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Lawsuit Against Health? Chick-Fil-A vs. Kale

Yesterday I learned of a seriously disturbing potential lawsuit against a man named Bo Muller-Moore who sells “Eat More Kale” t-shirts in Vermont and wishes to trademark the phrase.  If you haven’t heard about this yet – here is the NY Times Article published yesterday.


Chick-Fil-A who has the slogan “Eat Mor Chikin” is threatening Bo and his t-shirt making business because they feel that “Eat More Kale” is infringing on their trademarked rights, intellectual property and it threatens their brand because it is similar. They released this letter in response to the NY Times Article and to all the complaints they have been receiving.

In this letter, they state that they have coexisted with Bo’s company for 5 years now. So why are they targeting him now, you ask? What does a trademark really give Bo that he didn’t have before? Well it gives him the right to use “Eat More Kale” exclusively to distinguish his products from others and to prevent other people from copying his t-shirt designs.

Now let me ask you – Does “Eat More Kale” sound anything like “Eat Mor Chikin”? Or look like it?  At least Bo uses correct spelling in his phrase. Would you get confused between the two or perhaps think Chick-Fil-A started serving kale!?

HA! Rrrrright! When chikins fly. 🙂

I’d love to hear what Food Babe readers and fans think about this potential lawsuit…. here’s my opinion:

I think it is absolutely reprehensible for a company who sells chemically laden fast food to go after a vegetable. Because that is exactly what it is at the core fundamental level. It might look like Chick-Fil-A is going after this man’s business or his slogan, but what they are actually going after is eating healthy. You see Chick-Fil-A is the antithesis of kale. Chick-Fil-A isn’t grown naturally or locally.  If you read my article “Chick-Fil-A or Chemical-Fil-A” you know and see exactly why. Chick-Fil-A is in the notoriously unhealthy low quality food business – not the organic whole foods business. This is pretty freaking clear.  It’s interesting that Chick-Fil-A would have such a low level of confidence in their consumers in the first place because anyone who gets confused between the two phrases would pretty much be considered incompetent.

Why should Chick-Fil-A get the exclusive right to use the words “Eat More…” We all need to eat more vegetables, especially kale. Eating kale is part of the health revolution this country needs to go through to help end obesity which is the leading cause of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  Chick-Fil-A should be ashamed of trying to stop this movement.


I’ve already boycotted Chick-Fil-A for the rest of my life – maybe their act of corporate bullying is just the kicker for you to too.

I even created this organic homemade version of Chick-Fil-A from scratch so I am never ever tempted to go into one of their establishments ever again.

To support Bo Muller-Moore and “Eat More Kale” go to his website, sign his petition, and buy a t-shirt, I just did 🙂

Don’t forget to “like” his Facebook Page here and “like” my Facebook Page too because I am one of Bo’s biggest fans.

For the Love of Kale,

Food Babe

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P.S. If you are wondering – I dressed up as a Superfood for Halloween – That’s how much I love Kale 🙂

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4 responses to “Lawsuit Against Health? Chick-Fil-A vs. Kale

  1. Maybe I don’t have all the facts. If I am correct, you are saying that for 5 years there has been no problem with the t-shirts. Chick-Fil-A simply objects to their attempt to trademark the slogan? If that is the case, they have a point. Why trademark that? Why not let someone else have a t-shirt that says “eat more carrots”? Personally, I am all for healthy eating, and am doing my best to keep my family’s diet as whole and clean as I possibly can. On the other hand, not everyone is going to do that, and I am NOT going to attack Chick-Fil-A for operating in today’s market. If you are able to influence them, I am all for that, and more power to ya! But the t-shirt guy doesn’t need a trademark on this slogan just so people will eat more kale. He wants it to make more money, same as anyone else.

  2. I find it interesting that the California Milk Processor Board has no issue with alternative uses/parodies of their much more popular slogan “got milk?” Yes, I am sure many of you have already seen the healthier version of this…”got kale?” I think that Chick-fil-A is pathetic. A company supposedly steeped in family values and all that is “America” going after a man who will most certainly not get rich on his idea. A true “bull (rather, “bully”), in chicken’s clothing”

  3. Chic-Fil-A sucks! They are all about family values but go out of their way to fund groups that discriminate, such as the Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council. That guy should be jailed just on stupidity and hate alone! Their food is disgusting and when I did try it I felt horrible – probably from all the crap they put in it.
    Just another bunch of religious pretenders over-reaching again!

  4. Really Good: “Eat More Kale”
    It’s 2019 and Chik Fil-a is finally coming to Hawaii. The Kale Controversy is long settled against corporate bullying and overreach, but apprehension remains.
    Will a Hawaii artist and/or business person who wants to trademark a local slogan in the Eat More Kale spirit be bullied in the same manner by CF-A? Let’s hope overreaching corporate bullies think thrice about such a move. Hawaii may not be the kale-eating capital of America, but Hawaii folks are warriors against legalistic thuggery. In the past year or so a corporation threatened local food shops and shops in other states for using its trademarked words Aloha and Poke in their names. Not quite Pearl Harbor again, because now this dastardly villain is a good ol’ American corporation conducting a sneak attack that desecrates the core ethos of Hawaii folks, which is freely given universal love, respect, care, and sharing among all community members as embodied in the word Aloha. Tell Hawaii folks you own the word Aloha and they will likely say, “Really? Who gave it to you$#%???” Organized protests against this corporate bullying and cultural thievery made national news.
    So Chik Fil-A, documented corporate thug, what are you going to do when the Hawaii’s Proud Pineapples refused to be picked, sliced, and sold in the shadow of your past threats to individual freedom? I can tell you what many of Hawaii’s Proud Pineapples will do. No, not necessarily eat more kale. But for sure we’ll eat les chikin . . . and more likely none at all!

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