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How to teach your children the truth about food

When I was child, I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen. It was off limits. My dad wanted good grades in school—not cooking skills. My mom would make these incredible Indian meals from scratch, but I never learned how to cook ANYTHING.

My parents didn’t know it at the time, but learning how to cook would eventually save my life.

As I got older the only things I figured out to make were in a microwave or cold out of the fridge. I ate Chick-Fil-A, Lean Cuisines, Hot Pockets, Burger King, and anything that was fast and easy.

Eventually this caught up with me…

In my early 20’s I got very sick and ended up in the hospital. I was on several prescription drugs, was overweight, and I felt like a zombie all the time.

It was then I realized I needed to make a change.

I could no longer give up control to processed food manufacturers. I had to figure out how to make food from living, real food ingredients.

So, I taught myself how to cook.

This is when my life turned around. My health improved dramatically and I got off all my prescriptions. The excess pounds MELTED off my body. My skin was glowing.

Today, teaching my children the truth about food is one of my TOP PRIORITIES. 

I never want my children to feel the way I did when I was younger. 

I don’t want you to feel that way either! 

This is why I wrote my new book Food Babe Family and will give you 12 Months of FREE Meal Plans if you order it today.

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When should you teach your children about their food?

Don’t wait! I started talking to my daughter about food when she was a toddler. I’m doing the same with my 2-year old son. I wanted to begin teaching them the truth and started as soon as possible! 

It’s been shown that children are most receptive to learning about the world around them between the ages of 2 and 7. This is a critical period of brain development, during which they learn faster than any other time in their life. You have this amazing window of time to shape their beliefs about food, so take advantage of it!

That’s why I dedicate a big section in my book on how to teach your children about their food and get them involved in the kitchen.

Once you know the truth about our food, it’s our ultimate obligation to pass it on to our children and loved ones. I don’t believe anyone should be shamed for this, and in this world full of Oreos, Pepsi, Doritos, we need to arm our children with the facts.

If they decide to eat that food later on in life, they make that decision on their own, but at least you did your job as a parent and told them the truth.

To give you a little snapshot of the tips you’ll find inside Food Babe Family here are…

9 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Food & Get Them Involved:

1. Read recipes out loud together while you are cooking, especially in cookbooks with pictures. Show them how you follow the recipe, measure out the ingredients, preheat the oven, and put it all together to make the finished product.

2. Have your children right there with you when you prepare meals. This opens up a ton of opportunities to talk about the ingredients that you’re cooking with. Tell them what different fruits and vegetables are and why they are good for you. Explain what you’re doing and how you’re preparing something, so they start to learn how we use these ingredients to make meals.

3. Young children can wash vegetables and squeeze lemons, while older children can learn to peel and chop up vegetables. Get your child some child-safe knives that will allow them to learn motor skills for cutting when they’re ready for it.

4. If your toddler is too little to help out with a recipe, you can keep them busy by giving them some safe ingredients to play with, such as a sprig of herbs or a ball of dough. Let them play while they watch and listen to you cook in the kitchen.

5. When your child is around seven years old, they might find it fun to put together some easy recipes on their own. Start with cold recipes that don’t require an oven or stove, such as wraps and sandwiches.

6. At around 10 years old, they might be ready to learn to use the stove and oven with your assistance. For instance, your child could prepare blueberry pancakes and you can show them how to safely pour the batter onto the hot griddle and flip!

7. Children love to be creative, so use this to your advantage and ask them to help you decorate cookies and cakes. You can even take ordinary dishes and allow them to arrange the food on a plate in a fun way.

8. Have them help set the table.Younger children can set out the napkins and older children can set the plates, glasses, and silverware.

9. Ask them to help you clean up after a meal too. Show older kids how to unload and load the dishwasher or wash the pots, while younger children can wipe the table or clean up messes. Let them help scoop the leftovers into containers to store in the fridge or freezer.

Above all else, keep this a positive experience! It’s best to involve them when you don’t feel rushed. Save cooking time with your child for lazy Sunday afternoons and other calmer times.

Food Babe Family is an intimate look into my life with my family and how we make it all work + OVER 100 incredible recipes.

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