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American VS. European Ingredients In Children’s Food (See the comparisons!)

Is your child getting sabotaged by American food companies who use healthier ingredients in Europe and the U.K.? There are several big food brands in the U.S. who use better ingredients and fewer processed ingredients in other countries. Some of the biggest offenders are Kellogg’s, Kraft Heinz, and PepsiCo.

Check out these real examples from other countries…

Pop Tarts without TBHQ and artificial dyes in the UK:

Kellogg’s uses beets and paprika to color their Strawberry Pop Tarts in other countries, while in the U.S. they use artificial colors Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 6. These dyes are linked to hyperactivity in children and can disrupt the immune system. 


Kellogg’s Froot Loops without artificial dyes and BHT in Germany:

Froot Loops in Germany are made colorful naturally, instead of the 4 different artificial dyes used in the American version. How many kids eat this for breakfast?


Heinz Ketchup without high fructose corn syrup in France:

They make Heinz ketchup with simple ingredients in other countries, which is very unlike the U.S. version full of High Fructose Corn Syrup and lab-produced “natural flavoring”. You’ll find it at nearly every restaurant in America and most children grow up dipping their fries in this.


Gatorade without artificial colors in Germany:

PepsiCo makes Gatorade without artificial dyes in other countries, and they are still brightly colored from natural sources such as Black Carrot Juice Concentrate. When I was a child, my parents would give me Gatorade when I was sick to keep me hydrated. Considering how many children and teenagers drink these, why don’t they make them dye-free everywhere?


Do you wonder WHY this is? Why don’t they sell the same products everywhere?

Europe has much stronger food regulations than America. The U.S. government allows food companies to largely police itself, deciding which ingredients, chemicals, and additives are “safe” to use in their products. This allows them to use chemicals that help them make products cheaper and quicker, with essentially zero oversight into their safety. (1

If a company can get away with using cheaper ingredients, they will!

Even if these cheaper alternatives have a negative impact on our health. 

This is SO WRONG because many of these products are created for CHILDREN.

These companies don’t care about our children’s health, otherwise they wouldn’t make products full of Artificial Colors and High Fructose Corn Syrup for kids! 

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If you want to make a change, please share this post.

This is how we put pressure on these companies to change. We can’t depend on our government to force these companies to remove the processed ingredients they don’t use in other countries. This a grassroots movement that starts with each one of us. 

Because of YOU sharing this information and voting with your dollars, companies are changing. We’ve inspired companies like Kraft and Quaker to give us the same products they sell in other countries, and we can do it again! (2, 3)

Thank you for fighting for safer food for everyone! 



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10 responses to “American VS. European Ingredients In Children’s Food (See the comparisons!)

  1. The lack of regulations, is consistent with the platform of the libertarian party, and the party whose name begins with r, and put profits over people.

    1. That is BS. The Ds and Rs are equally to blame. Can we work to make a difference together without the political blaming game?

    2. That is both an untrue and divisive comment. All politicians are to blame for this situation. If you think only conservatives created this situation you are sadly misinformed.

  2. Regardless both are still garbage. One has more garbage ingredients than the other.

    1. Exactly man the phosphates and citrate and “natural” flavorings still aren’t any good the other countries may be better but still not great

  3. As an American stationed in Germany we see many foods where this happens. What is so frustrating is the American companies still make/process quite a few of the food items in the states with the European Union (EU) standard ingredients for shipping to the EU, the bags are even marked ‘IMPORT’! So when I am in the states I know the exact product on the shelf is inferior due to the lack of standards, regulations and corporate greed. We refuse to purchase products from companies that choose to make a somewhat healthier product for export than what they sell within their own country. There are a number of companies, and when you look at corporate umbrellas the inter-weaving of these corporations is vast. Disgusting!

  4. Let’s not attack political parties over this please. I respect everyone’s opinion, however, this is a “sin” issue and it is “individual” so therefore, greed, power and the LOVE of money is the driving sin. Until ALL OF US stand up and fight back, nothing will change. Thank you Vani for all you do. The same thing is happening with pet foods. We all need to “educate” ourselves with the “truth” but sadly, even the truth is hard to find today. I’m happy to report that God is still in charge but He expects us to be his foot soldiers while we are still on His earth.

  5. Thank you for passionate heart to help us all who are willing and ready to make these changes and gain knowledge fighting back by fasting more and not buy toxic foods that kill

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