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It Was Snuck Into Our Food Supply – Are You Eating This Dangerous Ingredient?

“It’s FDA approved!”

“These ingredients are “Generally Recognized As Safe.”

“All food additives in our food supply go through rigorous safety testing before they are put on the market.”

How many times have you heard “experts” on TV say statements like these discussing controversial food additives that require warning labels or have been banned in other countries due to safety regulations?

There’s an implication out there that everything allowed in processed food – preservatives, artificial sweeteners, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers – have gone through some sort of rigorous safety testing by the FDA proving they’re okay to eat – but in most cases they haven’t! And sometimes the FDA reviews an ingredient, deems it unsafe, and companies use a loophole to sneak the ingredients into our food supply anyways!

The Center For Public Integrity has just released a video and report you must see.

Their ground breaking investigation addresses the question: “How do new food ingredients get from the lab to your dinner table?” The process is much simpler that you might think.

It’s far too easy for food manufacturers to add their new chemical inventions to our food and this has become a huge problem. So huge in fact, that the Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that there are 1,000 additives in our food that have never received FDA approval and the FDA isn’t even aware that some exist!

Snuck in

The companies that create new food additives have two choices before putting it in our food:

Choice #1 – A company can submit a food additive petition with the FDA.

In this case, their ingredient will be extensively reviewed by the FDA. It can take several years (even decades!) before the FDA determines whether it will be approved. Since it takes so long, there is an alternative route that most companies take, hinging on a legal loophole on what qualifies as a “food additive”.

Choice #2 – A company can determine on their own that a new ingredient is “Generally Recognized as Safe” to avoid filing a petition.

Over 50 years ago, the FDA imposed a rule that if an ingredient is deemed “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) it is no longer considered a food additive and doesn’t need to be approved by them. The intention was to relieve the FDA from spending needless time and resources approving common ingredients, like vinegar.

This GRAS loophole has been abused and the food additive approval process is a fraud!

Companies can determine that their new ingredient is safe by hiring their own experts (sometimes their own employees), and bypass the FDA food additive petition process entirely. The company will inform the FDA only if they want to, as it’s completely voluntary. They have no legal obligation to tell the FDA, and can just start selling their new ingredients to the public.

Even worse, if a company does decide to inform the FDA and they don’t agree that it’s safe, food companies can withdraw their notification, leaving the doorway open.

For example, lupin ingredients are added with zero FDA oversight.

Lupin (a legume) can cause severe allergic reactions (sometimes leading to death), requiring an allergen warning label in Europe. The FDA reviewed a GRAS notification for ingredients made from lupin by the food manufacturer George Weston Foods in 2008. According to documents obtained by the National Resources Defense Council, the FDA didn’t agree that the ingredients were safe because people with peanut allergies could suffer life-threatening reactions to these lupin ingredients. George Weston Foods withdrew their notification, and later attempted to resubmit a notification but was advised by the FDA not to.

This didn’t keep lupin ingredients out of our food… all without warning labels too.

The Center for Public Integrity found foods containing lupin in grocery stores in the U.S. and none of them contained a warning label for people that suffer from peanut allergies.

What else you should know:

  • Since the FDA allowed for the GRAS process the number of food additives has grown dramatically from about 800 to more than 10,000.
  • The panels that are hired to make GRAS determinations for companies are comprised of a relatively small group of scientists, which raises conflict of interest questions. There are 10 scientists that have served in 3/4 of these panels during the last 17 years, and one scientist has served on 41% of these panels.
  • Researchers have found that the vast majority of food additives lack toxicity data, and almost 2/3 of them have no publicly available feeding data, making their safety to humans questionable.
  • The experts from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Consumers Union, Environmental Working Group and Natural Resources Defense Council filed an 80-page regulatory comment with the FDA this week, charging that the food additive approval process is illegal and fails to protect public health.

Please watch this 3 min video:

This is why we need to educate ourselves on food ingredients and demand more rigorous safety standards along with transparency from the companies that make them. 

Some people say this type of information is “fearmongering”, but this information is scary. That is why it is so important, and thankfully I’m not the only one talking about it. This state of affairs we are in is not okay and obviously this needs to change.

Given where we are today, where 1 in 3 women will get cancer, and 1 in 2 men will, I think we need to look for answers on how to live healthier lives and break free from the downward spiral of disease our country is facing.

The majority of food additives that have been invented in the last few decades, have been created for the sole purpose to improve the bottom line of the food industry – not our health.

We are, objectively, a nation full of inexplicable illness. My job as an activist and consumer advocate will always be to look out for you. It’s my role and it’s all of our roles, to question this system that has become corrupted and is not, as designed, protecting the public.

Please share this post and video.

Spreading the word is the fastest way to raise awareness and change this broken system.



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149 responses to “It Was Snuck Into Our Food Supply – Are You Eating This Dangerous Ingredient?

  1. In the article you link about cancer there isn’t one mention of cancer being caused by foods.

    1. The article only states that 1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 2 men will get cancer. There is no mention of how these people will get cancer. The point that you missed is the fact that many people are getting cancer. One huge changing factor has been our food. But you are correct there is not one mention of this link and maybe the data out there is not strong enough at this time. People didnt believe the haters when smoking became a big business, look at it now. I find that there will be a similar finding when we get enough data. The human testing has not been fully completed and its tested on subjects are fighting back wanting better food not just cheap food.

      1. I didn’t miss the point that many people are getting cancer. I’ve seen suggestions that cancer numbers might be up just because we are living so much longer. Check out webmd or and see what they have to say about cancer and it’s causes. Food isn’t mentioned much.

      2. I’m very concerned about GMOs we don’t know the impact that is going to have in nature or our health. I think that we should pressure the FDA to label the food that we buy.

      3. cancer can probably be caused by so many things (poison on foods, cleaning products, building products, cosmetic additives, etc.), but I agree that as food can be our medicine – the processing, additives, etc causes food to be called something else-not medicine.

    2. “Food isn’t mentioned much”.

      My husband has cancer and the first thing the oncologist said was to stop eating red meat. He gave us a power point presentation based on studies that link the two. Other studies in the presentation mentioned the link between pesticides (used on foods) to cancer and the paradox of some studies linking soy to cancer while others don’t. If you do a quick search on pubmed, you will find links between food and cancer.

      My husband is 42 – not exactly old.

      1. The link that I posted mentions age as being by far the highest risk factor for cancer. Genetic makeup is also a huge factor. Red meat is mentioned as well. Red meat doesn’t have the additives that food babe rails against. It is a natural food. Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

      2. Red meat is a natural food BUT if you are eating non-organic red meat it is full of pesticides, antibiotics, and added hormones. When you are reading information you need to find out who is behind the research. If a food corporation is paying for a study to be done don’t expect to get the truth. If a pharmaceutical company is paying for a study to be done don’t expect to get the truth. Food is definitely a contributing factor to getting cancer and a myriad of other illnesses/diseases. People are loading up on sugar laden foods, foods full of chemicals and preservatives, processed foods instead of cooking from scratch. Common sense tells you that you cannot eat garbage and expect to be healthy. Eventually it will catch up with most people.

      3. “Red meat doesn’t have the additives that food babe rails against.”

        ummm you need to catch up on what food babe rails against.

      4. There are antibiotics given to cattle which are not good for us-not to mention some of the food they give cattle laced with poisons. Our intestines were not really meant to digest meat and it may be causing a strain on your husband’s system. He probably should consult a good nutritionist – he probably first needs a good cleanse, Gershon and Mishio Kushi have good results for improving health. It can never hurt to improve one’s diet – I am constantly trying to do so. There is so much out there, but what I always say is If God made it, I don’t think I can go wrong.

      5. Good evening Elaine, . Diet is critical. The biggest and yet simplest factor that most folks are missing is eating bulk ‘God Made Food(s)’;period. Know this ::: It never has nor will it ever stop that big $$$$ will do what ever it takes to make $$; even at everyone’s expense. The only real answer is to buy bulk natural ‘Organic’ food(s); period. Learn to make your own food/meals!!! Don’t buy the BS about how expensive it is. . just do your due diligence and get after it; period!. I am writing a organic based cook book. Seven months ago, I started to include the cost of buying organic. There is really no significant difference. Buy organic; period. There is a book that I recommend to everyone to get folks started in the right direction; ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type,’ written by Peter D’Adamo. You could check out ‘gluten sensitivities’ as well. Celiac Disease is just one issue. Gluten is really a major issue that is mis-diagnosed. Apparently, there are many diseases caused by eating gluten. Check it out! Educate your self and your family; period!. If some relative of yours suffers from either food allergies and or dairy, odds are you have that sensitivity. Note::: that sensitivity can show up as skin issues, diabetes, multiple neurological issues, a plethora of digestive issues that are not diagnosed properly. The list of diseases associated are mind boggling. Again, it all points back to what you eat or not eat !!! Find a practitioner that utilizes ‘Functional Medicine.’ Read up!!! ‘Grain Brain,’ is another book that sheds light upon major issues that are not covered by most docs and or insurances! I have referred folks and have talked with folks that brought that book’Eat 4…’ into their lives. They tell me of their situation and where they are today. They walked away from their chronic pain, chronic inflammation, drugs, obesity etc. . . I have talked with people that had major health issues due to wheat and changed their diet. They walked away and never looked back! Many claim they felt a change for the better in a matter of days!! There is general agreement that there are many “CAUSES”of cancer. . Pharmo and most doctors chase the EFFECT, the cancer. Please note::: the cause and the effect are two different worlds. According to the World Health Organization, the US is now 37th healthiest nation; opps! Bottom line is the current medical paradigm to treat disease is not working!!! Alzheimer’s Disease has been called lately Diabetes III. Why??? Because, …. Americans are cooking their brains with what they are or not eating. Currently, 14000 Americans daily are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I believe now in this country, I out of every 2 people will come down with some form of cancer in their lifetime. Watch your water, your environment, your work environ, daily activities, ingredients/chemicals around the house and on and on.. Science has also noted that any disease has a specific frequency(s) . . Bottom line ::: Dis-ease. and Health are different frequency(s). Cancer carries certain frequencies, parasites carry different frequencies, Lyme Disease . . . . Other therapies that have been proven effective are light therapies, emotional healings, changes in how and what we focus upon, (good/bad) and what one says. The spoken word has frequencies that resonate within us. There have been many books written about the power of the spoken word. The bible mentions that caution is to be exercised on what you say. Our physical body is composed of approximately 80+% water. Read Emoto’s book on ‘The Hidden Messages of Water.’ Find a health practitioner in your area that utilizes Low Level Laser; photon therapy. Contact the manufacturers of these lasers::: Enchonia. Keep me posted. God Bless.

    1. Looks like your link is still here. But, I didnt look at it. To little, to late, and the corporation will do what they want, an long as money is involved

      1. Maybe if Food Corporations pulled all the artificial additives out of what they call food, they’d save money. I think they’ve been adding things for so long, that if they looked at the bottom line and examined how much the additives cost and how much their production costs would be, without the additives, they’d find that they would be saving money, if they took them out. Why hasn’t some efficient bean counter looked at this possibility, I wonder?

  2. If foodbabe has proof that a GRAS item is not safe, I am sure the FDA would be glad to listen.

    1. The fda is the same agency that approved many prescription pills as safe only to later recall them as unsafe. Eg Vioxx. Cannot trust the fda. I rather trust Vanni.

  3. There is a wonderful sense of irony here. Food Babe is bewailing the lack of teeth that the FDA has for enforcement, but if the FDA had those teeth, their first targets would be likely be homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements which undergo no verifiable testing process. There goes the multi-billion dollar supplements market that many of Food Babe’s sources rely on to support their mega-mansions. According to the warning issued by the FDA ( the foods containing this new additive, lupin, are usually gluten-free, since ground lupin makes a good substitute for wheat flour. You can thank the current fad against gluten (pushed by Vani) for creating a lot more gluten-free choices which could contain this additive the FDA has already warned people about well before this ground-breaking reveal from Vani.

    1. Dr. Oz would be out in the cold without so much as a set of Dora the Explorer scrubs.

      1. Hall, sorry, that doesn’t support your case. When you read it in context, it’s clear that this is talking about the bad rep bread gets in the mainstream, gluten being one of them.

        But she goes on to make the point that the biggest issue is simply we eat too much bread, not that it contains gluten.

        So….try again.

  4. Two of the four groups filing suits are environmental activist groups. One of the tactics of these groups is to scare people about the foods they are eating to further their own agenda.

    1. “environmental activist groups” — as opposed to what, passive individuals? Passivity is acquiesence.
      “If you want to avoid criticism,
      Say nothing,
      Do nothing,
      Be nothing.”
      ~Dr Daniel Amen

    2. To Hall: You must be paid by Monsatan to spew out such statements. What agenda would an activist have that involves scaring people about their food, as you put it? Isn’t it better to be alerted to dangers that can affect you, than to put your head in the sand? To promote good health and clean environment is a worthy agenda.

      1. No I am not paid by Monsanto. I am thinking that you people are paid by somebody to do what you can to discredit those of us who present a different side to the discussion…..a side you apparently don’t care to hear. The “paid by Monsanto or big Pharma” is standard around here. I farm for a living. The food babe gets alot of things wrong when it comes to farming. I don’t like it and will do what I can to present the truth. Many of my posts get deleted as the one you responded to did and this one will as well.

  5. But lupin is all natural non gmo, how can it be dangerous? Does this mean that everything all natural is dangerous?

  6. It turns out that the self affirmed GRAS status of hempseed oil was questioned as part of the NRDP FOIA you link. The FDA determined that there was not enough evidence to support its GRAS status in food. Hemp oil (made from hempseed) is one of the many products you sell through this site. I’m not sure which is worse items that you claim have never been reviewed or the ones that have been reviewed but don’t have evidence to support their GRAS status.

  7. Vani, I hope you realize that U.S. law requires companies to disclose any ingredients or additives they use in food. This idea that companies are sneaking additives into food is just false. If a company makes a GRAS determination they must support that position with publicly available scientific information that demonstrates there is a scientific consensus (aka general recognition) of safety. If a company makes a GRAS determination without informing FDA, the ingredient still has to be labeled or the company is breaking the law and can be prosecuted. FDA can also review food labels and ask companies to substantiate any GRAS determinations. If the FDA disagrees with the company’s determination, FDA is totally within its authority to take action against the company. All that aside, the sources you cite for your information are all an interrelated coalition of largely environmental activist organization that are now looking to demonize the GRAS process as a means to expand their membership roles. When you can point to a failure of the GRAS process (note: the lupin example actually suggests the process works) and show me actual harm, your alarmist and misinformed position on this issue will continue to fall on deaf ears. (P.s., I’ve taken to commenting publicly because you won’t answer my private emails where I have raised questions with your conclusions).

  8. U.S. law requires companies to disclose any ingredients or additives they use in food. This idea that companies are sneaking additives into food is just false. If a company makes a GRAS determination they must support that position with publicly available scientific information that demonstrates there is a scientific consensus (aka general recognition) of safety. If a company makes a GRAS determination without informing FDA, the ingredient still has to be labeled or the company is breaking the law and can be prosecuted. FDA can also review food labels and ask companies to substantiate any GRAS determinations. If the FDA disagrees with the company’s determination, FDA is totally within its authority to take action against the company. All that aside, the sources cited above are all an interrelated coalition of largely environmental activist organization that are now looking to demonize the GRAS process as a means to expand their membership roles. When you can point to a failure of the GRAS process (note: the lupin example actually suggests the process works) and show me actual harm, your alarmist and misinformed position on this issue will continue to fall on deaf ears.

  9. We love you Food Babe! Keep up the good fight! You are amazing and an inspiration. Keep knocking them out one at a time. Haters gonna hate….

      1. It depends on who’s paying the scientists to science what.

        I’ve know for long time that Vani’s information is good even before she spoke about it.
        I support her 100% and do my best to inform.

        thank you Vani!

  10. Oh Food Babe, thank you! I will only eat organic food now because it’ll reduce my cancer risk like you said. Thanks! ^-^

    Do you have any other recommendations? I remember you wrote that you wouldn’t put latex on your body. I plan to have some risky sex, and I’ll follow your lead and not put latex on my body!

    Any diseases I get can be fixed with healthy, non-GMO, organic food, since you heavily suggest that all the disease our country faces is because of our food.

    LOVE YOU <3

    1. Thats OK…you can have sex WITHOUT a latex condom. In fact don’t use anything. Enjoy! : )

    2. I’d wait a couple of months. Supposedly the group responsible for the spider-goat gmo-hybrid will be introducing it’s all natural spider-goatskin condoms. The spider-goat is of course a goat with spider genes which produces milk with a protein that can be synthesized into spider web with some wonderful medical applications (called biosteel). But I digress, the advantage of the condom is that, if it should fail and pregnancy should occur, you and your partner won’t know for sure:

      2, 4, or 8 legs. GMO roulette rides again (as does Poe’s law). The waiting is so much fun.

  11. Well, this is absolute rubbish. Especially your criticism of the experts companies hire – it is not a ‘conflict of interest’ to hire someone with more experience in a particular procedure, it’s actually more responsible practice. Please people, go and do your own research before believing this hokey site.

    1. Well, Hellen, one might question then the purpose of your being on this site if you think it’s so hokey. You’re more than welcome to spread your disparaging remarks else where and remain a good little ignorant American sheeple!

      1. Am I a sheep if I can justify my comment with proof, not a conspiracy that every scientist who is QUALIFIED is actually out to kill you? No, I am telling you something different to what you have so far been presented, which you refuse to consider might be true. I came here by recommendation from friends, and am therefore voicing my concerns about this site as a new viewer, but I suppose seeing as that is condemned as mere ‘nastiness’ I will never be coming here as a thinking individual ever again.

        Overall, I feel your labelling of me as a ‘Sheeple’ is perhaps somewhat hypocritical. Also, my name is Helen, not “Hellen” – despite what you think of my comment, I assure you I am not actually a demon sent from hell to smite all natural food blogs.

  12. You’ve hit a nerve Food Babe, keep up the good work. THESE ADDITIVES ARE WHY I DON’T BUY ANY PROCESSED FOOD!

    1. quface….You can say that again…. She really brought them out of the woodwork with this one!!! And that’s how we KNOW we’re on the right path. The Raging Bull WARPATH!!!
      Vani, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! This information will be spread far and wide and there is NOTHING the PAID DISINFORMATION “SPECIALISTS” can do about it! They have lied, cheated and stolen their way into the degradation of the American Food Supply and NOW they are going to have to answer to their sins. Cancer is ABSOLUTELY being linked to chemicals and artificial ingredients in our food. Not only cancer, but diseases such as Sarcoidosis .
      Vani… you know the more people you have coming on here putting down the information you are so heroically putting out there, the more proof it is that you are TRUER THAN TRUE BLUE!!! These ignorant fools are being sent here to post against the truth and GUESS WHAT! NOBODY IS GOING TO BELIEVE THEM!!!! You despot and ignorant fools who would come on here and post your blather lies… you’re only making yourselves look like the retrograde, degenerates you really are, and you are EXACTLY the types that the Koch brothers, the Hoover Inst. and all the other Satanic companies out their that only care about their own wealth and nothing about the health and wellbeing of the American Public!!!
      YOU GO VANI !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!

      1. Woah, hang on. As a practising member of the Official Church of Satan, I am somewhat troubled by your reference to My religion. Yes, I understand what you people are trying to say, but Satanism, unlike several other main stream religions, doesn’t tell people what to eat. Fine, attack science as much as you want or need, but leave religion out of it.

  13. These additives are UNNECESSARY. That’s the point! Regardless of whether the jury is still out on their safety they are NOT NEEDED. Simple as that We do not need additional unnecessary ingredients – especially when all these manufacturers have shown they can make products without them for the European and Japanese markets. No one on Earth – No One – wants strange additives put in their food. No one.

    1. What about salt, vinegar, yeast, etc? Those are all additives too. Are you saying all salt should be removed?

      1. These are natural ethical additives that for years have been used by humans. Do you recall your great grandmother using beaver anal gland excretion in her chicken soup? I think not….let’s stick to salt. Pass the salt please. You can pass the beaver anal juice to hungry man. Hahahaha.

      2. 1. No my great grandma didn’t use Castoreum (what you call beaver anal glands) because it tastes like vanilla and no one wants vanilla flavored chicken soup.
        2. Castoreum is natural and has been used by humans for years.

    2. JMC please speak for yourself. I don’t mind additives in my food and I don’t want to pay the high prices that Europeans pay for their food. If you don’t like additives do eat them. Please don’t limit my choices or my availability to conventional food.

      1. The Europeans have to pay more for their food because much of it has to be imported. The European Union has rejected imports of GMO’s due to unsubstantiated and unknown science. McDonald’s, and other companies have standards which do not allow the artificial ingredients in them that we have over here.
        Now, you said, “If you don’t like additives do eat them.” Hmmmm, not sure what your meaning is there.
        The Proper And Accurate Labeling of our foods is the standards that Americans and particularly Millennials are demanding transparency and complete knowledge of what is in our food.
        If you choose to eat processed food and load yourself up with
        artificial ingredients no one is going to stop you. I sense a hint of paranoia in your comments.
        We will have the choice NOT TO eat unreal food, and it sounds like you don’t want us to have that choice.
        How does a growing majority of people not wanting to eat frankenfood, going to limit your choices or your availability to what you so incorrectly call “conventional “food”.
        Please explain.

  14. Thank You Vani!!!!!!! Looks like the pathetic Paid trolls on here are trying so hard to discredit what we the people deserve to know. They are not real…they get paid to hate and disagree with the truth. people. We LOVE what you do and your army of truth is powerful and growing. Tons of love and gratitude! Big agri (Monsanto) and big pharma can kiss my arse. ( :

    1. Cause Monsanto created Lupin in it’s laboratories then sold it to Big Pharma so they can inject it directly into kids with peanut allergies. That just earned me $10 from Monsanto and $5 from Big Pharma. Big Pharma is a cheap muther effer.

      Do you people even read what she writes anymore or just comment because brown nosing feels so good…..

      1. And who do you think you ate miss busy body? We follow Vanni because her message is clear…. And that is to warn the public of unhealthy and unethical food ingredients. Why don’tyou criticize instead those companies that are promoting artificial ingredients in food? Would you feed your baby artificial baby food? Artificial means FAKE NOT THE REAK THING. Would you want your employer to pay you with artificial dollars? I rather have real dollars and real food.

  15. How about this theory. For those of you who support artificial food additives and or the fda and or gmo’s. Then you people can wolf down all the crap down your throats. That’s right! You go ahead and ingest all those gmo’s…all those artificial ingredients made to taste like the real thing that God made. We on the other hand CHOOSE to eat REAL FOOD not frankenfoods. An agency like the fda that approved as safe many prescription drugs as safe…only to later recall them as dangerous CANNOT be trusted. So hungry manyou go ahead and feed you big mouth and your family all those artificial foods out there….WE will eat healthy natural food that God created and not from science . Their is no reason to test anything…they just need to use the real thing.

    1. You are never ever not eating GMO foods. *Every* domesticated animal or plant that you eat has been genetically modified. Every single one. The difference is time scale. Was this genetic modification done over tens-hundreds of years by our recent or distant ancestors – in which case you are presumably comfortable with the process? Or was it done by farmers today -in which case, inexplicably, you refuse to eat perfectly good food?

      Just because you don’t understand something, does mean it is wrong.

      1. Samantha when IIrefer to GMO….I am talking about food that has been geneticallyaltered in a laboratory not something that changed by nature thousands of years ago to the present. Please don’t patronize me abs try to sound like some genius because its not going to work. We choose prefer to eat unadulterated food not science experiments. So if you are pro GMO and pro Monsanto then you go ahead and wolf down their poison. We choose not to.

      2. “Just because you don’t understand something, does mean it is wrong”.

        It does? Oh, thanks for that clarification.

    2. Peppy – I don’t want to take away your choice to eat God’s food. Please don’t take away my choice to eat conventionally grown and processed food.

      1. lol ……

        Deal! But it appears that the Government and MONSANTO WANTS the whole world to eat their genetically modified garbage. So maybe you should go and speak to them to leave us alone.

    3. Precisely! The “Food” industry, buys inferior, inexpensive ingredients, (that I wouldn’t feed to my cat) and then beefs it up with a cocktail of, mostly unnecessary and probably unsafe additives, to fool our taste buds into thinking it tastes good. Flavor enhancers, texturizers, emulsifiers and the like, are just tossed into food to make as ass out of people and dupe them. In the meantime, at the expense of the health of their consumers, the “Food” processors, make a few extra pennies.
      If we knew, absolutely, that the FDA, was having these additives tested for safety, it would be no big deal. We could feel confident that the things that are added to “Food” won’t harm us. This NOT being the case, we have a right to know what is in the “Food” and choose whether or not to consume it.
      I, and millions of others, choose to err on the side of caution and NOT consume “Food” that contain untested or poorly tested additives, to protect our health. No one forces us to do it. I can live without that bag of Corn Chips, full of six different varieties of GMO corn and enough different varieties of MSG to knock over a cow. I can buy Organic corn chips!
      If the “Food” industry wants my business and my money and the business and money of millions like me, they can take the garbage that might harm me, out of the food. If they choose not to, I’m sure their competition will like my money, every bit as much as they would, IF they sold something I would actually ingest.
      It’s all about choice! No One forces anyone, to eat unhealthy “Foods”. If that’s what you like, have at it!!!! Let me know, 10, 15, 20 years down the road how your internist, oncologist or rheumatologist, likes the new Lamborghini you just bought him!

  16. And why not just use real ingredients in foods? Why the need to use substitutes? If companies used real food ingredients that we know are safe….then their is no need for gras. Companies use these substitutes to have a bigger profit margin at the expense of the people. In my book human life is more important than money.

    1. Companies do use real food ingredients that we know are safe, which is why there is a classification for ingredients called “Generally Recognized As Safe”. This is so that safe ingredients don’t have to be repeatedly reviewed by the FDA before going to market. The word “substitute” in this context is meaningless because there is no general classification of ingredient called “substitute” that is used in food.

      1. You sir are wrong. The word “safe” should not be used in the gras term. If you research the list of so called chemicals on the gras list you will see that these are unnatural ingredients that should not be used in foods. Loki would you give your baby food containing BHT….propyl gallate….propyl paraben??? If you cared for your child you would not give him this to consume. A food can be made using natural ingredients minus these toxic additives that will most certainly cause harm to the body sooner or later. Do stop sugar coating the facts pal.

      2. Propyl paraben is a major “ingredient” in blueberries. I feed those to my child all the time.

  17. The implication that lupin is a modern “invention” is just not true…as is pointed out, it is a bean, and has been used as food, though usually for animals for a very long time. From Mrs Grieves’ “A Modern Herbal” (published in 1031 and now found on botanicaldotcom):
    “In 1917 a ‘Lupin’ banquet was given in Hamburg at a botanical gathering, at which a German Professor, Dr. Thoms, described the multifarious uses to which the Lupin might be put. At a table covered with a tablecloth of Lupin fibre, Lupin soup was served; after the soup came Lupin beefsteak, roasted in Lupin oil and seasoned with Lupin extract, then bread containing 20 per cent of Lupin, Lupin margarine and cheese of Lupin albumen, and finally Lupin liqueur and Lupin coffee. Lupin soap served for washing the hands, while Lupin-fibre paper and envelopes with Lupin adhesive were available for writing”
    So, sort of a soybean as far as its versatility and food uses. Recent updates to the quoted book indicate that the poisonous qualities attributed to various lupines may well be due to fungal contamination. But it is a bean, same family as peanuts….

    1. Sometimes, it’s not the raw ingredient of an additive, that is the problem. Quite often, it is how it is made or rendered, and the chemicals used to come up with an end use product.
      If you were to read how High Fructose Corn Syrup is made, it would make you sick to your stomach! It is soaked in mold baths and is most certainly made with GMO corn and made in China, the most polluted Country on earth.
      NO THANKS!!!!

  18. Can you leave my food alone? I mean if you want to inform me its bad that’s one thing and you have every right to not eat it but why do you have to ruin it for me. This is the same type of attitude that makes it impossible for anyone who makes under 40k a year to smoke cigarettes because someone decided to campaign to the point that the government decided to tax them to help “discourage” buyers. If someone wants to make a bad decision then let them, you can lead a horse to water, but stop trying to force him to drink. Let me live how I choose and for lack of a better term stay the hell out of my life.

    1. And this is the type of attitude that is sad. Why would you want to smoke and eat unhealthy foods and be a burden on the health industry? So many people who are sick and taking up a bed in the hospital are there because of their own habits. It is costly and unnecessary. Even if they live as long as a healthier person, their old age will be spent in and out of hospitals and taking prescription meds. Good times.

      1. Just who decides what foods are “healthy.” It frightens me that there are people like you who want to tell me what habits are good and what habits are bad. What about liberty? What about being responsible for your own behavior? What do you have against liberty?

    2. If you’re so opposed to what’s being presented on this site, why not just stay the hell off it? This site only pushes info to those who sign up…and your browser doesn’t make you go to this site, it’s a choice.

      1. I’m going to speak up when I think someone wants to impose their ideology on me and everyone else.

        I’m going to speak up when I think someone makes a ridiculous or false statement and calls it fact.

        I chose to be active on this website because I believe not everyone reading the comments are as extreme as some of the posters on this site.

    3. Your food… YOUR FOOD???? It’s OUR FOOD!!! You can eat dirt for all we care!!! Get real!!! WE WANT RESPONSIBLE LABELING !!!!! If your desire to eat garbage is SO STRONG I hear most garbage dumps don’t charge much at their tables!!

      1. And that goes for that “Seriously” “person” too. If your desire is SO STRONG FOR GARBAGE, then the garbage dumps are open.

  19. What a wonderful Blog. I fear that if we listen too intently we will have to not eat anything and will slip into the dark abyss from pure malnutrition. Fact is that people are living longer now that ever before. In spite of the horrific over eating and junk food. People who eat actually vegetables and fresh ingredients will likely last longer. Regardless of gluten or pesticides or any other preservatives. FYI without some of these preservatives vast swathes of people would die of starvation. Good luck everyone.

    1. Today’s overweight children are not expected to live as long as their parents generation.

      1. First of all, who is making the projection that our children aren’t going to live as long? If they are already overweight, maybe that is true. However if a child is overweight more than likely it is the parent to blame, not food.

  20. I think the real point is that having food manufacturing companies tell the FDA what is “generally recognized as safe” is a backwards process. Shouldn’t the FDA be the one determining this and advising the food companies? If the food companies are happy paying for studies they can simply pay the FDA to independently perform those same studies.
    Further, there is the case of allergy labeling to consider. The FDA requires labels for anything containing what they have determined to be a potentially life threatening allergen. This includes milk, wheat and peanuts (among others) so why isn’t labeling required for lupin, which is in the peanut family?
    Think the food companies really care what you eat? They are fighting to prevent the FDA from revoking the GRAS status of artificial trans fats.

    1. Food manufacturers provide lists of ingredients to the FDA, and most (if not all) ingredients have usually already been tested. So it’s not a backward process at all.

      Furthermore, the FDA’s requirement for food allergens is restricted only to what is most common. If they required such labels for all food allergens, guess what? EVERY SINGLE LABEL would have a warning. Some people have allergies to almonds, which is in the peach family. Ever see a warning on a peach? Even the label on the almond package warns that they’re processed on the same machines as peanuts. There’s no specific warning for people who are allergic to almonds! is that a problem? Not at all.

      The fact is, there’s no “grand conspiracy” by food manufacturers to try and bypass the FDA or to intentionally poison people. As a consumer YOU are responsible for reading the labels, YOU are responsible for looking out for your own safety. YOU don’t need the FDA to nanny you.

      1. As you point out, not ALL the ingredients have been tested. But even some that have been have not been INDEPENDENTLY tested. Are we supposed to take the self-serving word of the manufacturers? It IS a backwards process.

        As far as allergen labeling goes, you are correct that everything is allergic to someone and that would require everything to be labeled. But that’s not what I said. I agree with you that only the most prevalent ones are required to be listed. However, peanuts are specifically indicated, and lupin is in the peanut family and thus should fall under that warning. I’m glad we agree on that point.

        I will further agree that as a consumer we are responsible for our choices. However, when the labeling of food is in vague and often disguised terms this becomes almost impossible to decipher. And what about those who are unable to determine for themselves: children, elderly, mentally challenged, etc? Do we just throw them to the wolves?

        If you honestly believe that the food companies do not attempt to bypass the FDA regulations you are delusional. There is a reason that they hire risk assessment firms to evaluate each additive: to determine the liability costs vs the profits to be made. You are under the assumption that just because regulations exist that the FDA and food companies will follow them. If this were true, we would be a nation free of criminal wrongdoing. “Just make a law and they’ll follow it.” Say that yourself three times and tell that doesn’t sound totally ridiculous!

  21. I actually sauntered over to your site to see if you had anything to say about aspartame, seeing as how Pepsi decided to no longer use it based on the public’s perception that it is bad for you (Which it is not). Article here:

    Then I got caught up reading this article and the comments in it.

    If I had to guess you are probably against aspartame, and have a long and dubious list of reasons it’s bad for you. This, despite the fact that it is the most studied, re-examined, re-studied, tested, food additive by the FDA. So why is Pepsi taking it out? I would guess food scare mongers such as yourself have, for many years despite the science, convinced ignorant consumers that aspartame is e-e-e-eeevil.

    1. If you researched aspartame you would clearly see the forest through the trees. I am stunned by the ignorance here. You only reveal the fact that you are either a paid Monsanto agent, shiller or similarly. There is clearly a mountain of evidence in NUMEROUS (caps for emphasis only) studies done about aspartame. You might want to begin with Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, who has researched extensively and seen the effects of aspartame first-hand as a practicing neurosurgeon. Aspartame has been shown to have a direct effect on the brain for one. Dr. Blaylock is one of the world’s foremost experts on this. But I have a strong hunch that even the world’s foremost experts wouldn’t convince you or the others simply because you’ve been either paid, are working with big Ag companies or are just ignorant, refusing to find out the truth for yourself.

      Vani, you are doing a spectacular work. Keep it up. Don’t let these people discredit you. Keep up the good fight! Wishing you the very best.

      1. To JTH ( about Ovedya).
        Very well said. Thank you. I do hope he/she is being paid to write dumb stuff and doesn’t really beleive what he/she wrote.

      2. “But I have a strong hunch that even the world’s foremost experts wouldn’t convince you or the others simply because you’ve been either paid, are working with big Ag companies or are just ignorant, refusing to find out the truth for yourself.”

        Because someone has an opinion or draws a conclusion different from your own they are “just ignorant” or paid by big ag/Monsanto? What if I’m neither?

    2. Oh, you sauntered over did you??? Sauntered, don’t you mean schlepped??? The Industry must be so proud! GOOD FOR YOU for schlepping your way around the internet! WOW! What an accomplishment!

  22. I trust Vanni more than I trust any global conglomerate. The global conglomerate corporations have no problem lying to the public about food safety. They’re beholden to their shareholders, worshiping the might profit above all else. This has caused all of these companies to cheapen out their ingredients with lesser quality, less healthy and sometimes downright unsafe ingredients. You can’t trust them. At least Vanni is out there speaking out, she doesn’t have to be 100% right, she’s right more often than not and I know she has my health and safety foremost in her thoughts.

    You won’t beat the global conglomerates with legislation because they own the government, but you can vote with your dollars and force them to produce what you want to buy. Don’t buy any GMO products or anything produced by Monsanto, like RoundUp.

    Global conglomerates have surely unleashed their trolls and robots to spam this chat area.

  23. “innocent until proven guilty” is a wonderful political concept; however, it’s not so wonderful when it comes to establishing the safety of our food. I want proof that food is safe before I will feed it to my children, my friends, myself — not some vague statement that “it should be okay.” It’s that simple.

  24. Vani,

    This is the first time since your book has been released that I have read the comments to your investigative blog. I am appalled! Here’s what I notice:
    1. The number of commentors seems to be small, with a small vocal core group making many of the comments.
    2. The small vocal core group talks about the value of science, but then resorts to namecalling and put downs instead of science! I consider this juvenile and very unscientific.
    Vani, YOU are the scientific one! Thank you for representing those of us who want to discuss this topic in a civilized manner. Where can we do this? It is ob- viously not on this blog.

  25. Dear Vani, Vani’s team, and all her supporters,

    The more I see email from people that don’t support Vani’s message, the more I feel that the GMO folks are getting scared. I don’t understand why these people bother to read her message if they are interested in consuming the GMO foods and all the food ingredients the FDA approves as safe. Curious as to why they get so upset; just continue to eat all the junk you so admire. One does not need to be a scientist to understand that our processed food is not healthy and that only organic is the way to go. There are many sites that promote organic foods because many non-scientists know we can’t count on the FDA to keep our food safe. Dear Vani and supporters, you are doing a great job at delivering the message about our unsafe food supply and I thank you for all you do.

    1. I am not a GMO folk. I am getting scared though. When the food babe army wants to limit my access to good food you bet I get really scared. Statements such as “One does not need to be a scientist to understand that our processed food is not healthy and that only organic is the way to go” scare the heck out of me. Processed food can be healthy and organic food can kill people. One someone says there is only one way to go I get really scared.

      1. Processed food with toxic ingredients will be available to those who enjoy ingesting them for many years to come, I’m sure. In the meantime, for those who prefer not to vote with their dollars for those products will purchase a more nutrient-rich product. My belief is that the work Vani and her team and supports are doing is working and that’s why people are upset. People with different beliefs are also afraid of what Dr Oz is saying about GMOs which is why they want to discredit him also. There was a long period in educating people about the dangers of smoking and people finally got it. This will also happen with food. Just as there are still people who prefer to smoke and cigarettes are still available, food will go the same route. Those that prefer to eat process food with toxins can continue to do that and those that prefer to know what they’re eating will continue to do that. The movement is huge and there is no turning back. Companies are now losing profits and they will either have to change their product(s) or close their doors. Or they can down-size and sell to those that enjoy that type of food. I don’t have a problem with people eating what they prefer. I prefer to know what I’m eating and my preference is non-GMO, organic.

      2. There is only one way to go for me. For those that enjoy what I consider to be toxic food, please enjoy. I do think that companies are scared and trying to discredit Dr Oz and those that want GMO labeling. There is no going back though and when the profits continue to decline, companies will come around. Although like cigarettes, there will always be processed foods for those that enjoy them. The majority of people however prefer to eat nutrient-rich food. People don’t even have to debate this issue. All we have to do is vote with our dollars.

      3. So what is your version of “good food”? And what are these healthy processed foods you so admire? Do enlighten us.

      4. Jennifer… more than likely anything in the center isles with four inch long ingredients lists and things in it that defy pronunciation! lol. It’s ignorant beyond words!!!!!!

      5. Jennifer: Good food to me is free of spoilage. Good food to me is food that keeps humans from suffering from Kwashiorkor, Beriberi, or Pellagra. Just to name a few. When was the last time you have seen someone in the United States with any of the above diseases? Humans have been preserving their food through chemical drying for centuries. The founding fathers of the USA used chemical drying to preserve their food. Without it many people would have starved to death. Unless you live close to a supermarket or you waste your food I’m guessing you benefited from chemical drying too. Processing and preserving food keeps it from spoiling and helps retain the nutrients. Wholesome foods to me are bread, breakfast cereal, canned and pickled fruits and vegetables. Can you please give me an example of what you consider a toxic food and the dose at which it becomes toxic? What do you consider healthy food that can last for 6 months with out freezing or refrigerating?

  26. I am stunned by all the haters on the Food Babe website. My suggestion is for the haters and disbelievers: Please stop hating on the food babe, just don’t look at her website and you won’t have to be a judge. Not interested in your opinions. Thank you!

    1. Just because someone disagrees with you or your ideology doesn’t not mean they are haters. Just because people ask questions doesn’t mean they are haters.

      1. Except that you’re not asking questions – you’re simply telling people how great processed food is.

      2. Janine: Here are my questions

        1)Just who decides what foods are “healthy.”
        2) What about liberty? What about being responsible for your own behavior? What do you have against liberty?
        3)Because someone has an opinion or draws a conclusion different from your own they are “just ignorant” or paid by big ag/Monsanto? What if I’m neither?

        When did I ever say processed food was great? Just because food is processed doesn’t make it toxic or unhealthy. Do you agree with that or disagree with that?

      3. 1) It is common knowledge that healthy foods include items such as veggies, fruits, beans, whole grains, etc. Ever read the Blue Zones? – it’s about the oldest living people in the world – guess what they consume? Lots of produce, very little meat and NO processed foods.

        2) I’ve got nothing against liberty; I agree, everyone should be responsible for his or her behavior. If you want to eat junk, knock yourself out. Just don’t complain if you become ill or overweight from it, that’s all I ask.

        3) I have never said that you are “just ignorant” or are paid by big ag/Monsanto. You must have me mixed up with someone else you were ranting at – I mean speaking to.

  27. The trolling thing is sad. I did my own tests. When I eat processed foods I feel like crap. When I eat whole and yes, organic food I find I feel good and have more energy. Don’t bother writing a lot of hate because I won’t come back and read it.

    Vani you are great !

  28. Just a quick note to mention that even if the food companies go through the FDA process for approval (or disapproval ) of the additives in the product, FDA approval does in NO way confirm that such additives are fit for human consumption let alone safe. Essentially, any product, regardless of the the degree of toxicity (neonictinoids for example) will be approved by the FDA if the bank account requesting the approval is large enough. Sad but very true!

  29. Food Babe, I’m surprised at your naivety. The FDA is wholly operated, managed & owned by the large food companies. What they want to put into food is not up for any science based discussion. If it’s cheap, profitable & increases sales, it’s in our food.

    1. Bill you can’t believe in whatever the FDA tells you. Just think about all the stuff thats happening in the USA and all these unknown chemicals about artificial and natural flavors. I mean they say it’s natural favor and well I guess it is because, I guess beavers butts are natural and don’t you dare tell me I wrong, because really have you ever thought about how sweet a drink is when it is labeled natural flavor, that the drink , say strawberry milk taste so not like actual strawberries with milk, but sugary and fake? Well that is because they don’t actually put real strawberry (at times, sometimes they just add a bit of natural flavor) .
      Okay well my point is that their is a grand difference between knowing the facts and what the government says. Seriously they say that GMO’s are so good and that they are helping us feed the nation, but are they? The thing what we should be doing is not just producing more and more food, but actually giving it to the people who need it, there are indeed, a lot of people starving. Plus there has also been several studies that GMO’s are depleting our arable land and are taking so many beneficials nutrients and bacterias as need a lot more water than an organic farm. Genetically modified organism don’t just change the environment, but our bodies too. There are so many questions in how and what makes a GMO, yet we are not told anything. If they were to actually willing to show us how GMOs are made and to do a study than it can give the people an idea of not only what in our food, but to see if it’s safe. Food Babe is not dumb, I would say she is quite smart and I admire her for helping me realize things about not just whats in our food, but made me realize how people are quite blinded in their world seeking the cure for diseases and etc. She also helped me come to think about how our world, and the USA’s government isn’t quite honest to the people, nor about the environmental issues.

  30. They said vaccines were safe. They said GMO was safe. People must recognize GRAS as Generally Recognized As Safe as GASP – Generally Assumed Safe Postmortem

  31. I just found Ethoxyquin in El Paso taco seasoning. I looked this up and found that it is not approved for use as a direct food additive in foods for Hunan consumption. I unfortunately just made tacos . Thank you for speaking this weekend at the IIN Conference. You were inspiring!

  32. Wow. It’s s readily apparent from the change in tone of the comments here that the food industry has targeted Vani, as they have targeted Dr. Oz.

    At first I was tempted to suggest that the comments section be shut down, but then I realized that the opposition comments were so laughably obvious in their deceptive and manipulative approach that they only served to reinforce the importance of spreading this information.

    Don’t let them get you down, Vani

  33. What I don’t understand is,the people with the negative comments,why are they even here,commenting? I am here because I am interested in what Vani has to say,and agree with most of it. If I didn’t I certainly would not waste my time coming here just to complain and put others down.

    1. From politics to polyester, celery to cell phones, GMOs to global warming, the business of paying people to leave fake comments (lie) on Internet message boards and forums in order to sway public opinion has become big business. It’s even been given the nickname of “astroturfing”.

      And once the opposition forces target you , like they have Vani, they can be relentless. And when these comments masquerade as product reviews, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the truth from the lies. Spend a little time reading the reviews at Amazon, and you’ll see what I mean.

      Fortunately at sites like this, the liars and deceivers are easier to spot.

  34. Seriously? The people commenting here are adults? I’m not sure if I should be more alarmed by the greed and deception of corporations and government…or by the ignorance and ill-mannered nature of individuals in every day society. I’m a two-time cancer survivor; I’d much rather be alerted to something and then research it further on my own than to have my head stuck in the sand and be unaware of a potential threat to my health. Quit bickering and go volunteer at a hospice where it does no good to debate with someone dying of cancer. Or better yet, go to a women’s shelter and see how poor families are forced to eat. It is pathetic. Use your voice to make some positive changes and quit berating those who are possibly flawed on occasion because — newsflash — they are human but are at least attempting to better the health and lives of others.

  35. Thanks so much for this post Vani! I have a relative with a SEVERE nut allergy who could die from eating the wrong food. The epipen has been used more than once. I sent your post to him, so now he will be aware of lupin as well. To all your critics…I hope you never develop a life threatening allergy, because it is scary as heck.

  36. In the very same FDA web page that is linked here if you scroll up you read;
    ” Under 21 CFR 170.30(b), general recognition of safety through scientific procedures requires the same quantity and quality of scientific evidence as is required to obtain approval of the substance as a food additive and ordinarily is based upon published studies, which may be corroborated by unpublished studies and other data and information.
    Under 21 CFR 170.30(c) and 170.3(f), general recognition of safety through experience based on common use in foods requires a substantial history of consumption for food use by a significant number of consumers.”

  37. Isn’t the purpose of a forum to provide a place for discussion? I am not sure why anyone feels threatened by opposing views. And I certainly don’t understand why there needs to be name calling, sarcasm and such. Listening to opposing views with an open mind and making your own decision in the end is good. Blaming, name calling and labeling people with opposing views is just not necessary and is very hurtful. Let us all treat each other with respect and have an intelligent conversation. If you have proof that an opinion posted is indeed a post paid for by some organization, post the proof without the disrespect please.

  38. I would like to follow up that my relative read the post about lupin and now will watch out for it. Thanks again Van!!!. Separate point — I called the fine folks at Skippy Peanut Butter last week after buying their “Natural” creamy peanut butter — it does appear to be an improvement over the original recipe, but the “sugar” is not cane sugar, it is beet sugar — which likely means GMO beets, so there you go…now I know that sugar is not really sugar. Just more confirmation that you need to be a detective to feed your family…and that “Natural” doesn’t mean anything.

    1. FYI. Do you realize that almost everything is GMO of it reproduces by way of pollen? Do you know that you can barely find a soy plant that does not contain modified Genes from its original “parent”. Do you realize that corn would be the size and length of a middle finger if it wasn’t for the years and years of taking the strongest crops and mating them? Do you realize that evolution is genetic modification. When you select a mate you selectively modify the genetics of your offspring. Having worked in the industry, I know that the true definition of GMO is varied across the world. Please

      1. I would add, that you become yourself genetically modified just by staying in the sun (that’s why sometimes people get skin cancer, unfortunately…) and that the same happens to all plants as well as they spend most of their life in sunny conditions. Yes, light (particularly the UV wavelengths) can induce genetic modifications – no need for nasty chemical companies, it’s all natural 😉

  39. Wow Vani! You sure have a lot of haters reading your blog. I just wonder why they bother to read it at all? Anyway you are helping me turn my life around, one day at a time. Thanks again for your wonderful blog.

  40. The food babe and her followers constantly talk about food additives that are banned in Europe. In this story she mentions cancer rates. The U.S. right now is ranked 6 in the world in cancer rates. That is too high. However there are 3 European countries ranked higher than the U.S. and 13 of the top 21 are European countries. They don’t have the food additives that we do. How could it be that they are getting cancer basically the same as we are but, according to food babe, they eat much healthier than we do? It tells me that the problem is not in the foods we eat if we eat in moderation.

    1. I made a mistake. There are actually 4 European countries ranked higher in cancer rates than the U.S.

  41. I have a few big issues with regard to GMO’s:
    1) When corn, etc are engineered to withstand a ton of chemicals, and then are basically one of the few plants to survive in the field, well….I just don’t want to eat that Glyphosate, thank you very much. As a consumer, I should have the right to know if my food is GMO and then make my own decisions regarding which ones I will or will not purchase.
    2) When big Monsanto chemical company, creates these breeds of plants to support its primary underlying business, that’s really bothersome too. I mean, it’s not as if they are a wholesome seed company first and foremost.
    3)IMHO there is a huge national food experiment going on. Livestock, dairy products, corn, soy, chemical additives, fake flavor, color…The list is long. I personally choose to opt out of that experiment and am not risking it on my kids if I don’t have to.
    Do what you want, but knowledge is the key to making informed decisions and Vani is providing a lot of knowledge! Thanks again Vani!

    1. Well you could move to Europe where GMO products are labeled as such and all those chemical additives are banned according to the food babe. Unfortunately, the Europeans are in some cases less healthy than we are and in many cases about the same. It isn’t the food. Eat and drink in moderation, don’t smoke, exercise. That’s all the knowledge anybody needs.

    2. Bailey (and anyone else): Got a few more questions.
      -Are you opposed to GMOs that are developed by nonprofits and universities? Or just the ones that Monsanto develop?
      -If you wish to avoid foods made with GM than why can’t you use the labels already in place. Such as the USDA organic or GMO Free?
      -I really don’t understand how “Eat and drink in moderation, don’t smoke, exercise.” is considered an uniformed comment or an attack. Could someone please explain?

  42. Congrats again Vani.Again the masses,internet trolls and Hall are un informed and look for other reasons to attack you.”When you resort to attacking the messenger and not the message,you have lost the debate”.Thanks for all you do

  43. Thank you for the explanation of the FDA “approval” process. Sadly, much of our nation believes that all food ingredients are tested and approved by the FDA and therefore must be safe. Slowly through efforts such as yours, that veil is being lifted.

  44. Bailey: I’m really trying hard to understand the food babe army movement. Could you answer a few questions for me?
    1) Are you against GMOs that aren’t glyphosate resistant? Are you against insulin produced by GMOs for diabetics?
    2) Could you define “wholesome” seed company?
    3) What do you mean national food experiment? Are you saying you want all food to be 100% safe before it is released on the market? An “experiment” has been going on since the human race began.
    4) If you don’t trust the FDA and USDA why would you believe that their labels are telling the truth?
    Looking forward to hearing answers from you or anyone else.

  45. Just so you understand the reality of the food we eat – everything we eat have been genetically altered by humans since we discovered farming way back in Mesopotamia. The jersey cow and the freisian cow were created by human beings, the potatoes we eat, the wheat we use to make bread and cookies with were genetically modified by humans to be what they are. If you don’t like GMO then you need to stop eating all food because all our food is genetically modified including the organic products you all find so wonderful.

  46. It’s amazing how many people belive in her uneducated nonsense.
    the only threat to food is Vani.
    she’s criminally incompetent.
    Zero education and zero credibility.
    she is dangerous to your health not the food

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