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Eating With Your Dollars: The best fast food money can buy

Sawadee ka from Thailand!
Drinking Juice In Thailand
Drinking fresh raw organic vegetable juice is one of the fastest and easiest ways to stay in tip top shape while vacationing and just happens to be one of the best ways to Eat With Your Dollars. It’s something I do no matter where I am in the world (including here in Thailand) and do back home almost daily. And just so you know, I’m not talking about opening a can of “V8” or buying a ready made juice like “Naked” that has been pasteurized. To continue reading click here

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7 responses to “Eating With Your Dollars: The best fast food money can buy

  1. Love what you are doing by making the world aware of how to live a healthy lifestyle and eat well! How about some affordable ideas though? Most of us can’t afford a $3000 juicer! Would love some practical ideas about how to make this work.

  2. Hey Vani! Just want to let you know that you’re doing such a great job sharing with us all what you love and are so passionate about. It’s a true inspiration to see you at work. I read this article that you posted on that other website and I was reading the comments and noticed that there was a person that suggested that we soak the vegetables with water and peroxide for about 15 minutes, rinse then 5 more minutes with lemon. Is this the best way to wash the veggies? I find that I’m not very confident with this matter yet. Please help and thank you!

  3. I appreciate the tremendous work you are doing to uncover what the greed and profit driven food industry is putting in our “food”. However, I cringe every time you push “vote/eat with your dollars” because it is highly classist and disparaging to the millions of people in this country who economically are disenfranchised. Having less money should not mean you have less of a voice.

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