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Misting Booths Disinfecting Humans – Is This Where We Are Headed? (Please Beware)

When I saw this, I couldn’t believe this was real – but it is. The Denver Broncos installed walk-through misting booths filled with hand sanitizer to disinfect their players.

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You can watch the players being sprayed with hand sanitizer in this short video:


Microsure the company that makes the ingredients for this human disinfectant misting system, is actively lobbying school districts.  We’ll likely see disinfectant booths like this in airports, stores, and other public places too – they are already doing them in Asia. 

Remember – your skin is your largest organ. And what are these chemicals going to do when they get in your ears and eyes?

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What do these disinfectants do to the microbiome, which is crucial to our immune system and overall health?

There are a lot of questions we need to be asking before we just conform to this madness.

When you destroy all germs that our bodies encounter, you weaken your body’s defenses.

I cannot sit back and let our world get over-sanitized without saying something. I’m not saying there’s not a place for sanitizers – like if you’re a medical professional (Purell stations by the thousands in every office are quite the sight, though).

The constant use by the general public is out of control and creating a bigger problem.

Good old fashioned hand washing is the best alternative. I use wipes that contain 99% water and 1% citrus extract on the go for my daughter. 

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If you don’t want to be subjected to disinfectant spray booths everywhere you go, it’s time to make your voice heard!

Please share this post with your friends and family to warn them what might be coming. Now is the time to speak up, before it is too late.

Please note: An active ingredient in this sanitizer – Benzalkonium Chloride – promotes antibiotic resistance, decreased fertility and can irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs.

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We campaigned in the past to get restaurants to stop using meat raised on antibiotics (and we won!) (8) That’s because the overuse of antibiotics in the meat supply creates resistant bacteria that is spreading to humans, making antibiotics less effective when we need them. (9) Antibiotic-resistant bacteria infects at least 2.8 million people and kills more than 35,000 each year in the U.S. (10) We need to do whatever we can to protect the integrity of our antibiotics – and the overuse of disinfectants is detrimental!



P.S. Please don’t forget to share this post to spread the word about these chemicals and what they do to our bodies. This is how we make a difference. 

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14 responses to “Misting Booths Disinfecting Humans – Is This Where We Are Headed? (Please Beware)

  1. Good post Vani. I have noticed places doing this (grocery stores like Trader Joes, Sprouts, ShopRite). It’s always questionable what is IN these spray bottles they use. I bring my own little bottle with a homemade rubbing alcohol, aloe gel and EO mix and use it sparingly.
    Kudos for showing the information from Zach Bush — he is brilliant and knows so much about the human microbiome!

  2. Love you FOOD BABE keep up the great work. A professor of mine in college once said “knowledge gained,and not shared, is knowledge wasted”. Keep sharing!!

  3. This is just plain scary. Thanks for sharing this information. I always carry a spray bottle of water and GSE. I don’t use the store bought hand sanitizers. Never know exactly what’s in them plus I can’t stand the smell.

  4. OMGosh and they’re just rolling it out without people deciding for themselves what they want or do not want. People run the country not the leaders… leaders are to represent the people, but the people have the authority. Looks like we’re going to have create our own army to shut down this behavior since our alleged representatives throughout our nation are not representing the people but telling us what to do like a bunch of dictators.

  5. “Men [People], it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”
    ― Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds 1841.

    This is nuts. Every store with their own mixture, who knows what they are spraying. I’m sure they don’t. I wear gloves when entering a grocery store, most times they do not spray (hard to understand that logic, but it works). Then I take them off seconds later when inside. Seems to me 20% of what we do solves 80% of the problem. Going to such extremes will create difficult decisions for me. I would at a minimum wear full clothing including a hat and thin jacket, then remove and wash it after.

  6. The logic behind “disinfecting” people is merely saying that they don’t trust them to be clean. It would have been better to have them wash their hands and wipe down their clothes and remove their shoes to avoid them bringing “germs”. If they mandated the interaction that the group was supposed to do with people other than the team and staff, then there would not have been any exposure to COVID-19. The teams that have had members exposed did not quarantine the members and allowed them to intermingle in public domains with no safety precautions. This is just treating them like children and exposing them to dangerous chemicals because they can’t use common sense cleanliness habits

  7. Vannie and anyone reading this post be warned, they are spraying a stronger bug poison tyoe “water based sanitizer ” inside and outside restaurants in the eating areas, on the tables, napkins, silverware, carpets, floors, prep areas, food areas etc. They will also be spraying anyone entering a plane as you walk through the tunnel to board the plane. There will be in just a few years time be an epidemic of neurological
    diseases such as ALS, all forms of dementias, including Alzheimers. We must stop supporting
    any industry that is actively poisoning us in this way!

  8. Any place that uses this sort of disinfection will be a place that won’t get my business. PERIOD! I am a retired Industrial Hygienist and yes the skin is our largest organ and we absorb chemicals thru it. But of greater concern to me is what will be inhaled from the mist. The surface area of the lungs if we spread out the aveoli would cover a tennis court. Lots more potential for harm then from an inhaled chemical that goes straight to the blood thru the circulatory system in the lungs.

    This is frightening and my daughter and I just won’t go there…ever, wherever that there is using any sort of misting disinfectant. INSANITY for a virus that is so minute and for the majority over 99% if they get sick will get over it and then have natural immunity. I’m so sad at all that is going on!!!

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