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Breaking News: Chick-fil-A Removing Dyes, Corn Syrup and TBHQ in 2014

It all started with you. GO #FoodBabeArmy GO! You cannot be stopped. I love you!

Breaking News: Chick-fil-A Removing Dyes, Corn Syrup and TBHQ in 2014: Read and share this breaking news here – ABC NEWS

“The changes come after blogger Vani Hari wrote a post in 2011 titled “Chick-fil-A or Chemical Fil-A?” on her site, It noted that the chain’s sandwich had nearly 100 ingredients, including peanut oil with TBHQ, a chemical made from butane. Hari, based in Charlotte, N.C., continued writing about Chick-fil-A’s ingredients.Then last year, the company invited her to its headquarters to spend the day talking with executives.”They took my concerns and started developing a road map of how to address them,” Hari said. On Wednesday, she said she was notified about the changes in an email from the company.”



After writing several blog posts about how many controversial ingredients are used at Chick-fil-A (TBHQ – an ingredient derived from butane, artificial food dyes, MSG, living conditions of their chickens, etc), the fast-food giant reached out to me. 

Chick-fil-A invited me to their headquarters to consult with them on how they could change their ingredients. I was reluctant at first, because not only did I disagree with their food preparation, I also disagreed with many of their other policies.

The desire for the greater consumer good prevailed in my heart. I knew that I, just an everyday girl writing a blog, had a shot at changing the food policies of a major corporation with my corporate consulting experience (along with the help of many more voices supporting me – the Food Babe Army). Change has to start somewhere.
Off I went to the meeting. It was productive and positive, and after a year of follow up meetings directly with Chick-fil-A executives, Chick-fil-a has finally indicated to me that they are making several major changes I suggested.
This morning, I received an email from Chick-fil-A executives confirming these changes: 
  • Successfully removed Yellow #5 and reduced sodium in our chicken soup recipe. Our new soup recipe is rolling out chain-wide now, and will be complete by the end of December. 
  • We have successfully removed HFCS and artificial colors from several of our sauces and dressings. We will move into a testing and rollout phase with these new condiments in early 2014. 
  • Testing peanut oil without TBHQ in multiple markets now with the hopes to rollout chain-wide in early 2014
  • We are still in test with the cleaner label white bun. The test is being expanded to other markets outside of Georgia for possible chain-wide rollout by end of 2014.

Still yet to come?

Chick-fil-A executives have indicated to me they are working with the supplier to remove artificial food dyes from their “Ice dream” product (the one they offer in kids meals instead of a toy) at a later date yet not determined and working on further nutritional improvements and innovations. 

During my meeting with them, we prioritized my requests and my #1 request has still not been addressed, which is to provide safer and more sustainable chicken that is raised without anti-biotics and GMO feed and that is not grown in terrible living conditions.

Also, yet to be addressed is the use of MSG or Monosodium Glutamate in their sandwiches that makes their food unnecessarily addictive.

Links to the stories that made this possible:

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Thank you for your work, it took every single one of you to make this happen.

The food industry is not going to change over night, but we are making some major headway.

We are changing the world together #FoodBabeArmy!





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346 responses to “Breaking News: Chick-fil-A Removing Dyes, Corn Syrup and TBHQ in 2014

  1. Ahhh you’re a wonder woman Food Babe, this is huge and more is to follow. Thank you for your talent, resources, and stamina, it’s paying off in so many green ways. Think I’ll go greener food wise myself.

  2. Thank you for doing ALL that you do. You are one powerful gal! I read your articles and share the information and your website with people I know plus my aging parents. Keep up the great work. You are evidence we can make a positive difference in the world… you are doing it! Thank you, thank you!

  3. Way to go Vani! Progress is progress. I would never eat a CFA, knowing what’s in their food, but I know so many families who do.

  4. I’m not sure what “policy” you Dont agree with but I am glad that you took on chick fil a which is healthier than most rather than… McDonald’s or one of the really horrible chains. That is putting your effort in the right place.

  5. Great work !!! Now how do we go about getting labeling on packages with GMO ( hope that is right) so we can make the choice, To eat, or Not to eat!!!

  6. That’s a good improvement for the fast food industry, but I still won’t patronize this company.

  7. Thank you Vani for being above all this left/ right crap. You are starting a Food Revolution and hopefully other food establishments will follow suit. This is a tremendous accomplishment!

  8. Thank you! This is exciting!!! Praying other food establishments will follow in their footsteps! We need CLEAN food with the least amount of ingredients, natural ones at that, as possible! Thank you for all that you are doing and for speaking out about the HARMFUL ingredients that are being put into food! Keep on speaking out! : )

  9. Vani,
    Thank you for your hard work and Chick fil-a for being willing to take steps in the right direction.
    Vani, please force commentary’s on here to be relevant and on topic. I don’t
    want to read peoples political opinions on here unless it is relevant to what your site is all about. I don’t know your political beliefs but I know you and I agree on Food Safety. You have an Army because you have many people that agree on this
    topic. If the focus broadens we will lose people in the Army because there will be many that disagree no matter which way you go. I hope you will consider this request and we can unite with a common focus of improving food safety for all Americans.
    Thank you.


  11. Vani, Thank you for being so strong and brave to take on these big corporations.

    However, I am surprised that any company continues to use peanut oil since it is deadly to so many people. I feel that peanut products should be clearly labelled and with warnings on the menu. I rarely eat out, never have anything fried, and always ask if peanut oil is used after choking on a single french fry a few years ago.

    Eating Healthy in Tennessee

  12. Thank you Food Babe for the work you do. I really like Chick Fil-A. There is only one Chick Fil-A located in Michigan, where we live, so we are not regular customers. But we regularly go to Florida and there is a Chick-Fil-A just outside our timeshare we like to frequent.
    Only non-GMO, whole, home-grown, home-made and locally sourced foods make it into our house, and we eat at home 99% of the time. But when we go on vacation, we eat a lot of “bad” stuff. It’s good to know, thanks to you, the stuff from Chick-Fil-A will be a bit less “bad” and hopefully will improve even more as time goes on.
    Thank you again Food Babe, and please keep up the good work.

  13. Great work! I like Chicl-fil-a as a company and their food. Glad to know that are willing to change for the better!

  14. Great job, Vani! I rarely eat fast food but if I do it’s Chick-fil-A. It’s great they were willing to listen and make some changes that are steps in the right direction. Congratulations to you and Chick-fil-A!

  15. I love your commitment to food and how it’s prepared for human consumption. It’s great to see companies listen to what you have to say – then react. That’s powerful, but I will still never patronize a Chick-fil-a because of their hatred towards gays and equal rights. All in all, Chick-fil-a is a pathetic company that has had no concern for the health of their patrons and hatred towards people that don’t affect them in any way.

    1. Chik-fil-a does not hate gays. they just happen to have an opinion that differs from yours. Get over it. Your commenst are overwrought and juvenile. I rarely eat fast food but if I di it’s Chik-fil-a. They take good care of their employess and aobviously have an interest in improving the quality of their food. They should be applauded for being willing to sit down and listen to criticism and actually make changes in their food for the better.

    2. Mark,
      Your social/political view should not muddle what is trying to be accomplished here. It’s about food safety. This attitude of “you agree with me on a certain topic or you hate me…” has to stop. Choose to see all the good things (CFA does a TON of humanitarian works) and not just the bad.

  16. M…..S…..G!!! Until they remove the MSG I will not, cannot eat there. I get serious migraines from MSG.

  17. Dear Foodbabe, thank you for your dedication and hard work to make our food safer for us. All of us, collectively, owe you a great deal of gratitude for your skill and tenacity in getting the results you get. Congratulations on a job well done.

  18. Great news! Never give up your fight. We need more of you out there successfully fighting this uphill battle. Keep up the great work. <3 Amy

  19. Personally i have never eaten at a chick fil a. Many of my friends have told me how yummy they are and when they put one in my area i thought i would try it.. Now I think i’ll wait till Food Babe does her magic/hard work and gets them to clean up their act and having healthy chicken is essential for me.. I rather eat at home and know what i’m getting.. Vani, I love your recipe’s
    As always, Much Thanks

  20. Thankful for your efforts for whom so many will benefit… hoping that other big food corp’s take notice and listen to the concerns of well educated and concerned consumers. Love it when ripples become waves for real change!

  21. That is AWESOME!! I knew Chick-Fil-A has great, caring people. They just needed to be educated and updated is all. Great job, Vani! 🙂

  22. Thank you Vani, and thank you Chick-fil-A! I know the food isn’t healthy, but I’ve always felt better about going to CFA than the other fast food joints. It’s nice to know they are taking steps in the right direction. I agree to keep pushing on the big things – healthier chicken – since that is their staple, would be huge to make it healthier. I’ve always appreciated the friendly and caring atmosphere at all of their restaurants, and the fact that they are closed on Sundays. It just seems like they care about their customers and employees, so its wonderful to see that they care about taking steps to make their food healthier.

  23. Ahh! I miss their food. I would love to one day not feel awful after eating there! I really hope they do something about the chicken and the MSG. Progress is still progress.. Kudos to Chick-Fil-A for taking your and consumer complaints/ideas into consideration. Awesome job, Vani! 🙂

  24. I switched over to a vegan diet and the fast food industry has a long way to go before I ever step back into one. I don’t want to participate in this cruelty. Most important, its healthy!

  25. Thank you so much for all your efforts…I stopped taking my grandchildren to Chick fil a. It’s good that someone like you took the time to speak up for the general public. I do hope that other restaurant establishments do the same.

  26. Vani, you’re definitely doing good in this world when you can influence a restaurant giant! Too bad about them not address plights of chicken. At least they’re making horrible food slightly less unhealthy. Wonder if you can get an extra side of MSG if you ask ;-( ?

  27. Baby steps but better than nothing! Hooray! Next step: Help the poor chickens live happier healthier lives!!

  28. That’s great! What about soy bean oil???? it is usually the first ingredient in everything. Soy is full of estrogen–men and children should especially avoid it. I am curious as to the effect on women also with so many cases of breast cancer in recent years. Soy Bean Oil???????

  29. I wrote them a letter regarding removing MSG and received a pretty dumb response. Hopefully, you can get through to them about this too. My son works for the company and started feeling very tired and sick after eating the fried Chick-fil-A sandwich a few times a week. I suspected the MSG. I told him to switch to the grilled portions that do not contain MSG and he said he felt so much better. Unfortunately, the store he works for did not include the healthier foods on their menu at a discount to the employees. This needs to be addressed. Healthy employees make productive employees.

  30. This also shows what a great company chic fil a is as well. They care enough to spend lots of money to change these ingredients. Thanks to you vani and chic fil a for following through.

  31. Well YAY for them, BUT it still doesn’t make the chicken “organic” steroid/antibiotic free so therefor I still choose to stay away myself!! Remember in “fast food” think of your price you pay YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR so think about that before you feed it to your kids.

  32. It’s amazing to me how and why all these horrible ingredients get into our food in the first place!! Why make food that isn’t fit for human consumption, and then have to change it? What it says to me is, “We don’t care” and anyone, or any corporation that doesn’t care in the beginning won’t get my money…EVER…if I can help it.”

  33. You are a serious inspiration, Vani! You have restored hope that even just one person can make a difference with their voice. I would be thrilled if we could finally hear of the banishment of MSG in ALL products. It just isn’t necessary.
    Thanks again for your dedication and motivation!

  34. Thank you! Stay on them! As an employees of Chick-fil-A i look forward to being able to say we have the best service AND one of the healthiest food options WITHOUT MSG and other chemicals!

  35. Good News for Everyone including Chick-fil-A !! Always strive and work to improve for the better and ALL will be better for it;)

  36. That is movement in the right direction; but until they remove MSG, I cannot have their food. MSG makes me sick and their fried chicken sandwich has so much of it that one sandwich makes me very sick and quite irritable. I feel like my whole body is going, “zing zing zing zing” and I very much wish I could just get out of my skin.

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