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Do You Trust Snopes? You Won’t After Reading This.

The big players in the GMO and agrochemical industry – Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta, DuPont – are engaging in an extensive public relations, advertising, lobbying and political campaigning to make sure that genetically engineered crops (GMOs), and the chemical pesticides they require, continue to proliferate in the U.S.

To improve their public image, they are attempting to manipulate everything we see and hear about GMO crops and pesticides in the media and on TV, the internet and print articles – using propaganda-laden commercials, “mommy-blogger” articles, farmer endorsements, hired operatives to change Wikipedia, and front group websites. The biotech industry is feeling threatened, and their profits hang in the balance. They are trying to silence the truth

We now have evidence that the website is being manipulated by the industry too. But first, let’s examine what Snopes really is…

A lot of people trust the website and use it to fact-check things they hear on the internet. For no reason whatsoever, this mom-and-pop website has been put on a pedestal as if they are the be-all and end-all of truth on the internet.

Facebook recently teamed up with Snopes, allowing them become an arbitrator of fake news circulating on their network, essentially elevating them as an authoritative source of information. I find this development alarming on many levels:

  • While there is some fake news on the internet, this opens up the possibility that op-ed’s and independent journalism will get labeled as “fake news” if Snopes doesn’t agree with an opinion.
  • Articles can be deemed “false” if Snopes conducts sloppy fact checking. When it comes to the topic of food, it is imperative that everyone understands that this field is rampant with corrupt paid-off scientists and front groups that are working to protect profits of corporations at the expense of our health. You can not always trust information coming from self-proclaimed independent experts, and sources must be vetted extensively. 
  • We all have the ability to use critical thinking skills while reading news on Facebook or any other online platform – and should determine for ourselves what is false and what is the truth – instead of relying on the work of websites like Snopes to do that for us.
  • Everyone should feel empowered to seek out the truth on their own. Especially when it comes to our health, we need to be our own advocates and investigate the food that we are eating. 
  • This is treading too close to the line of censorship and can stifle our freedoms to express our ideas. 

Is Snopes a credible and authoritative source of information? 

  • Snopes now has a hired team of suspect fact checkers who collaborate to debunk falsehoods that are trending on the internet.

The recent series of events below demonstrates how Snopes has been influenced by Monsanto into manipulating the public opinion about the dangers of their bestselling product, Roundup weedkiller (aka glyphosate).


Monsanto has made BILLIONS off of the weedkiller Roundup (aka glyphosate) along with their Roundup-Ready GMO seeds, but sales have been plummeting since the truth about this toxic product is coming out. They are doing everything they can to keep those profits coming in! 

Food Democracy Now! and The Detox Project conducted a report showing how this popular weedkiller is present in many popular American foods and when my blog post went viral (Millions of views!), Snopes came out with an article claiming that it was a “MIXTURE” of truth and fiction. 


Snopes suddenly changed their assessment to FALSE about 24 hours later:


Did the facts really change? Why would they call this information FALSE?

When you compare both versions of Snopes’ article, you see that they edited it to suit a narrative that fits Monsanto’s agenda – it’s outrageous!

It’s as if Monsanto edited it themselves and sent it off to Snopes for publication. Entire sentences and paragraphs were removed that were hurtful to Monsanto. Important data was removed entirely. The wording was changed to make the findings of an independent FDA-registered laboratory seem less scientific or credible…


The data about how Cheerios and Stacy’s Pita Chips were found to have MORE glyphosate than the level permitted by the U.S. government in drinking water (700 ppb) was completely removed! Apparently Snopes believes it’s not factual or important to mention that some foods were found to have more weedkiller in them than even our lax regulations allow…



In this first revision, Snopes makes a huge mistake in stating that the World Health Organization’s International Agency For Research on Cancer’s (IARC) finding that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans was “overturned in March 2016”, which is NOT TRUE…


IARC’s 2015 assessment has NOT been overturned, this is just what Monsanto dreams would happen. In reality, the team of international independent cancer scientists at IARC who made the finding that glyphosate “probably causes cancer in humans” are defending their decision, while being attacked by Monsanto with their lobbying group attempting to cut off IARC’s funding. The 17 independent scientists at IARC came to an unanimous decision that isn’t muddled by industry ties, and Monsanto is trying to shut them up.

The subsequent 2016 Joint FAO-WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR) is not reliable as the scientists on the panel have a giant conflict of interest in working with ILSI Europe, a group funded by Monsanto, CropLife, and big food companies, along with a board of trustees comprised of industry execs from Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Nestle and others. Snopes is WRONG to say their finding is the “current consensus amongst the world’s regulatory agencies”. That’s the industry-funded view! 

A large body of peer reviewed research links glyphosate to cancer, reproductive problems, liver, kidney and skin cell damage, antibiotic-resistance, and more – but Monsanto doesn’t want the world to know the truth. The industry has a long history of of concealing health risks about their products from the public.

“Historically, the same thing happened with tobacco, the same thing happened with asbestos, the same thing happened with arsenic. It’s not junk science.” ~ Aaron Blair, PhD, MPH, internationally renowned epidemiologist and the author of more than 450 scientific papers, who spent thirty years at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Blair led the IARC panel

After Snopes realized their mistake, they revised this section of their article YET AGAIN for a second time…

Which just goes to show they don’t properly research the facts before publishing stories! 


Snopes completely removed their inquiry into the possibility that Monsanto has influence over the FDA and commentary about the potential harm of glyphosate to humans…


Monsanto has a long and sordid history of infiltrating the government and our regulatory agencies such as the FDA and EPA.

The FDA has been caught having closed-door meetings with industry representatives several times in the past. There is evidence that Monsanto met with the FDA specifically to discuss glyphosate residues in food in 2016:

In April of this year, Monsanto’s international regulatory affairs manager Amelia Jackson-Gheissari emailed FDA asking to set up a time to talk about “enforcement of residue levels in the USA, particularly glyphosate. ~ Huffington Post, September 2016


Monsanto also had secret talks with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about glyphosate and are trying to hide the documentation from the public.

“The plaintiffs’ attorneys say at least four specific documents they have obtained are clearly in the public interest and “illuminate that one of Monsanto’s chief business strategies is its secret and untoward influence on EPA.”Huffington Post, January 2017

Likewise, the industry group CropLife (which represents Monsanto and agrochemical companies) tried to stop the EPA from convening their scientific panel to review the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate. Read their August 24, 2016 letter to the EPA here. (The meeting took place in December, and the EPA’s findings have not yet been made public.)

Yet, my post was called “unsubstantiated”…



Who is really speaking the truth here? Who is distorting the facts? Why is Snopes helping Monsanto bury this story? Remember: Snopes makes all of their money from advertising.

Advertisements on Snopes website for Monsanto/Bayer:


The Shocking Revelation! Why Snopes Changed Their Article To “False”…

It was brought to my attention that after Snopes first called our piece a “MIXTURE” of truth, Monsanto’s operative (aka Kevin Folta) swept in and started bullying the reporter at Snopes into changing his article to claim that the information we presented was “FALSE”.

Kevin Folta tweeted Snopes and their reporter (Alex Kasprak) multiple times, again, and again, and again, and again, until they agreed to listen to him…


Kevin Folta is the scientist that has been widely discredited in the New York Times for his secret dealings with the industry and Monsanto.

He is NOT independent and works right along with Monsanto executives, industry consultants, and lobbyists to spread their propaganda…


Here, Kevin Folta solicited for and received a $25,000 grant from Monsanto to help them with their “3rd party approach to developing advocacy”.

In other words, this is how Monsanto quietly paid Kevin Folta to advocate for them…




Kevin Folta will now gladly point you to his funding page in an attempt to show that he is “independent” and “transparent”, however it shows he receives funding from…

  • The American Seed Trade Association – self described “advocates for the industry” led by corporate executives from Bayer, AgReliant Genetic, Dupont Pioneer.
  • In 2016, he was paid a $5,000 honorarium by the Florida Agrichemical and Fertilizer Association – an industry trade group for makers of pesticides and herbicides, of which he claims the funds are used to support his “science communication outreach program”. How is this outreach “independent” again?

For more on Kevin Folta’s connections to Monsanto and the industry, READ THIS:

It’s apparent from this series of events that Snopes edited their article to be favorable to Monsanto at the request of Kevin Folta.


Just as I had reported, Monsanto is scrambling to bury this story and Snopes is just one channel that they are using to make people believe that any story speaking negatively about Roundup and GMOs is false. This is a dirty fight and Monsanto’s propaganda is in full force. This Snopes piece is all marketing. Marketing for Monsanto! 

We contacted Snopes, but they refuse to correct their story: 

Snopes response to Food Babe: “The change in rating was mainly the result of my narrowing the focus of the claim to the alleged conspiracy to suppress residue data. This was in response to criticism from ‘both sides’ about a lack of clarity my original approach took. The issue with the FDN study, of course, is that its methods have not been peer-reviewed or even made public, outside of the fact that the report states the tool was an LC-MS-MS in an FDA-certified lab… My approach is to take the totality of these data, which argues that at environmentally relevant concentrations there is no harm through diet, while allowing that debate still exists within the the scientific community. That remains my position.”

After all of this… Kevin Folta admits that the glyphosate tests that we reported on were 100% CORRECT

That’s right. He contacted Anresco Laboratories and found that their testing was done 100% correctly and obtained honestly. In fact, in his podcast he admits he should have contacted them first. Yet Snopes still calls this report FALSE. Isn’t this ridiculous? 

Read Anresco Laboratories test results here and the statement on the validity of their testing here

Food Babe Army CALL TO ACTION:

1.  Contact Snopes here and tell them that their article about glyphosate in food is spreading misinformation propagated by discredited scientist Kevin Folta and should be retracted. 

2.  Spread the word that is NOT to be trusted. Share this post now! 

If you have friends or family that use Snopes as a factual source of information, please share this post with them! This is how we cut the legs off of Monsanto’s propaganda machine. We need to expose who Snopes really is and what they stand for. The truth will set you free!



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125 responses to “Do You Trust Snopes? You Won’t After Reading This.

    1. The truth is so stark. Do these light, biased and often journalists really think they’re convincing the majority of people. The mainstream journalists now seem to be shills for the corporate sponsored and owned press. It is so obvious that they’re not being honest, and even worse, that they care nothing about human well being. That is what is so depraved. I’m sure their editor tells them what outcome to arrive at, rather than by a discernment of the real truth. Thank you Vanni – you are wonderful hard working, caring individual and we thank you. Continue to advocate for what is good and true.People around us are getting sick young & middle aged.

    2. Michael, Yes you are right! Here is the link to sign the petition against Googles censorship if Mike Adams, aka, Health Ranger of Natural News. I frequently post links to Vani’s articles there and he has had searches for his site wiped from Google. They are low lifes and must be stopped.
      Vani, God Bless YOU and Keep on getting the TRUTH out there. What a fantastic job you have done here. WOW

      1. The WH has no jurisdiction over what Google chooses to do regarding indexing sites. The laws against censorship apply only to the government.

        Signing the petition will have zero effect on Google’s operations.

  1. I love you. And your work is critical. But I find the slut shaming in your article to be really negative and it turned me off at the beginning everything you said and here is really important but the negativity towards other women in the beginning was really unnecessary.

    1. I’m sorry, what? I just read the whole article and am wondering if we even read the same thing. If you’re talking about her reference to prostitutes, she actually cited a news article that referred to them as literal prostitutes. I don’t know how else you would word that or what you would prefer she called them, but I definitely didn’t see it as a bad attitude toward women.

    2. Sorry but I just read the article and didn’t find a single trace of “slut shaming”. The only “slut” this article may have been referring to would be SNOPES!!!

      Seriously folks, it’s talk like this that’s holding this generation back.
      Research, study, take responsibility for your own life and health, expose the truth, vote with your dollar and GROW UP! Life isn’t a safe space.

      1. OH PLEASE! Show me where it’s written that women are obligated to defend one another under all circumstances. This sorry excuse for a woman at Snopes is pig sh*t and deserves to be called out for what she is. Kudos to Vani, and shame on you!

      2. JFlo, not intended for you. It was intended for Becca Tieder. Don’t know how it ended up under your name. Apologies.

      3. Nowhere have I seen anything that supports the “study” performed by Food Democracy Now. I have briefly reviewed their report and find their methods section very scant on information necessary to allow researchers to reproduce this work in a lab. Where samples analyzed in replicate or a one off injection? Were these samples analyzed elsewhere using the same methods? Were their methods validated? Numerous samples are indicated to be rough estimates. Thus not actual quantified results. The lab that did the analysis also indicate that the values may not be an accurate representation of the sample. I have see several studies which counter this. They have found no detectable levels of glyphosate in sampled food stuffs. And I do research and extensive study. I have a PhD in Chemistry, particularly analytical chemistry with further specialization in mass spectrometry, which is the instrumentation reportedly used in this study.

    3. OH PLEASE! Show me where it’s written that women are obligated to defend one another under all circumstances. This sorry excuse for a woman at Snopes is pig sh*t and deserves to be called out for what she is. Kudos to Vani, and shame on you!

  2. Right on Food Babe! Alex Jones has also come out against Snopes, you should contact their people and do an interview with them. This would get the word out worldwide.

    1. Aaannnndddd you lost ALL respect and authority both moral and relative by bringing up that diseased quasimodo wannabe Alex Jones. Ales Jones thinks the Sandy hook elementary shooting was a setup! He’s an adderal prescription away from declaring himself an alien abductee. He belongs in a x files episode not a in a serious discussion of scientific credibility. If you are serious about wanting real political change just apply the same credulity to his support of the new president. Tump tapped an anti-EPA state AG to lead the EPA, a man with a very conservative view of what the government should regulate. The administration has been gung ho on closing off all discussions based on politically uncomfortable scientific truths from climate change to animal welfare. Do you honestly think a man who’s supporters mainly come from business groups wants to help roll out government created controls on big business? When their entire goal is to grow jobs at whatever the cost to the environment? I’m sorry, but you really need to analyze your information and ask yourself why you trust such inherently conflicting ideology.

      1. Except A;ex and Infowars has proven the mainstream media to be FAKE NEWS over and over again. You’ve shown your true colors now. Nobody believes you.

      2. And you’re an idiot and a liar! Sandy Hook contains a lot of suspicious stories that were NEVER debunked, from the homes in the town being paid off on Christmas Day, to the school being shut down prior to the alleged shooting, to the dead kids turning up in other news stories. Alex Jones never said Sandy hook was a setup. That is a conclusion of many people. When big mouth leftists like you get a hold of it, you think you can throw the word “conspiracy” at it and it is automatically debunked. As for Climate change, formally called Global Warming until that WAS debunked, is nothing but a taxing scheme to charge people for their carbon footprint. They might as well charge us for the air we breathe. As for our President, his head of the EPA is going after ridiculous regulations that were designed to KILL the industry in America in the name of conservation, so before you condescendingly attack someones credibility, just make sure you know what the hell you’re talking about.

      3. I proudly support independent media such as Alex Jones of InfoWars and Mike Adams of NaturalNews both of which are currently being sabotaged by Google and the corrupt MSM. Look into it! Google is trying to censor them RIGHT NOW!

        Whether you agree with them or not – and I’m not saying I agree with everything they say – but I strongly encourage us all to support freedom of the press! I mean, freedom of press and freedom of speech have us Food Babe afterall!!!

      4. Right on, Rebecca. It is possible to agree with Vani’s stance on Monsanto while understanding that Alex Jones and the like are conspiracy theory, hate mongering hacks. Of course we must support the free press and the first amendment at every turn but the narrative being shaped right now as to what qualifies as “news” is a joke and serves to further dumb down America.

  3. Thanks Vani for all you do! The truth is the truth! Tough for folks to hear! They need to realize facts vs fiction! Corporate greed will kill us unless we tell the truth!
    Our health is more important!

  4. I had never heard of Snopes but there is absolutely no way I would trust ANY processed food that isn’t organic. I would steal clear of most organically processed packaged food as well (largely because of sugar content) but if I was to choose it would always be organic. Our food supply is sooo compromised it’s an understatement. All you have to do is look around at the young children today with the onset of maladies that usually are exhibited in the elderly. There’s no doubt it’s the results of the horrific food supply, environment toxins and over-medication. Good food, exercise, sleep, healthy relationships and fresh air heal and nurture the body to thrive.

    All the best Vani, Food Babe.


    1. Oh you are so right about youngsters having so many illness. I am shocked when I grocery shop and see shoppers with babies and older children, and mostly processed foods, quick dinners, snacks etc which are killers and with sugar, goodness can’t the parent or parents cook clean healthy food for the week ,freeze and ready to heat. The foods are killing us with all the chemicals and as far as I am concerned the government needs a clean out, just saying the truth.

    2. Thank you Vani for standing up and biting back. I love how you expose the truth and post your exhibits of before & after so all of us who care can easily get to the point and easily see what is going on.

      The other day while in the grocery store, I saw a bag of Stacey’s Pita Chips that were marked Organic. Guess what? That company lost my trust & me as a customer. If they or any other processed food company who has recently gone “organic”, it’s because their customers are more aware due to really hard and grueling work Food Activists like yourself are dedicated to. In my opinion, those companies should be endorsing YOU, Vani. Until they support Food Activism, I’m not buying their products.

      You Rock Vani!!

  5. Re:Advertisements on Snopes website for Monsanto/Bayer:

    This is not correct. Everybody knows thad ads placed on a website have more to do with what “YOU” pay attention to rather than any connection to the content that is on the page. Amazon does it, Yahoo does it, and Google et al do it too. Go to Amazon and search for something specific and advertising for that product propagates on pages that have nothing to do with what website you are on. I bet that when I leave this page the Food Babe ads will show up on my Facebook pages and other web sites. Since I am a customer of Amazon and and, whenever I visit their websites I get emails within seconds of visiting their pages. The web is connected. You get ads about whatever you pay the most attention to. You must have researched a lot for Monsanto in order to get these ads on that page.

    1. That’s not entirely true. I work in the advertising and marketing, and as a marketer who has done extensive work in digital marketing, it is certainly possible that a company can heavily focus their traffic in specific places. While what you say is true, your traffic can influence the ads that you see, but that does not wash away the real possibility Bayer / Monsanto could target directly.

      In fact, I proved it. I opened up Safari, which I *never* use on my work computer. And across all web browsers, I cleared all of my cache and cookies, thus removing any possibility of tracing or influencing ad networks. I found the same article on that this article is referring to. And boom, the same Monsanto ad shows up at the top:

      It’s pretty clear that they’re buying their way onto

  6. Keep it up Vani 🙂
    We need more people like you in the world who are inspiring and encouraging others to grow in knowledge. Thank you for all that you do! Mom of two healthy young girls. We all can make a possitive change in this world by sharing the truth in love!

  7. I absolutely love that you have the balls to expose these companies. But I worry for your safety. When know how these big companies play. Please be careful….

  8. Thank you for investigating and turning the light on these horrible practices.
    I will no longer use Snopes, and will pass this along to everyone I know.
    I boycotted Monsanto long ago.

    We need heroes today more than ever, and both disappoint 1000 percent.

    You on the other hand, are one.

    Thanks Food Babe,

  9. I find it hard to believe we are VICTIMS of these DIRTY money making FOOD PROCESSORS. Why so much sickness ??? Can we not have a food system that is CLEAN that should be stander practices. CHEMICALS in food !!! why don’t we PROTEST these Horrible practices.I feel so sorry for our children and elderly. Theses companies should be thrown OUT of America . Do it right or nothing at all. My stand and I’m sticking to it. Let’s go back to our small businesses that make crackers ect. Like we used to. Why can’t we grow food the old fashion way no chemicals. IT WORKS and not near the MIllions that we pay for the sickness. WE ARE MAD TO GIVE CHEMICALS to ourselves. I bet they don’t have this TRASH, CALLED FOOD in there KITHCHENS.

  10. Your work is one of initial inspirations in my journey of changing my lifestyle. Your activism is very important, and you are educating many people. I will never believe the Monsanto industry!

  11. I recommended Food Democracy Now’s Cheerios/glyphosate article to my local news station (ABC 7) but they never ran with it, so I forwarded the article to my friends and family instead. My father regularly eats Cheerios against my recommendation, and of course he’s been having numerous health issues over the years while I don’t even know my primary doctor’s name off hand (I’m in great health thanks to my Organic, low carb, pretty-much-no-meat diet).
    Thanks for fighting the good fight, Food Babe.

  12. Many are being discredit for telling the truth such as Mike Adams and Alex Jones.
    I agree with what a lot has replied and it is sad that some live in glass houses not to find out what the truth is. Back in the forties and fifties people ate clean food that tasted like real food but people today haven’t not a clue. We are being lead to an early death chamber with food being modified and the air we breath. Wisdom of education has been thrown out the window with face book at the helm. God Bless you Vani for what you do to expose the truth.

  13. Don’t think anybody is catching on… the cull is well under way… its not about the money its about population reduction… They will be arming the immigrants (soldiers) soon… some countries citizens have been disarmed in anticipation of the final part of the globalist plan…. Some counties have already fallen, some are about to fall the politicians that think there getting looked after for doing business are going to meet their end the same way their citizens will… fact…

  14. I stopped buying/consuming all of the products listed in this study when I saw it and I’ve shared the post on my social media for friends and family to see. I will do it again today to remind us all 🙂 This article is incredible, the GMO and agrochemical industry has everything to lose, this way of processing our food simply hasn’t been around long enough to be considered safe and it’s not. The declining health and staggering obesity rate in this country since GMO and agrochemicals been introduced into our “food” is enough evidence for me. Stick to real, organic food and skip the processed CRAP! Thank you FoodBabe!

  15. Keep up the good work. I love you and you inspired me in so many ways! Thank you for leading the fight and being such an inspiring activist!

  16. If you want to be fair, you should also post a link to the Snopes article about this issue.

    Because you are posting a one-sided argument, that makes your argument have as much worth as Monsanto’s. If you are asserting that Monsanto is globally conspiring to poison us, then you need to also address how the EPA, FDA and even the UN’s WHO got to their current positions.

    I’m not saying that Monsanto’s products are the shining paragon of food safety they claim, but you should be fair about your attacks and that will give you more credibility among those who take one-sided activism with the sale grain of salt as government promises.

    1. Michael, I appreciate your logic based response, but take it from me: I’ve been scared “sh_ _less” by a late night call later discovered to be originating from someone connected with one of the insurance giants in the U.S. Threatening Monsanto is no different than attacking a rabid alligator in the nude with a dull butter knife.

  17. Thank you Food Babe! Great information !! We need to take it seriously. It is so important to go organic even if it means cutting back in other areas of our budgets. I believe every word of what you shared ! Bless you for your activism!!

  18. SNOPES was found a number of years ago to be untrustworthy re most any subject. Educated people see right through their “opinions”. might be a better place to research.
    Read an article that stated this is the year where rules re: ingredients listed in our foods are going to be relaxed. That may mean we cannot trust anyone’s opinion on any foods! Grow your own, I say!

  19. Re. SNOPES – I am sure if we look hard enough, we will find in microscopic lettering: “for entertainment purposes only “.

  20. Vani – Well done job of investigating and proving the incestuous relationship between big ag, snopes, and the regulators. . If you were a danger to them you would not be a target. I believe there is a concerted effort by some powers to take down the truth. They are also apparently going after Mike Adams. Hang tough and keep telling the facts. You will know when you have hit a real nerve when you articles are blocked on Google.

      Petition to Ban Google’s Blatant Suppression of Free Speech
      Created by R.W. on February 23, 2017

  21. Another job well done! thank you Vani for always providing detailed evidence and sources in your work!!! Haters hate because they don’t have truth on their side. Let’s all become more aware and work together to bring back integrity in our journalism and reporting! Together we can take down the real Fake News! First we need to stop reading it!

    Seek out independent media sources. In addition to Food Babe you can find some others at Censored (dot) News. There is also The Truth About Cancer and GreenMedInfo

  22. Wow what whould we do without this wonderful Foodbabe and her investigations in to the corruption of Companies being hushed up with Money from Monsanto, I am sick to my stomach what these S.O.B.’s are getting away with, they are feeding children poison, and do not care and this so called Senate is not doing anything about it, what happend to the people in this country, no one cares any moore, very sad Karin

  23. Food Babe – speaking of all these lies and cover ups – where do you stand on the Mike Adams and NaturalNews website being censored by Google for writing articles that they didn’t agree with? Yes, Google literally just blacklisted an entire website from it’s search engine. You can test it by searching for NaturalNews on Google and then trying the same search on Bing or Yahoo!

    Are you ever concerned they might come for you too if you cross the line?

    Recently I’ve become more aware of not only Fake News, but also Fake SEARCHES! Has anyone else noticed that “googling” for certain things doesn’t pull the same results as it used to…consider the censorship of Mike Adams on NaturalNews.

    Food Babe keep up the good fight!!

  24. Wow, yet another fantastic investigation. Why could one woman uncover all this harmful information when an entire FDA could (or would) not? This is a disturbing and bizarre coverup.

  25. Thank u so much for putting all this out there for everybody to read and wake up about these big companies poisoning our children and our country, I will forward this to everyone I know

  26. Now that we have a person in charge of the EPA that doesn’t even believe in global warming your work is even more important,thank you

  27. Some readers may seriously question how much of the negative information against Monsanto to date is all that bad or one-sided. My own experience into just ONE of the insurance industry carrier giants showed me in 1998 that bottom line profits creates a VERY powerful and dark opportunity for the wrong people to seize personal gain/profit. I was called late one night in August of 1998 and told sternly to immediately set fire to a couple of drawers of files of mine as the caller quite accidentally found I was being tailed by an unknown party in a dark SUV with darkened glass as he soon thereafter discovered the same vehicle trailing him. The files of damning information in my cabinets were on the verge of sending a billion dollar lawsuit toward about a 10 fold higher lawsuit regarding mold caused by a defective product that was then flourishing species of toxic molds quietly inside thousands upon thousands of homes, apartments, and condo walls in the U.S. From my personal/professional experience, the Food Babe’s mission to take on the giant Monsanto is pretty much tantamount to trying to rob the Clinton Foundation. Monsanto is the very definition of a “Very powerful corporation without any moral compass.” Food Babe, my hat is off to you and STAY ALERT & SAFE!!

    1. How did this end? Did you set the files on fire? What happened to your friend? Was there legal action against the manufacturer of the product (was that wallboard made in China?) and the insurance company? Don’t leave us hanging….

  28. SNOPES=SNOOPS It’s in your face! And right, diss any search engine which is affiliated with goggle, uh google……(once again, the name is right there!)

  29. Hi Everybody. I’m the scientist that Vani refers to in the story. Sadly, she’s been really angry with me since I questioned her claims years ago. She’s used FOIA to capture 30,000 pages of my personal emails and cost you, the taxpayer, >$50,000 to do it. What did she find? Not much.

    She takes my words out of context and holds up a donation to an outreach program as evidence that I should not be trusted. I’ve been in public science for 30 years. I do a lot of communications outreach, and activities for schools. She does not like this.

    All of my funding is public record– everything. Ask her to do the same.

    I conduct my work with the greatest integrity and I”m sad that she tries to harm my career and the trust I’ve developed as a long-term public scientist.

    Reach out if you have questions or if I can be of assistance.


    Story here.


    And proof that when something good starts to become popular and powerful you can bet this attracts the greedy and the unmindful and brings RUIN to it.

    Seen this happen too many times before.

    Thank you for alerting us!

  31. It used to be fun to check Snopes, but some years ago I could detect a change. Its bias in some situations, particularly political, was evident. I stopped visiting their site and stopped thinking about them altogether. Thanks to your research Vani, hopefully Snopes will fall into the dustbin and a new, truly objective fact-checking site will take Snopes place.

  32. just a note, adds are usually filled in based on your interests. So if you do a lot of searching about Monsanto, there’s a good likelihood that adds tailored to your interests will be about or for Monsanto. So, you should really take that part out.

  33. I believe the glyphosate gets in because the kernels are not of equal moisture content when sprayed so absorption happens in the earlier growth grains. When entering the digestive system our immune cells have to pick an enemy when provoked by an irritant and aren’t set up for glyphosate so latch on to the horse it rode in on and bamn you have the gluten intolerance hysteria. Just a theory.

    1. “I believe the glyphosate gets in because the kernels are not of equal moisture content when sprayed so absorption happens in the earlier growth grains.”

      in almost all instances, Roundup is sprayed on the crops when the crop is very small, and most of the spray lands on the dirt. In corn, for example, the ears and kernels have not yet appeared at that point. Roundup does not last very long in soil.

      I would challenge you to provide reputable independent lab studies of the levels of glyphosate that has been found in grains, then we’ll talk!

      1. The RoundUp has another use too…Glyphosate (roundup) is also sprayed on the crops nearer to harvest to help dry them out evenly. In old days wheat was harvested and set to dry in stacks in the fields. Now there is no time for waiting. So they just spray some roundup on them at the time near the harvest as well so they all dry out at the same time. During that time it can also soak up in through the roots and into the kernel.

  34. Food Babe you continue to amaze with your extensive research – thank you.
    I wrote to the White House asking that the new Commissioner of Food and Drug make this a prime concern.
    I know many who suffer extreme allergic reactions to glysophates, but since doctors have little or no information regarding the effects diagnosis is virtually impossible and patients are not receiving the treatments they need.
    Thanks for all the information – I hope many will read it and stop using these products.

  35. From the daily mail story about snopes:

    “One of the lead fact-checkers, Kim LaCapria, has also been a sex-and-fetish blogger who went by the pseudonym ‘Vice Vixen.’

    She described her blog as a lifestyle website ‘with a specific focus on naughtiness, sin, carnal pursuits, and general hedonism and bonne vivante-ery.’

    She regularly provided intimate advice and reviewed sex toys, including a vibrating wand that ‘drives boys mad.’

    ‘If you are doing something to your fella, and you apply this to the base of his cash-and-prizes while you carry on, he will scream and perhaps cry,’ she wrote.

    She also recommended one book with the review: ‘How to Tell A Naked Man What To Do seems like the perfect how-to for the dominatrix-in-waiting, or any girl looking to get in touch with her domme side. Mine, I wish I could shut her up sometimes, but there you go.’

    In others posts, LaCapria claimed to be ‘addicted to smutty HP [Harry Potter] fanfic.’

    Describing her day-off activities on another blog, she wrote that she ‘played scrabble, smoked pot, and posted to Snopes.’ She added, ‘That’s what I did on my day “on,” too.'”

  36. Excellent article! I have contacted snopes, too. And I have been telling people for years that Snopes can’t be trusted as a reliable source of truth. This article is just another nail in their coffin, as far as I am concerned.

    1. Comment I get so tired people designating left and right as this or that. They both lie. They both manipulate. Don't tell me leftist telling any more lies than rightists. says:

      Glad to see a post about SNOPES. But, I’m not finding any way to post on FB.

  37. Snopes is trustworthy for what they claim to be. They fact check news and statements by politicians, leaders & pundits, email scams, and plenty of fake news. They have reported on GMOs and Monsanto as far as news and public information. Snopes tries to shed light on claims based on available information and updates their reporting as they continue to recieve additional information from redible sources. Snopes is not claiming to be a source of the information you seek.

    Why would anyone use snopes to research Monsanto’s scientific claims about the toxicity of chemicals? Snopes is not an independent laboratory and does not have the funding or expertise to conduct research on the hazards of specific chemicals and run longitudinal studies of people exposed to chemicals and testing of food products for traces of chemical contamination or abnormalities. If you truly wish to discover scientific truths and test company claims of safety, demand tht the government and university labs investigate claims.

  38. I am a retired Manager of a Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. I spent decades in the field of Cardiac Intervention and traveled the world exploring new techniques and equipment before our FDA would finish their tedious inqueries and allow us to use cutting edge equipment and procedures in America. My life in this field was data driven since the Practice of Medicine is often held hostage by litigation from lawyers looking to make a buck…SNOPES was their friend. Follow the money when asking Snopes for an opinion.

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