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The Cleanest Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder is here!

People always ask, “Vani, what protein powder do you recommend?”

I have tried so many, and none of them met my ingredient standards.

And they tasted bad, too. Some were chalky. Some were way too sweet. Some were just plain gross.

I knew I eventually wanted to create my own protein powder, and I’m proud to say the time has come.

I created an organic Plant Based Protein Powder that I fully stand behind, and I LOVE IT. It’s the best tasting powder I’ve ever had, and I know it’s the healthiest.

In this video, I share what inspired me to start working on this product in the first place. Something awful was found in a protein powder I used to like… it’s a weird (and disgusting) story… 

Read all about the ingredients in Truvani’s Plant Based Protein here + learn how you can save up to 35% with special Launch Pricing!

It has just 6 simple ingredients that are certified USDA organic, non-GMO, and vegan. Each ingredient was hand selected by me and the Truvani team. We tested each of them for heavy metals, and they lived up to our standards.

And believe me. This testing is important.

Many companies claim to use high quality ingredients, but I’ve discovered this isn’t always true. Even though many of the ingredients found in our Plant Based Protein Powder are relatively common, the quality of our ingredients are much better.

I’ll prove it…

When I was sourcing ingredients for this product, I contacted 52 separate sources.

Most of them failed our initial questioning, and the few that passed sent over a sample for testing… and each one failed the heavy metals test.

And there was one ingredient in particular that gave us the most trouble… Organic Pea Protein.

I couldn’t believe it. This was a COMMON ingredient found in many other Plant Based Protein Powders. Why was it so hard to find a clean version?

Each time another failed source came back I felt so defeated.

Then we finally found ONE supplier who did something unique with their Organic Pea Protein, and it made all the difference. It has a much better texture that mixes perfectly in water with no chalky feel in your mouth. What makes our Organic Pea Protein different?

I tell the rest of the story here.  

The bottom line: No one tests their ingredients as thoroughly as Truvani does. It’s just that important to us.

Get your hands on the new Truvani Plant Based Protein Powder here.

I never set out to create my own product line, but I got sick and tired of playing “whack a mole” with these Big Food companies. The world needs a company that actually cares about the products they create. And even though it means I have to be careful in some ways, it also means I can start hitting these companies where it hurts the most… their bottom line.

Remember, at Truvani we believe in real food without added chemicals. Products without toxins. Labels without lies. We will be transparent with our ingredient sourcing and pick the best ingredients available. Always.

So, when you buy a Truvani product, you should know this:

You will get a remarkable product and you’ll also be helping us build a company that has a big vision of changing the food industry.

Be one of the first to try Truvani Plant Based Protein Powder right here.

I can’t thank you enough for your support!



P.S. If you know anyone who uses protein powder (I know you do!) please share this with them and let them know where to find the cleanest protein on the market!

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19 responses to “The Cleanest Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder is here!

  1. What about heavy metals in the Truvani protein powder? Has it been tested for heavy metals? I gave up on Protein powder because almost all protein powders have heavy metaks.

    1. Steve, She post in her blog here…..”We tested each of them for heavy metals, and they lived up to our standards.”

      1. Are you sure there is NO LEAD in this product? Isn’t lead a heavy metal? Lead is a known toxin.

  2. It’s plant based. That means it’s not a complete protein and is not nearly as good for you…from a protein standpoint.

  3. I want to comment on the new protein powder. I used it for the first time this morning and I like it a lot; it is very easy to mix and tastes really good. I blended it with organic hemp milk and organic kefir and it tasted like a chocolate milk shake. I am so glad to have found such a clean source of protein powder. I have been using several brands; Truvani is my new favorite. If Vani offers it in vanilla I will buy that one as well. I also use the turmeric. Thank you to the Food Babe for making my life easier and healthier.

  4. Hi, could you please tell me if I mix with almond mild will the consistency be thick like a shake or thin like the milk? Thank you

  5. Food Babe hit it out of the park on the chocolate protein powder! I have been using protein powders for years and this one is by far the BEST protein powder I have ever used. Initially
    I looked at the price and thought it was simply too expensive. And while it is expensive I now
    know that it’s the best you will find anywhere. I would actually pay more for it because it is clean and healthy for my body. Why would I not pay more for a product that is delicious and the best
    for my body. I love my body and I want to give it the best that I can find.

    Vani, please … the next protein powder should be vanilla. I am ready to purchase it right now.
    So, please think about this flavor as the next protein powder.

    Please let me add one more explicit comment about the chocolate protein powder. Why do I love it? First, it’s delicious without even having to add fruits to it . It is smooth and the FIRST non-grainy protein powder I have ever had. Adding berries or pineapple takes it to another level of good.

    Thanks to Food Babe for all you have taught me, for all the wonderful products you have created… I also love the turmeric. And, thanks for the hard work you do each day working to help Americans
    understand the importance of eating healthy and taking the steps to choose the best foods for your body and your health.

  6. Your product sounds great, but I have a couple of questions.

    How often do you plan to re-test for heavy metal levels? And would you be willing to provide the heavy metals results from your current testing? Thank you!

  7. I can’t have chocolate…can you recommend a protein powder that isn’t whey and has a lot of protein that is either vanilla or plain?

  8. Couple of suggestions. I’d LOVE to try this, but I would want a few sample packets to try it first…Also, and this is just me, but even if I loved it, since it’s a per month membership thing, I wouldn’t sign up for it just because the bag isn’t even going to last a month…20 days? I drink a shake every day of the week. Maybe people don’t normally drink on a Saturday or Sunday? I do because those 2 days are my long workout days when I’m triathlon training…or if they are race days…JUST A SUGGESTION as to why I’m holding off buying it even though I’d probably love it…

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