do not. Try taking responsibility for yourselves. Not everyone needs to be saved from themselves.
      Vani Rocks because she isn’t sitting around waiting for the Easter Bunny to do it for her.

      1. I propose that praising God is praising oneself. As scripture dictates, we are all of God, and as such, we are God, individually and collectively. From a theoretical perspective, If God exists, the study of physics has assured us that we are all one and the same; as all energy, regardless of it’s material arrangement, is derived from the same source. Since you cannot prove that God does not exist, I believe it is safe to say that God is a possibility.

        As far as what this woman has accomplished, I believe it is the definition of personal responsibility. Isn’t giving praise the equivalent of giving thanks? She is thanking that which she believes is possibly responsible for giving her life, guidance, strength, wisdom, etc.. How can that be dangerous? She is not advocating death and destruction on the basis of her beliefs. I believe we are oppressed because we have yet to find the collective will to unseat our oppressors. With every willing participant that we attract to this movement, I believe we take a little step closer to that possibility.

        I believe I speak for everyone that reads this blog when I say that your allegiance to Vani and the truth is welcome within this forum, but your hostility seems to be gravely misplaced.

    3. (To James)
      There isn’t much more childish than adults believing in fairy tales. Expect opposition when you spout your religious narcissistic garbage.
      Go ahead argue some more, the more you people show your hatred for anyone else having an opinion, the more you show your lack of your own beliefs.

      1. Ken I think we all need to pray for people like you. You live in a self-shielded little world. We were created by God and in His image. We are to praise Him & not man and to give Him the glory ! I am so sorry that you’ve been so blinded. You, I , Vani and all of the wonderful wholesome food available wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for God. I pray your eyes are opened before it is too late for you. Please remember my words here and sometime pick up a Bible and read it a little bit. Look up the book of John. It will do you good. Leigh

    4. I can’t believe one comment sparks so much controversy! I’m just so thankful that I read about Vani and her blog in the newspaper one day. The article was actually attacking her but reading between the lines I thought to myself…..this woman sounds right. So instead of getting turned off by her blog, I wanted to learn more. And learn more I did. I’ve been reading every post since and even though I get freaked out about food, I know that I’m doing the best for myself and kids. And kids are a huge motivator for changing your eating habits. But yes, staying true to myself, I praise God and am thankful for all I’ve learned from Vani and all she crusades for. Keep up the awesome work!

      1. I’m sorry for the controversy I sparked. My comment wasn’t meant as a personal attack on you but more my opinion on who should get credit. Of course as usual I get attacked personally for daring to speak up.
        This comment however I find beautifully stated and I agree with wholeheartedly.
        My apologies for sounding harsh, I was only “Hostile ” as I’m called as I defended myself.
        Good day. ☺

    5. Absolutely – not just food. Our Creator put us here with everything we need to thrive, not just survive. We’ve got to learn about it all – foods, natural remedies, essential oils, everything He made. Study to show ourselves approved – both the Scriptures with health laws and others who have knowledge on natural living, homeopathy, etc. There’s a natural solution to every problem. Praises and thanks to God!

  2. I salute Jennifer and Vani! I began a whole organic foods diet 17 years ago, and now at age 58, can relate to the joy Jennifer must feel. So glad Vani has opened the door of health to so many!

  3. Want to lose weight. Just eat less! Many excuses exist.

    Food prices too high. Got to walk to refrigerator. I may get fat. Cooking is a chore. You have to use the bathroom after.

    And the biggest one? I might have to chew!

    1. Nellie – You don’t need to buy the program to be brave and successful in losing weight and regaining your health. Start small and change what you are able to and what you can afford. Try some of the recipes on this blog and follow some of the advice for what you eat. Another good thing to try out is
      It is a free program that allows you to track your food eaten and calories consumed. Good luck and good health!

  4. That’s an awesome story Jennifer! It’s a blessing how these changes helped you and your family. Knowledge is power, I thank God for you Vani because you have shined a light on the darkness most of us have been living in for many years. If I didn’t find your blogs I would still be eating processed foods. Thank you and God bless

  5. Ken (to Laura ~ RYG)
    September 15, 2015
    Quit praising God, God didn’t change anything, Vani did. You’re 100% responsible for your own life, no one is coming to save you.

    Ken, that doesn’t look like an opinion. Telling someone not to praise God? How do you figure that’s just your opinion? You actually told that person not to praise God and that in fact God isn’t going to save her? You had no right to tell someone not to praise God and How do you know that God isn’t going to save her?

    An opinion is when you express your thoughts and views on something, not when you tell someone not to do something or that what they believe to be true is untrue or that their belief in God is not allowed. It seems to me you think it’s alright to tell someone who and what they should believe in and shouldn’t say or do.

    You don’t believe in god that’s fine but don’t think you have the right to tell someone not to. You took he focus off of Jennifer’s story just so you could belittle someone and their faith.

    Vani, does deserve credit for what she’s doing, and Jennifer should be proud of her accomplishments. It was great to hear a success story!!

  6. Ken apologised and was bring supportive of Vani; perhaps this would be a good time to let it go and not be judgmental.

  7. I agree with Sue. I also will state my personal philosophies, in case anyone finds them useful: 1) I respect the religious views of others. 2) I consider that we are each responsible for the condition we are in, so I give Vani VERY high respect for all that she does – incl filing that FOIA! – , and Jennifer (and all you others who have worked at changing) similarly high respect for DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT (whatever IT is in your lives).

  8. Food Babe,

    Is there something anywhere on your website where a member/user can search a particular type of food, and you will let us know what the healthiest kind is that we can purchase? If this does already exist, I would love to know where so I can search and find answers for better shopping.

    If not, I think it would be a great resource and tool to have.


  9. I love when you are on periscope but I can’t watch you anymore because you always constantly touching your hair! It’s so distracting I don’t mean to be mean but maybe putting a headband or something on your head will help you not do that anymore I know it must be a habit I’m sorry I have to tell you this but it just drives me crazy otherwise I love you And love what you’re doing with the food business

  10. I see where you post a lot about toxins and such in processed foods, but seeing as you mentioned in here that it is not all about the calories, I wonder where you stand on measuring the intake of macronutrients?

    If calorie counting is not a part of your plan, which commendable in the progress your plan can help with just by getting away from that, is carb counting a part of your plan?

    Sincerely curious!

  11. The accomplishment of Jennifer was definitely a good one. My quest is to get BIG like Jennifer’s previous body! I’m sick and tired of being a skinny-ass guy.
    Sorry Vani, off to the JUNK FOOD STORE and drugs from my doctor!
    This to all about JehovahGOD, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit: Either one of the three will send shivers down your spine, make your legs shake, and your hair will stand on end!!!

    1. lol, I can relate, I am extremely skinny. I was tired of not finding pants small enough for me, so for a year I stuffed myself with junk food. It didn’t work! I’m still skinny! I gave up and eat healthy food now. I just eat a lot of it. Hopefully something will happen!

  12. I think everyone has different opinions and they should be respected. Just because someone thinks differently than you that doesn’t mean they’re a bad person.

    Also, these comments should only be related to Jennifer’s story, your opinion of it, etc. People should not be commenting about things that are totally different from that.
    There should be rules on commenting in this site! I don’t mean to be bossy or whatever but that is my opinion and it should be respected.

    Oh, and by the way, awesome job Vani!

  13. I once too had a food addiction, and I had to cut it cold turkey. A year later, I decided to healthify it and I could never go back to the real stuff. It was cookie dough!

  14. I have been learning a lot lately on what to eat, what not to eat, portions, getting the right fats (yes, your body does need them) etc. I’m very happy with my progress and how it’s fitting in with my life and hoping my daughter will adopt it soon, at least when she’s out of college. My big issue isn’t even me, it’s a cousin of mine who continuously shares news stories on fb about the non GMO movements, but not to say how good it is. She bashes everyone who wants to be in a non GMO world or at least as much as possible. I love her but it’s really getting on my nerves. I’m a healthy weight and fairly active, she isn’t. She’s actually a fairly large woman, I’d have to guess 300-350 pounds and at about 5′-5’3″ she is just not healthy at all. How do you deal with a family member like that? I usually just keep scrolling but she shares so many with such hateful comments it’s to the point now that I want to say something and it would end up being mean and I don’t want to be that way.

  15. Oh my – you really need to moderate these posts. You can not have people like Ken running down what you are trying to accomplish. HE is all about himself and who wants to read all of his unneeded comments. I wanted to read about your food program, not his personal opinions.
    You should find a way to not allow anyone to post if it’s not about your product.

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